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11 Steps On How To Get A Girlfriend – The Five Rule Introduction

Follow the rules before you go through all the girlfriend step to make sure you succeed.

You want a girlfriend who is better than anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Whether you’re just into beauty and looks, her personality, or you just want to know what it’s like to be with quite possibly the girl of your dreams…

Here’s my exact strategy on how to get a girlfriend.

That’s the good news.

The even better news is… This has taken me a lifetime full of experiences with the opposite sex to figure it all out and you get it in 11 steps.

But yes, there is some bad news too. Of course.

When a guy is single for way too long AND he begins to question his ability to find the right girlfriend there’s a good chance the depression he feels can cloud his vision.

Call it a “fog of loneliness.”

It will hide the truth from you.

It will cause you to act from a very limited belief system.

It will have you believe “logic” is going to solve all your problems with women.

It will even get you stuck on one woman for way too long when you should be out looking for someone else.

But most of all – it makes you believe you’re just not destined to be with a “hotter” girl which I firmly believe could NOT be further from the truth.

The “Fog Of Loneliness” is a very real thing you can not ignore but it’s NOT impossible to overcome.

Before we get to the steps, and for all these steps to work, there are some guidelines to follow. Without them I won’t guarantee your results.

This is where my “life-time” experience comes in handy. “Been there. Done that.” and I firmly believe these guidelines or “rules” are very important to your success as they were to mine too.

These rules are in part a way to break through the “fog of loneliness” so we can begin to think more clearly and accomplish even the most troublesome goals.

RULE 1: Take full responsibility for your part in everything.

Everyone has a list of things they “could’ve, should’ve or would’ve ‘s.”

The decisions you made either stopped your dreams from becoming reality or for one reason or another you probably always let yourself or some outside “event” get in your way.

Taking responsibility also means to stop placing blame on others. Blaming something is useless, counter-productive, and honestly… unattractive.

This rule naturally leads to number 2…

RULE 2: Accept when you see a guy with a very hot women he could be the greatest guy in the world or he could be the worst.

Accept what she sees in him is beyond your control and nothing you do, say, or believe has anything to do with him or them at all.

Refrain from judging your “opponents” negatively the best you can. Judgments are a waste of time and only contribute to the “fog.”

RULE 3: Allow yourself to see and notice all truths behind any situation or dynamic social event.

Sometimes you have to sit back, listen, and watch men who are better at this stuff and actually allow yourself to be happy for them.

Sincerely wish them the best of luck.

You don’t have to respect him but you must allow yourself to learn from any guy who you consider “better than you with women.”

While sometimes it’s best to get right in there, other times it’s better to objectify or take notice of certain cues from the outside.

RULE 4: Get yourself actively involved with changing the outcome of your life.

You might feel uncomfortable once in a while…

You may have to face some long-held fears…

But you MUST be willing to start doing things differently.

Now you could come up with any reason you want which will keep you going because that might not matter – but you must be committed to making changes. Period.

In other words, you have to see things to the end or there’s little chance you’ll get there. You can change the end. Yu can enjoy the ride and change your final goals. That’s okay.

But whatever path your on make sure you give it an honest and respectable attempt.

RULE 5: Never ever under any circumstance allow yourself to settle for one woman – chase one woman – dream of one woman – until you have complete confidence in your competence in many areas.

It could take a year or two and it probably will but you must keep the last goal above all else.

Let’s say you land some hot girl by your side and she’s seems really into you – without blowing it entirely with you (you can keep her around to date) but until you’re ready do NOT settle down with her.

There is a purpose to this rule.

Enjoy the ride along every step. Get it all out of your system. Experience every piece of success for everything it has to offer.

If you settle too early it’s highly likely you’re going to screw it up sooner or later anyways. Getting a girlfriend is NOT getting the next “hot” girlfriend you see.

Part of this “prep work” is to lay the foundation for a lifetime of success with women.

T rules above are simple to state but understandably can be difficult follow 100%.

Hey!!! It’s okay.

I hate to say it but do your best. When you experience a setback there’s another day coming to start again or to pick up the pieces.

We’re NOT changing the world here and it’s obvious since the beginning of time men have managed to land some pretty amazing and yes beautiful women too. It’s unimaginable and hard to believe every one of them got everything right all the time from the beginning.

And I’m willing to bet some of them were dumb as rocks and others would makes us look dumb as rocks.

Don’t worry about it!

Learn from it – always see the bigger picture – and find a way to continually move forward.

These rules and the steps must be followed even if it means your process takes a little longer than some other guy who is moving quicker.

In the end, when all the dust and fog settles you’ll thank me for it even if you hate me along the way and that’s okay because I can take it.

Yes there is some more bad news. The last thing I want to do is mislead you…

My intention is not to “fool” you into believing your “education” won’t cost you something. Be it money, sweat, or work.

The steps I’m going to lay out for you is not some massive course that you can follow to avoid doing the real work involved.

What will be covered is just a step above the basics but they do work.

I hate to call them basics because I didn’t spend years of my life alone for my plan to be reduced to basics. But there is “leg work” involved.

You’ll have to explore certain details for yourself whether it’s through me or not.

For example:

I was great at talking to women but terrible at attractively communicating with them – so for me I needed a deeper education on how I talked to them.

However my body language was close just not quite right, so I only needed to refine and tweak it a little for it to work.

The same goes for you – if at any step or stage you feel more work is needed then please explore ALL your options.

Don’t trust me to tell you everything about everything.

Don’t trust I have the single power alone to magically transform you into a “chic magnet” when one of my steps doesn’t offer “enough” for your personal experience.

I’m being completely honest with you.

If I had ALL your answers I’d probably be a prick about it and charge you as much as I could.

Seriously, there are people who are better than me at teaching you very specific details you might need. In fact most of them taught me.

These steps DO work and I’m more than confident about it because I’ve seen it work. I’ve practiced it all myself AND I’ve studied and objectified many of my experiences so I can clearly see what was really going on…. despite how lonely I felt.

We only have to admit that sometimes outside help is unavoidable and I woudn’t be where I am today and if I didn’t take that help or find the right advice I needed at the right time by the right people.

Now that we have the basic rules to follow let’s get started with all the 11 steps to getting a girlfriend.

Click Here For Step 1 – Refine Your Look – Details

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