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How To Use The “No Long-Term Commitment Clause” to Date Younger Women

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If this young woman blows you a kiss will you be looking to date her?

She’s hot and full of energy.

She lacks experience in the world but who are you to judge anyone for something they have no control over – that is being guilty of just being younger than you.

She’s also taboo and you’re not sure if you like the idea of the world telling you how wrong it is to date a younger woman.

But you just can NOT help yourself.

Your sexual desires overcome you and if you’re like me – you did not get your “fair” share of dating women your own age when you were in younger.

The “no long-term commitment clause” to dating younger is a revelation I had years ago and I know it’s going to help you get past all the typical “junk” you have to listen to – because she’s that much younger.

And how’s it going to help you and who is it going to help the most?

I’m going to show you exactly how to get women in their early 20’s to feel more attracted to you and sometimes even have her avoid men her own age – just to be with you.

However this is ONLY for those guys who are struggling in these areas of attracting women:

  • You’re always looking for a long-term relationship and you sense women are getting creeped out by it.
  • You see every available women as a future girlfriend and you just can not escape those feelings.
  • You can’t help but to fall in love way too quickly and it’s hurting you.
  • You’ve been too needy or clingy with women.
  • When you meet a woman you throw every effort into her and when she breaks your heart it takes months to recover. In fact you’re still probably holding a piece of a woman you loved over ten years ago.
  • You’re not ready or able to give your full attention to a long-term commitment.
  • You missed out on every opportunity to date women you’re own age (when you were in your twenties) and you’re just now coming in to your own masculinity.
  • You want to explore every available option.

If that’s not mostly you this won’t help you.

In fact I’m positive this will piss off a lot people because older men and younger women are NOT supposed to date.

Your parents might dis-own you while your friends are more interested in the details of your sex life.

The people close to you will accuse you of having a mid-life crisis and tell you this is just a phase.

All the while you’re sensing everyone is labeling you as having too much money and then they have the nerve to say she’s only using you for it.

They just don’t understand you because the ones who judge you the harshest are either too scared of rocking the social boat or even worse – They’re the ones who did get to enjoy many relationships with women when they were younger.

And now that you are getting a handle on who are you are they want to take it away from you.

Well I’m here to tell you…

There’s nothing wrong with finding a way to experience a varied dating life.

The no commitment clause to dating younger women can help you because it will free yourself from common problems you have with women.

But there’s a catch.

Dating younger women requires you to display certain traits and if you do not get that part right, you might as well not read any further.

Here’s is the top lists I’ve found.

Go through them and promise me you’ll take care of them before you complain to me. After that I’ll gladly listen and offer any future advice.

When I began studying directly from David DeAngelo he gave me a piece of knowledge I have never forgotten: ( Completely paraphrased of course. )

Women in their early or even late twenties experience mental shifts. One reason is because many of them are not quite sure what they’re looking for.

They can be into you minute, partying and having fun with no strings attached, the next minute they’ve moved on because their life becomes more in focus or more complicated than they imagined.

They tend to go “back to the drawing board” of life several times before finally settling on a distinct path.

Ten Secrets of Dating Younger Women and How To Attract Them

As you may have guessed, during that time the last thing I was looking for was a long-term commitment from a woman.

I was just learning how to be attract women and I wanted to explore the options I never had in my younger years.

I reasoned…and if you’re on track with me you’ll begin to see how dating younger women can actually help you overcome your past problems with women.

If I had a problem that I was pre-selling my relationships with women too far ahead, what better way to overcome this affliction than to start dating women – who will likely,  move on when she experiences a mental shift.

If I had a problem with being overly needy with women – what better way to force myself to face the fears of losing a woman – than to date women who were not at all interested in just seeing one man.

Women who craved freedom in every sense of the word.

If I felt my life was at a stand still until I was able to experience what my youthful years was missing – I could focus my drive and learn to attract youthful women.

Now if you’re wondering how all this is actually going to help you attract younger women – stay with me because this next part is pretty cool.

What do so many young women find lacking in their lives?


Often times they are friends with drama filled people. They’re full of energy and find it extremely difficult to rest comfortably.

Often it’s because the time they have never seems to be enough to get everything done.

They’re typically working on developing or finding a career.

Attending college.

A Part time job.

A Party lifestyle.

Separation “anxiety” from their parents with a new-found freedom and they’re having trouble balancing life.

And a lot of their energy is wasted on finding and developing an identity outside of their parents or parent.

They’re trying to find an identity all their own.

This is where the no long-term  commitment “clause” can be used…

Attracting and dating younger women essentially comes down to your ability to BE and function as a completely different experience for her – one she can not get from her friends or her family.

Sexy Young Woman

You’ll actually begin to realize just how many women in their twenties don’t mind dating an older men. They actually PREFER it.

Her family is pushing her to “do this” or “be that.”

Her friends are on their own time schedule of life where some seem to always be one step ahead of her and she begins chasing them.

The men her age (at least the stable ones) are always  looking to “lock her down.”

They’re way too interested in planning her life for her when she’s not even sure the correct path she wants to take.

Listen to this next part because it’s very important…

I attracted more women in the few years of my late thirties than I did in the two decades leading up to it because I became… ( through my unwavering drive to develop a strong sense of sexuality )

“Her option without a catch.”

If you want this stuff to work for you then you too must also be her “option without a catch.”

Never forget and always stand by your belief that you’re just dating – marriage is well – not really on your mind.

You’ve got a handle on your time and since she has little time for the “boys” who are starved for her attention and lack maturity – You’re the guy she goes to for some quick fun.

Without having to worry you’re going to start calling or texting her fifteen times a day like some sex starved teenager.

You’re OLD!

You’re done with “existentialism” and you’re not  interested in telling her who she needs to be or what she must do in her life.

You found yourself long ago and you no longer feel it necessary to impart the choices you’ve made on to them.

You know they’ll figure it out just fine on their own.

You want to date younger women – then take my practical and easy to implement advice and you’ll gain two benefits which will make you more attractive to all women regardless of their age.

And you get to have a lot of fun along the way.

You become her “option without a catch” and you’ll represent possibly the only stable part of her life. You’ll represent a confidence she might not enjoy her self yet.

Do the other things right which I mentioned in the beginning and not many women will be at all concerned with your age.

You’ll actually begin to realize just how many women in their twenties don’t mind dating an older men. They actually PREFER it.

When you learn to face (head on,) the problems you had in the past you will give yourself no choice but to get over any neediness or “relationships pre-selling” you found yourself doing before.

When you experience how to date with options or casually dating several (younger) women at once – you’ll represent to even more women that this is a part of your life you’ve got handled.

In other words you BE the guy who gets it and when younger women realize this you’re already that much closer to dating them.

And you can not tell me that a man – despite his looks or financial situation, who has the ability to date women half his age doesn’t get women.

Sure older women will argue they (younger)  are easier because they’re not seasoned but I say a woman who has the most choices holds the most cards.

Okay – so you’re going to upset some other women.

In fact they might even say they want to have anything to do with you but I guarantee they will experience an emotion because of you which you may not have been able to invoke before.

And if you can make that happen you’re so far ahead of any typical guy who is only concerned with “keeping her happy and content” you gain an instant small cure of your neediness.

Try what I’ve given you today because I know it works.

Younger women who are willing to date much older men are ALWAYS looking for something she can not find around her everyday life.

Give her exactly what I told you today – stability.

Become her “option without a clause.”

Don’t “pre-sell a relationship” with her and you’ll soon understand what the “no long-term commitment clause” feels like and how you can use it to date younger women.

Whether you failed or not I want to hear about it…

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