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She Wants A Guy Who Demonstrates People Skills And Gets More For Less

When you learn to have fun and get more for less, you’ll find women are drawn to this very special people skill.

here are two kinds of men in the world today, and I want you to meet them … because you’re probably one of them. Who Would You Rather Be?

There are definite patterns or common similarities in guys who are good with women which go beyond the “everyday” things we talk about here.

Take the time to observe and you’ll notice some or all of them.

Watch objectively and you can quite possibly assimilate some of the good qualities like their body language, mannerisms, and how to move accordingly.

One of the more hidden items I noticed kept appearing no matter where I looked. It was something I even saw in my “younger” years but did nothing about but I figured there has to be something more to it.

If we can get this well-hidden item handled or acquire this important but over looked skill, not only will we find attractive women being drawn to us but it will also have a positive impact in many areas of our lives.

Step 5 of “11 Steps on How to Get a Girlfriend is:

Demonstrating special leadership skills ( modestly ) by learning how to get more for less.

This is a tough skill to master but if you manage to just get a better handle on it, how to do it, and why it works it can change your relationships with women and we’ll get into how below.

But first – always remember this, like many other skills this is NOT something which should be shown off. It works better in the background.

Practice or “performing” this skill seamlessly because when it comes to attracting some amazing women, being overly confident or “showing it off” will mostly work on women who may be entirely too superficial. That’s a warning.

Keep it simple and make sure you have the freedom to use this based on our own unique life or lifestyle we choose.

There are only a few rules to follow and the rest is up to you and your abilities and what you wish to achieve with it.

Money, Cash, Financial Funds… The actual dollars themselves are NOT the only means to acquire monetary wealth.

Instead of working extra hours to buy “stuff” or get something done learn to make better deals.

More specifically… Figure out how to work with people more intelligently so you can get things for less or for free in fact.

The key here is… People and/or people skills.

I’m not asking you to rip them off or even use your friendships as some sort of bargaining tool.

Learn how to work better with people in everyday negotiations and that’s all.

What you get physically from it is entirely up to you.

You can trade something.

You can help people out honestly so they will want to do things for you.

No matter what it is you want never let something stop you from getting it.

Within reason of course so don’t be an ass about it.

All great men who excel with attractive women AND great relationships have this skill. There is not one single doubt in my mind about it.

Learn how to work better with people in everyday negotiations.

All great leaders, especially the ones who you probably value the most – have developed this area of their social life. Some have used it wisely. Some have not. Some have used it to gain immeasurable wealth but more importantly…

We can actually use it to inspire and invigorate people around us and naturally we’ll find some pretty hot women drawn to us.

You’ll be given a so-called “attractive halo” women find themselves close to.

Here is how this works for us:

  • We want women to believe and see that no matter what happens we’re a “go to” guy.
  • We want women to see and believe we’re not the type of guy who settles for less than what we desire just because it’s difficult.
  • We want women to modestly notice we’re not the type who only uses “typical” means to solve our problems.
  • We’re showing creativity beyond an artistic development.
  • We’re proving without stating it we are “caretakers” and despite setbacks or financial difficulties we can find a way to provide.
  • We’re demonstrating superior social skills which is an important step in attracting women especially a girlfriend.

Again the rules or what we wish to accomplish is simple:

  1. Money – Cash or however you say it – is NOT the only means to acquire monetary wealth.
  2. Learn how to work better with people in everyday negotiations.

Here are some ideas or examples to explain it better:

Always accept gracefully what others are willing to give you.

If somebody wants something and you can find it for them, do it but don’t be afraid to ask for something back in return.

Give to others what you can when they’re in need and do NOT expect anything in return. Be very casual and discreet about it.

Break down your largest goals so you can learn how to achieve them by not-so-normal means.

Start a “second job” doing something you like which you can sell, but only give it a few hours a week.

Lastly – This step is definitely related to the time management step and the future “attitude” step.

I pulled together a quote from a post I wrote about changing your luck with women. You’ll see more clearly how it’s all connected and what is really has to do with how you interact with women.

And then it hit me. I saw this smiling guys face in my head. I saw his mannerisms. I caught a glimpse of his attitude.

I saw the truth and was more than surprised. It was right there in front of me and in front of everyone else too. But for some reason we were missing it. Blinded by our “jealousy” or hatred over someone who gets everything while we’re left with average.

He smiled at everyone.

He never made you feel everything was not going to be cool.

He never got squeamish or let anybody affect his mood.

He talked to everyone about anything at any given time.

And the people he talked to… Never heard about his poor life. They never had to listen to him explain how those fifty perfect parking spots were in the middle of the thousand he missed.

He never talked about having bad luck.

You always felt he just knew, no matter what happened, it would turn out for the best in HIS favor.

Twenty Steps to Change Your Success and Your Luck with Women

Hopefully by now you’ve noticed how women are looking at your differently or reacting to you in a way which is definitely more attractive.

And we still have six steps to go…

I must stress at this point, “step 5” and many of them will help you conquer every piece along the way.

This specific skill about “getting something for less” will make some other steps so much easier so I wouldn’t overlook this one.

Like I said, I’ve observed lots of men who had women chasing them all over and practically every one of them had this skill and used it.

They didn’t use it to get women, but women were certainly attracted to them more because they have this people skill.

Combine this with my “changing your luck” post above and you’re well on your way to finding not just a girlfriend but quite possibly the girl of your dreams.

This skill is unbound and it has no limits so explore every available option.

Demonstrating superior leadership skills is a big piece of being a highly sought out attractive man and proves your ability to give more than just support in any relationship.

For those of you who want to explore this dynamic social skill further I suggest you pick up–> Own The Room because it is specifically designed to achieve the social skills needed to truly excel in this area.

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