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Getting and Having Superpowers With Women

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My name is Scot McKay, and in this audio program we're going to be dealing with the topic that I have collectively titled

“How To Have Superpowers With Women”.

Now you don’t hear me talk about what's known as outer game much. There's a very good reason for this, and that reason is because I don’t believe it should be prioritized over inner game and true authentic manhood.

But usually, especially when you're talking about what the Seduction Community is producing, it very often is prioritized over those more important things.

It's really easy to depend on the song and dance of routines, canned openers, peacocking and the like; all in the utter absence of any true substance -- you know, the stuff that going to make her attracted to the real you and keep her attracted.

Now, that’s not to say that outer game isn’t important because it is.

It absolutely is and what we're going to do in this audio program is define exactly the most effective types of outer game and place them in the correct context that’s really going to work for you, that contexts of course is the “Big Four”.

The “Big Four” are being a confident man, being a masculine man, being a man of high character — meaning, of course, that you're going to do what you say you're going to do and you're going to do the right thing even when nobody is looking — and, of course, the ability to inspire confidence in a woman, the ability to make her feel safe and protected.

The Big Four Factors That Attract Women To A Certain Man

That’s what’s going to make her really attracted to you.

What we're going to talk about here is going to amplify the “Big Four”, the kind of outer game that’s going to really drive home the fact that you're the kind of man you want to be and the kind of man that’s going to attract women.

And it's going to do that, it's going to amplify your authentic genuine manhood rather than serve as a cheap imitation of it.

That’s the real kicker here.

The question you always have to ask yourself is,

“Does your outer game underscore your authentic attractiveness or is it just an attempt to make up for the lack thereof?”

Ultimately, you see, you're not trying to impress women with outer game.

You're simple amplifying the impression you’ve already made to enchant and enthrall a woman.

You're welcoming a woman who may already be attracted to you into a special powerful and delightful corner of your reality that she just didn’t know about yet.

You're demonstrating the ability to have a handle on a situation in a way she never expected.

You're going from good to amazing right before her very eyes. T

hat’s what I mean by having superpowers with women.

You blow her away in a matter they don’t expect.

They tell you, “You're amazing!”

So, at the baseline let’s talk about what’s not superpower.

First of all, if you're trying to trick women into liking you -- if you're at a bar orclub and you're trying to get a woman to believe that you're something you’re not.

If you're claiming to be a doctor, if you're claiming that you slept with her last week and she just forgot about it, something like that -- anything that’s a trickery type of thing.

Using NLP technology to your advantage to try to manipulate someone.

That is not a superpower.

Anything that classifies as a “Jedi mind trick”, anything that really relays on hypnosis to put women in a trance or something like that… I'm not going to term that, superpowers.

Now, other people may disagree.

Some other people may actually believe that’s exactly what the superpowers are.

But like I said, my view of effective use for outer game is very different than what you're going to find elsewhere in the Seduction Community.

And frankly, I think the authenticity in combination with being a truly amazing man and the ways that I'm about to teach you are what really is going to make a woman stop and take notice, and take you from the good to amazing category.

You need not force the issue when you are fully confident that your genuine self is enough to carry attraction.

From there, all we're talking about here in terms of creating this superpower image in a woman’s mind is all legit. You're not faking anything.

Why is this important?

Well, because it gives you status.

It gives you an impression in a woman’s mind of having things handled.

It gives her an impression that you’ve got to plan, bringing a sense of sudden adventure and playfulness... inspiring a woman’s confidence that you could probably do anything.

You’ve got this whole, incredible treasure trove of abilities and knowledge that she just never knew about and it’s seemingly endless.

And it's how you handle yourself.

It's how you carry yourself.

It's how you deal with the knowledge and abilities that you have that’s going to convey to a woman that you really do have these superpowers we're talking about.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s talk about magic for a second.

Yes, I'm talking about magic -- just like made famous by Mystery and the Mystery Method.

You would probably never guess in a million years that I'm going to tell you that it's incredibly useful to have a couple of great magic tricks in your repertoire.


Because you don’t hear me talking like a pick-up artist who depends on magic to attract women.

I don’t depend on magic to attract women.

I depend on authenticity and character and the “Big Four” to attract women.

But if you can create that attraction and layer on top of that the ability to pull a couple rabbits out of the hat (figuratively speaking) here and there, it's really going to make a good solid impression on a woman.

Let me tell you what I mean.

If you're sitting at table with a woman, okay?

And all of the sudden, you say, “Hey, I have something I want to show you.”

And you do a trick for her that I call “the glass with a table trick”, you're just going to entertain and you're going to amaze her.

Now, the execution of the trick is actually rather simple, so why don’t I just share it with you.

What you would want to do is you would want to go to a restaurant that has booths and park yourself in a booth.

Make sure they have also cloth napkins.

What you do is you take a quarter out of your pocket and you put it on the table and say, “I'm going to make this quarter disappear.”

And you pick up one of the water glasses that’s empty, and you take a cloth napkin and you wrap it around the water glass. So, the water glass is completely covered by the napkin.

Then what you do is you say, “All right, watch this very carefully. You see that quarter?”

And she’ll go, “Yes.” And then what you do is you take the wrapped glass and you put it over the quarter.

And you go, “Okay, I need a couple magic words here.” And you ask her for a magic word.

She’ll probably say, “Abracadabra, Hocus Pocus.”

And then you go, “All right... abracadabra.” Or, you can actually do the old Bugs Bunny cartoon trick and go, “AbracaPocus” and then you kind the wave your hand over it and you lift it up and... the quarter is still there.

And then you go, “Wow, I just have no idea how in the world this didn’t work. I think we ought to try it again.”

So what you do is you say, “Okay, this time I want you to come up with a really, really, good magic word for me.”

And then you put the glass over the quarter.

And then, of course, you get it wrong or it doesn’t work or something like that because you pull it up and... you're really frustrated, there's the quarter again.

So, what you do is you kind of pull the glass back toward yourself and you start thinking about what you're going to do.

And, of course, like most other magic tricks the whole point is to do divert her attention while you're doing something.

So, you make eye contract with her, you furrow your eyebrows and you say,

“Wow... you know that was really supposed to work. I have no idea what to do now.”

And you start thinking.

And while you're telling her that, what you’ve done is you’ve kind of drawn the glass back toward yourself, so it's kind of over your lap instead of over the table.

And what you do is you kind of close your legs together and you drop the glass into your lap by lessening the grip on the napkin ever so slightly.

You’re going to make sure that the shape of the napkin remains, right?

And then you train your hand to hold it like that and then what you do is go,

“All right, well you know what? I think it's time for a change of plans.”

And she goes, “What are you talking about?” And what you do is, you say, “I've got one more try here.” And then you take the napkin and you put it over the quarter, right?

This time there's no glass in it, and you’ve got the glass resting on your lap, of course.

So what you say to her is,

“You know, I just don’t think this trick is going to work. It's time for ‘Plan B’. So why don’t I do something else?”

And then in one fell swoop, what you do is you reach very, very smoothly into your lap, grab the glass as you continue to move your hand under the table as if you're positioning it for something.

Then you look her in the eye and go, “Watch this” while you take your hand and move it from the side of the napkin very quickly and softly to the top of the napkin.

And say,

“Why don’t I just push the glass through the table like this?”

And act like there's some resistance on the napkin and just go, “Rrr-ah!” and push it down.

And then act like you caught it from underneath the table, and of course the glass is already in your right hand and you produce it.

Then you lift the napkin and the quarter is still there and she goes, “How in the world did you do that?”

And, of course, you should never tell her.

In fact it's a great opportunity for banter, like “What's in it for me?” and so forth.

Women love when guy has very real power.

They love a guy who can intrigue them and have some mystery about him.

That is what I mean by having superpowers.

They love a man who has control over the moment, who can enthrall her.

They love a man who has physical control to be able to pull off a magic trick like that.

It doesn’t matter which magic tricks you have.

The one I just mentioned to you is a great one, but you can go on the Net and learn a few of them here or there, and then you can actually practice them until you’re pretty proficient -- proficient enough to be able to do them in front of a woman when the time is right.

And you’ll have a very, very good way to go from good to amazing with women.'

Card tricks also.

You can learn several online, like I said.

They are super easy. In fact, if you learn card tricks that have the element of turning over the next card and having it be her card, you can always say,

“Hey look, you know what? I bet you the next card that I turn over is yours.”

And then what you do is, you’ve already thrown a few cards and you’ve seen her card come up.

So with your finger on the next card on the deck -- so it looks like you're going to throw it -- what you do is you get her agreement, and then you reach over to a card that’s hers--that’s already facing up -- you turn it over.

And that’s the end of that trick.

That’s always a great way to banter with a woman and a great way to use this particular superpower. There are a lot of tricks that have that twist.

There’s another one with five cards and you take the five cards and stick ‘em into her loosely-formed fist.

And then you hit the five cards and the one on the bottom is always her card... and you can manipulate that trick too. All kinds of fun ways to work with cards.

And, of course, cards are ubiquitous in the society.

So, knowing how to work with cards -- even being able to shuffle cards effectively, you know, have a neat Vegas way to shuffle cards -- is a great skill to have.

And I'm going to talk more later about skills that are pretty much ubiquitous in society, yet that nobody really knows how to do well.

And those are great ways to have superpowers in front of women.

Now, a lot of times you’ll her talk about things like palm reading and astrology, along with things like magic tricks.

But you know what?

I'm not going to recommend those because their authenticity to me is questionable.

Now, if you're firmly convinced in the authenticity of astrology or palm reading then go for it. I'm not going to stop you from it.

My favorite thing to do with astrology, incidentally though, is to find a woman who believes in both the Chinese zodiac and the normal regular zodiac and challenge her how people who are born in September are all alike and then people who are all born in the same year are also all alike.

That’s always kind of worth a couple of laughs.

But I think there's a better ways to actually have real superpowers and that’s by focusing on things that you can learn to amaze women with that actually have real authentic value and that have been scientifically proven, at least to some degree.

Sometimes, this is rather a fine line.

A great example that comes to mind here is the art of Asian face reading versus the art of semiotics.

Some people believe that you can read someone’s face and find out their personality just because of the structure of their face, and how they make facial expressions, and so forth and find out a lot of deep things about them.

And certainly Asian face reading is going to completely intrigue the heck out of any woman who hears you work one of those readings.

But general semiotics is all about learning very minute pieces of body language and what they mean and how people are reacting to certain things.

Like an example of that would be when someone looks up and to their weak side, they're lying.

That’s semiotics... versus Asian face reading which would say, “You know, if someone has a forehead that furrows this certain way that means they're this type of person.”

A great example that I think has a lot of verisimilitude is handwriting analysis.

This is incredibly powerful, you can get a woman to write something like her name or a sentence -- the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’s back --and then you can do a read on her and tell her all about her personality... and it's amazingly accurate.

The master of this is a guy named Bart Baggett, and if you want to learn more about what he does go to amazon or search for him on google and he’s got something there that’s called the Grapho-Deck.

Now, Bart is a friend of mine and [laughs] he’s quite a character.

He’s actually got this deck of cards that has 51, I think, different ways to read somebody’s handwriting. In other words, what does it mean when they cross their T’s a little too high or too low... and you can really get the hang of this very quickly with this Grapho-Deck and use it to your advantage with you're with women.

And women love this stuff.

So semiotics, magic, handwriting analysis--all those are great ways to create real mystery and intrigue.

And it can happen right at the table with women. And you're not being inauthentic in anyway... you're being yourself.

You're pulling out little skills that you have that take things to a little bit higher level in terms of letting a woman know that you can have control over a situation, that you're a leader, and that you have things handled.

Now, any stupid human trick that’s not gross or creepy also counts in terms of being able to have superpowers with women, okay?

Burping the alphabet, or snorting spaghetti through your nose and coughing it out your mouth, for example, don’t count.

Those would be gross or creepy.

But make a list of what it is that you can uniquely do. And it doesn’t matter how small or silly they are... and if you to need to practice a few of this skills, do it.

You’d be shocked at how many really cool things take only an hour or so to learn, and yet are things that practically nobody takes the time to ever learn how to do.

By now, you're probably wondering what some examples of these are.

I've got some great ones for you.

These are a few of them that are from my own personal repertoire of things I know how to do.

The first is Paddle Ball. You know, you go to a Toy’s “R” Us and you buy that silly ping-pong paddle for 59 cents or whatever that has a rubber band with a ball at the end.

Have you ever met anybody who really knows how to do one of those?

Well it takes about an hour to learn.

What you do is get a paddle ball, you take the staple out, you shorten the rubber band a little bit, and what you do is you re-staple the rubber band closer to the base of the paddle where it starts to meet the handle.

That makes it easier to practice and then you can learn how to do that.

And if you can pull out a paddle ball and do it --- right at the right moment --- it’s just going to be the funniest thing anybody has ever seen... and nobody else knows how to do it.

Catching coins off your elbow. You know, where you make a little stack of coins on your elbow (like nickels) and then—whoosh! -- you catch them all…takes about an hour to learn.

Spinning things on your finger.

Now, flat things are easier to spin than round things, so start with like a cocktail tray as opposed to a basketball or something.

Just start spinning it on your finger until you can find the balance the point and just keep practicing.

For some people it will take an hour, for someone people it will take some more time of solid practice... but then you have it for the rest of your life and you can just pick up books off the table and start spinning them on your finger, and things like that.

Kind of twirling pens around your fingers, right?

You’ve seen that trick done before.

Another little stupid human trick.

And, of course, there's a multitude of these.

I'm just giving you a few examples from my personal life, but whatever you’ve got in your back pocket, my point is make good use of it.

You don’t ever say, “Hey look, watch me do a paddle ball!” you just wait until the opportunity comes up and you can do it.

Stupid little human tricks like this are always fun to bring out when nobody expects it. The proof that you have a good one here is when she ask how you did it, or even tries to do it herself... giggling when she can't.

And, of course, there are infinite opportunities there for banter or even getting physical, right?

Guys, don’t underestimate the importance of having some of these stupid human tricks around because there will be opportunities where they come up.

The more of them that you have, that you can draw upon, the more amazing you stand to be with women...

The more women will see you as her SUPER HERO!

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