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How Far Have You Gone To Attract Women Only To Be Rejected?

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What have you done to attract her only to be rejected?

Think about what guys like you and I have done to attract women.

We’ve played the “super nice guy” always trying to make them smile.

Tried the “class clown approach” but only managed to fail at paying attention to our school work.

We got some laughs, summer school, and about as much respect as “Carrot Top”.

We’ve pulled some dangerous stunts or risked it all hoping she’d notice us.

Lost sleep, called into work, abused cars, driven too fast, jumped off cliffs, and yes even asked a few to “Please be my girlfriend… 🙁 ”

Which now, without doubt was the dumbest stunt of all.

We have written poems, songs, searched for the perfect gift, and worst of all sat through some of the lamest “chic flics” ever put on the screen.

Every heart felt song I ever played I carried an image of my current love in my head. My excuse was trying to “keep it real” but in reality I thought it would melt her heart.

BUT… It only liquefied my masculinity and made me look like some sap.

We’ve agreed to do favors just because they asked us to. They made her life “easier” and we were always thanked with a smile we can not forget.

I became a human alarm clock once. Right? It made her life easier.

Her smiles became reserved for me BUT she happily reserved her body for the guy who didn’t need an alarm, because HE never had a job to get up for in the first place.

It’s a terrible awful shame to waste so much time and energy and have nothing to show for it.

It’s especially tough when we do things we’re actually afraid to admit to someone else.

But hey, it’s not all bad is it?

No matter how far we’ve gone to attract a woman… I’m sorry… how much we’ve done only to get rejected, we managed to somehow keep our dignity until another one comes along.

The saddest part of it all is NOT being let down, our hearts crushed again, nope. Not at all.

The part I could never understand is why when the next attractive woman pops in our lives (accidentally of course), we repeat the same process again.

We see.

We like.

We hope.

We play our nice role.

And when we fail the “audition” within a few short minutes we keep showing up!

That’s what gets to me and I’m hoping it’s getting to you right now.

Okay, sure, we failed creating attraction, or we did something to make her believe we’re not sexually worthy… hey we’re not perfect.

It happens, right?

But then an hour later, a day after, sometimes for weeks or months after we’re stuck in our “friendly” conversations – we’re still trying to do something we couldn’t do when we first met.

Today’s lesson if you want to call it that – is for very specific guys.

It’s ONLY for those who have gone so far to attract women even after the initial meeting.

They say women take longer.

How they don’t feel it like us.

How the second stage is more important than the first.

You know the whole rapport building part.

If you want a more detailed version – it’s right here. Lots of cool details.)

That’s all good and trust me it IS ALL true but we have to start somewhere and the beginning is typically the best place.

Too many of us go straight to rapport because we’re making a connection.

But really we’re only making a friend with no sexual benefits at all.

Creating that initial spark of attraction is the beginning.

She has to feel something, preferably chemistry.

She has to want more of us.

“Maybe” must never cross her mind because she needs to believe and think with every ounce of her intuition, it’s US she’s trying to attract and not the other way around.

It just makes all the rest so much easier.

Hey… I’ve been there. I’ve done some pretty stupid stuff thinking it was going to change her mind. We’ve already covered that.

But one day I decided I had enough.

I asked of myself was to create even the tiniest bit of attraction.

I wanted some kind of spark.

Good, bad, or foolish, and I ran with it no matter who she was.

I won’t tell you where it got me, maybe later, just have a look around here and see for yourself but I will tell you nothing changed and I constantly found myself doing everything but the right things, over and over again, until I decided I had enough!

So if you’re with me here.

If you’ve gone too far trying to back-peddle attraction after the fact, if you just don’t seem to get it right enough, then you too must decide for yourself to make it happen.

Sure I want to hear below (hint hint) what you personally have done and I’ll gladly share more of my own.

But that’s just to get it all out and turn it around positively. Call it the “straw that broke the camel’s back” or the “first day of the rest of your life.” HAha!

It really doesn’t matter.

Let’s laugh a little about it and then move on quickly to better (and bigger for some of you) women.

Remember this is ONLY for you guys who are ready, tired of missing out, and have gone a little too far chasing women only to get nowhere.

To start… you MUST listen to this “Attraction Strategies

It’s about 40 minutes long and you’re definitely going to learn how to spark that initial attraction and which women will give you the best opportunity to do it with.

Nope – I didn’t write it but I did find it and I did gain some new insight or “strategies” listening to it and I WILL be using it.

I encourage you to do the same.

So if you’re now asking, as you’ll hear in the beginning – “How the hell do I get her attracted to me?”  – Then take the next few minutes to sign in and a few steps later – you’re going to be blown away by what you’re going to learn.

I can guarantee you THAT kind of information used to cost me a lot so it’s worth signing up for especially when you can opt out so easily.

I’ve talked enough about this today.

If you’ve gone too far trying to create attraction(after the fact) and you want to know exactly how to spark it, and you want a quick start guide to doing it for free… GO HERE.

It is NOT a sales page, there’s no fluff in the mp3 except the last few minutes, and there’s absolutely no charge, now or in the future.

My ears are always open so don’t forget to leave a message below.

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