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The Final Step Of Getting A Girlfriend – Forming Natural Relationships

Girlfriend Boyfriend Form Natural Relationship

There are many parts of forming a relationship with woman and although it’s not necessary to know them all – it certainly helps in finding the right girlfriend for you and in creating (starting) something enjoyable which can last either a lifetime or for as long as you’re both into giving as much to the partnership as you are receiving from it.

In the final step, number 11 of the 11 Steps to Getting A Girlfriend much of those parts will covered.

As in all the previous steps, getting into the details 100% is impossible in one page but I will try to cover as much as possible while still holding your attention.

Here is a summary:

  • Having her see you as a potential boyfriend.
  • Qualifying the right type of woman.
  • Knowing and acquiring communication skills.
  • Trusting your ability and in yourself so she understands you ARE the best option for her.
  • Allowing the relationship to happen naturally and not forcing any step along the way.
  • Your ex-girlfriend – getting over her FIRST.
  • Making a woman love you – masculinity.
  • Core secrets of connecting with a woman.

Let’s begin…

Being A Relationship Type Of Guy or Potential Boyfriend.

Relationship Type Guy Happy Kissing Couple

Attraction must ALWAYS come first. I’ve found that most guys are the relationship type but they put that forward too much and because of it, end up in the friends zone.

You must avoid that from happening to you. Being there and doing it many times myself, I KNOW what it feels like and how we end up there because we miss the first key element – ATTRACTION.

Once you have attracted a woman, and sometimes before IF she knows of you or has seen you multiple times before you’ve interacting with her, she will most likely put you in one of these categories:

The Nurturer. The  Father figure. The provider.

A man who’s able or capable of committing to a woman. A guy who would make a good boyfriend or more. You’re ready to commit and you’re pro-actively seeking or looking for a relationship/girlfriend.

He is very generally a possible leader. Strong family values. Mature. Responsible. Trustworthy. Reliable. Empathetic, Compassionate.

This type of guy is obviously ready for a relationship but he unfortunately lacks certain skills which usually makes leading into a relationship his choice.

Normally he pursues a woman for a period of time until she gives in and finally decides to commit to him.

The Long-term dater.

A slight sexual option. A guy who doesn’t appear to be ready to commit to a woman. He may continually date the same woman but doesn’t seem to want to put a label on it.

He has a list of excuses which he uses to avoid making a commitment.

He appears incapable of committing. Although he may some have “nurturer” qualities, he lacks the readiness or pro-active features of him.

He may say he wants a relationship and appear to be looking for one but rarely follows through with it making him a less than ideal candidate to become a boyfriend.

The Lover.

Women see him for who he is… unattainable. He’s more interested in casual sex, one night stands, or fleeting romances that soon fizzle out.

He’s more about living in the moment and is sometimes seen as the bad boy.

He is not looking for a relationship and makes that very clear from the beginning.

Unlike the “long-term-dater” it’s not because he can not commit, it’s because he doesn’t want to for his own personal reasons.

Women may want to make him their boyfriend or husband or “capture” him, but they often fail.

Women rarely will EVER see him as a real potential father-figure or nurturer and will not put him in the boyfriend/husband category. (Generally speaking of course, there are always exceptions.)

The lover/provider.

The magic man women WANT. He’s the guy who can make her feel like he’s the lover type but has ALL of the qualities of the nurturer/provider. (Everything the first type was missing.)

SOME Women WILL enter a long-term relationship with the Nurturer. SOME Women WILL, under the right conditions, try to enter a long-term relationship with the long-term dater or change him or make him commit to her BUT…

MOST Women WANT the lover/provider.

It’s the one guy who has the greatest affect on her and it’s the guy you should aim at being if you want a girlfriend like one you’ve never experienced before.

This type (lover/provider) exhibits many of the traits which deem him a sexy guy that are clearly listed in step: 26 Traits Women Find Sexy – How To Become A Sexual Guy Despite Your Looks.

He is capable and knows about sexual communication. He has charisma, charm, wit; all of everything which creates enormous amount of the initial and important attraction (which are NOT what women look for in long-term boyfriend, sort of) BUT transcends or rises above them with the added traits of the provider.

He KNOWS how to connect with a woman emotionally which creates a long-term loving bond with her AND is also seeking a lifetime partner. (Unlike the pure lover type or the long-term dater.)

If you want to get in a relationship with woman – your aim should be a mixture of the Father Figure and The Lover.

When you’re too much of the “relationship type guy or provider” you get popped in the friends zone a lot, or she controls the pace, she holds out longer for any intimacy, the dating process is often slow AND in the meantime she could be dating other guys who may just be her sexual options.

Some say it’s not possible. I say they’re WRONG. It’s just a balance which can be maintained most of the time.

This way YOU control the pace of the relationship.

You lead things where you want them to go.

You are in charge giving you the most options AND the ability to CHOOSE during a variable amount of time in which you can QUALIFY the right woman for YOU.

(By the way – if you’ve been following along these girlfriend steps – this is what you’ve become or are well on your way to being him – making the first ten steps extremely important BEFORE you set out to get a girlfriend.)

Now that you know the TYPE of guy you want to shoot for you can move on to the important part way too many miss…

Qualifying the right type of woman.

Lots Different Women Best Qualify Her

Qualifying a woman is simply a matter of knowing the type of woman you’re looking for and making sure she matches up to it in the best possible manner.

The same is true of her. You should expect her to qualify you too. It doesn’t matter how beautiful she is or how many guys are trying to get with her OR even if she’s the best woman you’ve ever met in your life.

Do NOT let yourself move too quickly because you’re worried she might get away.

While you’re assuring she’s the best choice for you, making sure she knows you’re the best for her is important in creating a relationship because you’ll both know, without much doubt, you were “meant” to be together.

You’re putting a high value on the relationship.

The “qualification” does several things and you’ll find a large post describing the why and how’s of it all here:

Learning how to attract more fulfilling relationships with the right woman is in one way about knowing how to qualify her.

When you qualify a woman the right way you do one of several things:

  • You create attraction in many ways up to and including getting a woman to qualify herself to you.
  • You’re showing her you have high standards minus the arrogance.
  • Your assurance to yourself that she is the right type of woman you’re looking for.
  • You’re looking deeper into who she is in a way that is hard to fake. You’re seeing past and beyond her persona and looking for any real character flaws she may have which can be problematic in the future.”

Are You Qualifying Her? – Attracting Women & Better Relationships.

Beyond the article above, it’s important because it must not feel “too easy” for her to commit to you and the same for you.

The process must happen naturally BUT I’ve found when two people find the other commits way too easily or quickly, it decreases the value of the whole thing.

I’m not saying to “act” unattainable or “play hard to get”.

Just make sure you ARE hard to get.

Attain realistic high standards for yourself and expect the same from her.

Your qualification of your next girlfriend must go above and beyond creating attraction.

You’ll want to look at many things about you and transform yourself into the future with her to get a glimpse of what it’s going to be like.

Take a look at the list below and go over it with her in mind.

  1. Teleport yourself into the future and HONESTLY consider how you’ll feel having been exclusive with JUST her for a few months.
  2. How do you feel about introducing her to your friends?
  3. Imagine you have already seen her naked 100 times and had sex with her about as often.
  4. Do you enjoy her company?
  5. Is life more fulfilling with her in it?
  6. Are you trying to overlook serious character issues?
  7. Do you envy guys who appear to have higher-quality women with them?

7 Ways to Tell & Test If You Are Settling For the Wrong Person

Those question will help you make a better decision. Here are some of my own which will also help you decide if she’s right for you:

How effective is her communication?

Sometimes you’re not going to communicate with each other the best, it happens to everyone BUT if you meet a woman who locks it all away, pushes things deep and then explodes, says one thing but always means another, then you might want to consider looking elsewhere.

I know it sounds like I’m describing every woman but believe me, I’m not.

As couple you must be able to open each other up early on and if that’s not happening, it will only become more difficult.

What I’m asking of you is to kindly notice how she communicates with you and others too because that’s equally important.

Do you miss all her hints? Is she always having to explain herself to you because you’re just not getting it?

Women have a tendency to expect their partner to just “know” things and it drives guys crazy. (Okay guys do it too.)

Transform yourself into the future – will it get better?

Can you anticipate her needs?

Will she be able to anticipate your needs as well?

These things must be examined lightly BEFORE the relationship happens as best as you can.

How much compassion or empathy does she have towards others?

I’m amazed by how many guys miss this one. Maybe it’s because we assume if she’s a woman she must has compassion, but based on my many experiences with couples and women in general – sometimes the compassion is either not all there or is only directed to a very select few.

Take notice to how she instantly reacts to others.

What’s her first move or reaction?

Does she say something bad,  something nice, or not say anything at all?

These are all hidden clues into who she really is and WILL make a difference a few months, years, or even decades down the road.

Keep this stuff in mind because as the relationship progresses couples tend to let it all out on each other more than anyone else for reasons I won’t be getting into today.

If she shows little compassion or empathy towards others, appears to quickly judge or berate others who don’t match her beliefs, but appears kind and gentle to you…

THINK twice about getting in a relationship with her because you WILL be on the other end later on.

Does she respect your opinions and actions?

Respect in relationships are very important. Do you really want to be with someone who offers little support and respect towards your opinions and the decisions you make?

Asking this question will give you a little insight into HOW she sees you.

Of course who you actually are makes a difference but knowing exactly how a woman perceives you beyond the attraction or physical stuff is something you should always consider or know BEFORE you decide to enter a relationship.

Is her lifestyle maintainable and can mix with yours?

These tend to be ignored because people think, “We can make it work.” which is great being positive and all that – but I’m here to say that rarely, unless the relationship is all that good and secure, the couple does not make it work and it falls apart typically ruining each other along the way.

Make sure your lifestyles fit together and CAN work.

Is her life set up for a relationship?

Lots of men and women get into a relationship without first considering if their life is actually built for a relationship and then they try to fit one in.

Well guess what, again, it does not work most of the time and prediction says, it will FAIL because it just doesn’t work that way.

Take a close look at how much she may have to compromise to fit you in and what those compromises will mean in direct relation to how she feels about you.

Will those compromises make her resent you or the decision she made?

Will she begin to feel unfulfilled because she had to give up certain things?

If you don’t know those answers or how things will play out, you might want to consider an alternative to a relationship at this point in time.

Here is another article to help you in deciding IF you want her for your girlfriend or not:

3 unacceptable reasons to go exclusive:

  1. She’s the only one you’re dating anyway.
  2. She cajoled you more than others.
  3. You feel like you’ve got to “lock her down“.

3 outstanding reasons to go exclusive:

  1. You know what you want in a woman.
  2. You’ve left no curiosity unanswered in the dating world
  3. You have tested and approved her ultimate worthiness.

How Do You Know If You’ll Make A Good Couple, Become Exclusive Or Not?

Yes I understand it sounds like I’m asking you to find a perfect woman before you commit to her but I’m not.

All I’m asking is that you consider these things and don’t get yourself involved with someone AFTER you’ve found she fails to meet many of the things listed above.

No, you’re not looking for the perfect woman because she does NOT exist; just like you and I are not perfect too.

Many of the things you’re looking for are more centered around a life together and not necessarily all about her specifically.

  • Is it a good time to enter a relationship?
  • Are you both in the same place at the same time?
  • Is your life compatible?
  • Are you truly connected enough to hear each other?
  • Do you actually communicate with each other about everything?
  • Do you both know how to communicate with each other in a way which leads to hearing, listening, and being capable to see the others point of view?
  • How to tell her you want her to be your girlfriend

These are questios which are not just for her, but for you too because the RIGHT woman for YOU will make these things happen much more easily.

That is key to entering relationships so I’ll say it again:

The RIGHT woman for you to enter a relationship with will naturally lead to better communication between the two of you.

If you’re always feel like you have to work on it – then something is wrong.

Now onto you…

Are you READY for a Relationship? Do you feel CAPABLE in your skills?

Men Relationship Ready Start Finish

Relationship ready might be a strange term for a guy to think about but if you dealt with all the women and bad relationships I have seen, then you would think twice before just jumping into one.

You MUST be ready for it IF you want to make the best of it.

If you’re not ready you could also self-sabotage the what you have built with her making it a very bad ending for both of you.

Here are some areas to look at in yourself:

  • Maturity and a commitment to it. Think hard, if you’re not committed to being with just one woman, then you’re not ready for it.
  • Communication skills. Do you understand her and do you understand HOW to communicate to another person in a relationship which can lead to productive moments and not just another fight or disagreement.
  • Leadership. Are you ready to lead the relationship and lead into the partnership?
  • Reliability. Are you someone she can count on and do feel you confident enough to be able to rely on yourself?
  • Knowing when to compromise. Do you have it within you to admit when you’re wrong or knowing sometimes you’re right but the situation calls for a real compromise on the smaller things?
  • Do you feel you posses or are confident in three areas of maturity? Your work, your family, and your friends. ALL three must be considered and thought through BEFORE you will be ready for a relationship.

It’s a fact I’m not a relationship expert BUT I know enough about them to understand HOW they work and what makes them last.

Those skills listed above are extremely IMPORTANT and if you’re not at least competent in ALL of them, it’s suggested you wait or find a woman who makes you feel you’re competent in them.

Lastly… for this category of being ready and capable for a relationship:

Recovering from a recent breakup.

You must know and if not, be told, that REBOUND relationships are all to real and must be avoided at all costs.

You must be fully recovered and ready to move on from your ex-girlfriend.

If you’re not ready – then you are NOT ready for another relationship. You will only doom the next one to failure and risk the pattern to continue with no end in sight.

Take a real break.

Distract yourself.

Do whatever you have to do keep yourself from even thinking about another relationship for a while. How long will depend on how long your last relationship was, how it broke up, how it got started, and the mistakes that were made which may have caused the break up.

Here are some other things to consider BEFORE you get into a relationship.

These will often come up when you’re either not ready or you’ve experienced your first real amazing girlfriend.

Getting jealous too easily.

Do what you have to here because it’s very important. Obviously you can hide it a little. You don’t want to bury your feelings entirely but CONTROL them where and when it’s needed.

Women are perfectly okay with a little jealousy so a little is perfectly natural BUT you must consider how and why it’s happening and the severity of your reaction or action to your jealousy.

The only real way to rid yourselves of the jealousy bug (not entirely because it will always be there IF you care about a woman) is through:

Strong confidence.

If your confidence is not real or built on a false reality then you’re going to struggle with jealousy.

High self-esteem.

If you don’t believe in yourself and your abilities to have and keep an amazing woman, you’ll not only get jealous but you’ll act passive aggressive and do all sorts of things to slowly ruin the relationship.

Your real self-worth with respect to those around you.

Value yourself for real and others will be more likely to do the same. Not having a high sense of worth will have you always trying to prove something and when you’re doing that to your girlfriend all the time, it WILL cause major problems.

Living in with an abundant attitude and not acting out of scarcity.

Jealousy often comes about when you feel like you have to constantly protect what you have because you feel it’s your only choice and it’s something you worked hard to get. NEVER forget it was YOUR choice to enter this relationship so make sure you’re positive you’ve experienced other choices first.

Not knowing how to handle “other” men in her life in a positive way.

When you’re with a great woman OTHER men will find a way to get to her one way or another. You must handle these situations with the belief that you ARE good enough, she is GOOD enough, and your relationship is secure enough to handle those other men.

Trust what you built together.

Trust yourself. Trust her.

Anything more is not needed.

Anything less spells a certain disaster.

Treating her like a prize or something you want to own.

Too many men believe they have to control the situation which leads her to feel trapped.

She will actually do the opposite and pull away from you.

This is a common mistake because there are always more men who will put a beautiful women on a pedestal which can only make her feel little or no emotional change for them AND it makes her feel like a trophy.

Unless you’re into that kind of thing which I hope not, you don’t OWN women or TRY to keep them around.

Allowing the commitment to happen naturally.

Commitment Couple Love Natural Relationship

A good rule to now follow is…

If it’s too much work to get a relationship going, then it’s not happening naturally.

This is for YOU and HER to decide and not me. You’ll know things are working IF you’re open to seeing it.

You’ll find other women in your life and other guys in her life seem to be disappearing. When you both slowly stop dating other people then the relationship is on path and is moving forward.

Compromising a little is okay because it does make an effective basis for a future relationship when things get tough (and they will) and it shows the partner without words you’re capable of it.

There’s rarely a conscious decision because it just feels right AND you’re both in the same place at roughly the same time. It will never be 100% percent so assume the majority is okay.

Women do NOT want to be pushed into a relationship they are not ready for just the same as you don’t want to be pushed yourself.

They also don’t respond positively to ultimatums either. Saying “We either commit now or it’s over!” is not going to work.

Remember women are people just like you and they want to be allowed to come to their own conclusions.

Entering a relationship (which will have the best chance at succeeding) means both you and her must be in the same emotional place at the same time.

The point is – if one of you “jumps the gun” there’s always going to be doubt and the problems with tend to surface with uncertainty

This means you can date her for a while but if there were things about her you were not sure about in the beginning and they are still there after a reasonable amount of time – they’re NOT going to change.

This can have anything to do with her age, what her personal goals are, and of course her past relationships and how good or bad they ended.

How to tell her you want her to be your girlfriend.

They will also help you to avoid the common questions which destroy the natural progression of the relationship like:

“How do I ask her to be my girlfriend?”

“What must I say to make sure she says yes?”

“How long do I wait?”

Granted there’s nothing wrong in wanting concise answers but consider…

Most women will give clear “clues” and sometimes blatant “hints” that she wants more or the next step to happen and that she has absolutely no desire whatsoever to see anyone else, if and only if you’ve proven to her “emotional” state…

She feels like she’s never met anyone like you before.

You appear original to her.

She has a “sense” or a small part of her feels what is happening is unbelievable.

How she can not believe you could feel the same about her.

It feels a little unpredictable – like all of it “just happened” – how there were definite moments but everything else became a blur of, (for lack of better explanation) “Ecstasy.”

The best way to naturally allow her to experience it all is to, under any and all circumstance stick to the Alpha mindset you’ve created in all these girlfriend steps you’ve now gone through.

Some women want vocal reassurance.

Some don’t.

Some women don’t want you to ask because it feels fake.

Prove to her by allowing yourself to act according to your “not perfect self ” but your best ability to function as a strong masculine presence in her life.

Sometimes that’s enough.

Never forget you were born with the ability to procreate so it’s naturally ingrained in you.

Relationships are about much of what I mentioned here today and for the “long-term” women will seek out certain guys who can prove to her you might be good at them.

BUT I’ve found if you spend too much time catering to those parts of you (proving you’re capable of maintaining a family and being a good father…)  women will hold out just a little longer because it’s important for her to make sure you are who you are.

Now if that’s who you are, then great – stick with it.

If you have none of those qualities or skills then be all means do work on them.

However NEVER re-position your goals to match her because you think she’ll finally cave in…

Because you’ll always find yourself out to “get” her.

Relationships are about connecting, trusting, sharing, and communicating in more ways than you would normally do when you’re just causally dating someone.

Next up…

LOVE – Yes we’re going there and I don’t mean you and me.

Love Connect One Plus One

What would a page on natural relationships be without being up the “L” word commonly known as love?

Love is a strange word because it represents so much and yet is either misunderstood, overused, under-said, AND can mean so many different things to different people.

Love is also perceived differently and felt differently from person to person.

Love can also be confused with other emotions such as infatuation or just plain old attraction.

Since love is not confined to a couple it transcends to family, friends, coworkers, and even media.

Making it one complicated human thing to study AND get right.

As it relates to you and finding a girlfriend or getting in a relationship, honestly, I wouldn’t worry about it too much UNLESS you find yourself experiencing INSTANT love a little too much.

In my world there isn’t something called instant love.

It needs time to develop and grow into something very unique to the individuals experiencing it together.

AND until that happens – call it whatever you like – but it’s probably not love.

(Feel free to disagree in the comment section or share your personal beliefs because the discussion or my thoughts on love will be short today which means, my point wont get across as intended or entirely.)


As far as getting a woman to love you – most of what has been covered in these girlfriend steps can and will make that happen as you progress with a woman BUT…

There are always WAYS or others who can help you achieve it so I’ll quote a few helpful articles to assure that CONNECTION you have with a woman can or WILL GROW INTO REAL TRUE LOVE:

Scot relates it to your masculinity and being a REAL man. No doubt about it – masculinity and femininity are inherently or naturally designed to go along with each other thus making the step to love happen.

“This is how a truly masculine man attracts women and gets her to love you. This is about being a high quality human being. How masculine traits combine with character to attract a high-character woman of quality.”

How To Make Women Love You – Six Ways To Be Masculine

Read it as soon as you get a chance.

Next up…

How you act around a woman early on can help you make her your girlfriend. This is a secret you don’t want to miss. Transform your relationships. Getting a hot girlfriend or the girl of your dreams requires a different mindset than just settling for an average woman. Transform yourself into a real man and it will happen.”

The MAGIC SECRET Of Getting A HOT Girlfriend

David explains that by transforming yourself into a REAL man who know hows to connect (yes there’s that word again) with a woman on a different level make getting a girlfriend that much easier and therefore will naturally lead her to fall in love with you.

The picture of love and connection and relationships is coming together now.

Can you see it?

Learn how to CONNECT with a women emotionally.

Be the cockiest/funniest guy in the room.

Learn what it really means to be cool.

Stay in charge.

Have fun!

5 Fail Proof Tests For Getting A Girlfriend FAST

Up until now we have…

Learn how to be a true masculine man.

Don’t be afraid of showing your masculinity.

Understand what masculinity really is and how to display, perform, and act from your own masculine sense. It’s NOT about being or becoming an overpowering male brute.

In essence – being a masculine man can be explained or defined by being an real Alpha man which is described more in this step.

How You Can Develop Your Personality & Be A Real Mysterious Alpha Male

Go back and read it again.

Women CONNECT with it or in you which is directly related to her own feminine sense and actions of femininity.

Connect with her emotionally on many different levels and she will respond in a way which goes above and beyond a simple attraction and therefore naturally leads to love and a wanting to form a relationship with you.


Getting her to FEEL like you are and will ALWAYS be he MISTER RIGHT:

PROTECTIVE AND IN-CONTROL. The kind of man who’s emotionally prepared and knows exactly what to say and do in a given situation.

EXCITING (IN THE RIGHT WAY). In other words, thrilling yet safe… passionate yet mature… unpredictable yet trustworthy.

CAPABLE OF SUCCEEDING IN LIFE AND LOVE…while also capable of tolerating and dealing with challenges, loss, and adversity.

The First Thing Women Look For In “Mr. Right”

Be protective and in control.

Be emotionally prepared in many ways.

Be exciting to be around.

Thrilling yet SAFE.

Passionate yet MATURE.

Unpredictable yet TRUSTWORTHY.

Those alone will make practically any woman you attract quickly want to get in a relationship with you so be warned – don’t jump too quickly. Follow the steps above and make sure you qualify the right woman for you, she’s qualifying you too, AND you’re forming open lines of real communication BEFORE you become a committed couple.


Find the RIGHT woman for you.

STEP #1: See the bigger picture.

STEP #2: Define what you want out of life.

STEP #3: “Match up” with your dream woman.

3 Critical Steps To Finding Your “Dream Woman”

The real key or SECRET to actually finding your dream woman is to first understand and define what YOU want out of life.

Otherwise how could you possibly match up with her.

This is not just about finding common interests – that’s okay and all – BUT it’s really about matching up your desires and passions, goals and aspirations, what you BOTH want out of life and how you can fully pursue and ENJOY them TOGETHER.

Matching up with your dream woman and her matching up to you forms the basis of a love and relationship that can and will last forever IF once again, yes – you BOTH communicate to each other.

After all this…


It comes together when certain things are in place.

It happens during a connection, a real connection between two people.

It can not be forced or manipulated in any way, shape or for, IF it is to naturally happen and grow endlessly.

How you communicate yourself to her makes it easy to happen.

How she communicate herself to you makes it easy to happen.

How you communicate to each other builds it and forever grows it.

Which takes TIME.

Masculinity and femininity are opposites that fit together perfectly.

Sure, we each have a little of the other within ourselves but regarding relationships, as a guy you must BE a guy and as woman – she must BE a woman.

(All things aside and not considering same sex relationships which will only confuse the topic for today.)

In conclusion…

You should now have a great idea on how to find, build, and form a relationship naturally with no games or tricks.

Getting a girlfriend is now within YOUR POWER.

You know how to get women to see you as a real potential boyfriend and the type of guy women generally look for to become their boyfriend.

You also know how to qualify a woman to match up perfectly with you and to help you avoid the mistake of settling with a woman who is wrong for you.

You also know that a woman also needs to qualify you for all the reasons listed. It’s important that she FEEL she’s making the best possible decision for her too.

You also know how critical and essential COMMUNICATION is to starting a relationship in every form. Not only how to communicate yourself and herself to each other but your goals, your passions, your desires, your beliefs and how sharing them openly and honestly builds trust and allows the love and relationship to forever grow.

You also now know how forcing things just does not work. Patience is something you can NOT do without an it WILL keep rewarding you (and her) for as long as you remain patient.

You also know about timing.

Knowing when you’re ready for a relationship and not getting into one so quickly.

Knowing if and when you’re capable also plays a big part in her and for you too.

You’ve been given a brief study in masculinity and femininity and how they’re connected. How they connect you to each other.

You’ve also been shown the core secrets of HOW TO CONNECT with a woman.

And a little on love too.


Lots of great stuff here today.

Please do not become overwhelmed. Go through it all at your own pace just make sure you cover everything.

I understand it’s easier (well somewhat) writing about it then it is performing it. So it’s all good.

Thanks for listening. Thanks for studying with me. I sincerely hope you found what you were looking for and you have learned a lot about girlfriends and relationship and you feel more competent and confident than ever before.

You might want to further your studies. To really dive into something greater – then I DO have the solution for that and it’s listed below.

Love – The Final Chapter is not the end – it’s just the beginning.

Real Love Is Within YOUR Reach…

Here’s Every Life-Changing Technique, Concept, And “Magic Secret” You Need To Find (And Keep) The Relationship Of Your Dreams With A “Total-10” Woman in Love The Final Chapter.

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