How To Get Rid of Your Public Fears – No More Social Anxiety or Being Shy

Overcoming Shyness, Social Anxiety, and Public Anxiousness By Going Through Limited Belief Exercises

Hello and thank you on your readiness and want to eliminate your limited beliefs and improving many aspects of your life.

Today's main topic centers around shyness, social awkwardness, and public anxiety.

My name is Peter White – I'm the owner and writer of DiaLteG TM and my story may be similar to yours.

I must tell you I am FAR from an expert on overcoming shyness but I think I can help you and get you headed in the right direction.

I was very shy growing up and it certainly affected my life in one way or another, all probably not good.

My first way around it, which was NOT a solution, was do what so many other “famous” people have done – find an outlet to show myself off to the public which gave me an excuse, or a fall back to remain shy on the sidelines.

Jimi Hendrix, and others like him were my inspiration. They were famous musicians who suffered from extreme shyness off the stage.

I started my music career at the age of five and since I felt I had the balls to perform in front of small and sometimes very large stages – it EXCUSED me from my social awkwardness and shyness.

In other words, it gave me a (supposedly) valid reason to avoid the social scenes, specifically around women – avoid fixing my shyness, and made me feel better about myself and the fears I felt made me suffer inside.

But like I said – it was NOT a solution and if you dig deep into many of those famous men and women who suffer from social anxiety, it didn't solve their problems either – because they eventually turned to drugs and alcohol which eventually killed them off.

My shyness was eventually overcome by what some would call the “easy” way and the “hard” way.

This means I took MAJOR steps to build my knowledge, my confidence, and took it entirely on myself to face EVERY fear I carried along with me.

I was a complete and utter failure with women, fixing that was more important to me, which meant coming out of my shell and interacting with WOMEN as much as possible.

The EASY way was to focus all my efforts on attracting lots of women. It was a much-needed distraction.

The HARD way, and it's what most avoid doing, to make sure EVERYDAY I put myself in any circumstance or position which FORCED me to face these long-held fears.

Yes – EVERY fear.

From meeting to talking to kissing to making my moves to even leaving a comfy job to travel the world on nothing more than I could ever think I could afford.

When I rewind my clock and see the steps I took, it's very clear that ANYBODY can do the same as I stumbled upon accidentally.

I gathered knowledge, insights, and perspectives which alluded me before.

I used that to build my confidence and strengthen my character in a way which was fluid and easily changed as I saw fit.

I, as stated above, FORCED myself to face ALL of my fears, even if they had nothing to do with women and it made me stronger and resourceful and courageous too.

While all this was going on – I RE-FRAMED many of my beliefs that were holding me back. I kept digging and digging, writing them all down, working through them one at a time until my MINDSET changed and altered my life, for the better... forever!

Told you – it was easy and hard at the same time BUT if you're anxious to overcome it all, and fix this women thing too – it's an unbeatable plan...

BUT YOU have to do the work.

I'm not here to hold you hand. I can offer support and outside help. I can get you headed in the right direction.

However, ultimately, you have to stand on your own – tall and proud of your accomplishments, small and big, that you achieved along the way.

Chances are, you picked this book up, or came here today -  as it relates to women and that's okay.

This WILL help.

Use the steps I went through and you'll see and get rather quick results.

This book only centers on getting you past and eliminating many of your limited beliefs which are keeping you in this shy, anxious, and social awkwardness state.

I'll suggest a major overhaul program you can buy to solidify and strengthen your inner game with women and in life at the end – so keep your eyes out for it and PLEASE...

Don't let your Ego and strong masculine beliefs hold you back from digging deep into your mind and letting it all out OR your results will be small, if not ineffectual in your life.

Now let's get right to it...

What IS a Limited Belief in real-world terms?

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This is from Chapter Five: How To Get Rid of Your Public Fears - No More Social Anxiety or Being Shy

Limited beliefs represent some of the more major obstacles to overcoming many obstacles in one's life - and this includes finding and attracting the perfect woman for you.

Shyness and social anxieties are often roadblocks to developing attraction techniques and skills because, obviously, if you struggle interacting with women - you'll struggle getting dates and so much more.

This chapter takes a well-known template and shows you how to use the exercise to eliminate the limited beliefs which are holding you back in many situations - more specifically - socially and the anxiety you might feel talking and interacting with women.

  • You'll learn how to change your negative mindset which will open up lots of helpful opportunities for you.
  • Learn how good luck can be actually granted to on a regular basis, and get the courage and confidence to take advantage of them too.
  • Get specific shyness and anxious moments you suffer through and how to retrain your brain to eliminate many of your fears.
  • Figure out where those fears come from, why, and how to delete them from you present - so they never affect you negatively again.
  • How the limited belief template and exercise works in a step by step format which is easy to follow for any topic you choose.

The definition is borrowed from two sources: Meg James and her limited belief template she created, and the works of Byron Katie.

You can find many of Byron Katie's material on Amazon and you can find Meg James limited belief template here on squarespace.

“Limiting beliefs are a collection of opinions of ourselves and others that constrain us in some way.

The stronger the belief, the more evidence we seem to find to support them, despite the fact that the vast majority of limiting beliefs are simply untrue.

Such beliefs are formed unconsciously based on our life experiences, and are most often misinterpretations of past events.

We cement these beliefs in our minds through repeated thoughts once we have decided that the opinions must be true.

The challenge is that holding on to limiting beliefs prevent us from taking action.

Working through your limiting beliefs can have a profoundly positive impact on your self-worth, confidence and personal empowerment.”

You'll learn how to VALIDATE and STRENGTHEN the positive emotions you feel everyday and how to replace the often crushing fears you experience everyday - which are holding you back from success in life, and with attracting women too.

Finally - there IS a way to overcome all your fears, anxieties, and social anxiousness you suffer through everyday...

AND how to use these new mindsets and attitude to date any woman you desire - especially the perfect one for you!

Within your starter chapter you WILL learn EXACTLY what must happen and how you must make a woman feel - BEFORE she will EVER feel attracted to you... plus:

  • How to get a hot girlfriend.
  • Passing all her tests & challenging women.
  • Avoiding rejection & overcoming social anxieties.
  • Approaching, meeting, & dating is all covered.
  • The COMPLETE Nice guys guide to attracting women.
  • 14 expert bonuses from flirting to getting women horny.

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Dave here I like the way you communicate, it makes me think. I am what I call a thinker, meaning I am always consciously thinking about something, usually a project or a future project how to proceed about things. But for some reason I never put it use in my social life probably because I was raised to believe only “sluts” want sex and who wants a slut, right? Right now she is looking pretty good. LOL anyway You make me think in ways I haven’t before and it is making me feel better about many things I just wanted to say I am glad I accidentally ran across your site and to say Thank You and keep up the good work. If you want to feel free to use this letter.
Thank You again your awesome and your teachings are also, Dave Allen

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