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Where To Meet Women and Removing The Fears Of Approach Naturally

Hot attractive women are everywhere. Remove your fears, open your eyes and you’ll see them and meet them.

Hot, attractive, and beautiful women are everywhere! You must either admit that now or at least go out and see it for yourself. This is great news when you’re looking for the most amazing girlfriend of your life.

Seeing is one thing but meeting them is something entirely different and much more difficult. That I understand from a lifetime of experiences and it doesn’t end there either…

You have to approach, or meet them through one of your friends, which is certainly a fear for lots of guys. You have to exchange information like their phone number or social account. You have to ask for the date, set up a date, go on the dates, and it still doesn’t end there. Moving towards a relationship it would definitely be a good thing if they actually are attracted to you. Why don’t we see how much pressure and steps we can add to just “seeing hot beautiful women everywhere”, right?

In today’s step, 8 of 11 Steps on How To Get A Hot Girlfriend we’re going to cover most of those problems and see if we can find a way to get you to finally meet all those hot women you do see everyday.

You might have believed this should have been one of the first steps, after all how do you actually get a girlfriend when you’re having trouble meeting a woman. I completely understand where you’re coming from but…

By following the first steps you WILL already be meeting hotter women because…

  1. Your lifestyle has changed a little which is putting you in new and exiting places AND you have the new Alpha Mysterious Attitude to fully enjoy them.
  2. You’re already friends with a few hotter women and you’re managing your time with them better AND they’re hopefully introducing you to THEIR friends.
  3. Your looks are turning some heads. They’re noticing you more. They’re intrigued by you. You’re creating a “domino” effect and women DO talk. When one likes you – your chances go up that her friend might like you too. Social proof is a big thing in this world especially when it comes to women.
  4. Your new leadership skills combined with the right “time management” skills are without a doubt are giving you fine tuned control over your life. Which also means no matter where ever you are becomes a place a woman might now assume – this is where hot guys hang out. I think it’s really cool how that all works.

This is all good news and never forget or be afraid to admire how far you’ve come in this journey. Take a look back and enjoy it for a minute or two… okay, done? Cool, let’s move on…

Today’s step is quite clear, where to meet new women and then removing the fears of approach naturally so you can begin to talk to them while creating attraction and setting up a frame so you can exchange numbers and “ask & get” a date either now or in the future.

The bad news is that this topic demands a book load plus more of info to cover which means you’ll be sent about to other pages or reports, but the GOOD news is that I have all the resources you’ll ever need to help you out. Go at your own pace. Try to go through it all logically. Hope you can put it together for yourself and that I offer it to you in a structured way to make it all easier on you.

First the WHERE…

Where DO you meet hotter women? Where do you go? Where are they?

I say that as if  (or us guys sometimes believe) they are hiding somewhere. As if we’d have more luck finding a Leprechaun and at least, IT could grant us a wish to have them come to us instead. But I digress…

If you haven’t read any book on attraction let me tell you a little secret or once again reiterate a few facts about it:

  • Attraction Isn’t A Choice. (By the way if you have not yet picked up your copy of the book it was quoted from – please DO so NOW because it will help you in every way possible: Attraction Isn’t A ChoiceRegular Price: $62.92, Your Price: $22.97.)
  • Attracting Women is NOT a logical thing or something you can do or solve logically. Women don’t respond emotionally to logic. They: Feel, think, act. First the FEELING, then the THOUGHT… and THEN the action. You’ll find the full explanation here: What Women HATE Most About Single Guys & 7 Reasons She Why Won’t Like You.

However – and this is wonderfully exciting… MEETING & APPROACHING women can be SOLVED LOGICALLY. Making it much easier on us guys to get right to work. I’ll explain as we go along. (But I will warn you it means you’re going to have to so some homework.)

There are easy to produce and follow “formulas” you can create for your personal needs in meeting women. It’s not quantum physics formulas, they’re EASY to follow.

You must begin to set your life up so meeting women happens NATURALLY. That IS the key to success.

Let’s start with LAW#55:

You must arrange your life to get great results meeting women… or re-arrange it if what you’ve already tried isn’t working.

By rearranging your life in small ways…ways that NATURALLY lead to meeting interesting, available women… you’re VASTLY more likely to CONNECT with a GOOD MATCH for you.

Do it right (and stick to it), and it’ll happen for you without even having to try!

Even if you could snap your fingers and have a new woman magically show up at your door every ten minutes, guess what: You’d quickly get tired of it.


Because having a parade of “random” women flow through your life is NOT the right way to meet the ones you can really “connect” with. By the same token, constantly aiming for that one-in-a-million “ideal girl” is also a waste of time and money. She just doesn’t exist.

So let’s do the math…

If you make a few small “tweaks” to your life that MAXIMIZE the number of “qualified women” who come through it, you’re bound to MEET THE RIGHT ONES.

Here’s a small homework assignment to get you started (don’t worry, it’s EASY)…


I want you to dash off a quick list of the top characteristics you want in the women you meet in life.

Now make them REASONABLE…unless you’re George Clooney, there’s no way you can rearrange your life so that a supermodel breezes through every 20 minutes.

Now jot down those qualities… We’ll take “Attractive” as a given. Maybe you’d also like her to be caring… intelligent… outgoing and generous… sensitive… whatever.

Got them down?

Good. Now on to…


Once you have these characteristics in hand, I want you to start thinking about your life as it is RIGHT NOW.

Really think about it.


In other words, start thinking about all the travel, tasks, errands, and recreation that are part of your day-to-day experience. This could be the small stuff you do on a regular basis, like grocery shopping or walking Fido at the dog park.

It could be grabbing a kick-ass mocha at the corner cafe every morning, or jogging, or going to the gym. Again…WHATEVER.

Make a list of these things.

Then make that list MUCH LONGER by adding places and activities you’ve always wanted to ADD to your life. These are things you’ve always wanted to do but have been putting off, like learning how to skydive or snowboard.

Maybe it’s stuff you used to do and would like to start doing again, like taking classes or playing a sport.

Then, once you have your full list of “life activities” together, it’s time to move on to:


I now want you to “cross-reference” the 2 lists you just made. Basically, see where they OVERLAP…where the places that you go in life (or would LIKE to start going) cross paths with the kind of women you’d like to meet.

By doing this, you’ll immediately see how your life needs to **CHANGE** if you want to start meeting the kinds of women you’d like to connect with.

You just need to TAKE ACTION…and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Meaning it’s up to you to actually DO something…to start rearranging your life and your routine in ways that will AUTOMATICALLY start CHANGING THINGS for you.”

CREATE Attraction – Law #55 – The Formula For Meeting Great Women

Isn’t that awesome? Yeah I’m probably a little too excited but it’s so spot on and perfect and EASY to do. Remember HOT women are EVERYWHERE, so just set your life up to meet them naturally and problem solved. PLUS it helps you meet the actual type of woman you’re looking for and actually would want to date.

Let’s move on to a slightly different approach…

Based on the steps you’ve already gone through: You’ve already made friends with some women.  You’ve been given an “insider’s view” of their social lives.

Now you have the power to put yourself in what I’ll call “high return” areas. Those are areas where you have little competition and it’s easy & natural to start a conversation with any of them.

This will also help you approach them easier if your fears are holding you back.

Stay away from bars, clubs, gyms, and the internet. But what about this – if hot women are everywhere, how easy would it be for a cool guy like you to pick up the hottest woman at some “Star Trek” convention?

To me any “high return” area is the most counter-intuitive places you can think of because…

One – They’re the last place most men bother with who are good at picking up women.

Two – She’s less likely to be constantly hit on by other guys making her more open to you NOT hitting on her and…

Three – Take a nerdy looking girl wearing sweatpants, glasses and a pony tail doing her laundry with her face buried behind a book, give her a memorable fifteen minute break and suddenly when the night rolls out so will her “movie star” looks when she’s trying to attract you.

The second key is using her advantages to your advantage and always place “single” up front.

  • Where would a “single”  attractive women be or go because she has an advantage over her competition?
  • Where would  a “single” attractive woman go to prove to the world she’s not just another “hot” body?
  • Where would a “single” hotter woman go to keep up her attractive self?

What you want to do is ask the right questions about her ( like the ones I asked above ) and fill in the details. Yes, actually put yourself in HER mind, sort of, and think like she would.

Look deeper into “how, why, what, where, and when…” Keeping in mind the women you’re dealing with and use it to narrow down your answers.

This comes with a big warning or something you should look out for – Anytime you assume those women have “hangouts” or narrow down your lifestyle based on women alone you are in a way admitting they are not everywhere. I’m really saying what I already mentioned. They ARE everywhere.

The third key is optional but I must admit there’s truth behind it – Whether it’s a second job or a career having them come to you is possible: High status bartenders. Bouncers at clubs or the security at concerts. Working premier events. Being famous or anyone on stage. Holding up-scale charity events. Hosting parties.

I think you see where I’m going.

It’s optional because yes if you want to meet “models” you’re have to get close to the business in one way or another but it’s not necessary. It all depends on what you want and how much you want and what you re willing to do to get it.

But again – it’s optional.  This means you don’t have to change or add to your career to make meeting women just another part of your already fun life AND and  finding a better girlfriend – bars and clubs are NOT always the best place to do that.

Here is a summary of what was covered in the last section:

Three keys to naturally meeting women:

NUMBER  1: You’ve already done the step of Becoming Friends With Hotter Women now use it to your advantage. You can either start meeting their friends more often, which is cool and all BUT you’re now privy to how they think, where they go, what they like or not like to do – basically they’ve handed over to you everything you need to know about WHERE to MEET more of them.

NUMBER 2: Think like her. Ask a few questions adding “single” to the beginning and start brainstorming places you can meet them. All while using what you now know about them to help you out:

  • Where would a “single” woman go or be, that gives her an advantage over her competition? Meaning where will she feel the most comfortable and hold the highest status.
  • Where would  a “single” attractive woman go to prove to the world she’s not just another “hot” body? Meaning, a place where people will be most likely to see past her looks OR a place she can go where she doesn’t have to dress up and look perfect. Where she can let her hair down.
  • Where would a “single” hotter woman go to keep up her attractive self? Women who like to look good even if it’s just a day or two a month or week, have to maintain that look. Where do they find the materials, people to do the work, trainers to train them, etc…

To make this work better for you or easier to approach them – eliminate high competitive areas AND locations where you’re less likely to meet your next girlfriend. (Unless you’re looking to just get laid.)

NUMBER 3: Not the best solution but some of you might like it or be willing to try it. A second job or first career that puts you in the best possible position so women have to come to you.  High status bartenders. Bouncers at clubs or the security at concerts. Working premier events. Holding up-scale charity events. Hosting parties.

Lastly, for the meeting part of where to do it, I’ll turn to another great “advice” article:

“Maybe you’re thinking ALL the hot women hang out in the same places. Well, that’s a big negative. It may come as a big surprise to you that NOT all gorgeous and brainy women (read: the ones you’re after) are packed like lemmings in bars or nightclubs.

This includes, colleagues, high school/college buddies, co-workers and so on. Just think that you’re smack-dab in the middle of a very LARGE web of people who in turn have “webs” of their own.

This is a vast field of opportunities that’s just waiting to be tapped. I’d bet you that a sizeable chunk of these people happen to be (or know) women who fit your preferences.

This is where the expression “all the good women are taken” fizzles into the sweet reality of ABUNDANCE. In other words, quality women are hardly in short supply my friend.”

Meeting Women Through Social Networks, Friends, and Online Advice

That will show you the benefits and rewards with some great tips on meeting women in the places listed in the title: Social networks, friends, and how to contact them online after meeting them.

I should NOT have to give you a pre-made list of where to go to meet women. You have ALL the tools above to create your own list which will work for you… BUT… if you insist: I’ve added a few to the list of the page I wrote which was for places to take a date but it’s all the same:

Great List Of Places To Meet Women

How Beautiful Woman Looking Meet You

  1. Online.
  2. Museums or Art Museums.
  3. Roller Blading or Roller Skating
  4. Amusement Park
  5. Concerts
  6. Getting some ice cream
  7. Pool – The Pool Hall or Billiards
  8. The Zoo
  9. Playing Tennis
  10. Any Tour of anything.
  11. Walking – anywhere!
  12. Flea Market
  13. Apple Picking – Strawberry Picking
  14. Public Boat Ride
  15. Ball Game or sporting event
  16. Charity Event – Give a little
  17. Public Barbecue
  18. A Hike – Hiking
  19. Bonfire Party
  20. Public Picnic
  21. A Show
  22. County or local Fair
  23. Dancing – learning or doing.
  24. Laser Tagging
  25. Paint Ball
  26. Shooting Skeet. Shooting Range
  27. Beach
  28. Local Events
  29. Private Party
  30. Karaoke
  31. Water Parks
  32. Go Karts – Four Wheeling – Snow Mobiles -Jet Skiing – Wind Surfing
  33. Shopping – Antiques – boardwalk – Malls – Stores
  34. Book stores
  35. Coffee shops
  36. Bowling

32 Great Date Places – Where To Go and Meet Up With Her

(Please add to the list below in the comment area.)

By now you should have EVERY available idea of where to meet women and the tools you can use to come up with your own list to better suit you and the life you live.

So let’s move on…

Removing The Fears Of Approaching Women

Women Wearing Masks Fear Approach

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see an attractive woman?

Is it sex? Do you undress them with your eyes? Do you imagine what you WOULD say if you could approach her or them? Do you try and come up with something, anything you can say to start the conversation?

What’s the first feeling you get when you see an attractive woman?

Is it fear? Depression? Loneliness? Helplessness? Tension? Nervousness?Does it feel like these things are beyond your control? Does they make you feel inferior like they’re better than you? Do you feel like they have an advantage over you or how easy life or meeting people must be for them?

When you see a beautiful woman do you instantly believe or make a quick judgment about whether they appear approachable or not?

Do you feel like you NEED a pickup line or something to rely on that you can use in every situation to ease the tension or make it easier on you? Something which is commonly called a “canned opener”.

These are things you NEED to know before you can past it all and start approaching more women naturally without FEAR!

You might have an idea to clue now to your biggest obstacles here or what is holding you back. Since I don’t know them for you personally (unless you comment them below) I can not help each and everyone of you individually BUT I can and will TRY to give you some broad help hoping it’ll reach the majority of you.

First up (and these are based on my own personal experiences and how I overcame ANY fear associated with meeting and approaching women.)

You must IMMEDIATELY stop putting so much emphasis on the outcome of your interactions with women. This pressure thing needs to stop right now. Talking to any woman is no different than talking to people. The only thing added is creating attraction and exchanging information. Tell yourself that a million times everyday if you have to; sooner or later your brain will get it.

The more attracted you feel towards any particular woman the more your mind will relate the negative feelings associated with trying to talk to her. It’s a nasty circle which over time will literally blind you from seeing women for what they really are – people with a purpose all their own who may suffer just as you do.

Try my “It just doesn’t matter!” approach to help you get past the pre-feelings you might have of being rejected AND to alleviate some of the pressure you might feel about saying or doing the right thing.

Approach Women – Give Her Your Present Because It Just Doesn’t Matter

The basic of it is “WHO CARES” if you fuck up, say the wrong thing, burn the interaction, stumble your words, say the wrong thing, who really gives a shit because EACH and EVERY time you fail – you learn something new AND you’re actually overcoming a fear because you’re CONFRONTING it head on.

Simple advice – but it actually does work. Remember, no emphasis on the outcome – for now, with regards to fears – it just doesn’t matter!

Second item is CONFIDENCE.

Hard to teach confidence. It’s a well argued debatable thing and not everyone agrees or sees it as the same thing BUT there are ways to make you feel more confident (capable) of approaching and talking to women.

The way to gaining confidence in this area is through actually LEARNING SKILLS and knowing without a doubt, you have something inside your brain you can use at any given moment.

It’s a lot like boot-camp training for firefighters, ems, police, etc… They all train to REACT without thinking in the most stressful times. They’re able and capable of doing it because they’ve been taught the SKILLS they need to perform under the most extreme life-threatening pressure.

Luckily for you – and don’t forget this – approaching a woman is NOT a life-threatening situation. You won’t die. She won’t die. The world won’t blow up. The house won’t burn down. Don’t ever consider the worst thing that could happen and it’s less likely to happen anyways.

Two important skills to approaching and meeting women which can and WILL give you the confidence or make you feel capable and ready at a moments notice are:

  • An understanding of how attraction works.
  • Knowing how to create attraction through your conversations alone.

You can not possibly tell me truthfully that if you knew that stuff down-cold, every bit of you, that you’d be worried about talking to any woman, anywhere. You’d feel like you’ve been given a SECRET code and you’ll want to use it as much as possible because it’s just that easy.

Confidence (in this area) is the belief you know things, how to do things, how to create attraction, how to talk to women, you have knowledge and skill which are ready to use at anytime you see fit, AND with the last one – put little emphasis on the outcome of the interaction – meaning you’re okay with failure if and when it happens. In fact, failing might even become an amusing story you can tell others because – it’s NO BIG DEAL.

Trust me KNOWING you have skills like that is ALL you’ll probably ever need. It gives you some a powerful positive mindset allowing you to overcome fears or anything life throws at you PLUS while you’re talking to a woman – she’ll FEEL this confidence exuding from you making it even easier on you when you know without a doubt she’s feeling attracted to you.

I wish I could give you all the skills on this page but I can’t. Too much to cover BUT I can offer you some great resources to help you out. Some being better than the other.

The first is the most obvious. It’s exactly what I used:

Attraction Isn’t A Choice Ebook Special Offer

Why Most Men Have Almost No Luck With Women And What To Do About It. As a Man, the Most Important Skill You Will Ever Discover Is How To Trigger SEXUAL ATTRACTION Inside Of A Woman – And Here’s Exactly How To Do It.

Attraction Isn’t A Choice Ebook Special Bonus Offer

Second one is free but is loaded with information which includes a few highlighted items. Signing up is NOT optional though:

  • 4 audio interviews. Obliterate your insecurities. Revolutionize your success attracting the kind of women you used to think were “out of your league.”
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Remember BOTH are my affiliate links.

The next one is of course free for signing in. Sorry, can’t help that but it does cover getting numbers and opening lines and will give you a little confidence from knowledge boost:

7 Ninja Attraction Tactics Report – Free report you MUST sign in with your email to get.

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  • And much more…!

Another report Carlos offers is a famous 21 page report with HIS ideas and concepts and foolproof methods of overcoming approach anxiety:

Approach Anxiety Cover

Overcome your fears of approaching women with these 3 “killer” strategies.

Gain the confidence by absorbing the knowledge and practicing the right skills you’ll need to meet women any time any day at any place.

Free Approach Anxiety Annihilator  Ebook

Again, they ARE affiliated links but hey, there’s three free one and one you have to buy. Not a bad or expensive means to gaining the confidence.

Here are some ideas I’ve come with on approaching women. Breeze through them as you can. Most are appropriately located at The Approach:

The next part – talking to women and knowing how, what, and when to say it is something entirely much more extensive and there’s not a thing I can do about that.

I could link out to the many articles I have a conversations or talking with women but since it would be all over the place, I’m not sure if you’d actually learn something from it. Well I’m sure would but would it be useful enough to give you confidence and use it in your everyday interactions with women.

Let’s turn to my good buddies again. IF you feel this area in missing in your life and a big reason why you’re failing with them, don’t hesitate – DO IT NOW! I know from my experience when I learned how to communicate with women differently – EVERYTHING changed.

I went from boring typical small talk bullshit not getting anywhere to conversations that actually CREATED ATTRACTION – and it was easier, it was certainly more fun, AND it boosted my confidence through having the skill – it literally felt like I could get any woman to feel attracted to me. In fact, I had to scale it back because I found out the hard way – do it with the wrong woman and you’re in for a world of drama or getting a girl obsessed with you that yo don’t even want. (Trust that is a problem you do NOT want.)

How To Talk To Women!

In this program, Carlos Xuma explains all the core elements of conversation, how they work, along with examples of cocky humor, texting, and his complete bag of tricks to keep her talking to you for as long as you want…

“Conversation formula makes turning on women and talking to them easy and effortless… Without Buying Her Drinks… Without Pick Up Lines & Useless Scripts… And NEVER Falling Into The “Lets Just Be Friends” Trap Ever Again…
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Conversation Escalation – Small Talk Sexy

Conversation Escalation Cover

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BUY Conversation Escalation – Make Small Talk Sexy

Current known cost is $27 BUT unless you opt out, you will be charged that price for 8 more months.

Luckily, the writer, Bobby Rio has given me tons of stuff on talking to women to share with you so I’ll pass on a few of them so you can see his style and decide if it’s right for you. (The pages are a little old, not outdated, just old and are in need of a makeover.)

Approaching Women – Starting Conversations

Approach ANY Woman Any Time And Never Be Worried About “Blowing It” With Her Again.

Your One-Stop Crash Course In:

  • Leaving Fear And Shyness Behind
  • Approaching Any Women, Any Time
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Never Worry Again About What Could Have Been With A Woman.

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What do you say we wrap all this up today. Yes, I get it, approaching and meeting women is made out to be an easy thing and all the tips and tricks to remove your fears may seem a little strange but don’t let that discourage you.

Getting over it, getting past, mastering this step is easier than it looks. Just stay on track. Take every available information and resource you’ve been given today and SLOWLY go through it. This is a very important step because you know as well as me – you must MEET women if you’re planning on getting a girlfriend of your choosing.

You now know WHERE to meet women. You now have a few formulas to meet women more naturally so it just “happens” in your everyday life.

You now have a few great techniques and skills to overcome any anxiety or nervousness you might be feelings before the approach.

You also have the last six steps which have improved your ability to make it all much easier on you to achieve your next goals and work your way to the next step.

You also have a sort-of primer thing to boost your confidence by understanding how when have knowledge, in this case on attraction, AND you know how to talk to women: The rest approaching and meeting is not that difficult at all.

Hope I’ve covered what I cold today and over-delivered what you expected. If you liked it, pass it on, share it with your friends, when you’re ready for my emails sign up below.

(*Any questions, comments, opinions, advice, positive experiences, tips for other guy you want to share – do so in the comment area below.)

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