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Why And How You Might Have To “Go Get Laid” to Get A Girlfriend

She want to know you’re a guy with experience and some of that means you might have to go get laid.

She doesn’t want to feel like a conquest or a goal and this is where “getting laid” can help you overcome “urgency” and up your sexual confidence and skills.

We can get a little messed up when, as guys, we’re sexually deprived.

We can talk for hours about what it feels like the longer we go without getting laid. Just the very term “laid” itself seems to originate from guy who were not getting any and needed it badly.

STEP 10 of “11 Steps to Getting A Girlfriend” makes the boldest statement it can – You Might Have To “Go Get Laid” Before you can ever Date A Hot Girl!

This can be taken literally as go have sex now or else but for lots of us – that’s not necessary.

For me, when it DID have to happen or when it felt like it was needed first it drove me crazy not getting any.

Thinking back on it now, among the whole scheme of life outside of purely sexual adventures, perhaps not “getting any” did more good than was expected.

Aside from everything we could discuss with these matters – This step has a purpose which I feel is important to getting a hot girlfriend.

One – Acting from a place where sex is not the only goal with women.

This is about finding and getting a girlfriend and not one night stands BUT we’re also training ourselves to land that girl of our dreams and not being able to give her the best possible guy we can bring – who’s to say we’re going to be able to keep her.

Another thing is based on my experience, being with a “hotter” women will without a doubt cause other hotter women to want you too.

Ask yourself how faithful you’ll be?

How are you going to handle the competition?

Will you become obsessive or suddenly “trophy” orientated? Meaning will she become more of a possession than a real actual live woman?

Women do NOT want to feel like a conquest or a goal and a beautiful particularly “hotter” women can get it any time they want. They might not enjoy it or want it but it IS possible. You know that as well as I do.

Sex CAN be a goal and that’s for you to decide but when it comes to relationships sex must be more like a benefit and a feature from someone you enjoy getting naked with.

If this is a problem for you AND you just really want a girlfriend – get it out of your system go get laid from women who will only see you as a one night stand.

If you can’t stop yourself from using sex as the prize – go get laid by women who want to be your prize for the evening whether it takes a few non-traditional dates or not to achieve. Covered in the last step –> Throw Out The Dating Rules Book – Focus On Excitement and Fun

You can find women who are open to it. You can learn how to have one night stands more often. You can learn how to seduce lots of different women quickly without compromising your morality.

It must be said though. Be safe! Respect ALL women and her wishes! Follow decency and never use, play, or manipulate women just because you can. Be good man!

Now that we got all that out…

Two – Knowing how to please any woman no matter how much her looks are affecting you physically is a confidence you can NOT do without.

Being nervous around some women is one thing and most of them ( as long as you’re not all creepy about ) will either enjoy it a little, find it refreshingly normal, or look past it until you get over it but NOT having sexual confidence around these “hotties” will keep us far from boyfriend material.

There’s a very specific sexual attitude women fall head over heels for and this is NOT something you can fake.

You need unwavering confidence in many of your sexual abilities especially with a beautiful women.

This is not something you have to show off – because when you have it – when your testosterone is thriving and living and moving inside you – when you know without a doubt you have a superior knowledge around a woman’s body and how to please it – your every move and action will be felt by practically every women you meet.

Yes, even the ones you don’t want.

This comes naturally with the right attitude which I cover in an earlier step –> Developing A Mysterious Alpha Attitude And Attractive Personality

Three – Strengthening our willpower and ability to show restraint when every part of our body wants it so bad.

It sounds like the opposite, how I’m saying to “get laid” in one sentence and in another to hold back, but there’s something more to it.

This is where it gets real “muddy”.

This is where some women are going to hate you.

This is where you’re going to enjoy casual sex with nothing more ever in mind.

The cool part about three is – there are women who will want to sleep with you and probably not want much more than that.

It’s important for you learn to separate those from the others or you’re going to emotionally hurt some of them. I hope you don’t want that because I certainly don’t.

For example – I’ve slept with several women who are now married. When we “happened” they knew I was not  into a relationship thing but they also knew I wasn’t a pig who was looking to stick my dick in just any woman.

I feel that’s the difference and why three can be so helpful.

Not only are we learning to be respectful of women and yourself, we’re learning NOT to give it away to anyone but you’re also ready to take that next step…

Casual sex with quality women who may not be ready for a relationship. The girls who understands that’s not your goal, and knows it’s just a sharing a good time.

This may go without saying but – NO lying. NO cheating. NO manipulation.

That is not going to help you or her and you’re only going to open up a lot of drama in your life. You’ll find dealing with the “bull” that comes along with it will stop you in your tracks.

You’ll be stuck dealing with problems and have little time to actually get that hot girlfriend you’ve always wanted.

The importance of three must not be under-played of thrown to the side and there’s a good reason for it.

NEVER sleep with a woman too early if you’re looking for a real and fulfilling relationship.

Great relationships rarely ever start with sex first.

So make sure you’re getting some to help you restrain from the “girlfriend potential” ones longer BUT remember being sexual plays a part – don’t treat a potential girlfriend completely different from a possible one night stand, just don’t give it or have it with the one you plan on being in a relationship with.

It’s not a fine line and this is important – BE exactly the same dude for both types of women.

Now let’s go back to number one…

Acting without a specific sexual goal in mind.

Assume this – if she’s that hot – and if she feels and sees you’re a sexual man with sexual options AND you act responsible, maturely within your masculine self – She’s going to assume you DO want sex and probably from her.

The cool part about all of it is – She doesn’t care!

No matter what she claims or says about it. Get it out of your head that you’re going to hide that fact.

You don’t have to declare it to her in your first meeting or feel you have to bring it up. Trust me it’s already there and if you try to avoid it with her or pretend it doesn’t exist she will assume you’re just like every other guy who failed with her.

That’s a big secret about women and unfortunately most men miss or are afraid of for some reason.

This – number one – is your unmentioned statement. Something to hold you up or a way to successfully act,

“Sure sex with you would be great but I can get that anywhere at anytime… Butr I’m going to look a little deeper before I share the experience.”

And in your cocky little mostly silent voice,

“You’re cute enough to tease so let’s see what you’re really made of before I allow YOU that privilege.”

Back to number 2…

Number two – Confidence in your sexual abilities.

All your abilities.

Whether it’s nibbling on her neck or knowing when to hold back and when to thrust forward.

Knowing how to make every available inch of a woman’s body shake from being excited. Not leaving one sexual goose bump on her her un-aroused.

The one thing I know about “hotter” women is  – If you can prove to them you have incredible skills in bed without having to say it, mention it, brag about it, and you can deliver to her an “aura” of experience sexually – her desires become for all practical reasons – uncontrollable!

A quick point here is what if she likes to control it. That’s part of the excitement of it all. It’s part of her sexual urges which differs from you and other guys.

BUT she always wants to feel, to fully enjoy a sexual experience, like she’s right at the edge of losing control.

And who best to give her those feelings than you.

Number two is not about being overly confident – it’s about knowledge, skill, and experience.

Which is just another reason “getting laid” can help you practice your skills early on to make sure you’re ready.

  • Having the knowledge of a woman’s body will show you how incredible women are. How each part of them is connected. How she’s not just a brain or a body. She’s a human being and every part of her is necessary to survive.
  • Learning or attaining the skill to fully release her desires and then using those same skills to (sort of) hold them back from her just enough.
  • Gaining experience, failures or successes, is probably the most enjoyable practice anyone can enjoy.

Bring those to the table and I guarantee you’ll never ever have to say it because…

Women WILL sense it.

At least those who are in touch with themselves enough to allow it.

You will find women who are not completely sure what’s going on and this can come out in strange ways like anger, hatred, overly nurturing, subdued and shy. Let’s save that lesson for another time.

There are endless resources to help any guy go and “get laid” or one night stands or seduction or sexual awareness…

*500 Lovemaking Tips – by Michael Webb – This would be for guys who for one don’t have too much trouble just “getting laid” and is designed to help you become better at Love making. For those of you who want to become a woman’s perfect lover try this instead –> Virtuoso Lover, that will cover everything to help you become a master in the bed.

*John Alexander wrote a piece titled How To Become Her Greatest Lover. It’s not only a great add-on package to help you with your sex life, it’s also a part of John’s How To Become An Alpha Male which can give you opportunities to get laid a lot of easier.

*This little lady, Michelle Penney can teach you how to kiss. Women love great kissers and learning the skill can definitely help you with your confidence before that nervous first kiss AND turning a woman on with your lips can vastly increase your chances of getting more. It’s called Your Complete Guide To Kissing Tips and Techniques – Kissing 101.

*David Wygant, is well-known for teaching guys the right way to seduce a woman. He’s ethical, moral driven, and knows how to treat women with the kind of respect and interaction which makes the seduction process easily happen. Everything you’ll learn from David from 7 Second Seduction to his brand new and already popular First Date Seduction are solid pieces with the right advice. From start to finish his methods are consistent and start from an Alpha Male core fearless belief system which is one reason it works well for any guy who wants to enjoy more sex with lots of women.

*This next one is definitely controversial and may borderline on the edge of whats right and what’s wrong but you can decide that for yourself. It’s called Unlock Her Legs – The promos are great. The technique is solid. Only those of you who are willing to watch an over-the-edge r-rated video should click on that link. It’s based on something known as the scrambler and uses a woman instinctual responses to have her chasing you and wanting to sleep with you very quickly.

*Dean Cortez, with the help of many one night stand gurus put together this package to show any guy how to get more One Night Stands. It covers everything and up to speed closing, seduction techniques, and a blueprint to how to meet women and close the deal in the same might.

*This one’s designed around exactly what this page or step in getting a hot girlfriend is meant to do. Watch this first –> 25 Minute Webinar on Freaky Chics. No sign ups are required. It contains: Sexual power and Confidence with women and how regular confidence is different. Hot women are NOT going to approach you for sex – it’s YOUR job. Closing the deal with women. The free video alone will solidify or back up why I believe this step of getting laid is so important.

*These are the Seven Principles of Seduction and there’s no better way to get started seducing women so you’ll never have to worry about getting laid again. You can also try a more advanced course titled The Seduction Method Both are written and backed up by one of the best guys to show you how to become and Alpha MaleCarlos Xuma.

*3 Second Attraction is a little something about how you talk to women to make them feel quickly attracted to you. The idea is based on a technique designed to get women to sleep with you quickly by actually talking less. Following the 3 Second attraction guidelines will help you pick up women in all areas and centers around having sex quicker which is why it’s included on this page.

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