How I Kiss with Passion – A Resource and Fun Look at the Art Of Kissing

I had to teach a young woman how to kiss last night. Okay, well didn't have to but you get my point. It wasn't like she was paying me or anything.

She's around twenty-five years old and was overdue for a lesson in the sensual kiss. Her tongue was being jammed down my throat as if she was drilling for my tonsils and I found it highly unacceptable.

There seems to be a socially accepted rumor that women know how to kiss, and men don't. This could not be any further from the truth so I will dispel this myth immediately. Not with facts - but just the basic knowledge and experience I've encountered in my life.

  • Some people are good kissers.
  • Some people are terrible at kissing.
  • Some people can turn on others heavily with their lips and tongue...
  • And some people turn their partner off so he or she avoids the act of kissing altogether.

Notice the important overused word purposely used... People.

There seems to be no separation between sexes when it comes to using their mouths as a sexual tool.

That is with regards to kissing. Going down on each other is probably a little different.


This article is about making out... with passion. The right way. I've gathered some interesting oral facts and a program actually designed to teach you how to kiss. There's also a funny worst kissing story ever.

I'd like to encourage anyone who needs the help in this area to go get it.

Trust me, you'll be glad you did it and it's all private so no one will know about it. I can understand completely it's not something you want advertised.

Two reasons: Kissing kicks ass & because whether you're a man or woman, not kissing right makes it so difficult to have it escalate sexually into something more.

Which is what happened me last night with all kind regards to the lovely woman I was with but  honestly I felt like I had to first fight her off just to  slow her down.

Making out with her became work.

She knew she was not a good kisser. She admitted it to me what she was doing wrong, but proceeded to do it anyways. Luckily for me during our wonderful interaction she straightened her back, gave me sexual smile, a glimmer in her eye, and confidently spoke,

"Teach me. Teach me how to kiss."

Who could  pass up that kind of  challenge.... here's what happened as sensually as I can convey to you:

I ran the back of the tips of my fingers along the sides of her face and slowly moved my lips closer to hers. My eyes were gently locked on hers as she eagerly glanced back at me. As I moved closer my head began to turn slowly, counterclockwise . I looked down to her lips, then back up to her now sultry eyes.

My right hand began trailing up her soft neck slightly nudging her head to the left, clockwise. My fingertips glanced under her ears and then to the back of her neck. I tugged gently on her hair as my lips now lay less than an inch from awaiting pursed lips.

My other hand teased the inside of her forearm as my lips gently touched hers. I gave her a soft, slightly open mouth kiss against her full lips. I then moved to her bottom lip and kissed it gently with a slightly moist mouth. I proceeded to kiss her a little faster as my other hand trailed up her arm and to the side her excited now reddened face.  With that hand I nudged her face back to the right as I let my lips lay close to hers, but not touching.

I open my mouth a little further and as I did this, my lips opened her mouth gently exposing her tongue to mine. I gave her a sensual open-mouthed kiss where me tongue gently ran against hers. I can feel and hear her getting excited so pulled back a little. Looked back in her eyes, then down to her mouth, and back up to her eyes. As we both slowly closed them I kissed her again. This time with a little more tongue. A little more aggressive but not too much.

The rhythm of my kissing ebbed and flowed flawlessly. It guided her through a small tour of my mouth. I painted a passionate picture in my head and placed her within it. She could feel my passion and she reacted eagerly, excitedly, and then boom! I guess I turned her on too much because she went right back to "mouth fucking me with her tongue" as she so eloquently stated herself.

Man or a woman, there's a deep wonderful connection going on when we kiss. This connection can lead to a great sexual experience or just another date.

It can be a prelude to a relationship or an ending to a night of a steamy affair.

It can intensify the emotional response of our partner during intercourse in such a way the moment seems to last forever.

My arms lay by her shoulders holding me up firmly. Her legs were propped up, bent awaiting me to enter her. I looked down to her as I guided myself inside her spreading her just slightly. As I went deeper and deeper inside her head reached up to mine. I leaned closer and pressed my lips against her, opening slightly and kissing her body lip as thrusted all the way inside. My kissing intensified for a moment as the motion of our bodies began to sync with a rhythmical flow.)

The Basics of Kissing - What You Should "Maybe" Already Know:

Fresh Breath.

Nothing worse than kissing someone with bad breath.

We all know that.

I recall one time pulling away from a girl and reaching in my pocket some gum. I asked her nicely to take it and after a few minutes started kissing her again.

A little note about this.

If gum doesn't work for you.

If mouthwash doesn't last long enough.

If you're doing everything you can about your bad breath and nothing seems to work.... See a dentist please.

Usually it's a gum or stomach issue and it may require some work, but in the end it will be worth it

Keep your lips soft and slightly moist.

I won't use anything on my lips but they are always soft.

However my mouth will dry up now and then. I always have some form of water with me. Meaning no soda, heavily fruity drinks, or alcohol.

When I'm hydrated my mouth is ready for long kisses and your should be too.

Just think ahead.

Brush your tongue and gums.

Have you ever looked at your tongue after having a cup of coffee or tea.

Notice how certain drinks will stain your tongue for a while.

Well everything you put in your mouth doesn't leave a tell-tale sign but it's there.

Brush your tongue often, this will keep your breath fresher, your mouth cleaner, and a better experience for your partner.

Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Kissing You Might Not Know About.

Not everyone puts a ton of emphasis on kissing.

She may still start a relationship with you even though you're not a great kisser. He might call you back even if your kissing turned him off.

This should not stop you from learning to be an artfully passionate kisser though.


Kissing is not always a mouth to mouth engagement.

 You kiss body parts. You arouse the opposite sex through your mouth. If you don't know how to kiss, how is your partner going to feel how good you are when you go down on him or her.

  • The scientific name for kissing is philematology. 1
  • You burn 26 calories in a one minute kiss. 1
  • The average person spends two weeks of their life kissing. 1 (source 1 below)
  • Those in Cedar Rapids, Iowa are not allowed to kiss strangers and women in Hartford, Conn. are not legally allowed to lock lips with their husbands on Sundays. And mustached Indiana men can forget about ever becoming "players." According to Indiana law, it is illegal for men who have a mustache to "habitually kiss human beings." 2 (source 2 below)
  • Kissing releases the same neurotransmitters (chemical messengers in the brain) as those that are released when you engage in intense exercise such as running a marathon or skydiving. This causes your heart to beat faster and your breathing to become deep and irregular.3 (source 3 below)
  • Lips are 100 times more sensitive than the tips of the fingers. Not even genitals have as much sensitivity as lips.4
  • French kissing involves all 34 muscles in the face. A pucker kiss involves only two. 4
  • It IS possible for a woman to reach an orgasm through kissing. 4 (source 4 below)

Two Perfect Articles On Kissing EVERY Guy Wants To Read.

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How To Make Out With A Girl In 40 seconds or Less – For Real

The Worst Kissing Story Ever.

It was in a bar. Two seemingly straight VERY drunk guys meet up and start bullshitting about what drunk guys usually talk about... nothing!

They end up holding their gaze at each other for some time as if they are sizing each other up.

They move in for a slow kiss.

But ooops, they can not even manage to find each others lips.

I did tell you they were drunk but their tenacity was amazing.

Trying to stick each others tongue down the other one's throat but missing the mark by a mile.

This went on for quite some time and neither one of them even realized how many people were watching and laughing incredibly hard.

Eventually they gave up and moved on.

I wonder if they knew why their mouths tasted so awful the next morning.

But it could have been worse.

Their tongues could have actually found each other. In that case they may have woken up in each other's hungover arms the next morning.

The funny part was how straight these guys actually were. Guess they had a severe case of "beer goggles" or maybe not...

Next weird fact about kissing.

Not sure how truthful it is but found it interesting anyways.

Did you know that according to a recent poll, which I could not find but heard on the radio, that most women remember the first pair of shoes they bought, but not  their first kiss!!!!!!! 

Just goes to show you we should all make that first kiss a little more memorable.

Learn how to be an exceptional Kisser.

Kissing101 - Click Here For Your complete guide On Kissing Tips and Techniques.

There's something about the name, Michelle Penny (she's the author). I don't know if it's a pen name or not, but I did laugh a little when read it. It just screams, "I wrote a kissing book. Teehee heee!"

All kidding aside...

I had a terrible experience in my childhood with kissing. My first kiss was awful and embarrassing.

For years after I refused to make a move on a woman because of that one experience. You can't imagine how many opportunities that were missed...

Do NOT let that happen to you.

I realize this post won't solve your "kissing" woes. Maybe with my quotes above you'll get a better idea of what's involved and how it's supposed to go, but if you want to get a handle on this - give it a try.

It's a simple inexpensive ($19.95) PRIVATE lesson in kissing that is sure to help you in many ways.

Plus you get the added confidence the next time you go probing through some girl's mouth with your tongue.

One more thing, learning how to kiss is not something you can just read but seeing helps. You have to see examples.

Michelle has over 80 pictures included to show you every move.

Learn more about kissing by letting Michelle tell you her side:

Kissing101 - Your Complete Guide To Kissing

"Get Step-by-Step PROVEN Kissing Techniques That Will Give You a Reputation for Being a Wonderful Kisser and Make Your Partner Beg For More!!"

A couple more below:

Products or books Meant For Your Mouth

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dirty talk secrets book cover

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The rest of the book is filled with all sorts of ideas of dirty phrases - ranging from calm to extreme. It also provides you with phone sex advice. Plus the email and text message phrases and ideas are a nice touch too.

However, maybe the most interesting and surprising part of the book is the last section in which a female writer provides her perspective on the topic in a very very interesting way. I'll leave this one as a surprise for you.

All in all, if you want to please your partner with the gift of dirty talk, then this is exactly what you need.

Dirty Talk Secrets - The Ultimate Guide To Sexy Talk

Don't forget about wiki...

How to Kiss - Wikihow -If you want to learn how to kiss and you're totally clueless you will benefit from this how to. It's a a little beyond basic.

Also if you're not sure you are a good kisser, quickly read through and see if you're close. It should give you an idea of how well you are doing.

Credits and Kissing Resources:

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Dave here (…) I never put it use in my social life probably because I was raised to believe only “sluts” want sex and who wants a slut, right? Right now she is looking pretty good. LOL (…)  making me feel better about many things I just wanted to say I am glad I accidentally ran across your site and to say Thank You and keep up the good work. 

Thank You again your awesome and your teachings are also, Dave Allen

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