The Benefits And Rules Of Becoming Friends With Hotter Women

There are some real benefits to becoming friends with some “hotter” women especially if you intend on getting a hot sexy girlfriend. BUT… There are also some warnings which you need to be aware of before you go out searching for them and a few rules you must follow for this to work.

Yes, this is a controversial borderline strange step. Many of you won’t try it. Many of you will just skip right to the next step. And of course many of you will tell me it’s impossible.

But hear me out first and give it a try because there are lots of valid reasons why this must happen AND by doing this step – certain things will be put in place for you which WILL help you find a great girlfriend. That’s not counting the real benefits you’ll soon find below making this step one you should NOT even think about skipping.

This is STEP 4 of How To Get A Girlfriend

Become friends with five to ten “hotter” women and don’t expect or push anything more than a friendship.

There was this guy who wold come to me about his woman problems. He was explaining to me how something would always happen with women as he just experienced yet another bad breakup.

He exclaimed,

“Pete…I don’t have many problems getting some pretty hot girls but every time I find one, I turn into some needy wuss who always has to be with them. They eventually get sick of it and leave.”

This is a common problem for guys who first learn about how attraction works. They revert back to their former self and eventually lose their first or sometime second and third girlfriends because the same thing happens to them.

You see most “attraction” programs don’t teach you how to keep a girlfriend, they only teach you how to attract a woman.

This poses a few common problems:

  1. Not knowing or learning the difference between creating attraction and creating attraction which leads to a better longer-lasting relationship. The rules or techniques are actually different. Getting a real woman to commit to you requires something more and different than just practicing some skills which create attraction.
  2. Most real “attraction” programs do help you with your inner game, self-esteem, and confidence but developing that part of you takes longer than actually creating the attraction. It’s actually easy to get girls to like you. It’s actually easy just to go out and get laid.
  3. Your inner game takes time and experience to develop and way too many men glaze over and don’t bother working on those parts because they want QUICK results and once they get them, become complacent and satisfied. That is until they tire of one night stands or relationships that fizzle out after a few months.

I wouldn’t be telling you r giving you this step if I didn’t experience it myself and something occurred to me one day as I was giving the guy above some advice. It came from the one and only master at dating, attraction, and now relationships: David DeAngelo:

“When you meet a woman or the type of woman you want – immediately go out and find ten other like her.”

Every time he met someone he really liked he had no other choices. Maybe he liked it that way. Maybe he always thought he had found “the one”. Maybe he suffered from all three reasons from the list above. That’s not important.

What IS important is by getting deeply involved with one girl and making her his “instant girlfriend”, he doomed himself to suffer the same fate over and over again.

He would desperately try to lock her down quickly which only showed his desperation and lack of real choices with women. Quickly diminishing his status and making him look like he would anything and everything to keep her from leaving. (Which generally causes a girl to leave.)

He would become overly needy. A little jealous and overbearing. He would suffocate her in a half-relationship making her feel like she had to GET OUT and away from him.

So he could attract them but like written above…  did NOT have the skills to attract a relationship. He did not have a solid inner game with confidence and self-esteem. He refused to do the real work involved to keep a great woman attracted to him and wanting to be in a relationship with him. He felt every hot girl he met was the ONE but only know how to attract them a little and just went with eventually leading himself down the same road once again.

I told him this,

“The next time you hook up with a woman – STOP pull back a little, and before you commit to her find another one who is like her and only casually date them. Also… learn to be happy just being single for a while. Learn how to do it by yourself first before you get involved with another girl.

Start doing more things you enjoy which don’t involve women. You have to feel complete without a girlfriend first because you’ll never be complete with one. If a better woman realizes she’s the only source of your happiness she WILL grow tired and exhausted of trying to keep you happy because it won’t happen.

She will eventually leave you out of exasperation. Putting that kind of pressure on anyone will eventually cause them to crack and do anything to get out.”

The advice which I passed on to him might not work until you can land some dates but it has a lot to do with Step 4 because it will make keeping a girlfriend easier – especially when you’re a more complete person.

Something you’ll work on in the next upcoming steps.

This step is number four because it can take some time and while you work ahead you’ll find this step will happen more likely if you’re continually doing it along the way.

The last thing I want to do is keep you from an amazing woman but I also don’t want you to suffer from the same fate as way too many other guys do. No need to get hurt when it cam be avoided by simply following the steps and learning the REAL skills it takes to KEEP an amazing girlfriend.

Why you must go out and start becoming JUST FRIENDS with some hotter women.

Notice the “just friends” part. Which means you don’t have to be so strict with the type of woman or girl she is. You’re not looking for your next girlfriend here so by all means, friend them all and unless they start meddling in your life and destroying your lifestyle, don’t worry so much about her personality.

No, you’re not going to fuck them or try to fuck them either. (I suppose just yet, that depends on you later on. For now STICK TO THE PLAN!)

Your primary goal is friendship and there are lots of reason why you’re going to do this and tons of benefits you’ll get from getting this step done as soon as you can.

I know guys, nice guys especially because I was one of them (well still am sort of) and they unfortunately act different (and unattractive) around hotter women for lots of reasons:

  1. They’re always background dreaming of getting her naked and in bed.
  2. They put them on a pedestal and believe just because she’s hot, she’s some unattainable magical being… which she’s not!
  3. They probably never been with one sexually before so they get way too physically excited around them.
  4. They’ve spent way too much time in their heads thinking and staring less time listening and actually interacting with them.
  5. They act from a place called scarcity believing just because she’s hot, she has more choices and control all the luck when it comes to dating and relationships.
  6. They don’t understand or believe just because she’s hot, does not mean being beautiful means less problems.

You can now hopefully how what a big problem this truly is and now, by becoming friends with some hotter girls minus the sex part – how beneficial this step really is:

You need to get used or become accustomed to being around beautiful women.

You must learn their habits and how they act.

You’re going to learn where they go, what they do for fun, how often they do them, and how not many of the most attractive smart available women do NOT just hang out in elite clubs.

You’re also going to possibly meet their boyfriends although I wouldn’t push that angle and do NOT pretend you’re their gay friend. Just pay attention to how they interact with them and what type of guy attracts them.

You’re going to meet their friends which are certainly possibly future dates or potential girlfriends. Meet, interact, and get inside their loop of friends just a little.

You will soon notice that they are just females who happen to be hot. Sure some things about them will be different, but that’s like that everyone including you. We are ALL just human. Start seeing them for WHO they are, WHAT they do, HOW they act, and not just a hot body you like checking out.

You will also hook up with some who are not-so-nice. How they will use their bodies or looks to get things from people especially other guys. Notice the full spectrum runs the same for dare I say, less attractive women.

Some are nice. Some are not. Some are cool. Some are not. Some are drama freaks, some just like life to be fun and steer far away from the shit you see in reality shows.

Yes there are lots of other benefits but they won’t be so obvious at first. They will come to you depending on you, your past, your current lifestyle, and your current confidence, esteem, and belief system.

Okay, so I took David’s advice above a little further or added some difficulty for you.

This is where the RULES or guidelines come into play while you’re making friends with these women.

Two Hot Women Hoping Follow Rules

Make sure you follow them to the best of your ability. Don’t expect 100%. If you fail or screw up, pull back and try again.

  • Don’t act like some ass kissing nice guy around them. You’re not there to just do favors for them or give them whatever they want. Treat them just as close to a guy friend as possible.
  • Their friendship is all you really want.
  • Don’t imagine them naked all the time or fantasize about getting them in bed or even try.
  • You must NOT get too involved in their love life. Be a casual friend and stay far away from offering advice or becoming their gay “girlfriend.”
  • It helps if you actually do care about them so don’t make friends with women you despise or hate just because they’re hot. That’s not fair to either one of you.
  • Remain independent of your own life as much as you can. No following them around or acting like their “bitch.” Remember you’re just a friend and not their butler, maid, or taxi driver.

That about covers all the rules. There’s not that many of them. Make it easy on yourself.

Just BE their casual friends and pay attention and you’ll be just fine.

Now that you have the rules here are some more benefits you’ll receive from doing this step and more of what was covered earlier so you don’t forget it.

You’re going to learn the “inner workings” of the hotter woman’s lifestyle.

You’re going to notice things you never realized because you won’t be emotionally involved.

Trust me you’ll learn life is not all fun and games just because she’s hot too.

When you pay attention objectively you’ll get a  “sort of” inside scoop of their daily lives and that will help you in the end and for the rest of your life too.

You’re also, again without being emotionally attached, will become extremely comfortable around attractive women.

No more acting or trying to act different.

No more having to act like someone you’re not – just because you want to get in her pants.

“It’s not always best in attraction to ask a woman what she wants and then try to give it her… but an objective look at a friend’s life can teach you exactly what women desire.”

No more guessing how many guys she’s actually seeing. You’ll eventually know and come to realize just how many men she sees while still complaining there are not good guys out there.

You’ll notice how “other” guys are always kissing their asses and how she’ll let them but they’ll never get any more. To her it’s just easier to let him be that guy than it is to constantly tell them to “bug off.”

This “inside” look will give you almost everything you need to know to make sure you DON’T do what those other guys are doing which get them nowhere with them.

You’ll also learn about how much they actually do care about fashion, your looks, your car, and everything men assume women are superficially looking for. You’ll be more than pleasantly surprised how little those things actually do mean to them with regards to being their boyfriend.

But – and here’s the cool part – no one’s just telling you it’s true… You get to see it all for yourself which will make it easier to remember and easier to integrate the next steps into your daily life – making it of course easier to get and keep an amazing beautiful girlfriend.

Now if you go out looking for superficial women expect you’ll only get the answer you’d expect.

Go looking for REAL women and you’ll get REAL answers.

Here’s in an interview I did with one of mine friends and read it carefully because you’re going to learn EXACTLY how to get a woman like this PLUS you’ll learn the difference what she says she wants, what she really wants, AND how to give it to her…

Do You Want To Get Inside The Mind Of An Attractive Woman? Her Secret Interview!

Friendly Hot Woman Interview

What else are you going to learn by having friends like this…

The “inner workings” of the type of women you want in your life. These women will, without asking, show you exactly what it takes to be with them.

This is going to be tough for some of you and it’s totally understandable. Try not to get all down on yourself when you get hooked on one or two of them. However make sure you get over it quickly and move on.

Hey… it’s okay to screw up but it’s NOT okay to wallow in your misery.

The more friends you make the more you’ll see just how many hot women are actually out there helping you to overcome the “scarcity” mindset which too many men believe exists.

You’re going to learn a lot more than I’m going to list here and if anything pops up and you want to share it, leave your story or advice below.

These friendships you’re forging can and probably will make a huge difference later on. Keep them as friends, IF they’re really cool.

Everyone knows how hard it can be to find one or two real good ones so don’t be afraid to decide which ones will make good friends and which ones will not.

I mentioned in the last step about the “get and give something attitude”.

Use it here also.

Think about what you have to offer them (and not as a girlfriend). You’re going to naturally get something from them. There’s no need to push it, use them, or expect them to land you other women just because you’re hanging with them.

THAT is a side effect of having hot friends and not something meant to be used to your advantage.

The last step  – developing an incredible social life becomes very important for this step to work so use it to work some pretty incredible new friends in your life.

Start talking to everyone, everywhere, and ask questions and then listen before your respond.

You must admit – becoming friends with some amazingly beautiful women is a lot easier than it is to make them your girlfriend… just make sure you FOLLOW the RULES.

They are extremely important.

This is NOT some made up hair brained scheme – I’ve done it myself – I’ve used it to the fullest – its rewards and benefits are more than worth it.

This is an essential part of not only dating hot women, but also makes getting a hotter woman as your girlfriend so much easier.

Start making friends with a few “hotter” women, get yourself a confident cool look, a group of places and people to visit, and you’ll soon be on your way to landing a pretty hot girlfriend.

Okay I hear you – some of you have personally told me that this step is tough and you wished there was another way while reducing the amount of time and effort spent on this one.

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