26 Traits Women Find Sexy – How To Become A Sexual Guy Despite Your Looks

There are way too many good and nice men who are afraid of their sexy side. They hide it from women because they’ve seen way too many jerks or scumbags use it to screw women over. (If you have a personal reason you’re hiding your sexy side please be sure to add it below.) 

Perhaps you just don’t believe you actually could be sexy because you’ve fallen for the media’s portrayal of a sexy guy.

Or maybe you think it’s just for women or having “sex appeal” is reserved for models, celebrities, and the tall, dark and handsome…

Well I’m here to tell you that could NOT be further from the truth.

Being sexy is NOT all about how you look or how good-looking you are.

Step 6 of “11 Steps on How to Get a Hot Girlfriend is about becoming a sexy guy, where your sexiness comes from, and how to find it and use it to meet, date, and attract a hot “sexy” girlfriend.

UPDATE: Most of what you’re about to read below has been updated with an Ebook I wrote on being sexy. It was a gift for signing up to DiaLteG.

In the interest of giving you every available opportunity learn and grow into a real sexy man I’ve included the book with some added stuff below.

Sexy Woman Man

You can download the book to your computer without signing up just by right-clicking here and saving or opening 26 Proven Traits Women Find Irresistibly & Sexy in a new tab.

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Let’s get started…

You’re taking a big step today and becoming a sexy guy. Not just a sexy guy but a REAL MAN and that’s something women find so massively appealing, some of them spend their entire lives looking for that ONE SPECIAL GUY who fits her view of a real man.

Luckily for you and me, their views don’t vary much on this subject AND that, despite your overall attractiveness – becoming a sexy guy – a REAL sexy guy is something you can achieve because it has very little to do with how you look.

First, we must ask and answer a few very important questions and answer them honestly. Then I’m going to show you HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE with a 3 step process EVERY SUCCESSFUL PERSON goes through whether they know it or not. It doesn’t matter what your goals are, do it and you will keep moving forward.

After that I’m going to give you a fairly complete list of what women find sexy which will help you determine your own sexiness.

Ready? – Cool, let’s get started.

Do women actually want a guy who is sexy and why would you want to become a sexy guy?

Women Looking Sexy Guy

Yes, of course they do. Sex and great sex are important things to women and the guys they date.

Women like sex just as much, even sometimes more, than guys. Women are also more likely to have intense orgasms with guys who they are sexually attracted to which is a great reason to work on this area of your life.

Imagine for yourself – which makes you cum quicker, some hot sexy woman or a woman you’re not that attracted to? Which woman would make it more difficult for you to hold back?

Well women are no different in this area. Now sure there are ways a less-than-sexy guy can make this happen. Sure technique, experience, and practice help and should not be overlooked. There’s actually no need for her to see you as sexy as long as she’s attracted to you and your personality. Those things go a long way.


The benefits of being seen as a sexy guy always outnumber the not-so-sexy ones. More choices. More and ultimately better sex. Women approaching you. Women becoming obsessed over you. Less work. Less being concerned whether a certain woman “likes” you. If you’re even a borderline sexy guy, you won’t have to worry about any of that stuff, will you?

Not to mention higher esteem, higher confidence, and a fulfilling life that you can enjoy more because you’re not always sexually frustrated.

Here’s a great quote which sums up the biggest reason you must really want to be a sexy guy:

“99% of men try to behave like nice guys when they meet an attractive woman – even though many (or maybe even most) women only feel attraction around a man that they perceive to be a sexual threat?”

Click here to Master Your Sexy Body Language by David DeAngelo

Sexy guys ARE a sexual threat to women and I’m not talking about her worrying you’re going to do illegal and immoral stuff to her although that does have a little to do with it. Sometimes more or less depending on the woman.

It’s more about her feeling like she can’t resist your charm.

Having to fight other women for you.

Wondering and worrying how many women you have or can sleep with and why would you choose her over them.

Would you be a cheater because of it?

Are you cheating on someone else with her?

Would she feel like a slut if she happened to sleep with you?

Will she do things against her best interest just to enjoy having sex with you?

I’m positive there’s a lot more but let’s not stray too far.

The real threat she experiences are not one of rape and to be honest, rape is more about power. She’s more likely to be raped by some scumbag who has real issues with women and what they represent to said asshole.

Yes, there is a thing called date-rape and yes, this IS a real concern for her which is related to you being a sexual threat, because she might put herself in a more vulnerable position or situation making that more likely to happen.

With all that said…

***YOU BETTER MAKE DAM SURE YOU’RE A GOOD GUY. DON’T EVER ABUSE ANY WOMAN… EVER! DO NOT USE ANY OF MY WRITING TO HELP YOU HURT OR HARM ANY WOMAN ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANYPLACE for ANY REASON. If that’s who you are, delete what I’m writing and GET REAL HELP IMMEDIATELY! Keep in mind these threats are real to women and they may do everything in their power to prove that you’re a guy she can trust and that there are many ways you can make her feel safe and comfortable being with you.***

Does being sexy have anything to do with how you look?

Guy Trying Look Sexy

Ummm… Yes and no.

You’ll find lots of women who deem a guy “sexy” based on his looks. Some parts of the world look for tall, dark, handsome, and mysterious. Some look for power, wealth, and artistic or non-artistic fame. Some look for physical strength, muscles, and physique. Some look for dirty, rugged, and rough man-hands.

Everywhere you go you’ll find a mixture of those physical and power attributes and you’ll find women who succumb to that type of guy.

However, even IF you don’t have any of those traits YOU CAN STILL BE SEXY to women because what attracts women deeply is more about who you are, how you communicate that to her, how you interact with her and all people, how she feels when she’s around you, and the way in which she thinks about you when you’re not around.

You may not have much control over how you look but you are capable of learning the right skills.

It’s within every guys grasp because honestly, it’s not that difficult.

You also are in full control in developing these traits which women find irresistibly sexy:

  • Confidence.
  • Maturity.
  • Self-Esteem. Inner beliefs. Internal strengths.
  • Fearless or being courageous.
  • Body language. How you move and how you speak. Up to and including eye contact.

Here’s a more scientific definition of “sexy”:

The sexiness of a guy is determined by a unique combination of primal emotional traits or ability to tap into his and her primal sexual states, a touch of sensitivity and empathy, and the manner in which he interacts and communicates those things in everyday conversations or situations with people, not just women…


For her to feel a guy’s complete sexuality she must relate it to her own feelings of being a female.

Masculinity and femininity certainly apply here in every way no matter which end of the spectrum of male and female she finds herself leading or falling on.

Hope you memorized it?  Good, let’s move on then…

Is there only one type of sexy?

Ummmm….  Yes and no… again.

My enormous observations and vast experience with women has shown two sides of the sexiness women describe, prefer, and fall for but they tend to cross or interact at some levels which has led me to look further and explore this phenomenon.

The single (not dating) side and the relationship side.

A woman might use more visual and body language clues to determine a guy’s “single” sexiness but she will (way more often than not) use other means as in conversational and interaction skills to determine his “relationship” sexiness.

The two are different but they tend to overlap depending on her real age, maturity, experience, esteem, confidence, social customs, geographical location, mood or current emotional state (recently divorced, single for too long, just out of relationship etc..) , social occurrence (such as being alone or with her family or friends), sexual habits or frequency, and superficial preferences.

Take a man who is seen holding a baby in his arms and is seen to be nurturing and caring. Women without a doubt find that sexy.

However I noticed that depending on the age or maturity and her current relationship status of that woman, he might have to be good-looking for her to deem him as sexy.

On the other hand, to a lot of women what that picture represents is extremely sexy because it covers maturity, courage, reliability, loyalty, and her assumption of him already being in a relationship.

IF she’s not in a relationship she might find it more sexy than if she was involved with a guy.

The point is, single or relationship sexy may appear (from time to time) to be different or based on the guys looks or her looks however there is a deeper emotion which affects all women under the surface proving to be more theoretically consistent pointing to a reality that there is actually only ONE type of sexy you should be concerned with achieving.

Another point is that you’ll find the list below contains both relationship and single sides which is confusing. This is because if you see a relationship one you might wonder,

“How can I be sexy or show a woman I’m sexy if I’m not IN a relationship with her?”

It’s a great valid question which is why it needs to be addressed first.

A woman, in determining your sexiness will feel some right away without any interaction at all. They tend to fall on the “single” side.

However, since women take longer to determine or feel your real sexiness, she will use other means to figure it out. Those “means” happen when you interact with her and is more of a communication based thing. They tend to fall on the relationship side.

She will use any and all of her female (for lack of better word) “tactics” to prove to her without a doubt you are exactly the person she feels you are. They are generally called “tests”:

Understanding A Woman’s Test and How To Pass Them

Obviously she won’t know certain things for real unless you’re actually in a relationship with her so it’s (in a way) up to you to show her directly or indirectly you are capable of being the relationship sexy guy she desires.

I will admit it’s probably going to be the most difficult part to achieve depending on your past experience with women and your current attraction skills.

(As in determining when it’s best to be more direct and when or how to show her indirectly or which one works better most of the time.)

This is a very large area to explore and again, your current skills will determine what you’ll need the most help with and where you must go to get the right people to show you.

I would suggest you (obviously) keep reading my material but also to:

STEP ONE: Learn to objectify yourself to know exactly what is happening, why you might be failing, and the reality behind your situation.

The easiest way to determine whether you can be objective is to look at how many excuses you make, how many quick conclusions you come to without doing any research, how much control you feel have over your current situation, and how often you find yourself thinking your problems are caused by others.

If you’re not relatively objective it will make step two longer and more difficult to get through.

STEP TWO: Through you objectivity, you’re now more capable of deciding which area you need the most education.

It will also help you determine the more specific help which in-turn gives you the quickest results. This also makes it a much more enjoyable process and fuels you for the next step.

These will generally fall into a few categories and here are just a few examples: Inner Game. Outer Game. Relationship Skills. Sexual skills. Life or living skills.

STEP THREE: Writing down your immediate and long-term goals and matching them up to what you came up with in step two.

Understanding your goals WILL change and that’s okay. You can write them here if you like:

What Are Your Goals With Girls? Do You Know Exactly What You Want?

Once you know what you’re looking for and what area you need the most education in, then it just comes to down to researching the right people you trust in helping you achieve your goals.

Yes, I’ve done this several times in my life with amazing success. Not everything was perfect, I did fail occasionally, some areas more than others, BUT I’ve never stopped using those EXACT three steps to determine my next course of ACTION.

REMEMBER: Above is a thought process which works for the most successful people in any field in the entire world.

Whether it’s conscious or not , they use it. They (we) also understand during and after the thought process comes:

  • Action.
  • Practice.
  • Experience.
  • Re-evaluation.
  • Repeat.

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Back to our regularly scheduled sexy program…

What actually makes a guy sexy? The traits or actions he displays or communicates indirectly or directly.

Sexy Girl Looking Sexy Guy

The list below was first comprised by actual real women, lots of them, tons of research and polls, and was tweaked by me to give a better explanation and to help you better work on becoming a sexy guy.
(These are not in order of importance.)

#1. The ability to show you care in real ways.

You don’t even have to be too different, creative, or unique. However you must be genuine, it must be repeatable and she must believe it’s actually coming from you. This means no faking or making it up just to make her happy.

#2. Supportive, loyal, and aware of your partner’s dreams.

Women find men who are aware and supportive in this way extremely sexy. If you’re not in a relationship with her then there are definitely ways to show her directly or indirectly that you are this type of guy.

#3. Soft and real eye contact with the ability to hold and have conversations while doing it.

This is part of your body language repertoire and can be practiced which is extremely helpful. Hopefully you won’t need to much of an explanation on this one.

For a complete full-course, once again, go to my friend David DeAngelo and pick this up: Body Language.

You can also read my page on body language: How & Why Your Body Language Communicates Attraction To Women – Learn To Control It

#4. Mature confidence.

Maturity and masculinity tend to work alongside of each other. Just by being mature she will feel your masculine side. There are many definitions of maturity but this one, “Mature Confidence” is something a little different.

It simply means you are capable and aware of who you are AND you’re not susceptible to those around you who may act immature.

It means just because the people or men you are with may be acting immature you don’t suddenly join the crowd. It also means you might have to stand your ground, other’s grounds, walk away at times, and every situation must be handled as maturely as possible. It does NOT mean you have to get in fights.

Here’s a short but awesome definition on mature confidence:

The 4 Sure Signs Of Confidence That Women Look For In A Man

#5. Emotional strength in many areas but specifically to not bend to the temptations of other women.

The ability to withstand another woman’s approach or flirty nature. Women want to know early if you’re a guy she can rely on to not cheat. You’re not always out looking for a better thing. If things are not working out, you can leave, as in above; just use your mature confident ability to handle things maturely before things get bad.

#6. Motivation, direction, knowing what you want, what you have, and your values extend beyond materials and superficial goals.

You will must be willing to fight for these things maturely and to never let them go away. Again, we’re not talking physical fighting. This is your resolve. Your ability to not give up so easily and get too down on yourself when things are not going your way.

#7. Humble sense of humor.

Sense of humor is one thing. You don’t want to act like a clown or be seen as a guy who uses humor to deflect or show false confidence. You must NEVER hide your real personality behind jokes. Your humor or “funny side” must be able to withstand jokes nicely meant for you.

Be aware of yourself enough and be capable of finding humor in yourself at appropriate times.

A sexy guy doesn’t just always make fun of himself but is okay with it happening occasionally and is capable of dealing with it.

Your sense of humor, which can be directed towards her but there’s a fine line to cross so be careful. Making fun of a women you’re with or intend to date or commit to must be done sparingly and appropriately.

She will also notice and remember how you make fun of her and not other women which will drastically decrease your sexiness in her eyes.

Here’s something I wrote for nice guys explaining the difference with a few tips to help you achieve sexy humor:

Nice Guy Tip 9: Learn To Be Funny The Right Way & Attract Women

#8. Fearless of non-threatening situations.

Fearless comes in many forms and most of them are considered sexy. Keep in mind that most things that happen to us which require courage are actually not life threatening which means there are endless ways to be sexy without risking yours or her life.

Even the smallest amount of courage goes a long which. So don’t be afraid to step up and let her see you’re that type of guy.

#9. Able and unafraid to show love and affections anywhere.

Sexy is in a way being unaffected by your surroundings. When times call for it, it’s just you and her. Women love romantic moments, they love the feeling like they’re in a fairy tale and it’s just you and her.

Give her those moments by being less concerned with other people. Part of you fearless attitude mentioned in the last one fits here perfectly.

#10. Knowing what you have and appreciating it indefinitely.

Yes, this means her in ever sense of the word. Sexy guys always appreciate what they have and want their guy to express it to them in many ways. I realize this is tough because it can be confusing.

You might say it all the time but if you’re not doing it through your actions it will not be as powerful to her.

#11. A hint of mystery.

Careful with this one. Too much is not sexy. Too little is boring and far from sexy. There’s a balance which must be achieved. This balance also moves or sways when and if you enter a relationship with her.

It’s okay (especially early on) if a woman can not fully figure you out, in fact it’s recommended in some areas.

However this unpredictable part of mysterious part of you must not extend to being unreliable, unreadable, or have her believing that once you are in a relationship with her, you’re are or will become a guy she can not rely on.

One of my most popular, and informative articles which will show you everything you need and how to balance it all:

7 Reasons Why Women Like A Quiet and Mysterious Man Plus How To Be Him

#12. Capable of empathy and putting himself in others shoes and/or caring for those in need.

Believe me nothing is more sexy to a woman than a guy who is not only a humanitarian but who also dedicates his time (not money) to those in need even in the smallest way possible.

This very large area covers everything from actually caring about others and their unique plight in the world to donating your time to help those in need.

Nothing is less sexy to a woman than a guy who just doesn’t give a shit about others.

You don’t have to overdo this one but showing it a little makes a huge impact on how she sees you and how she sees you will be sexy.

Which, by the way, will make other areas appear more sexy.

#13. Not afraid of showing raw emotions when necessary within reason and yes not overly emotional.

Despite what guys may believe, women don’t find guys who are devoid emotions sexy.

This is not an excuse to get hell-bent over everything or argue about anything and everything.

This is about a man’s ability to be something more than statue. Yes, it’s okay to cry once in a while as long as it’s done appropriately and done in such a way where it’s not over anything and everything which may be deemed as superficial.

#14. Honor, integrity. A strong sense of character with a touch of chivalry.

Having high morals and living by them productively is very important and sexy as long as they are not used to put down others and used to feel inferior to those who have less or lightly different morals.

Having integrity is having or maintaining those high morals but also includes being honest and truthful in many cases.

All these are a part of your character and how in touch you are with yourself gives you a strong sense of who you are.

Sexy guys encapsulate of these items and therefore they tend to exhibit a chivalrous nature to all including women.

Chivalry, in essence is thoughtfulness towards others and is more or less contained in the next item on the list.

People generally struggle understanding character and some other manly/sexy guy traits so here’s a good write up for it. Number four on the list is about character:

The Big Four Factors That Attract Women To A Certain Man

#15. Defends those who are being treating unfairly under most non-threatening situations and some actual real threatening situations.

Again, being sexy is not about getting in fights or causing them especially in this case or point. This could be as simple as telling a friend about someone who intends them harm or is not concerned with their feelings.

This is not protection, just the willingness to stop or make aware to another the devious nature of someone else towards them.

#16. Able to be himself and not worried about what others thinks of him.

Unabashed and sometimes goofy when it calls for it. Sexy guys are little concerned how others perceive them. They’re not there to make everyone like them. They don’t do things just to make themselves look good.

They, while following many items on the list here, are actually liked anyways so there’s no real reason or concern.

However when another finds fault or has a different opinion, or randomly finds reason to not like them, it’s of no concern to them.

Sexy guys don’t embarrass easily and they certainly are not afraid of being themselves despite how others might act more reserved in certain situations.

This one is huge in attraction because it causes many men to seek approval which not only kills attraction is a definite mark of a guy who is NOT sexy.

Check out number one on the list of:  What Women HATE Most About Single Guys for a “quicky” on what it does to attraction hence your sexiness.

#17. Old school charm which never wavers long after the relationship has started.

Charm is your basic ability to have others like you and feel good knowing you. People may become fascinated over you or want to be around you when you’re a charming guy which is one reason women find “realistically” charming men… sexy.

Women also love it when a man’s charm, with specific regards to his wife or girlfriend, never decreases his charming ways over time. Women see sexiness in a guy where they perceive his “love” or willingness to respect, honor, and appreciate her will seemingly last forever.

#18. Honesty with a touch of class.

Not rude, crass, or over the top just for the sake of being an ass or gaining attention. Honesty in every situation even though they may be concerned small and unimportant such as letting the salesperson know too much change was given back.

The touch of class comes in when he carefully and selectively chooses to say the right things and often listens intently before speaking or saying something which is inappropriate, demeaning, uncalled for, or may harm another emotionally when it’s not necessary.

#19. Strong kissing and touching skills which propels a woman’s raw emotions and makes her feel loved, wanted, sexy, and heightens her emotions.

Being a good kisser is not all just about being good at it. It’s how it’s done, when it’s done, and how it makes her feel loved, connected, special, wanted, and sexy herself. Touching and kissing is not just turning her on. In part it’s making her feel sexy herself.

There’s a difference between a guy who just gropes women, knows foreplay or how to turn her on, and a sexy guy who is able to bring out her raw feminine emotions. It’s slightly difficult for some to achieve but it’s not impossible to learn or just become better at enough for you to be considered sexy by lots of women.

Lots of good stuff on kissing including how is in my article: How I Kiss with Passion- Everyone Should Learn How To Kiss

#20. Ambition.

You know what you want you’re willing to go after it. Ambition is good in many ways for you to succeed and get what you want but to women, ambition is sexy because it’s a sign of leadership.

A signal to her that you’re going to lead to a relationship without making her wait or keep her guessing for way too long as to what you want.

#21. Any kind of intelligence.

Yes it’s true. Intelligence is considered sexy but it may come down to how you use your smartness. Just being smart is not normally enough. Obviously there are many aspects of being smart which definitely don’t turn women on and most men are aware of them.

#22. Ability to make a woman feel safe and protected beyond the physical and sometimes also the physical.

You want to be emotional stable because that will make her feel safer emotionally around you. A woman see a guy as sexy if he has things handle, isn’t a creep, and on the physical side doesn’t do dangerous things around her which puts her at risk.

This is by far the best read on this whole protection thing:

What She Really Means When She Says, “I Want A Man To Protect Me”

#23. Doesn’t take like seriously but knows WHEN to be serious.

This is partly your humor but it’s really about you being able to handle the little things and not get overly emotional over them. Just because someone cuts you off while driving, or things didn’t go your way, doesn’t mean you have to get angry and upset.

Handling situations like this correctly, with a touch of humor, and a positive outlook make you (in part) a sexy guy.

Despite all this, a sexy guy knows when he must be serious and take complete control over a situation or to handle it maturely and responsibility.

This balance or knowing when it’s time might appear like it’s obvious or comes natural to most guys but I doesn’t which is, again in part, makes one guy sexy and one guy not.

#24. Knowing how to make tough situations easier for those around him and for himself too.

The sexy guy is the one people turn to when everyone else is freaking out about something or nothing.

He’s generally calm, cool, and collected. He doesn’t bend to the will of the masses and he’s less likely to be caught up in the hype of anything which makes him a great candidate to seek out in times of trouble.

#25. A hint of purity and a gentle soul.

Despite the theories of women liking jerks, they rarely if ever find them sexy. The bad boy is a little different.

The difference being the bad boy only inflicts self-harm where the jerk inflicts it on others to make himself feel better.

Therefore bad boys can still have a hint of purity and a gentle soul and yes, bad boys are generally considered sexy. Every one of them. There’s nothing wrong with being a gentle guy because it doesn’t mean you’re weak.

There’s nothing wrong with a little purity because in a way it says you still have a lot to explore.

ust because you have purity doesn’t mean you don’t have experience or haven’t experienced anything.

#26. Predictable and reliable yet a desire to surprise and remember important things.

Much has been written about if a guy should be predictable, if women like it, or if women like the unpredictable man more.

The truth is:

Predictable is sexy because it’s a quality women look for in a guy she wants to be in a relationship with.

It means he’s reliable and safe to further a family and to grow a family. However, you mustn’t be mundane and boring to be considered sexy. You must know how to use surprises and romance in a way that keeps the relationship/attraction moving and exciting.

Take a look at number 2, “Un-predictable predictive actions” in my article: 7 Reasons Why Women Like A Quiet and Mysterious Man Plus How To Be Him so you can get a better handle on what I’m talking about.

You are completely capable of becoming a sexy guy.

Control Capable Sexy Couple

Lots of what you read above are traits or skills which can be practiced and therefore becoming a sexy is actually a learn-able skill. Other points are about developing confidence and increasing your self-esteem. They work together and they strengthen each other.

Men are not born sexy but they are born to instinctively attract women.

It’s kind of the whole point of being a human being.

The problem most men experience is that through their young pre-teen to puberty to adulthood life they develop habits or traits which take away from their raw instincts to attract women.

They learn dysfunctional fears which hinder them from being all they can be which according to attraction, is the sexy guy women find hard to resist.

However, everything is reversible.

None of what was covered today is beyond any so-called “average” man’s capabilities.

So why would you not want to become a sexy guy because I can not think of one reason where it’s not beneficial to your life, your happiness, and your quest to live a fun fulling life.

Everything covered today helps you achieve all those goals and even if it’s just the occasional side-effect MAKES YOU A SEXY GUY!

Apart from everything else which sets you up as an attractive man in a woman’s eyes – being sexy is an attitude without specific fears.

It is built up from what you do, how you act, how you say things, and your character traits as a man.

A common fear which stops so many men from tapping into their sexy side is a fear of being judged as just another pig out to get laid.

A fear which is unfounded and a little absurd when you think about it because… and this is the absolutely truth:

Women are going to judge you either way. Not all of them to a terrible degree but enough to where if you care too much about it, you’re going to have fears around women which will ultimately decrease your ability to create attraction.

You can do everything right with women and the truth will always remain – no matter what you do or say some women will always put you on a list you may not like being on.

Whether it’s the too nice to date list, the just friends list, the jerk category, or even the male chauvinistic pig list. Hot or not – she will always judge you dependent on who she is of course.

I’ve found the guys who get “hotter” girlfriends (or the ones who are really good with women) don’t really care about labels and they certainly don’t care what one woman might believe about them. They understand it’s beyond their control.

So, in a way – part of your real sexiness comes from not caring what others believe about you which is part of an indifferent attitude AND can make you into a sexy guy no matter what you look like.

This means to be sexy you’ll need:

A realistic but natural indifferent attitude towards others.

A lack of fear or caring what others think of you or how and why they might judge you.

A lack of urge to control things which are beyond your immediate control.

Knowing what you have control of (yourself and you traits) and taking full advantage of it. Remember the list above:

  • Confidence.
  • Maturity.
  • Self-Esteem. Inner beliefs. Internal strengths.
  • Fearless or being courageous.
  • Body language.

Those things combined makes YOU your own true definition of what sexy is.

This lack of fear mentioned above also includes not ever fearing rejection or failure. How it’s always better (especially in attraction) to skillfully try than it is to do nothing.

What’s listed above helps you achieve high sexiness but there’s more to it.

You have to COMMUNICATE it to women sometimes directly but mostly indirectly. Which basically means not saying but allowing women to see it.

I’m sure you understand a man who brags or claims he’s sexy (minus the cocky comedy part) is not ever considered sexy.

Here are some REAL examples which communicate to women strong sexuality.

Your body language indicates, displays, or show confidence and experience. You want open, relaxed movements. Take up some space and own it. That’s a piece of your sexy aura.

How you walk and hold yourself. Slow and easy like you’re free of all stress. Walk through life with purpose, direction, and no matter where you are or are going – you’re perfectly comfortable doing it.

Pretend the air around you is “stirred and not shaken” and any odd or overly nervous movements upsets the air and shakes it up. Stir it carefully but don’t be afraid of it. Be a part of it instead.

How you talk to a woman and how you make eye contact while you’re doing it. Choosing your words almost too carefully.

A Naturally low voice, speak your words fully, and don’t get too excited. Shorter sentences with meaning, humor, wit, and ask more questions to which you actually care about the answer.

This is the beginning of sexual communication with women and is very important so you’re not seen as just eye candy or the sexy guy she wouldn’t dare approach because she’s too intimidated by you.

Relax your mouth. Always make soft but direct eye contact and hold it for a second or two. Slightly squint occasionally like you have things going on in your life.

Lead the conversations but allow her to talk more than you.

Women LOVE to listen to a sexy guy talk and once she’s fallen for you she may want to listen for hours but until then, let her own emotional ups and down spike according to what she’s saying.

Another huge piece of sexual communication is how you flirt. Especially if you have fears around flirting in itself.

Rather than get into all the details on flirting (this page can not cover everything, it’s long enough) you can start by reading these:

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Another piece of being considered sexy is how you touch a woman in your early interactions with her and then of course how you seductively touch her intimately after she’s more than comfortable being around you.

Again, you do this without the fear of being judged.

The touch barrier must be broken early AND it must be done skillfully.

This is not an excuse to grope her but she has to understand beautiful women don’t scare you. This is an absolute requirement to finding, meeting, and actually having a “hot” girlfriend.

Women, especially the most beautiful ones, need to know, understand, and believe you’re so comfortable around them it’s almost scary exciting to her.

Remember most men bow down to these women. Most men get so nervous. They kiss their ass. They prove to her very quickly how uncomfortable they are just being close to her and she instantly classifies them as far from being sexy.

You must remain as calm as possible and never let her beauty affect you negatively to be considered the ultimate sexy guy she’s been looking for.

Here’s the thing about this sexiness you want to achieve…

It works best when it’s stabilized. It needs a foundation of beliefs and confidence for it to work amazingly well and with as little effort as possible.

The thing is you CAN NOT TRY to be sexy – it just happens!

Keep all that in mind before you decide to throw some cheap tactics or false confidence or pretend to be sexy when you’re not.

Consider your “sexiness” is like quicksand. Focus on what I’ve listed above and just ALLOW it to happen. The more you struggle trying to make it happen the worst you’ll come off in the eyes of woman.

Just LET it happen.

Focus on doing things above and it will happen.

This “sexiness” you’re working on will obviously help you get an amazing girlfriend easily.

Here’s how all this is related to the 11 steps of getting a hot girlfriend and what has been covered so far.

You want women to believe and see your life does not revolve getting in her pants but how getting in her pants is not something which is beyond you.

You want to gain almost immediate sexual respect from any woman you meet.

You want to break the touch barrier quicker than normal to let her know you’re more than comfortable being around a hotter woman.

They must see and believe how you’re also NOT into “giving it away” easily and just for any woman.

REAL sexy guys show enough restraint to tease the hell out of women. Delaying your gratification in this area is very important and women find that ability extremely sexy… especially the “hotter” ones who are used to guys who can not control themselves around them.

You want women to see and experience that you DO understand what it all really means to her. Whether it’s through your words, your flirting,y our sensual touch, or a playful keep away game with her. Everything counts here.

Keep yourself believing there’s more than one way to show your sexy side and how so much of it goes beyond how your look or outward appearance.

Remember above all else it’s an ATTITUDE. A way of life. The way you live your life and how you move though it, make decisions, and confidently stand by your “real” beliefs.

Don’t discount or forget about the two programs I’ve listed above:

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  • Wes

    “Women, especially the most beautiful ones, need to know, understand, and believe you’re so comfortable around them it’s almost scary exciting to her.” I’m extremely comfortable around very attractive women – and some women like that have told me they’re almost freaked out by how comfortable I am around them. I am the way I am precisely because I know nothing will (or could) ever happen between any of them and I – they are not and will never be sexually attracted to me – so there is no point in even dreaming about it. I may find them totally gorgeous, but they’re not going to be into me as anything other than a friend, so there’s no point in wasting time thinking about it.

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