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How Lucky Are You In Dating? 5 Steps to Increase It Today For Men

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Do you have questions about your luck in dating?

Have you ever noticed when your mind is focused on something, there’s always a whole other world happening around you?

This is no different in dating.

It’s amazing how our lives work this way and for this reason if you want more success in dating, your scope of what’s around you must always be wide and you must be prepared to take full advantage of what is supposedly hidden from your view.

If we stare in one direction for too long we end up missing what is going around us.

I feel life always has a way of giving you not only what you want, but also the opportunity to get more. 

You can consider for a minute that it is my naturally optimistic attitude but at some of the worse times in my life, I either failed or triumphed based on what the scope of my vision was, and how prepared I was.

Being prepared is essential for succeeding in your dating life.

Whether you’re looking for a great girl to eventually marry, or a wonderfully charming man such as myself to date. 🙂  

However being prepared for predictable situations will not guarantee your success and this where most people fail, get discouraged or depressed, and end up making things worse for themselves.

This is because they only prepared themselves to act in certain predictable situations.

They were not ready for those lucky moments when they encountered those “increased scope” situation life always hands us.

The truth of our own happiness rarely ever reaches out and smacks us in the head.

It likes to hide from our view.

You can see it as an act of your God if you want…

You can see it as Karma…

You can see it like I do…

Whatever reason you come up with for yourself it does NOT change what is happening.

It does NOT change how luck appears in our lives.

Arguing the classic “chicken or egg” does NOT affect the egg or the chicken.

If want more luck in dating you have to play the game more, with increased success and be ready when those moments you were not expecting suddenly appear.

Because that is where your greatest triumphs will come from.

I left my home the other day and my focus my a little negative. It happens.

The negativity came from me not meeting a truly awesome woman for about a month. I’ve met several but not one that really did it for me. I was having a bad streak of luck.

I reached my destination and kept my head high but inside I was not ready for what was about to happen.

I met her.

A seemingly fun, cool, woman who I was extremely attracted to.

We had one of those not-so-normal conversations and I caught her several times fixing herself when she thought I wasn’t looking. I don’t believe she was fixing herself because she felt out-of-place but I can see a look in her eyes that she was disappointed.

She was looking for something about her that she probably thought was stopping me from bringing her someplace else.

We went our ways and not ten minutes later it hit me hard.

My focus was narrow and negative and I failed to take advantage of the luck being presented to me.

I was not prepared properly that day.

I was caught off guard and my focus was not broad enough.

I turned my head, caught luck staring at me, sort of teasing me, and in one of my rare weak moments…

I did not act.  

I merely reacted to my emotional state that day.

Luck was staring at me in the face and I was mot ready for it.

I want you, as my faithful reader, to let those moments I mentioned above happen less and less.

Don’t allow luck to mock you from the background. Be sure to face it head on and if you fail one day let it go.

But enough of the pep talk…

I have a special request. Yes, I’m not sure how long I will ask it of you.

It occurred to me while writing this how important first impressions are for your preparation in getting lucky more often.

It also made me realize how much your energy that day, that hour, that moment affects who you attract, and who you DeTract1, and how easily you find it to progress to the next step.

(Notice my energy above was negative. I managed to attract but not progress.)

Here is my request.

Listen to an .mp3 on How to Make a Powerful First Impression.

Yes. There is a catch.

We can’t have these reports in the hands of just anyone. What would be your advantage if that were to happen?

You have to give your email to read them.

I’m not asking you to create a password, or give away any personal information. Honestly if you don’t like it at all, or if it doesn’t help you will have invested to small fraction of your time and then you can move on.

Here Are Those Five Steps To Increase Your Luck In Dating:

Click Here To Get More Luck In Dating

1. Click on the button above. Read the very short page and decide if you think it can change your luck. Next enter your email.

2. A new page will open up and Carlos will start talking to you. You might want to check your volume. Don’t read the page you arrive at. It’s kind of long.

Scroll quickly to the bottom where you will find the download link.

(You can read it if you want but I want you listening as quickly as possible.)

Right Click and hit Save where it tells you to.

(The .Mp3 is  about 19.6 MG and took about two minutes for me to download. It takes about 33 minutes long to listen to it all.)

3. Listen to it. Keep in mind the first ten minutes explains how it is related to online dating.

Don’t let that stop you from listening to all of it.

It’s about first dates and making great impressions.

The information contained within in it will increase your chances of being ready when luck comes your way, or when you’ve made your own luck, so to speak. T

hat is why it is important to listen to all of it.

I’ve studied attraction and dating for just about ten years now and have been lucky to experience some amazing results.

Yet I was able to learn something new.

Pay close attention to every word because there is advice I even missed myself.

It took several times before it all finally got through my thick head.

Here is an example is something I missed before and I literally smacked myself in the head when I finally heard it:

Make sure she’s suitable. Make sure she’s got the right attitudes. Make sure she meets your criteria for a woman that you want to be around. Trust me. I don’t care how good looking she is she You show me the most attractive hottest woman on the planet…and I’ll show you a guy that is tired of sleeping with her.

4. The next thing you want to do is check your email. You should get three:

One is for the opt in. I don’t know what happens if you don’t click on the link. I did several times to make sure everything works.

I will tell you the page you are sent to is a confirmation page and then, after about thirty seconds, reveals a special offer on “How To Get A Girlfriend Fast”.

If you want to accelerate your chance and change your luck with women quickly, think about his offer.

The second email that will be sent to you after you click the first will be a link to How to Ask a Girl Out – 3 Easy Steps For How To Ask A Girl  Out.

You’ll enjoy this one. It’s a short read but worth your time.

On the bottom of the page there is a link to a video, The Secret To Meeting Women.

You’ll definitely want to listen to it.

The third one is just a reminder that if you don’t want to miss his email, and to make sure you put him on your safe list.

(At this point you can always quickly unsubscribe if you want easily. Just click on his unsubscribe link in the third email and that’s it. You’re out.)

5. Take this offer seriously. If you don’t feel your luck increased after going through this process, you probably need advanced work.

Which is great. You’re on the right track.

The next time you go out be sure to stay in the moment.

Let his words echo through your mind a little but stay in the moment and trust me…

The next woman you hook up with, meet, or set a date up with, you’ll have this highly confident energy around you, and that alone can increase your luck tremendously.

Keep everything you listened to and read and use it.

Use it to strengthen your confidence and boost your self-esteem.

Take notice now when women stare back at you because they will begin to see this glimmer in your eye.

They will notice and sense they are finally dealing with a man who understands her, knows how to have fun, and can attract any woman he wants, and he is a man with choices. The Selector.

And now it’s up to you.

Here’s to changing your luck today…

Click Here to Get More Luck In Dating

If you focus on that one woman so much you’re going to miss what is happening around you.

You’re going to miss your greatest achievements and most rewarding accomplishments.

Imagine this analogy of your luck….

Take a deck of cards and throw them to the floor. Face down. Now pick one, just one card and stare at it for a few minutes.

Focus on it and hope when you turn it over it’s your King and Queen. Feeling lucky?

Grab it and flip it over and leave it right where it was. Be careful not to mess the other cards up.

Was it the card you hoped for?

Did you get lucky?

Now flip over only the cards that were touching it.

Was it there?

Keep doing it until you finally find the card you were looking for. (For you it’s the Queen).

Take note of how many cards it took to finally get lucky.

Let’s do it again.

Shuffle the deck and spread them out face down. Pick a card and stare intently at it.

Literally try to will it to be your lucky queen.

Now flip it over. S

Should I congratulate you for winning?

Honestly that would be great but I’m willing bet money on more often than not, you will be loser because I know the odds are in my favor.

That’s it. Walk away. Come back later.

Did the card change? Of course not….

Because you can not change what it is.

You do NOT have the power to will another object to be what you want. It either is, or it isn’t!

And you do not have the power to change a woman either.

(Or if you do she will end up hating you anyways because manipulation or controlling others only causes hurt and pain.)

When we find ourselves in a rutt.

Or when things are just not working out right for us.

When we’re so frustrated at shit around us…

Somewhere in the corner always lies the answer.

We need to keep our scope broad and learn to recognize when life gives us these opportunities to take full advantage of them.

Too many nice guys put their heads down and chalk it up to our being nice…how we have to understand being nice, means failing with women. Don’t accept that as the truth, because it is not!

A nice guy who takes advantage of everything around him, including these pages, can learn how to attract and increase his luck in dating.

A nice guy who uses his niceness as an excuse for missed opportunities, is destined to repeat mistake after mistake, and failure after failure, and consequently his luck with women diminishes rapidly.

1De-Tract – (dee-tract) This is a word I’ve recently invented. It simply means the opposite of attract in the context of making mistakes that turn off others attraction mechanism. Just like we can learn how to flip that switch, we can also flip that switch off, of De-Tract.

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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