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Develop A Social Life, Get Involved, Give Something Back Women Do Want

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Develop a dynamic social life by branching out your friendships and doing more things you enjoy. A social life is a very important piece of getting a girlfriend.

This is STEP 3 of How To Get A Girlfriend

I’ve seen and been a guy with little friends and barely any kind of  social life and the odds of me finding a girlfriend was always just above zero percent so it’s not overly difficult to put the two together and realize they are connected.

Having a real social life and getting a girlfriend are mutual. They go together.

Step 3 is not simple. It’s not easy for everyone but it’s also where you have the most options, where you get to build more dating options, and then you can watch things happen almost effortlessly for you… after the work is done.

Branch out your friendships but don’t push the “girl” thing.

“Your FRIENDS are an often overlooked avenue to dating bliss. I ‘m not talking about rounding up the boys for a night out on the town, but rather your overall SOCIAL CIRCLE….Meeting Women Through Social Networks, Friends, and Online Advice

Slade Shaw – The Approach

Watch everyone with a curious look. Start paying attention to any and all social scenes you are involved with or not.  Too many people go through life with blinders on. They fail to notice how much actually goes on around them.

Take those blinders off – step back and get a real good look at what is going on.

Notice body language, how men and women interact, try to figure out who’s Alpha and who is not, and of course how certain women respond to them and how they respond back.

Your dynamic social life starts with you “keying” in on the basics and then noticing what is happening below the surface.

You WILL begin to start noticing things you have not seen before.

Notice the dynamics of what is going because you’re going to have to integrate you and your life into it – except with more awareness than you did before.

Get involved in your social surroundings.

Find many different places and start making friends with the people who are there the most. It’s okay to talk to “passer by’s” but your main focus must be on the “regulars” and there’s a good reason for it.

Obviously you’ll to want visit places where you can enjoy yourself AND where there’s a better chance women are there.

“Developing a solid social life with lots of friends practically guarantees success in finding a girlfriend.”

This takes time and energy but it’s worth every second because you’re developing a social life and “go to” places where people can recognize you and enjoy seeing you.

Branch out and get to know their friends.

It only take a few minutes to introduce yourself to lots of different people.

Some you’ll like. Some you won’t.

Some will like you. Some won’t. It doesn’t really matter.

For now focus on the process and not the returns. You’re not there to scheme and kiss ass to the so-called alpha-elite of all the groups.

And most importantly so please never forget this…

You’re NOT there to GET something from them – You’re there to GIVE something worth contributing to the group.

Social Group Having Fun Give

Ask more real questions and offer your opinion sparingly. Listen more. Pay attention. Learn.

Give them “yourself” and the best parts of your personality. Whatever that happens to be. Mine might and probably will be different from yours.

Social dynamics don’t work that well when you’re always looking to get something unless that is what type of guy you are. If it is you might want to work on that and re-introduce yourself and find a place where no one knows you yet and then start doing something different.

Okay before you get worried because I’ve been there – you DO NOT have to be the life of the party… EVER. Doing or trying to do that before you’re ready can destroy your confidence when you don’t instantly bubble up to “leader” status.

It’s not necessary for success.

The purpose of creating and developing your “new” social life is:

“Dating is tough enough but then when you add trying to figure out where to meet up you find out what you already knew, “There’s nothing to do around here.” Your dates should not be about money or have anything to do with “trying” to get someone to like you.”
32 Great Date Places – Where To Go and Meet Up With Her

You want women to believe and see you’re a social guy who “knows” people. People know you and are always more than willing to grab your ear.

You want a list of places to take a date or go to when you’re looking for a good time.

You want to fill your “friends” list full of people you enjoy being around. Careful not to get too involved because you’re probably going to have to do more than before. So for most, just stay casual.

You want women to feel and see your personality “in action.” You don’t tell a women (even in an online profile) who you are, you show them by demonstrating it and you do that by putting yourself in situations where will naturally bring that out.

WARNING: Social dynamics can be complicated and confusing.

From work to the internet to your neighbor’s backyard there’s a certain social thing going on. You got ego’s clashing, competition heating up, friends are being made, enemies are created, long-term bonds, making up and breaking up, and that’s just the tip of it.

The truth is – Games are being played on an enormous level most people don’t want to even imagine. 

Keep things simple and don’t get too bogged down in them or you might find yourself off course too quickly.

“Would You Like To Avoid People’s Games, Connect More Authentically With Others, And Get The Rewarding Social Life You’ve Always Wanted…?”

If you’ve ever wanted to TRANSFORM YOURSELF from shy and socially awkward into an amazing social leader, you’re about to learn information that will absolutely change your life…”

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What if you’re shy?

I hear you. I was there myself and it takes a little extra effort but it’s worth it. In the first few steps you’ve developed more confidence and esteem and by just reading through these steps you WILL feel more confident around women.

You must face your fears.

You must be willing and ready to fail in front of a group.

Doing so and handling it with dignity and respect for yourself while at the same time always LEARNING from your experience will skyrocket your confidence.

You CAN completely cure your shyness – especially around hotter women.

Read through the quote below and if your shyness is a real problem, take a detour RIGHT NOW and get it handled. Stop worrying so much, women actually DO love a shy guy. I can not tell you how many women have told me that, trust it’s not a bad thing to be shy. However being an introvert can and will be a problem in getting a girlfriend.

Unfortunately being shy and slightly introverted tend to go hand in hand.

“I was always a shy kid. I was embarrassed easily, and I always wanted to avoid those situations where I was put at the center of attention.

(But secretly I wanted to get that attention without all the feelings of people “seeing” me in the wrong way, if you know what I mean…)

So I’d be very quiet when I went to gatherings or social events like my friends’ birthday parties. Eventually, I’d come “out of my shell” when I found out the other kids were cool and wouldn’t make fun of me.

But every time I was in front of someone new – BOOM! The shyness would come back.”

Is Social Awkwardness Holding You Back? Connection and Friendship

I was so introverted for so long and got over it I believe it’s within any man’s capability to overcome social shyness. I’m not asking you to do something I haven’t already gone through myself. I came out of the “introverted closet” by putting myself in positions where I would have to naturally overcome them… and it worked.

But enough about me – this is about you and your social life.

You might have to do things a little differently to learn the complete skills. It will take longer without them but don’t get discouraged. It WILL happen one way or another.

I’ve just given you the opportunity to take a short cut.

Here is something I want to reassure you about – in case you’re stuck on your couch thinking this nice quiet relaxed lifestyle will have to go completely away – it does not have to.

I gave you time management in step 2.

If you’re really good at it then by all means save some time for yourself. It will help you. Everyone needs time by themselves. Don’t want you feeling guilty because you decided to hang with yourself one night. Stay balanced. Keep everything in check.

One of the basic needs of ALL humans is being capable and willing to spend a little time alone to think and do something you enjoy.

However it’s only one piece of the puzzle.

Socializing is another part – and without that integral piece women, especially the hotter ones will unfortunately not give you a second look.

No one will ask you to give up doing the things you love even if it is just hanging out by yourself.

Always make time for yourself… always.

Getting a girlfriend, or learning how to get a great one does not mean you must give up everything… you just need to learn some new skills, get out more, develop something about you which are already there – and a few other things which go on TOP of who you already are and what you already do.

Sound cool? Good!

Develop an amazing social life for yourself, have fun with it, and you’ll quickly notice a stream, no, when done right an ocean of new possible women to date – and when they realize you’re social life is under your control – they’ll want to be a part of it with you.

Just one of the many ways in which this step will help you land a girlfriend.

I’ve listed below so more advice written by me which you’ll find at the nice guy approach. You’re going to be asked a lot of questions there so be prepared to answer them. They will help you determine where you need the most help from and should get the juices flowing to figure out how to build this amazing social life I want you to have while you work your way to the next step.

This step and the previous two steps are EXTREMELY important to get done first. Don’t go too far ahead. If you want quick results I’m sorry to say they don’t exist exactly. Sure I could lie to you but why bother… BUT I will say for most guys, if you stick to a plan, you can get ALL this done in a few months.

Feel free to add or comment below any questions or concerns or helpful tips to guys who may be going through the same experience with you.

Step 1 – Building An  Attractive Social Life

Social Network Life Nice
Why nice guys fail in their social life and introducing, step 1. Learning how to build a social life women will be a part of. Know why you’re failing. Objectively learn why your social life is failing

Step 2 – Are You Meeting Single Women?

Meeting Single Women Socially
What do you like doing and are there single women there? Is your social life leading you to meet single women naturally? Answer these questions to give you a dating life with choices, and opportunities.

Step 3 – Creating New Experiences

Create Passion Social Life
Women are less attracted to guys whose life revolves around them. Questions and answers on enhancing your social experience to an attractive balance.
What EXACTLY is your COMFORT ZONE and are you willing, capable and ready to step outside of it?

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