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The Benefits And Rules Of Becoming Friends With Hotter Women

Just being friends with some hotter women has the increased benefits beyond just a friendship.

Can you handle just being friends with some hotter women? There are enormous benefits which will help you but the rules must be followed.

There are lots of benefits to becoming friends with some “hotter” women especially if you intend on finding one to be your girlfriend.

There are also some warnings which we need to be aware of before we go out searching and a few rules we must follow for this to work like magic.

This is STEP 4 of How To Get A Girlfriend

Become friends with five to ten “hotter” women and don’t expect or push anything more than a friendship.

There was this guy who was explaining to me the problems he was having with women as he just experienced yet another bad breakup. He said,

“Pete…I don’t have many problems getting some pretty hot girls but every time I find one, I turn into some needy wuss who always has to be with them.”

Thinking back to some amazing advice which was given to me by the master of all this, David DeAngelo, he advised…

“When you meet a woman or type of woman you want – immediately go out and find ten other like her.”

With this guy it occurred to me – every time he met someone he really liked he had no other choices. Maybe he liked it that way. Maybe he always thought he had found “the one”.

But by only involving himself with one woman and making her an “instant girlfriend” he would first try to lock her down quickly showing a touch of desperation, and then if that worked he felt he needed to do everything and anything to keep her.

Which meant becoming overly needy. Perhaps even a little jealous and overbearing. Driving her away quickly and leaving him alone once again because he couldn’t figure out how to stop doing it.

I told him,

“The next time you hook up with a woman – STOP pull back a little, and before you commit find another one who is like her and remain casually dating. Also… learn to be happy single and just dating by doing things you enjoy which don’t involve women. You have to feel complete without a girlfriend or you’ll never be complete with one.”

The advice which I passed on to him might not work until you can land some dates but it has a lot to do with Step 4 because it will make keeping a girlfriend easier – especially when you’re a more complete person.

Something we’ll work on in the next upcoming steps.

But also because, by following through with this step, no matter how hard or stupid it sounds will teach you some things you’re not going to learn otherwise.

Here are some great reasons:

  • Getting used to being around beautiful women.
  • Learning how they act and their habits too.
  • Where they hang out.
  • How they deal with their boyfriends.
  • Which one of their friends are potential future dates or girlfriends for you.
  • Understanding and seeing how they’re not really different from other woman.
  • How they use their beauty to get things and how they hate how their beauty grants them certain privileges they would rather be respected for than just given.

I take David’s advice a little further but with a twist…or added difficulty for some of you. The rest of you will find it easy but you have to remember to follow the guidelines I set or you might find yourself getting stuck.

Here are the guidelines you must stick to:
(And yes I did do this myself so I know all about the pitfalls and benefits.)

  • Don’t act like some ass kissing nice guy around them.
  • Their friendship is all you really want.
  • Don’t imagine them naked all the time or fantasize about getting them in bed or even try.
  • You must NOT get too involved in their love life. Be a casual friend and stay far away from offering advice or becoming their “girlfriend.”
  • It helps if you actually do care about her so don’t make friends with women you despise or hate just because they’re hot. That’s not fair to either one of you.
  • Remain independent of your own life as much as you can. No following them around or acting like their “bitch.” Remember you’re just a friend and not their butler, maid, or taxi driver.

Now that you have the rules here are some more benefits you’ll receive from it.

You’re going to learn the “inner workings” of the hotter woman’s lifestyle. You’re going to notice things you never realized because you won’t be emotionally involved.

Trust me you’ll learn life is not all fun and games just because she’s hot too.

When you pay attention objectively you’ll get a  “sort of” inside scoop of their daily lives and that will help you in the end and for the rest of your life too.

You’re also, again without being emotionally attached, become extremely comfortable around attractive women.

No more acting or trying to act different. No more having to act like someone you’re not – just because you want to get in her pants.

“It’s not always best in attraction to ask a woman what she wants and then try to give it her… but an objective look at a friend’s life can teach you exactly what women desire.”

No more guessing how many guys she’s actually seeing. You’ll eventually know and come to realize just how many men she sees while still complaining there are not good guys out there.

You’ll notice how “other” guys are always kissing their asses and how she’ll let them but they’ll never get any more. To her it’s just easier to let him be that guy than it is to constantly tell them to “bug off.”

This “inside” look will give you almost everything you need to know to make sure you DON’T do what those other guys are doing which get them nowhere with them.

You’ll also learn about how much they actually do care about fashion, your looks, your car, and everything men assume women are superficially looking for. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how little it actually does mean to them with regards to their boyfriend.

But – and here’s the cool part – no one’s just telling you it’s true… You get to see it all for yourself and have no choice but to believe it.

Now if you go out looking for superficial women expect you’ll only get the answer you’d expect.

Go looking for real women and you’ll get real answers.

Beautiful and REAL women are here in this exclusive look into their minds. Marni videotaped a “slumber-party” and offers it to teach us guys – What women are really thinking… Still make ‘hot” friends but Watch this video for more information –> Whats Inside A Womans Mind – 42 Uncensored Interviews. (Adults ONLY please!)

You’re also going to learn the “inner workings” of the type of women you want in your life. These women will, without asking, show you exactly what it takes to be with them.

This is going to be tough for some of you and it’s totally understandable. Try not to get all down on yourself when you get hooked on one or two of them. However make sure you get over it quickly and move on.

Hey… it’s okay to screw up but it’s NOT okay to wallow in your misery.

The more friends you make the more you’ll see just how many hot women are actually out there helping you to overcome the “scarcity” mindset which too many men believe.

You’re going to learn a lot more than I’m going to list here and if anything pops up you want to share, leave it below.

These friendships you’re forging can and probably will make a huge difference later on. Keep them as friends, especially if they’re cool. Everyone knows how hard it can be to find one or two real good ones so don’t be afraid to decide which ones will make good friends and which ones will not.

I mentioned in the last step about the “get and give something attitude”. Use it here also.

Think about what you have to offer them (and not as a girlfriend). You’re going to naturally get something from them. There’s no need to push it, use them, or expect them to land you other women just because you’re hanging with them.

THAT is a side effect of having hot friends and not something meant to be used to your advantage.

The last step  – developing an incredible social life becomes very important for this step to work so use it to work some pretty incredible new friends in your life.

Start talking to everyone, everywhere, and ask questions and then listen before your respond.

You must admit – becoming friends with some amazingly beautiful women is a lot easier than it is to make them your girlfriend… just make sure you FOLLOW the RULES I wrote for you.

They are extremely important.

This is NOT some made up hair brained scheme – I’ve done it myself – I’ve used it to the fullest – its rewards and benefits are more than worth it.

This is an essential part of not only dating hot women, but also making them your girlfriend so much easier so please don’t skip it.

Start making friends with a few “hotter” women, get yourself a confident cool look, a group of places and people to visit, and you’ll soon be on your way to landing a pretty hot girlfriend.

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