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Why & How You Must Go Get Laid to Get A Girlfriend – Casual Sex & Seduction

She want to know you’re a guy with experience and some of that means you might have to go get laid.

The phrases “get laid” and “getting a girlfriend” may not seem to go together because one implies quick casual sex and the other normally means you can get it whenever you want; but there are many benefits to getting laid which can help guys actually find and keep a girlfriend.

Today’s step 10 of 11 steps to getting a hot girlfriend will cover all of them, give you reasonable advice on how to make it happen, plus define the ever bold statement mentioned in the title, why you just might have to get laid before you can make or find a hot girl to be your girlfriend.

First, this is not an excuse to fuck over women or become a player.

Something I know you don’t want to do anyways but it must be said. This is not an excuse to use women or treat them like objects either. Be respectful. Be mindful. Be a man and not some ass because that’s just not cool or fair to others.

Second, this is not literally saying – go have lots of sex with many different women although if that’s what you need or think you want – then make it happen. But I’m going to guess for most of you, a few good sexual adventures with some women who are open to it will be enough.

Third, the benefits of getting some as soon as you can are there but don’t let not “getting any” make you believe abstaining purposely or not has not also proved its worth. AND if it’s been a while it does NOT make you any less of a man. The list of reasons why guys don’t regularly have sex is too long and too varied to believe it’s just because you’re not a so-called “real dude. Don’t go there and stay positive.


How DO you know if you need to get laid first?

An easy one to answer and will be revealed as this step unfolds. A quick few items to check off would be:

  • You’re beyond frustrated and it’s been way too long.
  • Not getting any is affecting your confidence in many parts of your life.
  • Not getting any is putting a lot of pressure on you.
  • It’s ALWAYS on your mind and is affecting your ability to function normally.
  • You don’t think you’re good in bed and it’s makes you do stupid things around women for that reason alone. Sort of a “fear of success” which is all too unfortunately real.

Let’s move on to all the benefits of getting laid first.

Get you to start acting from a place where sex is not the only goal with women.

Women can sense a sexual agenda from a guy a mile away. Although this can work out in your favor when it’s appropriate (as in she’s looking for casual sex too) it won’t help or will HURT your chances with a woman who is looking for a real relationship, such as your next girlfriend.

In an interview I did with Carlos Xuma he touched upon something he called “transactional approval”.

“Never offer anything up as a kind of trade for a woman. So that she senses an agenda or there’s a deal going down. In other words, don’t make your interaction seem like, it’s a give and take. Like you’re giving her compliments so you can get her phone number.

Or you’re giving her flattery so that she will like you. It’s another form of approval seeking right there in a lot of ways.

It’s transactional approval. It’s a transactional kind of approach from a guy when he goes in like this. And women can really sense it. They really can.

They can kind of sense that there’s a deal going down here. She’s going to start to wonder. She’s going to start to feel like you’re a salesman. Like she’s being sold. It’s a creepy slimy feeling for anybody to go through.”

Peter White Interviews Carlos Xuma – Nice Guys Tips To Attract Women

When a woman sense you’re only doing “certain” things just to get laid, you’re actual real chances of making that happen drop to just above 0%. Sure you might want it, you might be attracted enough to consider it, but when you actually make it real goal with women – the prize (getting her in bed) becomes more important than the interaction.

Sex is not a prize or goal you get when you kiss a woman’s ass.

It’s something you can make happen BUT it’s also something you can assure never happens because you try so hard to get some – you turn into an “approval seeking kiss ass” all in the hopes she’ll open her legs for you.

Sex is not a give and take. It’s a shared experience.

If you start interacting with women without the very specific goal that sex is the only option it will cause you to act in a way which will make it more likely to happen for many reasons.

  • She won’t feel like you’re eyeing her like a piece of meat.
  • She won’t feel like you’re doing it to lots of other women too.
  • It proves to her you DO understand the mating game and how it’s supposed to work.
  • You’ll stop acting like you’re only seeking her approval or saying specific things just to get in her pants.

When you erase the “I must get some now!” from your life, you can then begin to ACT like you can get it anytime you want; and you’re confidently choosing to get it when and if she’s (for lack of better terms) worth a great night of sex.


You become empowered with the freedom to be a real mature masculine guy who actually CAN get it when he wants because you’re adding confidence and subtracting any needy approval-seeking behavior from your interactions with others.

Second benefit…

Getting and keeping or making the relationship last requires a different skill set and you must know the difference.

Different Skill Love Attraction Relationship Couple

The “stuff” you do to date a woman and/or to just get laid require different skills or a different approach. If it’s something you can not see or do not know or do not learn, then you will quickly destroy any real relationship you commit to and you won’t even see it coming.

This is about finding and getting a girlfriend and not one night stands BUT you’re also training yourself to land a girl of your dreams and not being able to give her the best possible guy you can bring – who’s to say you’re going to be able to keep her.

Besides knowing the different skills ask yourself how you’re going to handle a “hotter” girlfriend if you’ve never experienced being with one.

  • How faithful do you think you can be knowing you got one, why not try for another?
  • Are you positive without a doubt you can handle other guys hitting on her?
  • Will she become an obsessive or “trophy” orientated? Meaning, will she become more of a possession than a real actual live woman?
  • Will you find yourself quickly reverted back to your “old” self which will ultimately push her away leaving you worse off than you were before you got her?

Not many guys ask these types of questions. They learn the material. They quickly get in a relationship with the first “hotter” woman they meet and then suddenly they realize it’s a whole different world. A very new experience.

(If you find some more or better questions guy can ask themselves before getting in a relationship, please comment them below.)

AND then soon experience first hand that they can not handle it and the same skills they used to get her – are not helping at all during the relationship.

My suggestion to solve this problem AND to assure you’re not acting from a place of scarcity is to enjoy benefit one, where sex is not the only goal, enjoy sex the right way to keep you grounded and enjoying your life and NEVER, under any circumstance – get in a relationship with a woman when you’re not ready.

Use the time between “lays” to learn this new skill (communication which forms real relationships ) and to learn what is required from you when you’re in one,  AND to continually work on your self-esteem so you’re capable and ready too handle the bound-to-happen problems related to being in a relationship with a “hotter” woman.

Here are two .pdfs you must read which are related to getting in a relationship before you’re ready and will help you look out for or see more clearly some common problems that happen when you enter a relationship.

(Both were given to me by Josh Pellicer – The Tao of Bad Ass – Attraction Blueprint for Average Guys. Thank him by giving his video a quick look here– > Scientific Tricks To Have Any Woman You Want. Bearing in mind that is an affiliated link which are also embedded in the chapters below.)

This (chapter) one helps you in part with your self-esteem and will show what is required from you BEFORE you get in a relationship.

“…You are responsible for the success or failure of your relationships. No one else. As a man playing the male gender role, you cannot afford to take a passive stance on relationships. You only need to do one thing to keep these three ideas in mind and make sure that you’re never cheated on again: be the best option.”

Never Get Cheated On

This next (chapter) will help you in deciding when and how to break up the right way IF you find yourself getting into one too quickly or one that is not working out for BOTH of you.

“Mistakes are an inevitable part of learning, so you’re going to have to know how to handle them in effective ways. When you’re in a relationship that you know won’t work out, you need to know how to break up like a man and move on with your life.”

Breaking Up Like A Man

One last thing before we move on to the next benefit of getting laid…

Would you believe I do NOT have all the answers especially when it comes to the specific skills needed while you’re interacting with a higher quality woman. Well it’s true.

It’s no secret that I am married to the most wonderful and amazing woman on the planet, no lie.

I’ve studied & successfully used David DeAngelo’s “material” with better-than-one-could-ever-hope-for results. (Not bragging just being honest.)

Except when I met my wife – something felt different. She was unlike any woman I’ve encountered before and honestly I kind of felt using the same techniques or skills on her, would work a little, just not enough to propel us into a real relationship. I started tweaking David’s stuff a little and found it was working better than one could imagine.

Thinking I had found something new, and holding back my “tricks” of the past, I will admit I was a little worried she’d back off. I was wrong!

The strange part of it all is that what I “thought” I had discovered was soon handed to me to promote. Upon reading the material coming from David of course and his new wife – what I was doing differently with my wife was real close to what him and his wife (who’s a relationship expert) developed over the years together.

Yes, I know. Sounds like a load of bullshit but it’s not. Things like this, weird connections and accidental coincidences happen in my life all the time. (I’m not special, they happen to you too. You just have to be open to see them and you’ll notice they’re there a lot more than you might think.)

Since I’m for one not allowed to reveal what he sells and two, no one could tell it better than him anyways I’m strongly suggesting you give what him and his wife came with a little of your time.

The first one is called: Love The Final Chapter and it’s available any time you want it. The second one is not publicly sold (yeah I know, tell me about it) but IS offered several times a year. Get on my list below and when it comes up I’ll let you know OR sign up to David’s newsletter and let him tell you when it’s finally available for sale.

Better yet, as I’m sure you’ve already seen advertised here, we’ve put together a cool package which will assure you get the right emails:

Launch Your Love Life Special Promotion

A FREE GIFT that I’ve put together devoted to helping you “Launch Your Love Life” direct from David DeAngelo.

  • 4 audio interviews. Obliterate your insecurities. Revolutionize your success attracting the kind of women you used to think were “out of your league.”
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  • It’s yours totally FREE. No hassles or obligation. No credit card. Nuthin’. No strings attached.

Here are two sneak previews (in article form) of the development of his relationship material you can read which will give you a clearer picture of what’s involved. (They were originally written for something else but I saw the connection. Both are located here at DiaLteG TM.)

Wow, I did NOT know all that was going to happen especially when you consider the next step – forming natural relationships is just a few thousand words away.

So I digress… on to the next benefit or how it’s going to help you get a hot girlfriend:

Knowing how & than you can please any woman no matter how much her looks are affecting you physically is a confidence you can NOT do without.

Woman Sleep Satisfied Sexually

Being nervous around some women is one thing and most of them (as long as you’re not all creepy about it) will either enjoy it a little, find it refreshingly normal, or look past it until you get over it but…

NOT having sexual confidence around those appropriately called “hotties” can keep or stop you from ever being boyfriend material in their eyes.

Confidence is and will always be the ultimate attraction trait and confidence in bed, or having the knowledge, belief, and experience, (when showed properly to a woman) will always be the one and only REAL aphrodisiac that is currently out there.

There’s a very specific sexual attitude women fall head over heels for and this is NOT something you can ever fake.

Having unshakable and undeniable confidence in many of your sexual abilities (especially with a beautiful women which you must admit is a little different than picking up some average girl at a bar for a night when you’re both half-drunk), this sexual confidence will figuratively exude from your body.

It will also show up in your body-language, how you talk to women, how you interact with them emotionally and physically, women will just SENSE you’re not some lame-ass slouch in bed. Hence they’ll desire you more because, yes, it’s true – women want it just as much as you and enjoy sex just as much as you IF they’re with the right guy.

This is not something you have to show off – because when you have it – when your testosterone is thriving and living and moving inside you – when you know without a doubt you have a superior knowledge around a woman’s body and how to please her in every way possible – your every move and action will be felt by practically every women you meet.

Yes, even the ones you don’t want. I can’t help that and neither can you.

Go back to the step on becoming a sexy guy and read it again: 26 Traits Women Find Sexy – How To Become A Sexual Guy Despite Your Looks. I’ve found just by reading it will give your sexual confidence a boost and the energy to want to proceed.

BUT… in order to gain complete sexual confidence – you have to learn what you can about pleasing a woman’s body, understand or learn how seduction works, AND by practicing it as often as you or her see fit until you’re fully competent in this area.

Let’s be honest with you because I’ve been there before. When you’re not sure how to first kiss a woman, you’re hesitant and filled with anxiety and less likely to go for it. If you’re unsure how good you are in bed or how to enjoy sex with a beautiful woman, you’ll once again hesitate, become anxious, and probably screw it up because you’ll be so far stuck inside your head – you might not EVEN ENJOY IT! Ouch that would totally suck.

Sexual confidence is not something you can just hope to have one day. Go out and GET IT. Learn it. Experience it. Sex is a skill you CAN PRACTICE until you get right and unlike practicing how to play an instrument or something like that – it’s FUN to practice all the time.

Obviously the only thing stopping you is an available woman or women to practice and enjoy practicing it with and the LAST thing you want to happen, when you encounter the most amazing woman in your life, your potential next long-lasting girlfriend is to be less than you are perfectly capable of being, with HER. 

Give her the best possible version of yourself and be ready when it’s time to meet her. “Luck favors the prepared.” And even though I’m not a big fan of “getting lucky” – being ready when the time comes is certainly a major concern when it comes to your next girlfriend

You can find women who are open to exploring sex with you. You can learn how to have one night stands more often. You can learn how to seduce lots of different women quickly without compromising your morality.

It must be said though. Be safe! Respect ALL women and her wishes! Follow decency and never use, play, or manipulate women just because you can. Be good man! Or else…!!!!

The bad news is I can NOT teach you everything about quick lays or one-night stands or seducing women on one post alone. You could get on my list and I’ll send you or give you some pointers, but since my list isn’t centered around your sexual abilities or getting laid quick schemes, you’ll only find it partly helpful.

(Hmmmm maybe I should put a little more effort in that and if it’s something you’d like, let me know below in the comment area and I’ll work on it for you.)

The good news is that I know people who CAN help you gain this important sexual confidence so you can get right to practicing your skills in bed. Okay there are no shortages of “help” in this area. Industries have been built with the promise (and money) to make you a better man in bed. That I understand.

500 Lovemaking Tips – $27 Ebook. Written by LLoyd Lester who has written a ton of books on having great sex. Guess that makes him a sort-of expert.

Behind Closed Doors – Full product for $97. Filled with bonuses and “add-ons”. The tag ling says it all, “X-ray Vision Into Her Deepest Fantasies. Know What She Wants, Know How To Give It To Her, and Make Her Beg For More.”

One Night Stands Playbook. Speed closing, seduction techniques, and a blueprint to how to meet women and close the deal in the same might. Priced oddly, $49.95 WITH a recurring payment of $39.97 IF you don’t tick off the extra feature box. So please read it carefully so you’re not charged for something you don’t want or need.

7 Second Seduction – Learn how to seduce a woman in 7 seconds. Reading her face. Attraction triggers. Based on the psychology of the female mind. This is a full product. The current known price is $77 but that could vary so please check it out.

Same Night Romance – The “secret” formula for getting laid whenever you want. This one fits this page perfectly. Everything from sex to massages and more. This full-featured programs promises to “get you laid” and the current known price is $77. But again keep your eye on the price because that could easily change without notice.

True Confessions – Secrets of the Female Mind. Secrets of success with women revealed on camera. Hot women talking about their confessions. Another one of his fully-packed feature products again marketed at $77.

KEEP READING because below I have some FREE articles posted up and I’m going to go over the process (very lightly) of getting one night stands or casual sex.

But first let’s stay on track with the benefits of getting laid more often…

Strengthen your willpower and ability to show restraint.

Holding Back Sex Restraint Tease

How easy it for you to turn down a woman? How easy it is for you to tease a woman? How easy is it for you to make her wait just a little longer?

If you can not do any of those things – or it feels like you’re always primed for sex and you’re willing to give it away at a moments notice – this WILL come out in your interactions with women. It will make you do or say things which will inevitably hold you back from getting it AND can stop you from getting a girlfriend who already has lots of guys willing and ready to give it to her.

It sounds like the opposite, how I’m saying to “get laid” in one sentence and in another to hold back, but there’s something more to it. This is where it gets real “muddy”. This is where some women are going to hate you but in a nice sexy “you’re such a tease” sort of way.

There are (believe it or not) lots of women who will want to sleep with you, some quicker than others, and not want anything more out of you.

BUT… for that to happen she must understand and see and believe you’re not just some pig who will put his dick anywhere. Show some restraint. Have higher standards. Allow her to learn those things about you and you’ll open a world of easy casual sex.

This “benefit” does several things.

Shows you value yourself and the women you CHOOSE to have sex with assuring a certain woman you have your eye on sees that too and finds it a refreshing find over most guys women deal with who will give it away all too easily.

Secondly, and this is important in developing real relationships with women, great relationships rarely if ever start with sex.

So… never sleep with a woman quickly if you’re looking for something more with her.

Showing restraint with a potential real girlfriend is a lot easier when you’re already somewhat sexually satisfied.

Yes, I realize how this sounds. I understand some women will fight me on this one. I understand some will get so upset by the mere fact I’m telling you to enjoy casual sex with willing women (on the side) while you either make”the one” wait for it; and sometimes this will happen while you’re dating her.

Of course it doesn’t have to be that way but if it helps, make sure you’re routinely having sex so it’s not always on your mind making you do and say stupid shit and so you can turn down women you’re not that interested in AND so you can hold out with a women you’re interested in having a relationship with.

Here’s the “attitude” you must portray. This  is NOT something you would normally say though so please understand these are internal thoughts:

“Sure sex with you would be great but I can get that anywhere at anytime… So I’m going to look a little deeper before I share the experience with you because with you, I’m looking for something more.”


“You’re cute enough to tease so let’s see what you’re really made of before we continue.”

Attitudes like that work and attract women easily. They also attract women who are more well suited for a relationship. Sure you can always think it, that will help a little, BUT until you actually LIVE it – the results are just not as good.

So live it! BE that guy.

Learn restraint. Learn to tease a little. Learn to hold back sex with women when you want to explore something more.

If this one (sleeping with women on the side) doesn’t suit you or you feel like it’s not nice or whatever – then there’s an easy way to get around it – STOP having sex with other women while you’re dating you’re next girlfriend. There’s nothing wrong with that at all BUT…. make sure you’re NOT sexually frustrated while you’re dating her.

Next up on the agenda…

Advice & Tips on Interactions that Lead To Casual Sex or One Night Stands

Here are some articles I’ve posted at DiaLteG TM to help you in getting casual sex or one night stands. I will warn you, these are techniques or tactics and some of them are not approved by me. HOWEVER, as I’ve always stated, underneath all the “secret” tricks you hear about is actual solid advice in attracting women.

I’ll try to help you read between the lines (in my comments) to filter out the bad shit and then I’ll give you a quick summary of what it will take to get more casual sex.

The first one gives you a glimpse into the ever-important connecting with a woman quickly and easily. In other words – if you want casual sex quicker with a woman CONNECTING with a woman MUST happen.

Using The Fated Encounter For First Date Seduction Success

Fated Encounter Woman

The fated encounter doesn’t use “sneaky” tactics at all. It uses a proven conversational technique of linking or connecting to a woman in a certain way which builds the attraction and makes her feel more comfortable with you very early on – IF you do it right.

Use The Boyfriending Technique To Get Laid Fast

Boyfriend Girlfriend Sitting

The “boyfriend technique” also doesn’t employ any sneaky tactics. Underneath this so-called trick is learning how and when to casually and skillfully touch a woman to prepare her or make her feel more comfortable with you. WARNING: Do it wrong and you’ll come across as a weird creepy freak. Do it right and the “early touching” helps more than you might imagine.

My best advice for overcoming the touch barrier is to just make it a part of who you are. It’s natural, lots of guys who are good with women do it, and women get it instantly.

One Night Stands Secret: How Your Conversations Can Lead To Sex or Not

Sexy Conversation Woman

The one night stands secrets article has a few conversational tips about how you talk to a woman after meeting her which can either open the door to casual sex or shut it down quickly.  First, the talking about or bringing up sex issue, then the talk about who’s place you should go back to, and then her hesitations about if she should have sex with you or not.

The technique is there. It’s not awful. What Dean teaches is how you can skillfully bring up topics so that sex is sort-of already on the table. The one thing I don’t like it about his advice in this one is how he shows you how to “pretend” you’re not lying when she objects and asks if sex is all you’re looking for. He says it’s not lying because it really isn’t but you know as well as I know it’s just double speak.

My advice to this objection (her worrying and asking if it’s a one night thing and she might be wanting more) is to be completely upfront and honest with her. Some will be okay with it. Some will not. Either way do NOT promise more than you can or will deliver.

How To Get Past 3 Out of Her 5 Common Objections For A One Night Stand

Couple Woman Objecting Sex

The objections to a one night stand article gives you clear conversational examples and approaches to overcoming a woman’s common reasons for not having sex too early with you.

Hands down, this one does work but it’s not the nicest and it will ask you to possibly make shit up just to please her or trick her into bed. So be warned the techniques or talking skills in this one is not fully endorsed by me and my nice guy approach.

However – as stated above there are ALWAYS hidden attraction techniques below the advice which is IMPORTANT to know and learn. He talks about role-playing which as a flirting technique excites her and give the conversation a great sexual edge without playing games or making shit up.

One the good side (or things you need to learn or know to have more casual sex) – First – understanding and knowing and empathizing that a woman’s objections to casual sex are very real. Second, doing the best you can, without lying or bullshitting her, to overcome many of those.

Third – learning and using role-playing as a great technique to get her exciting an thinking and feeling more run with you. Fourth – Having her see you as a guy who is not about bragging or showing off AFTER you’ve had sex.

Using Her Friend As A Wingman & The Taste Test For A One Night Stand

Friend Upset Picking up Another Friend

This article covers this: When you meet two women and you are only attracted to one of them, there is a way to use her less attractive friend as your wing man. This is how you do it with your body language, your conversations, and end it all with a clever taste test to open her attractive friend to kissing you and a possible casual night of sex.

If it’s not obvious by now, the tactics used in this article are less than nice and is not the preferred method or tactics to getting casual sex. It employs what is commonly called “flipping a friend” or using their competitive drive to basically ignore the “hottie” so she’ll want you more. The “taste test” is just a lame trick to open her up for a kiss by sharing a straw. Not exactly high-end stuff there.

I can NOT and will NOT condone using any woman in the way mentioned in the last article. So if you use it – be careful. Anyways it takes a lot of practice to get it right anyways AND you’ll be relying on the attractive one getting jealous. AND you’re highly likely to break up their friendship.

The article is included for those of you who wish to try AND because I’ve tried to find a good attraction skill which may come out of it. I failed but if you have an idea, let me know in the comment section below.

Speed Closing Women With Seductive Humor, Listening and Interruptions

Guy Trying Close Talking

I actually really like this one because it brings up some very important elements of attraction and how using humor the wrong way will not lead to more nights of casual sex.

What’s covered in it: Just because you’re making her laugh does NOT mean she will sleep with you. Be a man who listens first. Use wit and humor with an attractive edge and avoid these not-so-funny mistakes in your conversations with her. Use minimal encouragers, polite interruptions, and learn the art of comedy from real comedians.

Get One Night Stands – Attractive Conversation Examples to Challenge Her

Dating Conversations Talking

The best article filled with great tips and conversational examples to challenge a woman so you create lots of attraction. Which of course is the best way to lead to more casual sex.

You’re going to learn (with real examples) how to set you up as a challenge, have her seeking her approval, using backhanded compliments, how to test her, putting her in the friends, employ her fire her technique, how to blame her for flirting with you, and more. These techniques are proven to create attraction leaving the door open for you to lead her into a one night stand or more.

How Creative Phrases Penetrates A Deeper Conversation When Approaching A Woman

Opening Her Approaching Her Great Attractive Conversations

This short article isn’t too bad but is does lack a little in the “how to” or tips areas. It only touches upon certain techniques which are good for approaches and starting conversations. It’s just not in-depth or have much to do with casual sex. It’s included here because it points to the One Night Stands Playbook.

This is what is covered from the meat description I wrote for it: Creative phrasing is a way of re-wording a question so it appears original, not made up, and gives her a good reason to answer. Thus, allowing the conversation to flow. Opening a woman, or approaching her this techniques works best. Compliment/question example. What word power is.

I actually do like the concepts or conversational ideas brought up in this one. They are great for creating attraction because they show you a little of how your conversations can be slightly altered which does create attraction and open up the flow of talking to women which is very attractive. In other words, very few guys does this and they SHOULD.

Real Notes On Seduction – Rules, Tips, REAL Advice on How To Turn On a Woman.

Hot Sexy Woman Waiting Bed You

Here’s a quick summary of what was just covered directly related to having casual sex, same night lays, one night stands, or whatever you want to call it. This is my QUICK & PERSONAL ADVICE.

Connect with her quickly and early on.

Women MUST feel connected to you on a deep sexual level. If you’re looking for sex that night from a girl you just met, the seduction process must be sped up. If you’re on a date with her my suggestion is to take her to a few places first so it feels like you’ve been on a few dates already.

Breaking the touch barrier.

If it’s not obvious, for her to feel comfortable with you enough to have sex, you must skillfully, discreetly, and naturally touch her in sensual ways while not being creepy about it. This of course is best accomplished IF you’re already the type of guy. It’s not something you can just make up as you go along for the firs time.

Honesty about what will happen after you have sex.

Women want sex. Some are more open about it. Some are not. NEVER fool a woman into believing there’s more to it and you’ll actually find dates or whatever lead to sex quicker because she knows what it’s all about. It’s not something you want to walk right up and say so be smart about it. Just don’t hide the fact that (with her) at this moment in time, sex is where it’s most likely going to end.

To avoid problems in this area – the secret is to meet, find, and directly interact with women who are looking for the same thing from you. That way you avoid long drawn out bullshit AND you can skip past the, “Will you love me in the morning?” or “Will I see you again?” talk.

In other words – IF casual sex is all you’re looking for do NOT pretend it’s something else or more just to get laid and focus on finding women however you can who are looking for the exact same thing as you. Trust me there are plenty of women who (for their own reasons) just want to get fucked and there’s NOTHING WRONG with you being that guy. So why bother messing around with lies and games!

Bringing up the topic of sex or creating a sexy or passionate atmosphere so it’s out there. Create moments which will naturally lead to a wonderful sexual experience.

Sex needs to be in the air in some way. Seduction starts with passion and romance. You will not go from chit chatting about anything to the bedroom. Use the articles about to help you introduce a sexual aura, be sexy yourself, and create an experience which  will naturally lead to sex.

Overcoming her objections to casual sex.

Understand why women just don’t give it away. Not just a little but every reason why and empathize with her reasons because they are very real to her. SEE her side. You don’t have to lie to get around them or to get past them, you only need to make her feel extremely comfortable and relaxed and hint that it’s okay AND that you get it. Don’t push harder when she resists. Pull back a little.

Role playing – flirting – having fun.

This is often a great strategy which can put her in a sexy fun flirtatious mood. Lead her on a real adventure. Take her on a journey. Get her heart racing, her mind wandering, and her body teased just enough to turn her on. You can do all this with just how you talk to her and believe me, it works wonders.

Showing her you’re not a guy who will brag or show off after you’ve had sex with her.

Women will want to know you’re not some sleeze-bag. She wants to know she can trust you. She wants to know and come to the conclusion ON HER OWN that you’re not some blow hard who uses women for other gains or to treat her like an accomplishment. The EASIEST way to do this WITHOUT having to say it (because that normally comes across bad) is to just BE THAT GUY. She’ll know it when she sees it. Women are smart and clever enough to bring out the real you.

Using the right style of humor and wit (charm) in your conversations can build attraction quickly.

The right wit and charm go a long way to seducing a woman. You’re not a clown. You’re smart, clever, charming, and your wit shines through. Women will rarely if ever allow themselves to be seduced by any less of a that guy. She’ll seduce a dumb guy BUT she won’t be seduced by one. This is where smart guys can have a real advantage. Use the right humor, wit, and charm and she’ll happily and sexually play along with you.

Listening to her and replying appropriately is a great way to lead to casual sex.

You should NOT be surprised that the best REAL listeners get laid so much easier. (I’m not talking about just nodding your head a lot although it does help.) If you can get her talking passionately with her about herself, the passion will travel from her head to her body.

Don’t be afraid to being up topics you both might not agree on. Debate a little about the right topics (or minus religion, politics, death, etc…) and argue a little. It helps to bring out her emotions (within reason) because it gets her excited and a little competitive. Use that angle to engage her mind in such a way that her body reacts sexually.

Complimenting her at the right time and in the right can make her feel good and more open to sex with you IF other things are in place.

Compliments make her feel good. She wants to know you think she’s attractive and sexy. She wants to please you just as much as you want to please her. This is part of your charm. It’s used best when you actually believe what you’re saying AND it works better if you’re not just telling her things. Avoid complimenting things every other guy already has and find some unique qualities about her you really like.

Get her blushing a little. Make her feel sexy. Make her feel like getting naked with you would be an awesome rewarding experience because you (in due time the right way) want her so badly… how she turns you on so much… how sleeping with her would be so amazing… so she feels beyond sexy enough to please YOU.

Seduction is very real and most women at certain times enjoy it and want to be seduced. 

Make being with her exciting and exhilarating for the both of you. Make it feel like it’s all just happening and it is as natural as possible.

Women know it’s not all real but that doesn’t matter. They WANT to get swept up in the moment. They want to remove themselves from their everyday life and live out any and all their sexual fantasies.

Lead her in the direction you want to go. Lead her with your words and through you body language. If your body is closed off and not comfortable or nervous jittery and filled with anxiety, so will hers. Seduction is not a cat and mouse game.

You lead the RIGHT way, she WILL follow.

Those are my very personal thoughts on seduction. If you want more and prefer my strategies, sign up below and let me know that’s the type of information you desire the most or need the most help in.

In the mean time – aside from everything covered up until now SEDUCTION, one night stands, casual sex, getting it as quick as you want or with as many women as you need to prepare you for your next girlfriend starts with YOU.

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This is not a demand or even a suggestion. This is a real OFFER and one you should not take likely IF you want to skip past all the bullshit and just start COMMUNICATING to women that you ARE more than just another guy.

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The conclusion of everything covered today:

Sexy Woman Waiting Casual Sex

There are many benefits to enjoying casual sex (or one night stands) with women you’re not interested in nothing more with as long as you’re not a lying prick to get it and they fully understand what it is.

So no bullshitting. Trust me women do this all the time too and don’t believe any woman who tells you otherwise.

If you’re not sure if you need to get laid a little first, objectify your life and ask yourself if the lack of sex is making you act less attractive, having you do or say stupid things, causing you to avoid sexual topics, or stopping you from feeling more free and open around women.

Sex should never be a goal with women especially with women you want to be your next or last girlfriend. Women are not objects and they do not like being treated that way. Trust me if all things are in place and you’re leading things that way – sex will come to you!

Understand, learn, and start to live with the fact that two different skills are required with regards to dating, attraction, and relationships.

Getting into relationships and staying in them or making them last require you to do things a little differently than you would just attracting a woman or just to get laid.

Having confidence in your ability to please a woman in bed is NOT something you can fake.

It must be experienced and practiced. (Not saying your practicing on women will be great for her so at least try to please as your increasing your abilities in bed.) Practice does not make “perfect” in bed but it’s sure fun doing and when done right, you WILL get better at it.

This confidence creates an attitude of abundance, restraint, and puts you in a high value mindset which attracts better women who naturally sense you can get sex whenever you want it – but you’re a little choosy. You’re selective. You don’t settle for less.

You’re also not hesitant about sex. It’s not a taboo topic. It’s not something you avoid talking about because you’re not getting any OR you’re worried you’ll offend a woman. It’s a natural part of life and when necessary DESERVES the attention. Don’t bring up the topic all the time or center everything around it (which you won’t if you’re getting more of it) but also don’t “skirt” around the issue out of fear.

Don’t sleep with a women too quickly when you’re qualifying her to be your next or last girlfriend (future wife).

Great relationships rarely start with quick sex. This does not mean you that you shouldn’t be physical or tease-play and flirt, this simply means hold off a little BEFORE you have sex with her. Trust me, you’ll thank me for that piece of advice later on.


I’m NOT giving you an excuse or reason to fuck women over while you’re fucking them OR to get in their pants.

That’s all on you man so if you do it, may you suffer the consequences to the fullest extent of s female’s power to make your life a living miserable hell. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

We’re done with step 10 today. Hope it’s everything and more than what you expected or got from other pages. Hope you fully understand my points and the relationship between casual sex, getting laid, and getting and keeping your next girlfriend.

If you have ANY questions or comments or suggestions, please leave them below. For more great stuff like this, go ahead and sign up below.

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