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How I First Learned To Get Laid and She Didn’t Even See It Coming

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My ability to get laid, or attract women started with an education on what attraction was and what it wasn’t.

You’re about to learn the secret of how I first learned to get laid.

One Word…


I know.

For some that words hurts. For others, like me, I can not get enough of it. Never could and probably never will.

I’m the ONLY guy you’ll ever meet who bought college level math books in my mid-twenties… and a high tech calculator to practice with.

Now that’s me. I’m highly analytic. Love theory. Fascinated by nature and science and intensely attracted to real knowledge.

I live to understand things.

Who you are, I don’t know.

Maybe you’re better at learning by example.

Maybe you hate to read.

Maybe you see things better with pictures… (ahhh pictures 😀 )

So for me, learning to “get some” obviously started with, and still continues with, understanding how attraction really works through education.

Do you want to know the first real connection I made?

It was…

Why other guys were getting some and I wasn’t!!!

Apparently (I know of all people…. me!!)  I needed to understand why some dude in school got all the “primo tail” and the rest of us were left dreaming.

It’s the whole “nice guy” thing isn’t it but let’s save all that for some other time.

This “realization” was more powerful than I thought and yes there are “other” factors in place but let’s simplify to better understand.

After I devoured my first book, Attraction Isn’t A Choice and my “new” connection fresh in the back of my mind, I went out and suddenly, like someone let me see things I could never before…

When I looked at ANY woman now I believed and felt that I knew her secret. I could actually feel she didn’t know I did, but there was something about me she couldn’t explain.

Something exciting behind my eyes.

Like I had answers to questions she didn’t even know she wanted to ask.

But that wasn’t all!

The knowledge came from understanding how attraction worked, and how “he” was doing it, but the power I experienced was even better…

Because I now knew HOW to do something I’ve never been consciously able to do before.

Have her feel something for ME.

Not “make” her feel, there’s a distinct difference.

The power behind knowing that finally, I could have any woman I wanted to start feeling attracted to me.

And that my friend is a power very few men ever get to experience first hand.

Before I get you too excited I want to warn you.

The ability and the knowledge only increase your chances of taking things further.

It’s true.

The basics will (mostly) only help you to get women who always make the first move, are aggressive, works amazingly well on slightly buzzed women, I think you’re getting the point and of course, yes there are always exceptions.

On the positive side – one real somewhat complete lesson on how attraction works CAN help you get laid like it did for me.

Maybe even get you a girlfriend if you don’t mind that.

She’s not going to see it coming and I doubt she’ll even care…

Because when a woman meets a guy who has that look in his eyes. Like he knows something about “attraction” she doesn’t. Practically teasing her about it. (No… Not a creepy little stare. I tried that a few times just to see what would happen. Umm it was bad. Trust me.)

But, I understand, you need to something to back it up because faking it won’t really work.

I‘ve been racking my brain trying to give you something you can use today to start feeling more powerful around women, something you can use to – back up that look I want you to experience yourself.

Women are emotional. We can ALL agree on that. One minute they’re up. On minute they’re down. One second they’re into you and another they’re cold.

And practically every woman I have ever met thrives on those emotions.

They’re not trying to hide them like us guys are sometimes guilty of.

They actually LOVE to get turned on, up, down, sideways, around…

They just don’t feel the need to act on it like you or I might. A fact, as I learned, is best to NEVER forget.

What way too many men believe is that her “extra” emotions are a bad thing BUT when it comes to “attraction” it means…

ANY guy who knows how to tap into her “emotional” edginess has more than a chance to create unstoppable attraction.

And I don’t have to tell you what that means.

So how DO you tap into her emotional side?

Use what I’ll call today – Blatant Masculinity.

It’s a simple formula. It has worked for more years than you and I have been around. It’s worked since the dawn of man and practically every guy has it built inside him.

Here’s what you do…

STOP being so freaking scared of being a man.

I have found women will always forgive a guy, for being a guy.

In fact women who like men – WANT you to be a man and if you show her anything less… Well you’re just going to have to work that much harder at this whole attraction thing.

If you don’t believe me think of it this way.

What guy would have a better chance at getting laid?

The guy who tried so hard to avoid the topic of sex and then struggled to get her turned on – or the guy who fearlessly mentioned – YES for one second, he caught her staring at his crotch and decided she should know he caught her.

THIS is education.

This is some of the very same stuff I put into practice which gave me real results.

This is the stuff which sure, pissed off a few women for a second but also found more respect for being a real man and not some wuss trying to hide his masculine urges.

When you head out today or tomorrow or the next day and you find yourself chatting it up with a girl, I want you to keep this information in the back of your head.

You see, to lots of women, they think it’s a secret.

They DON’T want you to know this because, if it wasn’t obvious, most guys would probably become obnoxious jerks and the rest well, just might turn her on, up, down around, you’re getting the picture I hope.

Don’t tell her you know her secret.

Just give her and every woman you find attractive “the look” that her secret is out.

Despite all her ranting and raving about what a nice guy she wants, somewhat normal, some dude with a real job, or treats her nice, ( hell that goes without saying anyways)

What she so desperately wants is ANY guy who knows how to be a REAL man so she can feel like a REAL WOMAN.


Does that sound like something you can do?

If not well then we must find a way to get you past that because this a big!.

Now enough of the educating.

You now understand women just a little more.

One more thing – since this was my first step in “getting laid” so to speak, I’ll leave you with a quote from a friend of mine to help you better conceptualize where education in attracting women can for take you,

“Education leads to understanding. Understanding leads to better choices. Better choices lead to better results…. Carlos Xuma

Attention, Scarcity, and Dating Women, Make Time Problems Work For You

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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