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Where To Meet Women and Removing The Fears Of Approach Naturally

Hot attractive women are everywhere. Remove your fears, open your eyes and you’ll see them.

When you consider women are everywhere and them meeting them becomes the easy part on your way to finding a girlfriend.

Hot, attractive, and beautiful women are everywhere!

One of the harder parts of having one of them become your girlfriend is actually meeting them, removing the fears around them, approaching them, getting their numbers, setting up dates, and moving towards an actual relationship with them.

Step 8 of 11 Steps On How to Get A Hot Girlfriend is about figuring out where the ones you want to date are and then removing ALL your fears around them.

This could be a tough step. In fact million dollar business have thrived teaching guys on how to meet “hot” women.

You might have believed this should have been one of the first steps. After all how do you actually get a girlfriend when you are having trouble meeting a woman.

I understand where you’re coming from but…

Follow the first steps and you WILL already be meeting hotter women because…

  1. Your lifestyle has changed putting you in new and exiting places AND you have the attitude to fully enjoy them.
  2. You’re already friends with hotter women and your managing your time with them better AND they’re hopefully introducing you to their friends.
  3. Your looks are turning some heads. They’re noticing you more. They’re intrigued by you. You’re creating a “domino” effect and women DO talk. When one likes you – you’re chances go up that her friend might like you too.
  4. Your new leadership skills combined with the right “time management” skills are without a doubt are giving you fine tuned control over your life. Which also means no matter where ever you are becomes a place a woman might now assume – this is where hot guys hang out. I think it’s really cool how that works.

With all that “under your belt” it’s easy to see where your limitations are so we can get to solving them quicker.

Such as:

Fearing the approach -> You must now feel there’s a difference between approaching someone just as a friend and approaching a possible date.

Not willing or not enough drive to do what needs to be done -> Courage to face those fears and put yourself in even more positions than you have in the past. It also means saving enough energy from your daily life to explore your options.

Not knowing how to start conversations with attractive women anywhere at anytime leading to even more fear -> You’ll find when you’re learning all this stuff your mind can easily go into “information overload.”  This is where you have so much knowledge you actually start thinking yourself out of good situations. Like trying not to make mistakes or trying too hard on the ones you really want.

Not knowing how to progress from Meet – Interact – to Meeting her a second time someplace else -> You know as well as I do “meeting hotter women” is one thing but the going from interaction to seeing her again becomes a problem all its own.

And lastly for the biggest questions almost every guy asks…

Where can I meet a hot woman? Where do I go? Where are they?

My opinion is clearly stated in the opening sentence  women are everywhere!!

You’ve already made friends with some of them.  You’ve been given an “insider’s view” of their social lives.

Now you have the power to put yourself in what I’ll call “high return” areas. Those are areas where you have little competition and it’s easy to start a conversation.

The first key I’m going to give you and this is between you and me – I’ve read “high return” areas are all too obvious.

Like stay away from bars, clubs, gyms, and the internet. But what about this – if hot women are everywhere how easy would it be for a cool guy like you to pick up the hottest woman at some “Star Trek” convention?

To me any “high return” area is the most counter-intuitive places you can think of…

One – They’re the last place most men bother with.

Two – She’s less likely to be constantly hit on by other guys making her more open to you NOT hitting on her.

Three – Take a nerdy looking girl wearing sweatpants, glasses and a pony tail doing her laundry with her face buried behind a book, give her a memorable fifteen minute break and suddenly when the night rolls out so will her “move star” looks when she’s trying to attract you.

The second key is using her advantages to your advantage and always place “single” up front.

  • Where would a “single”  attractive women be because she has an advantage over her competition?
  • Where would an a “single” attractive woman go to prove to the world she’s not just another “hot” body?
  • Where would a “single” hotter woman go to keep up her attractive self?

What you want to do is ask the right questions about her ( like the ones I asked above ) and fill in the details.

Look deeper into “how, why, what, where, and when…” Keep in mind the women you’re dealing with and use it to narrow down your answers.

That key comes with a big warning – Anytime you assume those women have “hangouts” or narrow down your lifestyle based on women alone you are in a way admitting they are not everywhere.

I’m really saying what I already mentioned. They ARE everywhere.

The third key is optional but I must admit there’s truth behind it – Whether it’s a second job or a career having them come to you is possible.

High status bartenders. Bouncers at clubs or the security at concerts. Working premier events. Being famous or anyone on stage. Holding up-scale charity events. Hosting parties.

I think you see where I’m going.

It’s optional because yes if you want to meet “models” you’re have to get close to the business in one way or another but it’s not necessary.

It all depends on what you want and how much you want and what you re willing to do to get it.

But again – it’s optional.  This means you don’t have to change or add to your career to make meeting women just another part of your already fun life AND for sakes of finding a better girlfriend – bars and clubs are NOT always the best place to do that.

Remember those limitations I told you about earlier. How as long as you have followed my steps you’re going to “pin point” exactly where your biggest weaknesses are in meeting women.

That’s because you’ve experienced a shift in your perspective. You’re in a different but better place now. The first few sets of blinders are gone.

Now it’s time to remove another one.

It’s the visual part. It’s what your eyes see.

In a way it’s why I see beautiful women everywhere who are approachable and you might not.

This is because you’re putting a “tangible” reward on her looks making it harder than it is to meet them.

The more attracted you feel towards any particular woman the more your mind will relate the negative feelings associated with trying to talk to her.

It’s a nasty circle which over time will literally blind you from seeing women for what they really are – people with a purpose all their own who may suffer just as you do.

So in a way your mind’s eye is blocking out these potential “hotties” and any fears of limitations you suffer from will do what ever it can to save you from feeling the pain which comes from rejection.

The four common ones I mentioned above:

  • Fearing the approach.
  • Not willing or not enough drive to do what needs to be done.
  • Not knowing how to start conversations with attractive women anywhere at anytime leading to more fear.
  • Not knowing how to progress from Meet – Interact – to Meeting her a second time someplace else.

Get those handled, learn what ever skills you can, gain confidence and even average competence in those areas and you WILL see it for yourself.

Hot women are everywhere and this means where ever you go (within reason) you’re going to meet them.

Here’s a page I wrote at DiaLteG TM to help you find some new places to go, perhaps take a date… Just 32 great places to meet women and get you started: 32 Great Places to Meet Women. This is a great outside source to find special deals in your area.  ONE MORE – This a great post at “The Approach” to help you meet women through your social network –> Meeting Women Through Social Networks, Friends, and Online Advice.

The Fear Of Approach

All of our fears are stumbling blocks holding us back from success in many areas of our lives.

However the “fear of approaching women” is one of the easiest ones to overcome AND you’ll find help everywhere you look.

You can try the blatant approach I devised with the help of Bill. It’s at The Approach –> Approach Women – Give Her Your Present Because It Just Doesn’t Matter! You’ll find some great advice there.

You can flip through this E-report which has been around for a while but still gets the job done. After all men have feared the approach since the dawn of everything and this will helps you overcome some or all of your fears around starting a conversation with women. NOTE – Your email is required to download this product for free –> Approach Anxiety Annihilator Ebook

This is by far the best most affordable package designed specifically to help you overcome ALL your fears up to and including approaching women. This will help you open up a ton of potential hot girlfriends for you –> The Fearless Code for Men. Low cost but high returns. It’s a great combination and a big step in the right direction.

Step 8 is simply figuring out what your personal fears are around meeting women and then putting yourself in those places where you can naturally meet attractive the women who are by now, a little more interested in becoming your girlfriend.

Here ‘s where you can get a cool evaluation to further help you meet hotter women. Dating Dynamics has this really cool five-page questionnaire designed to show you… “How To Date Hotter Women –> – Click Here to Meet Hotter Women – (A valid email is required to see your personal analysis.)

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