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Refine Your Look, Style – How To Take Care Of The Details Women Notice

Don’t disqualify yourself to getting a girlfriend but showing her you don’t car about how you look or present yourself.

Step 1 in “11 Steps on How To Get A Girlfriend is more than just about refining your look, it’s about taking care of the details women DO notice and unfortunately may judge or instantly disqualify you because of it.

This is also about proving your commitment to every step that follows and it’s about redefining yourself to the world physically.

Doing this step will not only increase your confidence it will also get you noticed by attractive or “hotter” women where they may have overlooked you in the past.

But yes… this is more than just making sure you take care of the details… this is ABOUT YOU.

“When you value yourself enough to care about your appearance, women will assume you are a man with high values.”

How you feel about yourself. How much attention to detail you place on yourself.

It’s about making you feel better and more confident.

It’s also going to raise your self-esteem a little which is always a good thing when you’re looking to land a very hot high-quality girlfriend.

When a woman sees a guy whose attention to the details is impeccable, of course there may be some physical attraction created, but if you’re kind of average looking something else magical happens which goes beyond the physical attraction and is felt deeper by women…

It tells her instantly that you have your life handled in such a way you’re ready, capable, and smart enough to have a significant other in your life.

Yes, it’s true – you become instant BOYFRIEND material when she sees a guy who can take care of himself. It makes a bold statement.

Sure, some women may think or tease you about it, “Awww you’re such a pretty boy.” or tell you that you care too much about your looks, but most of the time she’s saying it or making fun of you because she’s teasing you – she’s FLIRTING with you and testing you at the same time to see how comfortable you are in your own skin.

Take a guy who offends easily and chances are he’s only looking that way because he’s hiding something bad underneath or he’s a little too much into himself, well  testing you, she’s trying to figure that out as quickly and easily as she can who you really are and it’s because she’s INTERESTED IN YOU.

Taking care of the details is not just about women noticing you and showing her you’ve got things covered on your end, it’s also about:

  • Making you feel good about yourself. Inside and out.
  • Showing yourself you ARE important. Your life does matter to you.
  • Having a high value in yourself and the life you live.
  • Proving to yourself can maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Believing in yourself and wanting  to project to the world your happiness so the people around you also feel better about themselves.

Those reasons about are more important than having women check you out. It will matter more in the end.

It will make a difference in your life everyday AND just so you know, happier, healthier, higher self-esteem guys with real confidence are the  guys who have an unlimited choices when it comes to women.

Do NOT skip this step. It’s way too important!

One word of warning – extremes should be avoided. Just like you wouldn’t leave your house without a shower for a week or nose hairs flying out like streamers when you talk – don’t go in the other direction. Details, yes, BUT you don’t have to make it your life goal or take two hours to just go out for a quick snack. Sure you want to be ready when you happen to meet your next girlfriend, just keep it all in perspective and do not let this step take over your life.

Go through the list and be honest with yourself about what you may need some help in fixing or “detailing”.

You might only have to work on a few areas and some of you might need a major overhaul.

Some of them are pretty basic and you could probably think of them yourself. They are here because I want you to use this list as a checklist:

Make sure you can check off all the items on the list so you don’t miss a thing.

Here are MOST of the key elements on what women notice on guys they find attractive.

Woman Looking Details Notice

These are covered in more detail as part of my Nice Guys Approach To Attraction which you’ll find at DiaLteG TM:

“The very first moment ANY woman sets her eyes on you is your ONE chance to leave her wanting more. Looks and appearance do matter when it comes to women noticing you. Just probably not in the same way that it feels to you.”

Great First Impressions – Details On How You Look and Your Appearance


A good clean-cut look works best and make sure a woman matches your face up. Women generally prefer a clean-shaven face but if you insist on facial hair – give it a defined shape which matches your bone structure.

Just trimming a beard doesn’t work. It must match the features on your face.


Trimmed and clean. No jagged edges and fairly short. If you’re having a problem with color and feel take a look at your diet and lifestyle.

Nails are a good indicator of health and diet.


Soft smooth and shaved. Find a manly lotion. I use a coconut butter right after a shower. Rub it in your skin from the bottom up.

This will help it to deepen inside your pores. Again your health and diet will affect your skin.


Layered and lose fit works best. Learn to use color correctly and you can make a huge impact. For some great tips pay attention to how guys are dressed in popular sitcoms.

Even if they’re the geekiest guys they’re not dressing themselves.

Fashion artists pick out all there clothes for them and their personality.


Whatever your style is make sure your shoes match. Maintain their shape and keep them clean and up to date.

Dirty old sneakers don’t work so get rid of them unless you’re using them to mow the lawn.

A good tip here is to have several pairs so you can keep your “going out” shoes in great shape.


Bracelets, watches, necklaces, and even some tattoos work great. Stay away from being loud and obnoxious with them.

Consider them “background material” or something just to catch her eye.

Trust me the right accessory gets women to notice you – especially the better looking ones.

If you have some cool tattoos makes sure you’re not hiding them or even talking about them. Let her mention them first.

You’ve probably already noticed how well they work in getting a woman’s attention.

Glasses or Contacts

Switch it up and see what works better. If you’ve always worn contacts try out some modern glasses. If you’re always hiding behind glasses try out some contacts.

The whole point is to start feeling a little different. Switch on and off on some dates is a good thing because she will notice.

Also notice how some glasses will make your eyes look weird and distorted. If you prefer glass tell the person selling you them you want the lenses which do as little distorting and glare as possible.

Remember – for all intensive purposes your eyes is one of the first thing ALL women look at so make sure you’re covered here.

Work out a little or maintain some sort of safe physical exercise routine.

You don’t have to go all out trying to look like some buffed up dude.

In fact the purpose is to work on your stamina, which will help you in bed, and increase your confidence, mood, and overall healthy appearance.

I use two routines myself – The Man Diet ( A testosterone increasing diet – great for attracting women ) and The Walking Code (An exercise routine for free body movement and attracting women instantly.)

Work out properly and you’ll actually become a more positive person. You’ll feel more energized and more in touch with what is happening around you.

Here another post I wrote to explain why exercise is so important:

Do It For Yourself & Create Accidental Attraction – Be Healthy – Get Fit

Your Body Language.

Steady. Smooth. Quiet movements. Very open and relaxed.

No fidgeting or jerky walks.

Maintain your own pace.

Every move you make must serve a purpose and it must feel like you’re doing everything with reason. So if there’s no reason – don’t do it.

This is an important tough tip because I guarantee you’ll never see a hot women with any guy who does not have amazing and alpha body language.

Like above, for those of you who want to explore this area in more detail, please read through a great page I wrote titled:

Body Language IS Communication.

You’ll get more than just a few tips there.

Your Smile.

Women love a smile on a guy for more reasons than you can ever imagine. This does mean getting a good dentist. Keeping them naturally white and it also means relaxing your facial muscles and lips so you can gain a naturally inviting smile.

No faking no matter how self-conscious you might feel about this area.

My trick is I spent some time watching my laugh. I use a baking soda toothpaste. I have two cleanings a year. I also use an electric toothbrush, proxabrush, dental floss, and brush my tongue a few times a day.

I also am always found with gum or something to freshen my breath.

My very personal thoughts should not be taken lightly – women love a great smile on a guy. It can literally give her goosebumps when she sees it.

If I can do it, and I have a huge gap between my front two teeth… so can you!

When I tried to hide it or fake it proved more harmful. When I got past it I actually started to get some real compliments on my smile. ( Something the younger guy in me would never have believed possible. )

This won’t land you a hot girlfriend alone – but it can STOP you from ever getting one if not taken care of.

Your Vocal Inflections.


You can literally seduce a woman with your words and how you talk so do not over look this area at all.

You want a naturally deep voice if possible.

Slow it down and use your words sparingly. Use “acting” inflections to tell a story because it can make even the lamest ones seem that more exciting and powerful.

Pause once in a while. Draw your listener in.

Never let you or the person you’re talking to rush you.

Avoid mumbling or speak too softly. It projects weakness and a lack of confidence in yourself.

Don’t be a “loud Howard” but make sure you can be heard.

Again as I mentioned above you can watch the guys on sitcoms who are portrayed as being good with women.

Notice the soft eye contact when they’re talking to a woman and how they’re enunciation is perfect. Keep it realistic though so don’t overdo like you’re a stage actor. It’s too fake sounding.

At first it WILL feel strange but after a little practice you’ll notice how easily you can draw ANY woman in with your voice alone.

Here’s something I wrote at Nice Guy Approach to help you with your voice:

Here’s How To Make Your Voice Attractive & More Memorable To Women

“No matter how big or small you are, how much you make, or what you do, HOW you project your voice or use it to create attraction is something practically every guy can learn.”

We’ve covered most of the basics here.

These are the ones women tend to notice first and are easily attracted to.

These will help us attract a girlfriend not only by sight, but through our words, and the value we put in the details of our life.

Something ALL quality women look for in a man.

You do NOT have to go all out here. In fact some women don’t prefer men who are better looking than them. They WANT to be the slightly more attractive one. Generally speaking of course.

If all this completely scares you never forget these details:

  • You want women to believe and see you’re capable of knowing how to make yourself look good.
  • You want women to believe and see you care about yourself and your life.
  • You want women to see how much value you have in yourself and the work you’re willing to do to maintain yourself.
  • You want to get your foot in “her” door and keep it there. A great FIRST IMPRESSION goes a long way.
  • You do not want to be ruled out instantly because you didn’t take the time to care about the little things that ALL girlfriend material women do NOTICE.

Before you go on thinking I’m asking you to make yourself into some pretty boy – think again.

A new look not only does ALL the things I mentioned above but sets the tone and the attitude needed to move on to the next steps.

“REALITY CHECK: NOT all women need their man to have impossibly good looks to feel attracted to them.”

Tips For Getting And Keeping The Body Women Love

It may only be a small boost of confidence but even a little can drive you all the way to success. Trust me, all this become much easier to maintain than it does to start.

Each and everyday you’ll find yourself getting in the habits needed to keep and constantly refine your look and it then becomes something you WANT to do and expect from yourself.

It just starts to feel that good.

It will come down to how you feel about yourself…

The better you like the way you look, talk, move, smile, and dress you WILL understand how all these subtle changes make a huge difference in getting a girlfriend…

*Any question, comments, or add-ons to the list above please by all means I want to hear them. So don’t forget to leave your opinions below.

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