How To Make Small Talk Sexy To Her & Use It To Create Attraction

Written by Bobby Rio – Creator of Small Talk Sexy and Magnetic Messaging.

I stood outside the door. I sort of leaned into it to try to hear what was going on inside. I knew it was wrong… but I couldn't help myself.

Finally, I sort of nudged the door open and peaked in.

Her hand was like a bunny rabbit hopping up and down. His pants were around his ankle and he had a huge smile on his face.

I tried to shut the door quickly, but it squeaked.

She jumped back startled. He laughed and yelled "Shut the door."

As I mumbled an apology, I caught a glimpse of her. I'll never forget the way she looked at me… with such complete and utter PITY…

Dear Friend,

I hope I wasn't too graphic in the story above (but if I was… go buy yourself a Dr. Phil book, because I'm not the guy to help you.)

Unfortunately, the memory is still pretty vivid in my mind. In a minute I'm going to tell you the story and I think you're going to learn a valuable lesson from it.

And then I'm going to give you some "Jedi secrets" so that you never find yourself in the same position I did.

I would not wish that feeling of unbearable humiliation on anyone.

Before I get into the story, I just want to list some of more common advice you may have heard from "gurus" teaching you how to improve your conversations.

Talk about something you're passionate about…

Look for things you have in common…

Make smooth transitions…

Let her do all the talking…

Avoid fluff talk…

I'm calling Bullshit on EVERY piece of advice listed above and pretty much 75% of the advice being pawned off on crafting conversations that get you LAID.

The story that I referenced at the beginning of this report happened four years ago but it is still crystal clear in my mind.

I had visited my old fraternity's house in hopes of scoring a hot young piece of college tail.

After finishing college I had gone into a bit of a "slump" with women and was desperately hoping this trek back to my old stomping ground would do the trick towards ending the drought.

I had also recently stumbled upon books like "The Game" and "The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed" so I was pretty confident that I would raid that frat house of every horny coed I could get my grubby hands on.

The entire night my game consisted of two "gears."

In the first gear I was in "dancing monkey" mode… trying to neg girls, demonstrate massive value, do the "Jealous boyfriend- stealing-ring-around-the-Rosie routine…" or whatever else I could draw into my mind from recent forum posts and eBooks I had read.

The second "gear" that I would go into would be "single focused rapport" mode.

In this mode I would find something I had in common with a girl, and then proceed to drill into it until I sucked that topic completely dry.

Back to the girl with the bunny rabbit hand stroke I referenced earlier…

I first caught a glimpse of her when I was filling my beer up in the kitchen. She had a Marisa Tomei like quality to her that I found irresistibly cute.

I noticed that she was eating something, so my PUA infested mind immediately thought "NEG HER!"

So I say,

"You must have some appetite, chowing down in a frat house?"

In the cutest little voice she says,

"Yea, I came right from work and needed to eat something before I start drinking"

I say, "What you eating?"

She sort of flashes me some organic health nut veggie bar or something.

This must be my lucky day…

I had been in a helluva health craze myself so I immediately felt the need to demonstrate my superior knowledge of health food products.

She responded just as I hoped!

Soon we were thick in the middle of a passionate conversation about our favorite fruit smoothies, yoga techniques, the best organic fiber supplements...

And then we touched upon the Holy Grail of similar interests…

Gary Null.

Gary Null was a health guru with a cult like following… and we were both members of this cult.

I thought that this basically sealed the deal for me.

We spent the next hour talking about our favorite Gary Null books, quotes, and recipes. We both "scoffed" at all of the other party goers who didn't share our vegetarian ideals.

And gleefully made plans to someday go to the Gary Null center in NY together.

When she excused herself to go upstairs to the bathroom I began asking my friends if any of them had a condom they could spare. I put one in my pocket and waited for her to come back.

She didn't come back.

After about twenty minutes I got a little "sick" and decided to look for her.

I started walking upstairs and saw her chatting with one of my frat brothers.

This guy was an alcoholic, drug using, wise ass who would have laughed at her if she told him she was a vegan, so I was convinced she'd be back down to her "soul mate" within minutes.

She never came.

After another twenty minutes I stalked her out upstairs.

That was when I peaked in the door, saw her giving my buddy a hand job, and she turned and looked at me with pity in her eyes, as if to say,

"You're really nice… but I'm here to party, not talk about Gary Null… loser."

I couldn't figure it out.

I built rapport.

I was passionate.

I got her talking.

And we completely avoided the small talk.

Is "Small Talk" Your Missing Link to Dating and Seduction Success?

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Now you may be really confused as this probably goes against everything you've been taught by various dating coaches and pickup artists in the seduction community.

But hear me out…

I think we can all agree that small talk is unavoidable, right?

In fact, my constant need to avoid small talk "at all costs" was seriously detrimental to my success with women.

But I'm saying… not only should you not avoid it… but you should EMBRACE IT.

Embrace small talk?

Yes sir.

How Mastering "Small Talk" Can Transform Your Conversations and Create Serious Attraction When You're talking to Women

Here is my take:

A woman wants to know that she can have fun with you talking about nothing.

She does not want to feel that when "Gary Null" talk ends, you'll both be bored senseless.

She wants to know that things won't get weird, because you're a fun guy.

And small talk is where you get to demonstrate all of these things a woman is looking for.

But here is the thing:

Small talk is one of those things that can either win you the game… or destroy you within seconds.

If you're not good at it and cause awkwardness, uncomfortable silence, or the dreaded "interview mode"… you're dead in the water.

But if you can turn "fluff talk" into something that is fun, exciting, and playful, the girl will be putty in your hands.

The best part is small talk is can be made FAR more attractive with an amazingly small amount of time, effort, or energy.

It’s the way the "small talk" is presented that makes all the difference.

Say something one way, and you bore her brains out.

Say it a different way and she is imaging having your babies, ripping your clothes off, or giving you a hand-job in a dirty frat house.

Here is the most important lesson you'll learn on creating attraction in women:

How you Say It Matters.

By saying something in a slightly different way, you can transmute your value from very low…to very HIGH.

What do I mean by this?

I mean that over the course of a conversation certain information needs to get passed back and forth between you and the woman you are talking to.

This is just the natural flow of a conversation.

Even if the gurus try to make you believe that an entire conversation consists of these "stealth attraction" building techniques, the cold hard reality is the most women are going to continually direct the conversation towards small talk (that's what they know).

So you can resist this and keep playing the "Guess what I do… Guess where I'm
from…" lame evasive answers that are going to KILL attraction a lot quicker than create it.

Even worse, you can do what I did with the "Gary Null" girl and grab onto one topic and beat it to death so scared to jump back into the conversation waters that you hold on to dear life, for the one topic that you both have in common...

I call them "conversation lifeboats", but irony is...

They will sink you fast!

Or you can learn how to turn you entire conversation, small talk and all into something that is fun, playful, and sexy.

There are a handful of ways to turn small talk sexy, and I am personally FASCINATED with finding these techniques, methods, and opportunities.

Let me share a few of my favorite ways to do this that I discovered.

It’s taken me many years to find these, identify them, test them, and create systems so that I can teach them to you quickly and easily.

Please respect the time and effort it has taken me to find them.

WARNING: These are Weapons- Use Them With Extreme Caution

This information is "Jedi Level" training. It's Ninja stuff.

What I am going to tell you is extremely dangerous for one big fat reason:


It works so well that YOU NEED to be ready for the response you are going to get.

I say this because so many men that have struggled with their conversations with women are not used to getting a positive reaction and they LOSE THEIR SHIT when they do.

Be ready, when you change the way you convey "small talk" your conversations are going to take on an entirely new dimension.

It's really quite liberating, and when it finally sinks in that you can make small talk sexy, you'll quickly realize that you have the gift to talk to any woman, any time.

And even if you don't always get the girl (Any guru that tells you that his method is 100% fool proof is LYING to you) you will ALWAYS find that you are able to have a fun conversation with a woman that leaves the both of you better than you found one another.

OK, let's roll!

A little earlier I told a story about how a girl I had spent hours talking to ditched me to give another guy she met a hand job within minutes.

Answer this question, FAST:

What was MY conversation missing?

Time's up.

Here is what my conversation was missing:


The second question is: Why didn't I realize this?

I didn't realize this because I had achieved massive RAPPORT with the girl. We had connected on a topic so well that conversation was literally pouring out of our mouths.

And for me this was AMAZING!

My three biggest fears in conversations with women had always been:

  1. Running out of things to talk about
  2. Awkward silences
  3. Resorting to "boring" small talk

So the mere fact that I had avoided all three of these outcomes led me to believe that I was achieving some level of success with this girl.

But we all know how that story ended.

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Here's why…

The #1 Mistake Men Make that Prevents a Conversation From Turning Sexual

The number one mistake men make that prevents them adding sexuality to their conversation is….

...drum roll…


And why do we fear breaking rapport?

Because we confuse rapport with attraction and they are NOT the same thing.

We've all established the I FUCKED UP the "Gary Null" chick in the earlier story, no more use talking about what I did wrong.

Let's talk about what I should have done.

Here's How To Use This Information to Turn a Conversation Sexual Right Now!

Next time you're smack in the middle of a conversation with a woman you're attracted to, stop for a moment and consider why you're talking to her.

And I don't want the bullshit answer.

I want the truth.

You are talking to her because you HOPE that you can TALK her into becoming attracted to you in a SEXUAL way.

And you can.

But in order to do this, you've got to…

Burn Your Ship And Leave No Avenue For Retreat.

Leave no avenue for retreat.

Leave no avenue for retreat.

Leave no avenue for retreat.

This means that if your INTENTION is to create sexual attraction in a woman you have to PASS THE POINT OF NO RETURN.

You have to be willing to lose her.

I FAILED miserably with the girl in the story earlier because I was not willing to lose the rapport we had established but what I should have established was a SEXUAL INTENT.

The first thing you need to do this is to BREAK RAPPORT when you sense that a woman is getting too comfortable around you.

Sexual tension stems from desire mixed with uncertainty, suspense, and even a bit of nervousness.

If you're in the middle of an hour long conversation with a girl about health food (or the Yankees, or traveling, or your jobs)… there is no tension, no uncertainty, no suspense.

Yes, there is comfort and rapport…

But you've got to BREAK IT.

So for instance, if a girl has gotten too comfortable with you and she begins going into a long rant about how much she hates her job…

Stop her and say:

“If we keep talking about this I’m going to charge you 200$ an hour for therapy. Doyou have your credit card with you?”

By doing that you've broken rapport for a minute and thrown some suspense back into the conversation… and you've snapped her "he's such a nice guy…" thoughts in half.

You'll often run into this problem later in the night when you want to get physical with a woman and have built up too much comfort over the course of the evening…

And now it seems the tension is broken, and a kiss seems inappropriate..

Break the rapport.

Adam Lyons once told me a story where he had a girl back at his place and she wouldn't stop talking about an argument she had with one of her friends.

He was sitting there thinking "how the hell can I get her to shut up long enough to kiss her…"


I've done similar things If I sense that a woman has become too comfortable and I can't transition the conversation to something more sexual.

I'll look at her and say,

"Don't you EVER shut up?"

She'll usually look at me like I've just lost my mind but the TENSION GOES THROUGH the roof.

And rapport is broken and from there I'll give her a little smile, then lightly push her a flirty way and say,

"OH…Did I piss you off…"

And now we are FLIRTING.

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How to Avoid this in the First Place.

We've already established earlier in this report that your INTENTION is to create a sexual attraction with her.

So let her know your intention.

If you don't want a woman to get too comfortable with you and begin just see you as a fun guy to talk to….

Don't give her that option.


When I was talking to "Gary Null" girl I never said anything to hint that I saw her as anything more than a girl with a similar interest in health food.

So that is the "role" she gave me… the guy she talks about health food with.

I should have made a statement of intent early on:

An example of a statement of intent is: (if she flashes a smile)

“You have a really sexy and mischievous smile, like you’re totally up to no good. Haha I like that…”


"That thing you just did with your hair… is driving me crazy… I actually wasn't paying attention to a word you just said…"

Leave no avenue for retreat.

Once you introduce a statement of intent into the conversation you can return back to SMALL TALK, because now underneath the "fluff" is an underlying TENSION that is building.

I just shared what is probably the biggest mistake men make in their conversations with women.

Most men cling to rapport, so unwilling and afraid to break it, they suck every ounce of sexual tension out of the conversation.

By breaking rapport and using a "statement of intent" you are back on track to get exactly what you want out of the conversation.

Avoid the "rapport trap" and increase your chances of success.

Now let me teach some TACTICS for making small talk sexy.

If you use the tactics below right off the bat, you don't have to worry about her misreading your intentions, or eliminating sexual tension.

Here we go…

Small Talk Made Sexy Technique #1: Create Conversation Momentum By Using a "Role" Keep the Conversation Flowing, Make Her Laugh, and Build Sexual Tension.

Answer this question:

What do these three television characters have in common… (If you’re unfamiliar with them go to Youtube and watch some clips of them)

Ari Gold: (From HBO's Entourage)

David Addison: (from Moonlighting)

Barney Stinson (from How I Met Your Mother)

Performing Within a Role.

What these three characters have in common is that they are all performing within a narrowly defined role.

This means every facial expression, gesture, banter line, or bit of small talk comes from the role they are playing.

And as a member of the audience you can almost guess how they are going to react to a situation, or what they are going to say in response to someone else.

What does this have to do with you?

In Melvin Helitzer's book popular book "Comedy Writing Secrets" he states:

"Humor doesn't go into a character, it comes out of a character. A character needs a trademark. A predictable point of view that does not change. Without a shtick the performer is just a reciter of jokes. With it a comic can get laughs even with mistakes because in a way, the performer is the joke. Every successful performer in comedy has developed at least one basic and memorable character. Not only does the audience feel comfortable with this, but the material is easier to write."

Comedy Writing Secrets on Amazon.

The material is easier to write…

Think about the significance of that statement for a minute.

The biggest problem most men face with "small talk" is that they find themselves continually running out of things to say, or turning towards "boring" conversation topics, especially early on in the conversation before you've both become comfortable with each other.

But what if I told you that you can take any "boring" topic and turn it into a fun and exciting, flirtatious conversation and have an endless supply of "conversational material" by taking on a role of a character.

Why this works…

Think about the three characters listed above… these three characters are FUN to watch no matter what they are talking about.

This is because humor actually flows more from the character, the responses, and the natural interaction than from the jokes.

This means that you don't need to constantly be thinking of hilarious lines to make her have fun, in fact, the fun stems from the character you are playing, and your character's interaction with her.

The character writes itself once you get the character down then all the funny stuff takes care of itself.

And this humor, this expectation of humor, creates tension.

And as you continue to build up the tension, then release, build up, then release… you slowly begin to create SEXUAL TENSION.

But you need to choose the right role to do this….

The second reason I chose Ari Gold, David Addison, and Barny Stinson is because they play characters that work well for BANTERING with women.

Each of these characters display a slight degree of "mental dominance" over the people they are talking to.

And the combination of mental dominance and bantering is ATTRACTION.

When you choose a character you want to choose a role that allows you to create attraction.

And certain roles work a lot better for that.

Here are some examples of roles that generate attraction:

  • You are dominant, she is cute
  • An assumed position of authority
  • Her judge, coach, or consultant
  • The victim of her seduction
  • The cold guy
  • The neurotically selfish guy
  • A high maintenance chick
  • Mimicking her
  • The Devil on her shoulder
  • Exaggeratedly cheesy pickup artist
  • Her adult supervision
  • She is using you for sex

Each of these roles listed above work so well because it sort of elevates you as the guy who "gets it."

And the mere fact that you've assigned yourself the role, displays that you are the one in control of the conversation and you're calling the shots.

In a minute I'm going to show you exactly how to use these roles to MAKE SMALL TALK SEXY, but for now I just want you to understand the purpose of the role:

The role writes itself once you get the character down then all the funny stuff takes care of itself.

This role sets the "frame" for the entire conversation.

Even though you will moving in and out of this role throughout the conversation, it is ALWAYS there to use when you sense the conversation needs some rejuvenation.

What to do…

There are three general rules to taking on a role:

  1. Assume the role right from the start of the conversation
  2. Own the role/ be congruent
  3. And know when to drop it

Basically you want to exert full control over the role you take on.

Right from the beginning you are sort of saying "these are the rules to our conversation…"

This is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT, you must establish your "character role" early on.

If not, it will be weird if you bust into it after 30 minutes of "normal" conversation.

And then you want to own the role, and be congruent in it.

This means you DON'T back down if she "shit tests" you.

You don't wait for her to "approve" the game you set, you just go right into it.

And finally, you must know when to drop it.

At some point, after attraction has been created, there will come a point where the role should only be used very SPARINGLY because if you never drop the role, she'll never get feel a deeper sense of connection with YOU.

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How to Take a Role and Use it RIGHT NOW in the Real World.


Here is a character practice exercise:

Imagine a particular type of character that you can work with.

Pick one of these three:

  1. An Overly Confident Playboy
  2. A High Maintenance Woman
  3. The Devil on her Shoulder

Once you've picked one of the above characters, get in touch with how they would respond, react, what sort of facial expressions would they make, what would their voice tone sound like?

As you read this, spend a minute getting inside the mind of the character you've

Become him for a second while I walk you through this exercise.

Your Reaction Stems from the Character…

Now, how would each character respond to the following three things?

  1. She accidentally touches your ass
  2. She drops something
  3. She asks you to buy her a drink

Now I want you to be the first character and respond to each of the three things.

And then be the second character and respond to each of the three things.

And finally be the third character and respond to each of the three things.

Do this right now!

Do not keep reading until you've finished this exercise.


I'm going to just go through some examples of how you could have responded completely differently for all three of these situations playing the three different characters.

REMEMBER: She knows you're playing a role so it's perfectly acceptable to be cheesy, exaggerated, and to push the envelope a little.

Her: (accidentally touching your ass) So, what do you do for a living?

Overly Confident Playboy: (Staring down at her hand that just touched your leg) I know that move you just did, (Giving her the "I'm on to you" look) it's one of my favorites. The 'casually grope the leg while asking a seemingly innocent question' Should I go through the charade of answering or do you want to just drop these little games were playing with each other.

Her: (accidentally touching your ass) So, what do you do for a living?

A High Maintenance Woman: Oh my god!! How dare you touch my ass. I'm not some dime store gigolo that you can just have your way with honey.

Her: (accidentally touching your ass) So, what do you do for a living?

The Devil on Her Shoulder: Just… slowly…put…your hand back on his ass… he won't notice… just do it… lean over and show him some cleavage why you're at it too.

More Examples….

Her: (dropping her cell phone)

Overly Confident Playboy: You are just making sure you take every opportunity to show me the goods… aren't you honey? I do admit… I appreciate the effort you're putting into this whole seduction thing… most girls don't try this hard…

Her: (dropping her cell phone)

A High Maintenance Woman: Oh please… DO NOT think you're going to trick me into looking at your ass…. I am NOT that kind of guy.

Her: (dropping her cell phone)

The Devil on Her Shoulder: He's looking… just stay bent over a little longer... maybe throw your hair back a bit… and then make a cutesy statement about 'how tipsy you are…'

Can you see how taking on the roll of a character makes things interesting and allows you to introduce sexy topics?

Do you see how much easier it is to completely transform the vibe of small talk?

And can you see how EASY it is to ALWAYS KNOW WHAT TO SAY when you're playing a "role?"

You just say what you imagine your character would say.

Just to illustrate the difference, use one of the above examples (Her dropping her phone or touching your leg) and imagine how you would have responded if you were just being YOU.

You probably would have just answered her stupid "what do you do for a living" question and continued along a BORING conversation.

But the "role" you were playing allowed you to INSTANTLY add some spice and sex into the mix.

So now you can still answer her question, but you were able to make the same piece of small talk…SEXY.

Small Talk Made Sexy Technique #2: Turn the Conversation Into a "Game" and Allow The Back and Forth Interaction Take on A Life of Its Own

Did you ever amuse yourself for hours just throwing a tennis ball against a wall and catching it as it bounced back to you?

Or not 'stepping on the cracks' as you walked down a sidewalk?

Or tried to pass as many cars as possible while driving on a highway?

Or sit in your desk and "rate the do-ability" the girls in the classroom with you while your professor floundered through a tortuous lecture?

If you have done any of these…

You've found THE GAME to make something boring fun.

We do this all the time because games are fun!

"Finding the game"

Every interaction you have with a woman has the potential for a game and once
you find that game, what was previously a typical, boring conversation, turns into something that you a part of.

Either as teammates or competitors…

Just find some simple thing in your interaction that you can make into some sort of contest, and see who can out due the other.

Everybody enjoys playing games because the rules are simple and clear.

And just like playing a "role", these games make coming up with things to say a whole lot easier because the conversation springs from the game.

Before I go into some examples of "games" you can play, let's just examine some of the reasons they are so effective at making small talk sexy.

Why do "games" work so well…

  • Creates a sense of rapport between the two of you (the good kind )
  • Keeps the conversation flowing smoothly…creating the illusion of "chemistry"
  • Allows the both of you to share information that you otherwise wouldn't have
  • Makes bringing an element of "sexuality" into the conversation much easier
  • Focuses the conversation on feeling, emotions, and observations… rather than facts

The truth is… SMALL TALK MUST TAKE PLACE, there is certain information that needs to be passed back and forth between you and a woman, but just like sitting through a boring lecture, stuck in traffic on the highway, or taking a stroll down the street…

SMALL TALK can be MADE FUN by finding the game.

What are the Games?

Basically anything can be turned into a game.

But to make this cookie cutter simple for you, I'm going to list some of the more popular ones that some of the world's best PUAs use on regular basis.

Each one of these games are designed to elicit emotions out of the woman you are talking to and create the feeling of rapport and ATTRACTION.

Here are a few of the favorites.

The important thing to remember is, just like when using a "role" you MUST NOT explain games.

Just jump into them.

Start with fun and high energy and get deeper and more sincere.

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Three Questions Game

As you're talking to a girl just begin this game…

You: "We're going to play a little game."

Her: "OK, what kind of game?"

You: "It's really simple. We just take turns asking each other questions...but there are rules."

Her: "Such as....?"

You: "1.) Every question must be answered. 2.) No question can be repeated and 3.) You go first."

"So, I want to know more about you…What’s… your favorite ice cream? Mine is Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough…"

Trade three questions back and forth.

You ask, she answers.

Then she asks another question, you answer.

Start with very common or very fun stuff (ex. “what’s your favorite ice cream?”) and be prepared to share your own answer to get it going.

Second question goes a little deeper, like fond childhood memories.

Third question go deep, like love, relationships, etc.

Since it's a game, she will hardly blink an eye when you ask "Where was the most
unusual place you had sex?"

You just sort of give her a smirk that says, "Yea I just brought it there…"

Unless she is complete prude she'll follow the path you carved.

Can you see how much easier it was to introduce sexuality into the conversation under the pretense of a game?

Every time I use it the girl brings up something sexual within 5 questions.

Fascination game/ I Like game

This is another excellent way to share information in a way that is fun and creates a playful back and forth vibe between the two of you.

I'm fascinated by...

I like…

Remember, start small.

Don’t go for the immediate deep topics.

Get her talking first and get deep.

Example: “You know what I really like about NYC? The best pizza in the world. You know what I mean? What do you like about NYC?”

Then once you're warmed up… "I like girls who have a kinky side…"

It is all about the "VIBE" that goes back and forth between you and the woman.

Instead of tirelessly trying to create a deep sense of rapport, simply focus on the back and forth vibe that is occurring between the two of you.

Your interaction should be the center of attention, NOT the TOPIC being discussed.

I repeat: Your interaction with the woman should be the center of attention and NOT the topic being discussed.

This is where I had completely blown it in the earlier story. I made "health food" and "Gary Null" the center of attention.

When the center of attention should have been the playful back and forth interaction between the two of us.

What if the interaction with the "Gary Null" girl went like this instead?

Me: I like Peanut butter fruit smoothies

Her: I like Graham Cracker Zone bars

Me: (high fiving her) Me too… I also like taking spontaneous road trips to weird
obscure places.

Her: Oh yea… Well I like people watching on the boardwalk and laughing at all of the freaks.

Me: Well, I like having sex on the beach while the freaks are walking on the

Her: I like sex after coming back from a really tough workout at the gym…

Do you see how creating a game allows you to elevate the conversation to a sexual level within minutes.

When you put something in the context of a "character" or "a game" the woman's defense goes down and she finds herself playing along…


Remember, a woman is out looking to have fun.

And quite frankly, most guys are boring, lame, and incapable of holding an engaging conversation (I know because I used to be one of them) so when a woman meets a guy who can create a relaxed playfulness, she'll instantly recognize "this guys different" and she will follow your lead.

Yes, she wants to follow your lead.

She just needs to be sure you're going to take her down an enjoyable path.

Role Playing

What is a role play?

It is creating an imaginary scenario and personas that the two of you can carry out together.

Let's say you're talking to a girl and you tell her that you're going to Italy next week and she says jokingly "can I come…"

Instead of laughing it off… you would say something like:

"Yea, I'll hide you in my suitcase… When you get there you need to be my paparazzi. I'm going to give you a camera and you just need to follow me around the entire time snapping pictures of me…. And point at me like I'm someone famous. Then you can sell the pictures to a local tabloid- and we can use the money to take a yacht down to gamble in Monaco. Of course I'll wind up losing you in a poker game to some Iranian sheik..."

You see how you just took this absurd situation and kept making it more absurd.

Yet, it was playful, it probably had her giggling and it projected a future where the two of you were in Italy and Monoco.

It's very simple.

Start a story about a fantasy with you and her.

Let her fill in some details, and together you create a fun game with each other.

And for god sakes…

Don't be afraid to introduce some sexuality into the role play, that's the whole point!

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