How To Build The Perfect Online Profile Women Will Want to Read

The first two parts of my online dating series covered more than just the basics to help increase your internet success. Granted, it's the easier section but don't let that stop you from pushing forward and getting it done.

The third part is here to help you write a profile women will WANT to read. It's now time to leave a great impression and get lots of women to write back to you.

The profile writing section can be nerve wracking because you might be afraid of screwing it up and getting nothing for all your hard work. No worries, I've been there and I'm going to make sure that does not happen to you.

(online course contents below)

This is what you're going to learn today:

  • What your profile should say that women will want to read it entirely and contact you back.
  • How you should say it to make it stand out among the other men and trigger her curiosity plus an attraction to you.
  • What common mistakes to avoid so you can sit back and relax and focus on getting and making all the dates you're going to get from it.

The first rule to always follow is...

Do not try so freaking hard man!

One of the many incredible tricks David DeAngelo's showed me in his featured Meeting Women Online Program was to study lots of other men's profiles. It became quickly and painfully clear how desperate the guys sounded and how each one was saying the same boring thing.

I even went so far as setting up a woman's account and read the messages they sent her. Truly pathetic. I really felt sad for them after I couldn't stop laughing of course. Sorry, but you should have read them. Fucking hilarious shit!

They just couldn't see what they were doing and yet it was plain for me to read and feel their pain. Just imagine what the women were thinking when they read them.

Well... unfortunately I didn't have to because I went through my "older" wussy days and did the same thing myself. Which is now extremely helpful because it taught me a lot and I get to pass it all on to you.

You see this can happen a lot when you're not being entirely objective and when you're trying way too hard to impress a woman. You make a lot of mistakes. You try to cover too much ground. You try to do too much and women see it as a desperate attempt to get her approval.

Don't make any of these mistakes first, outside and inside the internet too.

Remember the rule, don't try so hard. This does not mean to not put any effort into it. It just means do not try to force it.

Your profile should showcase yourself and entice a woman to want to get to know you and message you back.

The formula for writing your profile is simple but a little more complicated to get done.

Focus on taking a small part of the most exciting thing about you and put it into a very simple story in as few active words as you can.

When you focus on trying to write something for a woman you don't even know, you're going to try much too hard to get her to like you.

Your profile must be about YOU and a little about the type or traits you look for in a woman. (Minus the obvious traits like nice, kind, caring... because they should be a given for a human.)

Again as covered in the first part, it must talk TO women and not WITH them.

Here's where I give you the tools to continue or further working on your "talking skills" with women. The link is on opening and will help you with your message writing skills too.

If you're worried about looking arrogant and self-centered here's something you rarely hear but it's the absolute truth, under most normal circumstances, being overly self-centered or a little arrogant will always be more attractive than looking or acting or just being desperate and needy. Sprinkle a little humor in and you'll do more to attract a woman.

Do not go taking that statement for more than it's worth because all I'm saying it's better to be a little self-centered than it is to be needy.

Let's put all this into a simple list you can follow easily.

What Rules to Follow & Mistakes to Avoid to Write A Great Online Dating Profile

#1. Your profile must be about you in the present and a little about what your plans are for the future.

Avoid talking about what you've done or your past relationships.

Like this:

BAD: "I've traveled the world and now I'm looking to finally settle down."

GOOD: "The world is such a cool place to live in. There's always something new and exciting to explore. Suggest a place you've always wanted to go and just maybe I'll tell you a little about it."

The difference is the BAD one is basically telling women you're done living and now you want to "settle" with someone. Who wants to feel like a guy is just settling with them as if their done living?

The GOOD one makes a positive statement about how you see the world and that you've done things AND you have lots of stories to talk about and tell.

#2. Keep what you're looking for in a woman as short as possible and be a little vague about it.

The problem is women will tend to rule themselves out as a possible love-interest in your life if they think they don't match up to it.

There's nothing wrong with making sure you are not getting messages from women you would never date but, if you're way too specific you'll find women will have trouble fitting themselves in your life.

A perfect balance is merely suggesting what you do, what you like to do, and getting to feel like she'd fit perfect into your life OR your lives together can possibly match up.

BAD: "I'm looking for a young woman, ages 23 to 28, athletic, and who likes to be a little adventurous."

It's too specific and doesn't say anything about you.

GOOD: "I'm enjoying my mid-twenties and always looking for new things to try. Write me if you think you can keep up with me."

It's much better because it's about you plus what slightly athletic woman doesn't think she can keep up with you. This encourages her competitive side and can encourage her to write back without making her look like she would never fit in your life.

PLUS if you don't like overweight woman who spend a lot of time binge-watching shows - problem solved.

#3. Engage her just enough to want to know more. Do NOT give away too much personal information.

Inject your personality into your profile and avoid useless facts which allow her to paint an all-too-perfect picture of you which could be bad or good.

You'll want her to "fill in the blanks" herself.

She'll be more likely to feel attracted to you if she's allowed to "dream" about you a little; being slightly vague entices her to want to know more about you.

#4. Make sure it's about something which excites you. Show some passion.

Put it into a simple story by using active words.

Active words describes actions and not facts.

A good example would be, "I own a bicycle." Which is a factual statement and wrong.

BETTER: "On Fridays I ride my bike to work because the ride home energizes me for the upcoming weekend."

That is an active sentence.

The formula is simple to do: Write down as many factual statements about yourself and turn them into active sentences.

It's just good old effective writing techniques.

Get your headline text file out I asked you to do in the second lesson because you already listed lots of things about you making this part much easier.

#5. Opt for a little too short rather than too long.

If it runs on and on not only are you more likely to make it boring, it's highly doubtful anyone is going to read the entire thing anyways.

People tend to scan for the good parts, make it easy on the women to read.

If it's short enough the women reading it won't have to scan your words and your profile will leave a bigger more attractive impact on her.

Trim it down if it's too long just make sure it's not so short it looks like you didn't even try.

#6. Avoid run on sentences which might be filled with useless facts about you.

You'll want to stay away from things like, "I like to do this and that and... Blah blah blah...."

Remember short active sentences work best.

BAD: "On the weekends I like to hang out with my family and friends and sometimes we go to the movies or play some golf or check out a concert if a decent group is in town."

GOOD: "Friends and family are the real spice of life!"

Pack as much information as you can (without giving away everything) in short action packed sentences.

#7. Avoid asking for a date or talking about the date. Women like to be qualified first.

It's not, "I like to take my dates to dinner so we can get to know each other. If you decide to go out with me I'll make sure we'll have a good time."

Qualify her first and see if there's a real connection. This means to ask the right questions so she'll be happy to show you how perfect you might be for each other.

Then you exchange numbers... Then you set up a quick date.

There's just no need to talk about the actual dates in your profile and it normally makes you look like you'll date anyone who would have you.

#8. Don't talk about how you're frustrated looking for a good woman or make excuses as to why you're looking for a date online.

The truth is you ARE looking for a date online. You're not looking for a best buddy. And so is she!

You're merely expanding your options.

There's no need to even bring up the reasons why you're online. If she has half a brain she'll know why and she's there for the same reasons.

You're not frustrated.

This is not your last option.

You're using dating online as it's meant to be: Meet women you would not normally run into during your everyday life.

You're looking to add to your already fun-filled dating life.

#9. Avoid talking about how perfect you think you would be for a woman or how you'd make a great boyfriend.

Overly nice guys do that all too often and it's a big turn off.

No woman wants to hear how you think you're better than any guy she's dated and they definitely don't want to hear about your negative opinions on others guys.

Talk about yourself but don't mention how great you think you would be for a woman.

#10. On the other side, do not put yourself down or fill it with things you don't like about yourself.

It's cool to be humble and to realize you're not perfect but any kind of negativity will assure she's going to hit the "next" button OR you'll only get dates that are just as negative as your profile.

This may go without saying but avoid any whining, bitching, or complaining about yourself.

Again, check out other guys profiles and you'll quickly notice how many of them actually put themselves down or give out a vibe that they don't think they're good enough for any woman.

Stay positive and confident.

#11. Avoid talking about what you should avoid talking about on date unless it's truly necessary.

This list includes Religion, Money, Politics, ex-wives or ex-girlfriends.

Don't talk even talk about your job or career if at all possible. Talking about your goals are much more effective anyways. If they match up it will come out all by itself.

No excuses. No complaining. No apologizing.

If it feels like you're limited to what you can say then that's a good thing, because it's true and it will help to shorten your profile to the perfect length.

#12. Use proper writing skills to perfect your style.

Use the techniques  above and do it this in order:

  • Open a text file and just start writing.
  • Show your passion.
  • Turn facts abut yourself into active sentences.
  • Keep it short and avoid giving away too much information.
  • Sparingly add what you're looking for but be a little mysterious.
  • Save it.
  • Take a day off and come back to it.
  • Narrow it down.
  • Rewrite some of it.
  • Proofread it and fix the errors.
  • If you have a few narrowed down then publish one and see how it goes.
  • Always re-write and change your profile because that's keeps it fresh and up to date in the searches.

Follow the profile writing advice above, avoid as many common mistakes as you can and you'll have a great framework for success.

Remember to ALWAYS message women first.

Expect if she likes the message she'll glance at your pictures, read your headline (so make it catchy) and then it's up to your profile to entice her enough to want to reply to your message.

So, as covered in lesson one, make sure it's all consistent and congruent with who you are.

Writing your profile is probably the toughest part of online dating. Don't get discouraged and just throw anything up.

Practice it and eventually you'll have a few powerful paragraphs to work with plus lots of extra stuff later to add or change your profile for tweaking or reinventing yourself at anytime you like.

Lastly... or once again:

I needed a lot of help with women outside the internet and pulled it altogether as I went along. If you don't know how to trigger attraction in the "real" world, the internet won't be any different.

Don't fool yourself into believing it will differnt, because it won't.

My FIRST step was to buy THE books on attraction: Attraction Isn't A Choice and Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo and used them to practice in the internet and in real life.

My friend tossed me the next step, meeting women online which you can read about below.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to reveal my tips and tricks and thank yourself too for getting it under your control.

Here's to your success!

If you have any problems, questions, comments, experiences, advice, tips, or whatever that pertains to this page in online dating - leave them below.

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