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Developing A Mysterious Alpha Attitude And Attractive Personality

Mystery requires more than just pretending your life is a secret. Alpha mystery is built on your personality.

Being mysterious is not just about withholding information. It’s a blend of alpha traits and indifference and more.

Your attitude towards life, yourself, and those around including women is an integral part in landing a girlfriend.

Your attitude is also inherently you which means the alpha traits and the mystery must be built on top of who you are and not replaced.

For these “girlfriend steps” to really work you must first have followed along step by step because your new perspective and your relationships with women is developing.

THIS is the beginning of a new “attitude” which is essential.

Step 7 of 11 Steps On How to Get A Girlfriend is about developing an attitude which conveys your greatest strengths as a mature masculine man. It’s about being modestly Alpha with a touch of the right mystery which conveys the coolest person your future girlfriend has ever met.

Below I’m going to cover how to act or what your personality must display and you’ll find them very consistent among practically every attractive guy who has a beautiful women by his side.

“Your attitude can become your greatest attractive asset in getting a hot girlfriend.”

These are going to come at you fast so take notes, bookmark this page, do whatever you need to explore everything here BEFORE you go on to step 8.

You want to now to give off a “vibe” that you can have her or any woman you want but you would rather have them work a little for you.

Beautiful “put-together” women will often have things handed to them everyday. They might even expect it. They might even rely on it.

Your attitude can NOT represent everything she has already experienced and everything which blends in the background. Women WANT to work for you – so let them!  This gives you value and so much more.

Things come easy for a guy like you.

Life and all its troubles or the shit it seems to throw at you… bounces off you.

You’re not an “emotional” blank but you handle your problems with a matter of fact attitude that everything’s going to work out for you even when they don’t. The same must go for how you interact with her.

You don’t settle for anything less than the best.

You’re not a perfectionist but you do work a little harder and smarter as mentioned in an earlier step for the better things in life –> Step 5 – She Wants A Guy Who Demonstrates People Skills And Gets More For Less

You have experience with “hotter” women. They’re an everyday part of your life not at all different from a fashion photographer. Which means you don’t act different around them. Covered in Step 4 The Benefits Of Becoming Friends With Hot Women But Follow The Rules

Your “experience” in all this leads the attitude which is consistently held up by your personality. It reinforces your positive outlook on life and how you handle all of your experiences including the good and bad.

Your personality IS your attitude so let it happen!

Your jokes are rare and you rarely laugh at your own.

You’re modestly “alpha” in every way.

You don’t settle or put up with “troubled” women or unnecessary drama but you don’t settle those problems or difference of opinions by fighting or by force. You know when to walk away, when to reject, and how to do it maturely.

Let’s settle a myth or dispel common belief before we go further.

Too many guys think their attitude needs to be abrasive or how you have to be tough or some overly jealousy brute.

I won’t lie to you. You will notice some women are with guys like that and you don’t need me to tell you.

Some women prefer the drama. Some on a strange level love it when they’re boyfriend get jealous and yes, SOME of those women are quite hot.

But first – You don’t need anyone to show you how to be that guy and I can guarantee you can still become and NEVER land a hot girlfriend.

Secondly – You will only attract a small percentage of women. This will limit your choices and decrease the “odds” of ever being with a real incredible higher quality woman.

Third – and this is a big one…

It’s not their “attitude” that’s creating the attraction.

Trust me there’s a lot more going on when it comes to women and the “bad boys” and jerks.

So forget about the “jerk” attitude and focus on your mature masculine attitude. Not only is it going to last you a lifetime it will help you in all areas of your life.

Remember this because when you do land a hot girlfriend keeping her attracted to you is another piece of this puzzle and displaying or having a destructive attitude will not make it easier on you but only more difficult. Lots of drama, bullshit, and world full of stress.

This new way of thinking (along with the earlier steps) is going to help you deal with some of the issues that are going to pop up like:

“Women WANT to work for you, your attention, your attraction, and your love… Otherwise you have no perceived value and gain very little respect.”

You need a cool mature attitude to deal with “other” guys who want your girlfriend.

You need it to fully experience how great a solid relationship can be.

You want women to understand your attitude is not just something you turn on and turn off – it’s you!

Whether you’re in bed, having some drinks, dealing with you family, advancing your career, or just sitting around your house enjoying a movie.

You want women to feel, see, and trust the person you are today is who you are whether she’s in the room or not.

You’re the guy she falls in love with one day and two years later that very same guy might be giving a toast at your wedding with the same fun, cunning, and smart personality she met the very first day.

Onto the mysterious attitude you’ll want to come across.

Before you screw it all up by giving away all your secrets there is a certain advantage to mystery. Be careful not to confuse this with your personality.

Mystery may be a part of your personality but I’ve found if you force it, becomes less effective and can actually become a mistake causing women to just not feel much for you.

You can create the “illusive” but if she’s not feeling attracted to you it’s not going to work. The best way is to understand mystery is simply…

When she feels curious about you she’ll want to know more. Don’t give her that “more” when most guys are always too willing or eager.

Give it her AFTER she works for it. Give her the “more” when she’s not expecting it.

Let her be just curious enough to wonder why you’re not always so willing to give “it” all away.

In other words – you don’t try to have a mysterious attitude…

Attract her first.

Let her curiosity grow.

Be modest in yourself and your accomplishments.

Don’t give her “more” when you want something.

Give her “more” when you feel she deserves it.

Make her work (mostly) playfully for the “more” – and women will rarely fail to tell you how much of a mystery you are.

They won’t say that’s the attitude they’re looking for but I doubt they’ll be afraid to SHOW you that’s the attitude they desire the most and that’s the attitude you’ll want to land that hot girlfriend.

This post I wrote might help you develop the mystery you want her to see and why women love men of mystery –> 7 Reasons Why Women Like Quiet and Mysterious Men Plus How To Be It.

STEP 7 has hopefully given you some great ideas or guidance to follow to help you cultivate your new attitude based on your personality… What about the Alpha Man inside you?

First… read this because it’s one of the best definition of what an Alpha Male is and isn’t:

Here are a few things an Alpha IS:

  • Clever/smart/cunning
  • Ambitious
  • Excited
  • Honorable
  • Dominant (not aggressive, but demonstrating superior social skills)
  • Stable
  • Fit (healthy lifestyle)
  • Curious
  • Balanced
  • Natural

Here are a few things an Alpha is NOT:

  • Aggressive
  • Angry at women
  • Verbally abusive
  • Arrogant
  • Obnoxious

It means that you understand the basic primal reasons a woman is attracted to a man, and you’re not afraid to BE a man.

Taken from What The Alpha Man Is and Why It Helps You Attract Women

There is NO better definition to help us build a lifestyle which naturally attracts a hot girlfriend.

Yes, they are broad strokes which leaves a lot of room to work with but I feel that’s important for us to support the person we are inside. It’s essential to avoid compromising the beliefs we hold and the lifestyle we choose to live.

You may also notice you have a lot of those traits already and that is also a good thing – it means you’re close – but that you’re not using them the RIGHT way to attract women AND you’re probably not putting yourself in better positions to meet more women.

It could also mean, based on my own experience that you’re not communicating those traits attractively or in a way where no women can deny your masculinity AND start to feel almost instantl attraction.

Step 7 of these “hotter girlfriend” steps is a big one and it’s definitely been reinforced with what you’ve read today.

Hopefully by now things are starting to come together for you and together we’re understanding what it takes to be able to choose any girl we want – and not make her our girlfriend but instead – have her feeling like she wants to be and will do anything to make that happen…

And we still have some more steps to cover.

Take what you can from all this.

Do what you can to remain Alpha and if any questions arise on how to act when a problem arises – fall back on it because no matter what the outcome is – This attitude will help steer in the right direction without question.

Remain somewhat mysterious in your ways. On other words – maintain high value to women by not giving it all away. Women DO respect and value men they have to work harder for AND they do tend to sleep with those the respect and value the most.

Attitude – Personality – Mystery – it’s like an attraction Trifecta AND it’s something we can all use to land any girlfriend we want without changing the core of ourselves.

We’re already men. It’s a built in thing. We only need to add to our manhood, stand firmly by our masculinity, and apply the right traits with the right attitude to achieve all we’ve ever wanted.

A very special thanks to those who contributed to my developed Alpha Attitude since the secret’s already out, I sucked with women before achieving it. This is a complete education and I’m going to suggest you try this one before anything else because it’s one of the best at teaching all of us The Secrets Of The Alpha Male. Use this link for a inexpensive trial period before you get charged the full amount –> Alpha Confidence – Attract Women With The Secrets Of The Alpha Male

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