How To Be Indifferent & How Indifference Attracts Women When Done Right

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Yes, it’s absolutely true – indifference or being indifferent IS an attractive trait to have and behold BUT most guys confuse what it means, how it works, and don’t understand why women or girls alike find it so absolutely irresistible.

I’m going to dispel some myths about indifference and how it’s supposed to work so you can avoid making some major mistakes and go screwing it all up.

PLUS you’ll get to use it to attract women naturally which to me is always a good plan.

Everyone tends to agree that women are VERY generally attracted to guys who don’t seem to give a shit about them.

It tends to fall under the fair assumption that people tend to always want what they can not have or get and a woman is no exception when it comes to a guy she has her eyes on but he doesn’t seem too interested in her at all.

Since a definition of being indifferent is a “lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern for something” it’s very safe to assume when a guy shows a lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern for a woman she’s going to want him more – based on the previous of wanting what she can not have.

BUT – it doesn’t always work that way.

You can pretend, act, or believe all you want that you’re just not into her and get NOTHING back with regards to attraction. The key is ATTRACTION needs to be set in place first most of the time.

(Make sure you read my – yes it’s free – book so you know how that process happens and you don’t interrupt it: Chapter One: The Real Secret to Attracting Women & Getting Laid No One Knows But Me.)

I say (most of the time) because there are tricks and games you can use to act all aloof to certain women so they’ll engage you more but it’s not a guarantee, it depends so much on the woman, AND sometimes how physically attractive you are in her eyes.

I can not tell you how many times I played it off as having an “absence of compulsion” to chase a woman only to eventually and rather quickly realize she wasn’t going to just start chasing me. They never came – well at least with me.

You see – if she doesn’t care, doesn’t feel anything, doesn’t know you exist, doesn’t interact with you in a certain way, OR (very important here) is INDIFFERENT to YOU than this type of play only leaves you banging your head against the wall and later on – banging yourself to release all that pent up sexual frustration you build up inside BECAUSE of her.

Don’t get me wrong here – it CAN work –  act like you don’t give care or give a shit about her, play it the right way – and you’ll definitely drive up her desire to have you.

In the real world – You could actually get so much of it wrong and still attract a woman.

Except I’ve found you’ll only attract a certain type of woman and they’re usually not the high quality put-together nicely with lots of confidence and a high self-esteem.

You’ll find yourself with overly needy women. Jealous women. Women who sort-of like to be treated like shit and ignored. Girls who themselves are the total opposite and seek attention from those who are not willing to give it to them.

Not what I would call a great or smart plan to attract your ideal woman – that is unless that’s YOUR definition of an ideal woman.

Allow me to let you in a on little secret about all this:

Imagine you’ve just set yourself as all aloof and you’re doing a few other things right (which will help) so you find yourself being chased by a few or even lots of women.

You’ll take a few. You’ll probably even sleep with some of them. Good for you. Please don’t send me any pictures but I’m truly happy for you.


Eventually you will NOT like or want any of them for something serious. You’ll grow tired of being chased. You won’t know the difference between if she likes you for you OR she’s just trying to get what you she can’t have. You won’t know if she wants you for you or because of this lame-ass challenge you put her through.

AND you’ll desperately seek out a woman who makes you WORK a little for her without playing any games. A woman who makes you step up and BE a man but who doesn’t do it in weird childish ways.

Guys pursue or court women. It’s in your DNA. I’m not saying to just start chasing women, that’s not good however it’s HOW you deeper emotional attraction works that connects you with the right woman for you and leaves you little doubt as to IF she’s really the on for you because you will definitely know it.

Hey – it’s not all bad news – as I stated in the beginning…

Indifference or being indifferent IS an attractive trait AND it’s something you must develop IF you want it to work for you to attract more women than you can handle.

AND I’m going to show you HOW it’s done the RIGHT way and how it works the easiest and best so you’ll be less likely to draw in the unwanted ones into your dating life.

Why Indifference Is More Attractive When Used Correctly.

It shows that you don’t care to a certain extent of what others think of you.

Be careful with this one though because you DO care about others, you just don’t take it all to the extreme and wrap your whole life around what others think of you.

Try to see it this way – if you’re an ass (which some people are) they you SHOULD care what others think of you because they’re probably right. If you take advantage of people,or hurt others for your personal gain, then you SHOULD care what others think because they’re onto something you’re not seeing.

But that’s not you, right? You’re a good guy so do NOT worry about it.

It shows or displays you’re not a guy who is so easily swayed by others and the “forces” they apply to you.

It’s good, no GREAT to be open to others and they’re thinking BUT… If you bend at every wish or command from them, all you’re really showing is that you have little faith in yourself and your beliefs or theories or the way in which you approach YOUR life.

In others words – if it’s all too easy to convince you of something which is absurd (as in say – conspiracy theories on the moon landing) then you’re what is called a mental and sometimes physical pushover.

Sure it’s okay to change your thoughts and it’s recommended when appropriate but if you show how easy it is for you to succumb from any whim or thought or action from another – then this is as far from indifference as you can get.

You’re not all about kissing ass and spending all your time, energy, or even money getting people to like or side with you.

Is shouldn’t have to be said but ass-kissers are just not attractive. It feels manipulative and weak to others. You might not have any problems finding people to take advantage of you but attracting women – nope, not going to happen.

People with a true natural indifference get ahead in life on their own terms and is mostly based on their accomplishments and not whose ass they kiss or suck up to.

It shows you’re not stuck in the past or living in the future which puts you in a present state of mind.

Life for the “indifferent” is about the process and not the outcome which keeps them (mostly) in a present state of mind. When you’re less concerned about the “what ifs” and “would’ve could’ve should’ve” stuff your mind becomes more free.

The freedom is not only a great sense of awareness but is also a great happier state of mind – and in that mindset you draw others in to feel the same way as you do – which in turn makes you more ATTRACTIVE.

All those things above gives others (which includes lots of women) more than a glimpse but are the actual trademarks of a confident man with high self-esteem.

It’s not so much of a “take or leave or leave it” attitude which creates the attraction.

It’s not the apathetic view or lack of concern of others.

It’s not about being indifferent to suffering or the poverty of others.

It’s about CONTROL over oneself and the ability to LET NOT bad things get you down which in these cases can be rejection from a woman, failures, mistakes, sometimes saying the wrong thing, and sometimes doing the wrong thing.

Through all this and even more it becomes obviously clear that just pretending you don’t give a shit or care about someone can and NEVER will have the same real and natural attractive effect on women.

How Does One Achieve A Natural Indifference Which is Healthy and Attracts Higher Quality Into Your Life?

STOP putting so much emphasis on the outcome of EVERYTHING in your life which includes each and every interaction yo have with women.

This will keep in the present for as long as possible. This will keep you aware of what is happening around you. This will allow you to be intuitive, insightful, AND much more responsive to the world around you.

When you share YOUR present with other people you inspire them to want to not only be like you but follow you, become attracted to you, and then they even try to copy you.

STOP yourself from ever trying to get something from someone especially women.

Do things on your own terms and erase any “give and take” attitude you might have or rely on in your life.

Creating attraction is not a trade-off between two people – it’s a reaction of little or no choice that happens instinctively based on two things: The internal state of your mind AND the external stimulus being applied and interpreted by your mind.

Simply put (with regards to indifference and being indifferent) when you give just to get, you’re implicitly stating you DO care and that you have an investment in the transaction.

I find it so fascinating and amazing how all this works. So many believe or confuse “indifference” as uncaring or how it always comes from someone who WANTS something from you – but it’s the opposite.

The one who gives you something not expecting and never wanting anything back in return is displaying a natural indifference which in its highly evolved natural form (yeah I just used those words) does exactly what is mentioned above and creates ATTRACTION.

Start caring about others MORE than you care about what they think of you.

It’s a very simple but effective concept. If you’re a loving and caring person – then you ave all the necessary capability to make this happen very easily.

Unless you’re THAT good at communication – which I know you can be but that’s not the point – the point is EVERYONE will see you how they are going to see you and TRYING to change that is a total WASTE of your time.

Instead just CARE about them as a person or woman if you like.

What they THINK of you is not your concern and quite honestly – you have absolutely NO right to be in their head anyways.

Would you want someone peering into your mind? Would you want someone to know every thought that comes into your mind?

I hope not – especially mine man – not only would get lost but you’ll hear some shit NO one would want to hear.

So DON’T go there. To each their own. To you, your own too.

Next up…

THINK before you DO or act on things you can reason out in your mind emotionally or logically.

Don’t succumb to what Scot McKay so eloquently called “drinking the purple kool-aid”.

He used it in a slight different way (But I’m ‘Average,’ How Can I Possibly Deserve The Partner Of My Dreams?) but the idea is quite similar.

When you see somebody doing something, does that mean you should too?

Are you easily convinced or fooled by social media or what the “public” wants you to believe?

THINK first.

You have a mind which works quite well so never discount your beliefs, theories, thoughts, ideas, or views on life.

What I’m getting at is – even the shit I tell you… QUESTION IT. SCRUTINIZE IT.

The less you fall to the whim of others the more INDIFFERENT you appear and the more attractive you will be… period.

I’m not saying to argue with everyone because they’re always wrong. That’s far from reality and you know it. There are some intuitive, smart, and clever people out there we ALL should listen to more…

What I AM saying is YOU are just as capable. You are also equipped to judge right from wrong, real from fake, whatever… so give yourself the credit YOU DESERVE.

Make your OWN way in life.

I didn’t plan on doing this but it’ too late – you want to make your own way in life – become naturally indifferent AND attractive at the same time…

Then START LIVING YOUR LIFE by every LAW you find in this book:

77 Laws Of Success With Women and Dating

You can read Law #55 – The Formula For Meeting Great Women right here at DiaLteG TM.

It worked for me but that’s not going to sell you anything, right? I just told you to question and scrutinize everything which yes – includes what comes out of my head.

This might help though:

Follow the laws as best you can and a natural indifference will follow right along with them.

That’s HOW it works. Nothing extra to do. No games or parlor tricks to perform.

The fact is – EVERYONE needs something to help them get through the easy and tough stops in life – sometimes it money, sometimes it’s oddly enough getting laid, sometimes it’s a friend and sometimes…

It’s a GO TO LAW on living your life with purpose, resolve, passion, strength, and confidence and this BOOK does exactly that and more too.

(I actually played a piece of it everyday when I first got it to charge me up and wrote them down in my journal so I could relate it to my personal situation.)

Let’s move on now because I do have a tendency to ramble on.

This is the part I feel most guys hate but if you want to work on your indifference or indifferent attitude make SURE you build a healthy amount of :

Confidence and Self-Esteem.

I got rid of my page on self-esteem – it seriously sucked anyways but everything at DiaLteG TM will help you n that area. If you want me to write about it as it relates to women, just let me know below.

My page on building confidence is right here. I took a lot of time writing it so please go through it:

Why Confidence Is So Attractive to Women, What It Is, & How To Get It Quickly

When you have BOTH – confidence and a high self-esteem EVERYTHING that was covered today will come out naturally.

PLUS the added benefit of the FACT that REAL confidence is one of the most attractive traits you can have and self-esteem helps you to attract a quality person like yourself.

IF you’re going through my material along with my “paid product” selections I sell – then I GUARANTEE you’re a man of high quality so why settle for anything less.

Lastly for this list of achieving the right kind of attractive indifference…


STOP limiting yourself to chasing or dating just woman at a time.

You’re achieving several things here which can only be done by dating several women and not committing to just dating one at a time:

  • You’ll be less likely to chase any one of them.
  • You’ll qualify them better and be more likely to match up with right woman for you.
  • You won’t care so much if one rejects you or doesn’t get back to you as quickly or as often.
  • You won’t put all your emphasis on just one, at least until you know she’s know one for you.

All those things (and probably more) are signs of natural indifference without playing games or having to act all aloof or disinterested.

I have one more secret for you in case you have any reservations about dating several women at once.

There’s this little program I sell to women – check it out – it’s called Targeting Mr. Right. Yeah of course you’re not going to buy it BUT take a close look at what Rori Raye proposes to women who NEED her help.

She calls it Circular Dating and it’s a really cool idea AND it’s something I’m more than just suggesting you try and DO yourself.

Remember – if you have any objections because it may go against your dating policies or beliefs or whatever – this is something WOMEN are taught to do and trust, they are doing it too. Not all of them and not all would ever admit to a guy they’re dating that they’re dating other men – but it’s happening and the benefits are amazing.

Her first big quote which if you look above goes right along with what I’ve been writing about:

“Circular Dating Stops Neediness, Anxiety And Desperation.”

You begin to feel more interesting and attractive to women. You become a prize – a man who is not so easy to get.

AND your self-esteem rises because of it.

You now KNOW you have choices and you’re not sitting around waiting for something to happen or for one woman to want you back as much as you want her.

It also FORCES you to meet more women – get more dates – and ENJOY dating as a process.

Again – enjoying the process MORE than the outcome build this natural indifference.

You’ll show women you’re focused on your needs without being over-emotional AND that you have a life outside her and you’re living your life to the fullest you can…

AND you’re looking for the ONE. Women always love men or are more attracted to men who are searching for the one and not just where their next lay is coming from.

The other reasons are important and they do matter but why go into them especially because her selling page is centered around “capturing” a great guy like you.

Let HER and them date other men.

Make sure you’re dating other women.

Slowly but surely all others will fall by your side and you’ll be left with the right one or in the very least the best MATCH for you.

All the while your confidence and esteem is rising.

It’s a win win win win win deal.

So do it.

Lastly or in conclusion….

Indifference or being indifferent is not the most attractive trait out there but it still has merit on the world of attraction.

It works when used for good and the right way and unfortunately it also works when used badly or to attract the wrong women.

So if you want to ACT all aloof or like you don’t give a shit – please just make sure you take of the necessary piece first and that’s basically doing some sort of interaction that in the very least stimulates her attraction. Without that piece she’s probably not going to notice you or it anyways.

Here’s the lists again…

Why is indifference or being indifferent so attractive:

  • You don’t care to a certain extent of what others think of you.
  • You’re not a guy who is so easily swayed by others and the “forces” they apply to you.
  • You’re not all about kissing ass and spending all your time, energy, or even money getting people to like or side with you.
  • You’re not stuck in the past or living in the future which puts you in a present state of mind.
  • And more… add your own below. I can’t do everything for you.

How do you become or achieve an naturally attractive indifference:

  • STOP putting so much emphasis on the outcome of EVERYTHING in your life which includes each and every interaction yo have with women.
  • STOP yourself from ever trying to get something from someone especially women.
  • Start caring about others MORE than you care about what they think of you.
  • THINK before you DO or act on things you can reason out in your mind emotionally or logically.
  • Make your OWN way in life.
  • Then START LIVING YOUR LIFE by every LAW you find in this book: 77 Laws Of Success With Women and Dating.
  • Build your Confidence and Self-Esteem endlessly.
  • STOP limiting yourself to chasing or dating just woman at a time.


Definition of Indifferent – From the Dictionary at Webster.

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