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Clean & Control Your Life Effortlessly & Women Will Want To Be In It

Women will more likely want to be the girlfriend who has his time and life and everything it managed almost or better than her.

This second step may seem a little odd but there is a purpose to controlling your life effortlessly which will make women want to be in it and to help you get a girlfriend much easier.

Time to get your car, apartment, or house in complete order and learn the valuable skill of time management. This is work worth doing for several reasons and as you read along, you’ll completely understand why this step is so valuable to you and your future girlfriend.

Welcome to Step 2 of How To Get A Girlfriend.

First, if you own a car, make sure it is more than presentable at any given time.

Leave nothing to chance.

This means always keep it vacuumed and free of clutter. Clean seats. Empty the trash from it daily and don’t let the little things pile up.

Once it’s clean you’ll want to keep it that way and you’ll waste less time having to “cover up” everything when you really need it.

I’m not saying to wash and detail it everyday. Some of you will want to and perhaps already do because you love your car so much and that’s okay with me.

For the rest of you just do a little better job than you might have done in the past.

I’m telling you this because I actually knew one guy with old underwear in his car and trunk – if that’s you, get it handled quickly.

Rarely do I ever have to show a guy how to clean his car so I’ll give you a few pointers on keeping it ready. Theses are things you may not have thought about and will help you while you’re on a date.

Always think ahead.

You don’t want to be caught in a spot where you can not come to the rescue. These includes keeping a can of air, a spare tire, and possibly an emergency kit too.

The best way to do this is to imagine you’re always going on a long trip on a cold night. What could happen that might leave you stranded? What would you need to survive? An extra jacket. A blanket. Some gloves.

Now imagine what you could be doing if you meet up with someone?

Maybe keep a Frisbee, a Basketball, Soccer Ball, Football, etc… whatever you do… Think action!

If you do it, you might want to keep something around – just in case. Personally I have a Pool Stick ready and a few golf balls and an iron.

This may seem like I’m asking you fill your car with junk but I’m not.

Just stay ahead, be prepared, and show a little of who you are. Keep this stuff in your trunk and not in your back seat.

ALL women will look at your car as a reflection of how you live your life and you want her to see how you have it all under control and you’re fun too.

Don’t ruin it with the small things.

Also, and this is very important… it allows you to tack on extra dates while you’re on one which works great to move attraction along. This allows you to always seem like you’re one step ahead of her which women find rare and a highly attractive trait.

Next up…

Your house or apartment needs to be “woman” proof AND match your personality.

Man Apartment Clean Ready For Woman

Start with the most important room – an exceptionally clean bathroom. Remember she’s going to use your bathroom AND she will look around AND again this represents how well you live your life.

You don’t want it to look like you get laid in it five times a week with different women. You also don’t want it to look like your Mother’s bathroom. Be smart about it.

Make sure there’s always an extra roll of toilet paper which is in view in case someone runs out. Throw in at least one candle with a matchbook next to it. Keep your prescription drugs out of view. The mirror is not caked with spit and stuff from the last time you used it. Keep your shower curtain or door closed at all times.

I should not have to tell you to keep the toilet sparkling.

A trick I use is to use a spray cleaner, anything you like they all work, and spray down the door, curtain, toilet, sink after you use them. It only takes a few extra seconds but make the upkeep so much easier. It stops the grout and mold from growing too quickly.

Do these things daily and you’ll spend less time cleaning and you’ll be ready at a moment’s notice when a girl is coming over.

Yes, how clean your bathroom is THAT important.  I can NOT stress it enough.


A bedroom which appears nice ( and sanitary.)

Make sure your bed and the sheets are clean and have a spare set which easily available and ready to use. I’ve noticed when I don’t spend a lot of time in my bed but they still get old so even if you don’t use the second one wash them anyways so they’re always fresh.

Wash them anyways so they don’t start smelling old and gross.

Your bedroom is easy. Just keep it clean and don’t make it look like you get laid all the time in it.

Just make sure you have a few decent pillows, something soft to wrap around her, an extra blanket or two because women do get cold and might need it.

An optional lighting is good too. Don’t use the television is another lighting source. Just have something ready which makes the room look darker but you can still find your way around with it on. You don’t want only two options – extremely bright or dark. Find something in the middle because it makes both of you look better naked and makes sex a little more exciting.

Have some cool things to talk about lying around your house.

Here’s a great “dating” tip – Try not to make it look like a museum filled with old stuff. No one is paying to be there. If you have a date over LET HER mention something she sees and try not to pick items to talk about how they got there.

A woman might know you’ve done this before, one night stand or not, but she doesn’t want to think about it.

Lastly, I don’t care what you like to do (up to a certain point I guess) so make sure the things you have in your apartment or house exactly reflect who you are.

NEVER put shit out that you actually don’t care about.

NEVER fill it up with stuff you think will get you laid. (More on that later.)


“If cleaning for 15-20 minutes a day isn’t a habit for you yet, try to make it one. Habits are formed through practice. If those 15-20 minutes are usually spent surfing the web or watching TV, try multi-tasking or simply switch it out with one or two easy cleaning tasks. Before you know it, cleaning won’t even feel like a chore. You’ll be a pro!”

Home Cleaning Schedule: Your Weekly Guide to Keeping Things Clean

Don’t forget about your couch or sofa, vacuum underneath, keep the crumbs from piling up under the cushions.

No cob webs on the ceiling or in the corners. Everyone forgets about those things.

A clean sink. No old dishes. Bleach it so it doesn’t get all brown. Spray a mixture of vinegar and water after use and that will keep it shiny.

A clean refrigerator door which goes along with the inside of it. Remove all rotten smelly old food and wipe it down once in a while. Use some baking soda to keep the smell from getting out of hand.

Sure, it seems like a lot and I’ve only touched the surface of keeping your home clean. I just touched upon things that women usually notice and spot right away. Things they look for to see how clean you are and how you live your life.

Maintain a good cleaning schedule and you’ll have no problem keeping up with things. Remember it only takes a small amount of time out of your day… everyday… and you’ll spend a lot less time cleaning and more time enjoying your clean house. That’s the point… time management.

Here’s a short list of what was covered that impress women and make a bold statement about you PLUS a few more just in case:

  • Bathroom.
  • Bedroom.
  • Kitchen sink.
  • Refrigerator.
  • Stove and microwave.
  • Remove all cob webs.
  • Couch or sofa and coffee table.
  • Hallway leading to door.

Sure, you’re supposed to pay attention to the rest but you don’t have to be a clean freak. I wouldn’t waste my time on that stuff and women won’t expect you to either. The point is though, these are things you come in contact with everyday and get dirty quick AND some of them are unsanitary if not properly cleaned.

They’re a clear representation of HOW you live YOUR life and getting a girlfriend, you want to give her every reason to be a part of your life. Don’t disqualify yourself from a hot high quality girlfriend because you thought taking care of this stuff was a waste of time… or else she won’t waste HER time on you.

Learn to cook a good meal for yourself and at least one other person.

You don’t have to be a chef. Just be resourceful with your food and get creative. The alcohol part is up to you.

Trust me – women LOVE a guy who can cook, they find it quite hot to watch and they find it extremely sexy BUT if it’s not your thing, don’t worry about it. Don’t start doing something you don’t like because you think it will get you laid. That is something I can guarantee (most) women don’t find sexy at all.

However – learning to cook one good meal for a woman and yourself, and making her feel like it’s all for her and her only IS a sexy romantic thing to do.

Give it a try. You’ll thank me for it later and so will the woman you’re cooking it for too, in more ways than you are already imagining.

*I’m a great cook so if you have any questions or want more help or would like to see some posts on cooking for guy, mention it below and I’ll get right on it.

“There are endless benefits to managing your time, car, and homee… Confidence, pride, showing her you enjoy being single and living a stress-free life where she’d love to be the girlfriend in it.”

Show off (modestly) some of your personality with what you own.

This is a little trick for guys who have hobbies they believe women “won’t like” or are typically not attracted to.

Tell you what – who cares!

If you do things right a real women will not care. I bet some of them when ( they really like you ) will actually bust your ass about it so go with it.

I’m telling you it’s okay.

Be reasonable though… If you like some of the “nerdy” things you might not want to cover your house in them.

The key to decorating a “bachelor” apartment is to always consider three points along with how you can think about it are:

  • Modesty – “Sure I’ve done some cool things.”
  • Mystery – “Yeah that is cool, I’ll tell you about it someday.”
  • Personality – “I’m not attached to my stuff but I enjoy having it around.” 

You don’t have to subscribe to a decorating magazine or have everything match perfectly. Unless you are perfect of course.

Get some type of freshening candles or plug-ins which are not too feminine smelling and use them.

You would be surprised where odors come from. Look for loose webs and wet areas where mold pile up. Like around the Fridge, oven, sink, toilet, washer. This could also include vacuuming your couch and a few chairs inside and out.

I use good friends who don’t come over often, I’ll ask them ( seriously ) how the place smells because Sometimes when you live in it you don’t realize what could be lingering about and those real friends can really help you out.

Do the dishes often so they don’t pile up.

If you have a dishwasher make sure the dishes don’t sit in there for days without at least being rinsed.

If you must do a lot of ironing do it all at once so you’re not running around trying to play catch up every day.

Like your car… stay organized and learn to use your time wisely so you have more time for yourself.

I hate seeing guys waste so much time draining their energy each day when there’s always a way to simplify things so you have more free time.

Everything here is NOT only about living a clean life but making sure any woman would not mind being a part of your life. Kind of helps when you want a girlfriend.

More importantly….

This is about you – your self-esteem, how much you value yourself and the world you live in.

Relaxed Apartment Clean Enjoy Time

It’s about time management and controlling the parts of life you DO have control over – with ease.

Imagine what she thinks when she meets a guy who takes cares of all these little things:

“This guy has very little stress. He must handle tough situations with competence and ease.  He gets more things done in a day than I could ever imagine doing myself. He’s never rushed, worried, or helpless… Wow – this guy has his shit together!!! Too bad my last five dates didn’t understand how important all this stuff is to me. He’s definitely boyfriend material.”

You want to attract some incredible women – then BE that guy.

You want women to believe and see you’re capable of managing your life completely and down to every last detail.

In a “modest” way you want them to think you’re better at this “life thing” than they are.

And yes it’s okay to bust her ass on some of the things she lacks control over in her life. Just be cool and funny about it.

The last thing you want is to be afraid of bringing a woman back to your place and you don’t want to waste your time fixing things up all the time. I don’t want you to have to always get ready for a date.

Trust me you’re better off not turning any kind of meeting with a woman into a ritual. Not only does it show a lack of experience but puts way too much undue pressure on them.

Just get it done so you only have to spend your precious time maintaining it.

“One of the most effective skills you can have in life is powerful and effective time management. If you’re not managing your time well, there’s no way you’re going to reach your goals at work and the life outside of it.”

15 Time Management Tips for Achieving Your Goals

This may not seem like an important step but I guarantee it is.

With your new look – coming home after work to a cool place to live – you will undoubtedly gain a huge boost in your confidence.

Enjoy it to the fullest!

Look around and take pride in you what you’ve done and how you are. What you’re doing is managing your life and you’re making it your own down to every last detail.

Prove to yourself being single is great and you’ll in fact be showing her you’ll make an amazing boyfriend. If you don’t make women a “ritual” in your life she won’t feel like an agenda in yours which decreases her attraction.

Get all these things handled so they’re easier to maintain. Your time is valuable and how you manage your life can land you that hot girlfriend easily an effortlessly.

*Please leave any comments, suggestions, questions relating to the girlfriend steps or problems below. Let me know if I’ve missed something, any helpful hints or tips from your experience. We’re all in this together so help your fellow man out.*

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