Her Friends Would Not Date You, Both Her Family & Friends Don’t Approve

A strange and rare occurrence in the dating world happens when you’re having no luck or success with a woman and it’s because she’s making a conscious decision to not date you, because of what her family and friends might say.

You’re going to meet women whose social appearance as in being seen with you or her lifestyle means more to her than a great guy no matter how deeply she feels about you.

Maybe she’s a little too self-conscious.

Maybe she is so wrapped up in how others see and judge her, she knowingly or unknowingly overlooks or rejects men that she feels her friends (and sometimes) family won’t approve of the relationship.

You’re also bound to meet some women who has made some bad dating and relationship decisions in her past so her family and friends are always on the lookout for her. They don’t want to see her get hurt again.


You’re going to meet lots of women who will literally give up everything in their life to be with a certain guy.

AND I believe, based on my years of experience, knowledge, and keen ability to notice things…

IF there’s a deep attraction going on, MOST women just will NOT listen to their family and friends. They’ll risk it ALL for the right guy.

So where do you fit in her life and the choices she makes?

If her friends and family are making the call for her she will either pretend to not like you (rare) or more probable not give you any chance to get to know her so she can avoid rejecting you later.

Warning: This (why women don’t like you) reason is only here to make it known and show that it is possible.

It’s not here to be used as an excuse to avoid learning about attraction and how it works for women. Something you can do right here for much less than the cost to fill up your gas tank:

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In my many failures with women I actually believed (and forced myself so the rejection wouldn’t feel as bad) that I was being turned down because she didn’t want to be seen with a guy like me – because I was short, kind of on the ugly side, have a huge gap in my front teeth, and didn’t live a lavish and exciting lifestyle.

I would tell myself that she was hiding her attraction for me and if I could just get her to admit how she felt – I could talk her into going out with me.

That’s entirely an insane way to think and as it did for me, only compounded the issues, and made my problems with women worse and much harder to overcome.

So do NOT go there IF it’s not true UNLESS you have viable PROOF she’s rejecting you based on the FACTS and not an false sense of optimism.

If you’re not sure if she’s hiding it from you, then read this before you finish this post:

Do Women Hide It When They Are Attracted to You?

To prove my point – AFTER I learned the necessary skills to attract a woman I met and began dating an incredible nineteen year old and it was made very clear to me that I could NEVER meet her parents because I was too old.

We hooked up in a hotel for a while and once I surprised her by showing up where she worked and it freaked her out – because she was afraid of getting caught.

BUT – because there was an enormous amount of attraction she felt towards me, she RISKED IT ALL as best she could, and of course the relationship sputtered out quickly as the stress and consequence of her actions with me would eventually come out.

So – with attraction – yeah, some great sex and a little more BUT it wasn’t enough for her to forgo her while life for some old dude who made her scream.

Keep that in mind and if you want that opportunity in the very least – definitely read the book that got her for me:

Attraction Isn’t A Choice, It’s an Emotional Reaction: Click here to Learn How to Create The Right Kind Of Emotions 

Okay – since you’re convinced without a doubt this is happening to you then let’s move on.

Is there a way around this problem?

Yes there is, it’s just not 100% guaranteed , sorry to be the messenger of bad news.

You always have the option to move on rather than trying to change her mind or her feelings about you and herself – because that could lead to more problems down the road AND lead to an unhealthy relationship.

That’s my best advice to you because you have very little control over “changing her mind”  except in one aspect:


What I found out was that IF I created a very deep attraction in a woman – she’d often disregard others and choose to go with her emotions rather than logically think her way out of it.

So you have to think about it – DID you do that? Is it really there? OR is it too superficial to mean very much to her?

Because if that is the situation you’re in – going back and starting over will NOT work.

Not very generally, THIS is how it works,

“The bottom line is that if you interact with a woman long enough that she forms an “impression” of you, and she doesn’t “feel it” for you, then you’re done.”

Why Being Too Nice To Women And Not Understanding Attraction Hurts

AND the opposite is also true:

If you interact with a woman long enough that she feels a deep gut-level attraction to you – there’s nothing she can do about it.


IF this is a consistent problem with many different women, there are many things you can do to stop it from happening again:

First – Consider the ages of these women. Younger women tend to put more emphasis on how others see them as they’re (generally) still trying to find themselves and where they fit it.

Start going for slighter older women OR understand or learn to get past the common objections of younger women.

Second, Your lifestyle must be looked at because HOW you live your life will certainly cause lots of women to not want to get involved with you.

You could easily be seen as a candidate for sex but nothing more because the way you live your life may be clear warning signs to women that a relationship with you – would not be healthy.

Third – You’re probably not matching up with the right women for you  so you need to change where you’re meeting these women.

This simply means you’re trying to get with women who don’t share the same values, beliefs, or lifestyle.

These things mean a lot to women because just like you, they want to share a deeper connection with a guy AND if that goes against her family and friends group, she may opt to not even give you a chance.

Fourth – You’re not being seen as “boyfriend material” – maybe not to her in this case but her friends and family are certainly seeing it, which is why they are acting this way.

If she’s attracted to you – she could be blind to it – so they’re protecting her from getting involved with a guy that could be potentially bad for her.

You can probably see by now – there is no easy one-fits-all solution EXCEPT what I brought up earlier…

Make sure you’re creating a deep attraction from the beginning AND make certain you’re living a lifestyle a lot of women want to be a part of AND transition ‘attractively” into showing her just why you ARE boyfriend material.

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