How To Attract Your Perfect Woman… Naturally!

Do you want to meet a great woman who is into you, for you?

I know you don't want to play some game, compete with her last ex-boyfriend, pretend to be someone you're not, or get shot down/rudely rejected when you're only trying to talk to a woman you find attractive.

You've had enough of the bad attitudes and the smug looks of superiority on their faces...  How just because she's hot or that you find her attractive does not make her better than you or anyone else.

You know it, but apparently "they" just don't GET IT!

And so what?

You've made some mistakes with women in your past, Big Deal!

You understand and admit you're not perfect.

You don't always say the right things.

You're don't always remember EVERYTHING.

When you're focused - you're focused and you're simply trying to make a life better for yourself just like everyone else is too.


It feels like women don't respect that about you or even care that you're a stand up and honest guy.

It's like they're always looking for something more and it makes you feel like a piece of shit who is what, just not good enough.

You don't always act responsibly but most of the time you TRY because you're a GOOD GUY.

And it's still not enough!!!

Being good or "nice" is like some curse set upon you to stop you from finding, meeting, marrying, and starting a family with the woman of your dreams.

You've achieved a lot in your life, you work hard, you're successful at what you do, and you're proud of it too...

Perfect Woman Attract Her

So why should attracting women be any different?

You've worked hard for those women too but, according to what you've seen and experienced, the harder you try, the less interested they are in you!

It's as if they're more interested in some guy who doesn't even give a shit or care about them, or who treats them like a piece of meat!

So, just for a laugh or two, maybe because you're smart and you think you figured it all out you go the other way, you try the "indifferent" approach and ACT like you don't care AND then what happens... nothing.

Absolutely nothing!

Does It Feel Like The World Of Women & Dating Is Holding A Personal Grudge Against You?

#dateconspiracy #probablynot

They're not out to get you, nope, that would be too nice, it's far far worse...

They're out to make sure you're DESTINED TO BE ALONE for the rest of your life!

Your ONLY choice is to settle for some woman you don't even care for all the much. Not fair to her and definitely not fair to you.

Well ALL that changes... TODAY!

My methods to help you are built on simple facts and they DO work.

No games. No lies. No bullshit.

Allow me to push all the disinformation aside for you so you can get right to fixing the problems and get to enjoying the results.

This is an opportunity to ALTER YOUR DESTINY ... To go from what feels like being a loser with women ... to being IN CHARGE ... A CHOOSER!

Which One Do You Want?

Your Choice Beautiful Sexy Women

Take your pick. She is waiting for you to become the man she'll LOVE forever. This is the DiaLteG™ "natural" approach to finding, meeting, attracting, and dating the woman of YOUR CHOICE.

To enjoy a real relationship with your ideal woman whom you would do anything for, who appreciates and loves you for YOU, and RESPECTS YOU too.

Not because you've mind-tricked her into it, but because she WANTS to with all her heart.

The woman you choose will gladly join on your life journey because to both of you, it will feel how it was all meant to be and NOTHING can get in the way.

You Get All 13 Chapters Containing Over 50 Lessons!
⇒ The Real Secret to Attracting Women & Getting Laid No One Knows But Me.$24.97
⇒ Understanding Women and What They Really Want from You.$9.97
⇒ The Nice Guy's Guide To Attracting Women.$99.97
⇒ Why Women are Attracted to Bad Boys & Four Steps To Attract Women Nicely.$9.97
⇒ How To Get Rid of Your Public Fears - No More Social Anxiety or Being Shy.$14.97
⇒ 7 Reasons Why Women Like Quiet and Mysterious Men.$14.97
⇒ Ten Ways to Challenge Women to Feel Attracted to You.$24.97
⇒ Understanding A Woman’s Test and How To Pass Them All.$9.97
⇒ 11 Steps On How To Get A Hot Girlfriend.$99.97
⇒ Qualifications - How To Find The Right Woman For You & Avoid Rejection.$9.97
⇒ Approaching Women - Eliminating Approach Anxiety & Starting Conversations.$14.97
⇒ Where To Meet Women - Setting Up Dates - Places to Take Her.$14.97
⇒ How To Act Like A Man Who Naturally Attracts Women - Without Trying.$9.97
The Complete Price of All Lessons Included In Your Package!$359.87
15 Powerful Bonuses With Professional Expert Advice!
⇒ How To Have Superpowers With Women.$9.97
⇒ Igniting Femininity: 14 Ways Women Define Masculinity.$9.97
⇒ Women Writing You First - Get The Sexiest Women Approaching You Online.$9.97
⇒ How To Make Women Horny On First Dates Without Really Trying.$9.97
⇒ Writing History Together - Secrets to Making Life Fun & Interesting In a Relationship.$9.97
⇒ Mental Foreplay All Day Long.$9.97
⇒ Social Circle and Workplace - Session Six.$9.97
⇒ The Social Charisma Of A Winner.$9.97
⇒ Situational Conversation.$9.97
⇒ How to Flirt With Women & Create Sexual Attraction.$14.97
⇒ Alpha Attraction – 33 Rules To Master Your Success with Women.$14.97
⇒ Monogamy or Polyamory? How To Decide This Real Man’s Dating Choice.$4.97
⇒ Getting In A Perfect Relationship – How To Never Get Cheated On By Her.$4.97
⇒ How To Never Just Be Friends With Women – Escaping Her Friends Zone.$4.97
⇒ When It’s Time To Call It Quits – How To Break Up With Her Like A Man.$4.97
*Bonuses valued by size and content. Was never and can not be sold separately.$139.55

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320,000 words of expert advice, 55 full pages of lessons 13 chapters, and 15 bonuses!

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"Your perfect woman is waiting for you to become the man she'll LOVE forever!"

Tablet Mock Login Membership Page Hot Sexy Red Dress Woman

Your first lesson (in chapter one) you're going to be shown EXACTLY what must happen and how you must make a woman feel BEFORE she will EVER feel attracted to you.

So it's kind of an important one to know right away.

The Real Secret to Attracting Women & Getting Laid No One Knows But Me

(Click on each link for more details on every chapter and lesson you get with your membership. Plus an extra link to preview to actual page.)

From there it's on to an interview with a hottie and understanding women like never before.

You definitely don't want to miss what I reveal because it's like a secret "decoder" ring for the whole female race.

Understanding Women and What They Really Want from You

Next up...

The Nice Guy's Guide to Attracting Women contains 20 pages centered around turning all your "nice" qualities (which might have felt as if they've held you back from attracting women) into powerful attraction tools you can use everyday.

The Nice Guy's Guide To Attracting Women

The logical next step is to learn about the "bad boys" of course.

I'm going to show you why they attract so many women, how they do it, and how you can "safely" remove their negative bullshit and use the rest for good.

Why Women are Attracted to Bad Boys & Four Steps To Attract Women Nicely

Chapter five is for those of you with social fears and anxieties.

It's a huge lesson dedicated solely to help you get rid of any shyness you might be experiencing which is holding you back from meeting and dating women.

How To Get Rid of Your Public Fears - No More Social Anxiety or Being Shy

Now that you're shyness is gone, I throw a little twist your way and ALLOW you to stay quiet and mysterious because... well...

Women LOVE it.

You'll see exactly what I mean in no time!

7 Reasons Why Women Like Quiet and Mysterious Men

Women LOVE a challenge and once you know why you can use it gain an attractive advantage over any woman you choose.

One of my most popular and powerful lessons ever can have women chasing you in no time.

Ten Ways to Challenge Women to Feel Attracted to You

Next up... Ah the "shit test".

Every guy knows about them but very few understand them and more importantly, HOW TO PASS THEM!

No worries. I got you covered...

Understanding A Woman’s Test and How To Pass Them All!

How would you like a really cool and smoking HOT girlfriend?

This chapter is a big one containing 11 separate FULL LESSONS all designed to get you one, the one of your dreams.

I start with your look and work you all the way up to forming a natural relationship with a woman and... you get to "get laid" along the way too.

Don't miss a step:

11 Steps On How To Get A Hot Girlfriend

I've seen way too many decent guys reject themselves from a woman before a woman even gets a chance to make up her mind and honestly, I'm fucking sick and tired and seeing it happen.

No more... it ends now.

Qualifications - How To Find The Right Woman For You & Avoid Rejection

Most men who come to DiaLteG™ don't go for the "approaching woman" thing and it's unfortunate because once you get over the fears and anxieties, you'll find an endless stream of amazing women are out there...

Waiting for you to meet them and date them too.

This chapter is really cool because it contains EVERYTHING from the approach to complimenting women. I think you're really going to enjot it.

Approaching Women - Eliminating Approach Anxiety & Starting Conversations

And of course, now that you know HOW to approach women and can talk to them too, you'll want to know WHERE to go too, right.

This chapter will also help you to create some amazing dates too without adding cost or emptying your back account either.

Where To Meet Women - Setting Up Dates - Places to Take Her

I didn't want to leave you hanging without showing you what it means to be a man as it relates to your life and attracting women.

There are no rules to follow but more of a template to help you in all your decision making and more.

The idea is to set up your life so it happens naturally so you'll know EXACTLY what to do in many of the situations you're now going to find yourself in... now that you're attracting lots of great women.

How To Act Like A Man Who Naturally Attracts Women - Without Trying

From Superpowers with Women to Getting In The Perfect Relationship...

Expert Bonus Material Guarantees Your Success!

There's one part of your life you may find hard to admit publicly and that's the gnawing desperate and helplessness feeling of being LONELY.

But let's man up and just be HONEST with each other.

No guy cries to his "dude" friends that he's sick and tired of being alone. We don't go there. We're men, right?

It's often re-worded or redirected to loudly complaining about girls in general and pretending that it's not getting to us.

When you and I both know deep down it absolutely fucking sucks!!!

You don't have to tell me about it because for years I suffered through the same thing and it felt like there was no way out.

You can read my stories here:

About Peter White

David DeAngelo – The Best Expert In Dating & Attracting Great Women

And the purely pathetic-ness of it in this category I'm quite proud to have put together for the world to read:

Nice Guy Stories – From Sad, Lonely, Pathetic to An Attractive Man

But enough of that...

The purpose of DiaLteG™ is to help you in ALL the areas you feel you're struggling with women.

The acronym for "DiaLteG" covers everything you'll ever need to finally solve your "woman" problems and the loneliness you might be experiencing right at this very moment:

  • Dating
  • Interactions
  • Attraction
  • Lifestyle
  • Techniques
  • Exercise
  • Girlfriend

I believe YOU CAN LEARN how to attract women naturally and you don't have to play any mind games, follow some stupid rules or playbook, and you certainly don't ever have to become a jerk or abandon your "nice good guy" ways.

All you have to do is to first be open to a new mindset which can open up the so-called secret world of women to you and that's starts today!

Peter White Profile Picture

You don't need luck.

You don't have to be all that good-looking...

BUT You DO NEED a PLAN and it's right here for you.

Your friend,

Peter White

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"Your perfect woman is waiting for you to become the man she'll LOVE forever!"

Chapter One: The Real Secret to Attracting Women & Getting Laid No One Knows But Me

Women Whispering Secret
This is where you'll learn some of the most important concepts of attraction you must know in order to attract any woman you desire.

  • How marketing and attraction are related and what that means to playing the numbers game - basically how you can trick the system in your favor, or how you fail every time you try.
  • What the 2 percent rule is and how it really connects to your ability to succeed with women - plus how you can actually be happily lazy and still secure your fair share of women.
  • What selling yourself means to women, how they see you, how they react to you, what your value is, and if you've not enjoyed successful relationships with the women you most desire - why it's all gone wrong - plus how to fix it immediately so things go they way YOU want them to go.
  • If you're one of those nice guys that try so hard to be genuine, upfront, and honest with women - yet it's getting you nowhere but the friends zone or worse - you'll get the REAL TRUTH of why it's not working and what you must be doing instead.
  • Do you know the process women must go through in order to feel attracted to you? It's revealed here and the most important feeling she must get from you - or order to want you more than any other guy she's ever met in her entire life.
  • Why most people don't understand how to communicate with others and women too and how it ruins their chances for any kind of success. You'll get the right way and how it works in the real world.
  • The biggest failure men make with women that stops them from attracting good high-quality desirable women - it's such a simple one but most miss it and fail because of it... every single time.
  • You may think you know what to give a woman but the real benefits she wants and needs to experience with you are far from anything you've ever imagined it to be - the simple answer to her attraction to you.

And that's just in the beginning of your very first lesson.

Read the opening page right here - The Real Secret to Attracting Women & Getting Laid No One Knows But Me

Chapter one teaches you the reality of communication, how you can all too easily fail in it if you don't truly understand it, and the second section contains one critical element of how you present yourself to women...


How To Be Indifferent & How Indifference Attracts Women When Done Right

Indifference is far from acting aloof or pretending you don't care about her.

I bet you've ignored lots of women hoping it will and they didn't even know it was happening - making it a useless and lame tactic or game.

It's not about acting aloof or pretending you don't care about her. Doing so will only attract drama and bullshit women into your life.

Learn how to be indifferent the natural way in this chapter.

  • Why it's so appealing & sexy to women.
  • Why indifference is far more attractive when used the right way.
  • How to achieve a natural indifference which is healthy and attracts higher quality into your life.
  • Learn how to live your life by your own rules which draws women closer to you and makes them want to be a part of your life.
  • How to STOP limiting yourself to chasing or dating just woman at a time.
  • How a woman who gives advice to other women on how to attract men can make you more appealing and find it easier to attract higher quality women.

Finally - you'll be given a secret about indifference most men will never know which will make you stand out, have some women chasing you, and give you the freedom to live your own life by your own rues!

Read the sample page right here: How To Be Indifferent & How Indifference Attracts Women When Done Right

Valued at $24.97

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Chapter Two: Understanding Women and What They Really Want from You

Beautiful Blond Revealing Herself

A real life interview with a top-notch, high-quality, guys begging to be with her interview which exposes beautiful women in a way most guys never get to see... but you will!

I used all my skills and techniques acquired over a decade of experience in dating and attraction and ask her questions most men dare not.

This means, along with my cocky/comedy and attraction skills - I get her to reveal her inner self in a way most women can and will never go.

And when it's all done - I break it down for you in a simple way so that not only do you understand how attractive women think and act, so you can use the skill for yourself - but also to guarantee the next time you interact with a hot sexy woman, she'll GET IT...

You're one of the rarest things on earth to her - a guy that GETS HER completely.

It's one of the many things women truly desire from a man - and once you're him... everything else get even easier.

  • Does she really want a nice guy? What about the jerks and assholes? What's up with them?
  • What does her perfect man actually look like?
  • What's the real deal with sense of humor and how it can either be highly attractive or an attraction killer?
  • What do women think about a man crying, when where, and is it a turn on or a complete turn off?
  • Where does chivalry fit in these days?
  • Do attractive women actually believe they scare men away and why?
  • What women try to hide from men and does it relate to them using men for their own gains?

This exclusive interview is a must read if you want to attract high-quality women who "appear" to have it all going on.

Read the opening right here: Get Inside The Mind Of An Attractive Woman - Her Secret Interview!

Valued at $9.97

Chapter Three: The Nice Guy's Guide To Attracting Women

Nice Guy Getting Kissed By Woman

Over 190 pages when in book format, this chapter alone is worth every second of your attention because you'll quickly learn the single most important concept and mindset a man MUST have to attract any woman you want - while still getting to keep your better nice guy ways.

  • How to find and achieve a MINDSET that is naturally attractive to women.

Change a few simple beliefs about yourself and women, watch how it will AUTOMATICALLY set you up as an attractive guy. It's something ALL women NOTICE immediately!

  • How and why you're NOT destined to be alone just because you're a nice guy.

It may feel like you're stuck and there's nothing you can do about it, read as I explain your destiny is not set, you can alter the course of your life because...

Your "niceness" is NOT the reason why you've failed.

  • How changing a few words to describe yourself changes EVERYTHING.

Remember what I told you above - how you're not longer a nice guy,  well this is where I finally REVEAL one word that REMOVES this nice guy stigma forever.

Yes, women will no longer see you as some non-sexual good guy, but a dating option they rarely get to meet.

You'll also learn how you can safely interact with any woman you desire without fear of being turned down just because you're a nice guy, giving you the freedom to do whatever the hell you want... "nicely".

There is a rule you must follow for all this to work, so please don't try it otherwise.

  • The nicest thing you CAN do for women.

What women really WANT from you, to feel attraction. Yes, I actually PROVE to you that just by being nice in this specific way - they'll want more of it from you.

  • Why being nice has little to do with attraction.

In the beginning you're going to learn the reality of attraction. You're no longer in a bad mindset about what was holding you back. Here is where you'll be fully convinced the two are not linked together which will give you a positive power and use it to attract women.

  • What you must do so a woman will feel sexually attracted to you.

No more guessing. No more hoping or worrying about doing the WRONG thing. This is something you MUST do or she will NEVER (at least the women you actually do want) feel sexually attracted to you.

Highlighted of course by the tons of research I've done on what makes a man SEXY.

  • How to stop living in the future and stay in the moment.

The fact is - While you're looking for excuses or regretting some shit you've done in the past, or trying to not make the same mistakes over and over  again, you're living in the past and women will rarely if ever "notice" you.

While you're thinking about all the good fun stuff you'll do with her or TO her or while you're so innocently dreaming of a future with a very cool girl - SHE WILL PASS you by and you'll find it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to connect and create the right amount of attraction.

Being in the present is a very important SKILL, yes - it's a skill to MASTER and it's something you CAN do quite easily once you remove a few things from your life.

  • What it really means when a woman is flirting with you.

Not knowing this answer can easily harm your chances at creating attraction and connecting with a woman.

  • When to make the first move and how to do it confidently.

Nice guys (and I know this from 30 years experience) are notorious for never making the first move on a woman which ultimate slams them in every woman shitty FRIENDS zone. Way too many missed opportunities.

You're going to be shown a rather EASY method to NEVER miss that seeming illusive moment of WHEN and how to make the first move.

This is so cool you'll WANT to do it.

  • How to stop disqualifying yourself to women and avoid being rejected.

Nice guys hand over every reason to be rejected by a woman.  No longer will you have to worry about her not choosing you.

You won't even care anymore because you will FINALLY be in CHARGE! The choice and direction is entire up to you. Casual dating, sex, relationship, etc...

  • Pity dates and how it relates to how women see you and feel attracted to you.

This is a HUGE mistake ALL nice guys make (again done it myself which you'll read about) and you won't be making this one again. It's explained to you in such a way it will DISGUST you.

You'll learn how it makes a woman feel and what it does to your relationships with her. This is INSTANT & POWERFUL result stuff.

  • Why you should avoid trying to buy her attraction.

Spending less and getting is not some weird thrifty ways of some cheap old bastard. It's a major factor in creating attraction.

You'll be shown HOW you can do it all without spending barely any money at all - on her - on the date - or anywhere AND she'll want you more for it.

  • Rejection sucks! I'd like to say I can make it go away for you but I won't because it WILL happen as it's happened before way too many times.

My guarantee (as a nice guy) is NOT that you'll be able to get any woman you want at anytime you want. Don't believe it because it's not true and you know it...

BUT knowing and learning HOW to handle rejection can and will make you a more attractive man.

It's going to be incredible to know without a doubt, when one woman turns you down will actually HELP you attract the next one.

  • Why you shouldn't always agree with her.

Nice guys have a habit of being a little "kiss-ass-y" to women. They afraid to upset a woman. They agree with her in the hopes she'll like them back.

It stops now because you'll be shown how you can disagree with a woman in a way which actually makes her feel MORE attracted to you.

  • How sticking to your beliefs makes you a more attractive man in her eyes.

Women don't feel much for guys who are pushovers. Sticking to your beliefs whether she agrees with them or not, can and will make her feel more attracted to you.

You just have to know how to do it, why it's true, and how to use it to your advantage in a way which still makes you a decent man.

  • The kind of humor that attracts women and the kind that makes her think you're nothing more than joke.

It's important to make a woman laugh, women love it!

BUT if you keep making her laugh the wrong way - all you're doing is becoming a joke to her. Don't let that happen - make her laugh the right way.

  • How to flirt, when to flirt, and the best way to do it.

Flirting with women is an essential skill for any guy to use correctly. However it's more REQUIRED for a nice guy who struggles with women.

A little goes along way so I make it simple and easy for you to start flirting with women with no fear of coming off like an ass to anyone. They'll love this part of you.

  • The four rules of teasing a woman and how women actually WANT to be teased.

Another nice guy mistake is not teasing a woman enough in many different ways. You'll be shown why it's so important PLUS how if you follow the four rules - you will create sexual attraction.

  • What you should NEVER ask a woman and what you must say instead.

It's good to ask a lot of questions from a woman you are interested in, but knowing WHAT and HOW to ask is more important.

You'll know EXACLTY what NOT to ask her which means EVERYTHING else is open to explore.

No longer will you have to worry about how much or little interest you should give to a woman.

  • How to turn your words into powerful statements that make women want to listen to you and feel attracted to you.

Weak statements are attraction KILLERS! Too many nice guys center their whole conversation around them. You'll be shown exactly how to turn ANY weak statement into something power and attractive too.

  • Why you must stop giving women what you think they want and start giving this instead.

Nice guys GIVE this away too much and it's usually NOT what women want. If you want to create enormous attraction you must learn the difference PLUS how to decode what women really want from a guy that makes him an attractive man to her.

  • Why you get thrown in the friends zone. How you get there and HOW to GET OUT!

The friends zone is unfortunately littered with nice guys and it's not a fun place to be stuck. You'll get why you're there, how to stop yourself from going there AND my three step process for getting or escaping the friends zone.

Finally - there IS a way OUT!

  • What your body language is telling women and how to make it attractive so women notice you more.

There's one thing women notice on guys which makes all the difference IF you know what that is - but if you don't, you could be sabotaging your chances with women BEFORE you even open your mouth.

You'll get a basic plus course on body language, the parts the matter the most to women and your success with them PLUS how to create attractive body movements to women sit up and take notice of you even from across a room.

  • How to continue to live your life the way you want and attract more women.

Nice guys are stubborn just like me. They want to continue to do the same things and get results and unfortunately it NEVER works in their favor.

I love this because you can still do all the things you love, the way you want, and still attract women and make them WANT to be a part of your life with you.

  • What you MUST give women so they can begin to feel something for you.

ALL women want this from when you first meet them and you must NEVER stop giving it to them. This even incudes marriage!

Not knowing what it is or how to give it makes attracting a real genuine quality woman way too difficult and pointless.

  • Confidence, what it is, why it's so attractive to women, and HOW to get it VERY easily and quickly.

Confidence is an illusive thing for nice guys because they don't know what it is, how to get it, and WHY ALL women are attracted to this trait.

I break down confidence for you, how you can get some quickly, and show you how it affects your life with or without women... positively or negatively.

  • How to be the BEST version of yourself and what it means to the women you interact with everyday.

You're not perfect. Neither am I or women too BUT you CAN be the best version of yourself at any given time and it's that version women want.

They don't want a perfect guy - here's where you can let it all hang out and STOP trying to be EVERYTHING to women.

  • Are you sick of the jerks and the assholes getting all the women and you don't know why?

This ends today.

I'm going to show you how to turn all their BAD traits that only hurt women, why they're attracted to them and how you can use your "nice" ways to attract them even better than them.

You'll finally have an edge over any jerk when it comes to attracting a REAL woman.

One chapter is available for free:

How & Why You Must Give The Women You Are Attracted To… Space

Valued at $99.97

Chapter Four: Why Women are Attracted to Bad Boys & Four Steps To Attract Women Nicely

Survey – Why Women Are Attracted To Jerks & Bad Boys, How Nice Guy Can Do It Too

Jerk Getting Woman

In this chapter with two full page you'll learn why women love a bad boy and how you can integrate some of those attractive qualities women fall for so often into your nice guy personality.

You're not going to learn how to be an asshole or a jerk and you never have to become one...

BUT knowing how to add a little edge in your life goes a very long way into attracting women.

Use these simple four steps and you'll quickly see how women are responding to you in the same way they do for bad boys, all without having to ruin your life or become emotionally abusive.

It's important to learn this skill even if you don't use it because you'll be given access to the minds of women most will never get to know - which is key to attracting women.

Don't let the jerks get the woman you deserve - and attract them without all the bullshit, drama, and games they play.

Read the sample page right here: Survey – Why Women Are Attracted To Jerks & Bad Boys, How Nice Guy Can Do It Too

Four Steps on How To Use Jerk or Bad Boy Traits to Attract Girls Nicely

This page shows you how to take most of the bad boy negative qualities which are harmful to women and turn them around so you can attract women BETTER than him - without all the harmful effects.

Yes - it's a little work - but the rewards are amazing because you learn about attraction, how to understand women, and how beneath his raw exterior exists the reasons why women are instinctively attracted to the bad boy.

If you're sick and tired and watching guys like that go home with the women you like...

If you're confused and starting to hate women for their "supposed" choices in jerks...

If you've always been a nice guy and it's gotten you nothing but alone time and rejection...

This chapter is where you can finally turn it all around.

You'll never have to worry or even care about "those" guys - you'll be busy dating the women THEY will only ever dream of getting... Plus she'll love the positive affect you have in her life.

Read the sample page right here:

Four Steps on How To Use Jerk or Bad Boy Traits to Attract Girls Nicely

Valued at $9.97

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Chapter Five: How To Get Rid of Your Public Fears - No More Social Anxiety or Being Shy

Shy Sad Social Anxious Man

Limited belief exercises you can do everyday which are simple and easy designed to eliminate your shyness and public fears around women and men alike.

Even if you're not shy you'll still find this useful because you'll learn HOW to eliminate any beliefs which are holding you back from success in all areas of your life.

PLUS - getting past your approach anxieties means meeting more women, getting more dates, attracting more women.

Change your perspective one way, your belief system – and good luck is granted to you.

Limited beliefs represent some of the more major obstacles to overcoming many obstacles in one's life - and this includes finding and attracting the perfect woman for you.

Shyness and social anxieties are often roadblocks to developing attraction techniques and skills because, obviously, if you struggle interacting with women - you'll struggle getting dates and so much more.

This chapter takes a well-known template and shows you how to use the exercise to eliminate the limited beliefs which are holding you back in many situations - more specifically - socially and the anxiety you might feel talking and interacting with women.

  • You'll learn how to change your negative mindset which will open up lots of helpful opportunities for you.
  • Learn how good luck can be actually granted to on a regular basis, and get the courage and confidence to take advantage of them too.
  • Get specific shyness and anxious moments you suffer through and how to retrain your brain to eliminate many of your fears.
  • Figure out where those fears come from, why, and how to delete them from you present - so they never affect you negatively again.
  • How the limited belief template and exercise works in a step by step format which is easy to follow for any topic you choose.

The definition is borrowed from two sources: Meg James and her limited belief template she created, and the works of Byron Katie.

You can find many of Byron Katie's material on Amazon and you can find Meg James limited belief template here on squarespace.

“Limiting beliefs are a collection of opinions of ourselves and others that constrain us in some way.

The stronger the belief, the more evidence we seem to find to support them, despite the fact that the vast majority of limiting beliefs are simply untrue.

Such beliefs are formed unconsciously based on our life experiences, and are most often misinterpretations of past events.

We cement these beliefs in our minds through repeated thoughts once we have decided that the opinions must be true.

The challenge is that holding on to limiting beliefs prevent us from taking action.

Working through your limiting beliefs can have a profoundly positive impact on your self-worth, confidence and personal empowerment.”

You'll learn how to VALIDATE and STRENGTHEN the positive emotions you feel everyday and how to replace the often crushing fears you experience everyday - which are holding you back from success in life, and with attracting women too.

Finally - there IS a way to overcome all your fears, anxieties, and social anxiousness you suffer through everyday...

AND how to use these new mindsets and attitude to date any woman you desire - especially the perfect one for you!

Learning these exercises gives you access to how successful people think and the mindset they've created for themselves.

Read the sample page right here: How To Get Rid of Your Public Fears - No More Social Anxiety or Being Shy

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Chapter Six: 7 Reasons Why Women Like Quiet and Mysterious Men

Woman Like Quiet Man

I get it, when you're a quiet guy, maybe a little shy, a bit socially awkward... it can feel difficult, perhaps impossible to talk to women - let alone attract them.

Well in this chapter you're going to learn how this can actually be an advantage to you in attracting women.

You'll be able to change your mindset and turn things around knowing exactly the main reasons women actually LOVE and DESIRE a quiet and mysterious man:

  1. He is the ultimate challenge... Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally.
  2. Un-predictable predictive actions.
  3. Emotional and conversational control.
  4. A real man of mystery and quiet demeanor never brag, boast, of show off.
  5. His life does not appear to revolve around women.
  6. He does the right thing at the right time, regardless of the outcome.
  7. His "existence" in her world is the answer to a riddle, a puzzle or an exciting mystery novel.

Couple this with Chapter Five: How To Get Rid of Your Public Fears - No More Social Anxiety or Being Shy and attraction will happen naturally for you.

The quiet mysterious should not be taken lightly when it comes to creating enormous amounts of attraction.

He has proven himself in the eyes of woman for longer than you and I have been alive and will continue to draw women into his world of quiet mystery.

A mystery is something which is difficult or impossible to understand or sometimes explain, therefore a mysterious man is often a guy who is difficult or hard to understand or explain.

Quiet is something a little different and not necessarily an attractive trait unless it's done right.

A quiet guy can be the creepy wallflower dude who just stares at women and never talks to them OR...

He can easily be the Alpha Male who interacts with everyone but holds backs just enough to make them all wonder.... Thus creating attraction.

You'll learn:

  • WHY and HOW are these quiet mysterious men so well liked and sought out by all sorts and types of women.
  • What is it about him that girls seem to become easily and sometime overly attracted to him.
  • How to become and stay mysterious without having to play any mind games on women.
  • What Un-predictable predictive actions are and how you can use them to amplify any woman's attraction to you.
  • Why and how a mysterious man can be the ultimate Alpha Male.
  • How your "existence" in her world can be the answer to the riddle, the puzzle or the exciting mystery novel ALL women become addicted to.

This secret will NOT be a "mystery" anymore!

Read the sample page right here: 7 Reasons Why Women Like A Quiet and Mysterious Man Plus How To Be Him

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Chapter Seven: Ten Ways to Challenge Women to Feel Attracted to You

Man Challenge Sexy Woman

Women want and need a guy who is a real challenge to her for many reasons... and if you can give that to her - you'll become the one she desires the most of out any man she's ever met, and will meet.

Get the ultimate guide to challenging women and creating attraction without playing mind games.

From conversations, teasing, interest, answering questions by her, giving space, enjoy yourself, everything you do makes women want to share it with you.

  • How to get women to want to be a part of your life.
  • How to give her the right amount of space so she'll wonder what you're doing without playing pathetic games.
  • How to BE hard to get and not PLAY hard to get which brings women closer to you.
  • What social proof really means in attraction and how to use it to your advantage.
  • How to create conversations that challenge her, excite her, and create amazing connections between you and her.
  • Why you must show some genuine interest in her and give her the RIGHT reasons to miss you.
  • How to set yourself up as a real man of mystery to create anticipation and get her more excited to see you everyday.
  • The right way to tease a woman so you'll stand out and above all the men she's ever met in her life.
  • How to encourage a woman's natural competitive drive to amplify her connection and create moments where something is most likely to happen - sexually.
  • Why you must challenge yourself and what it does to women.
  • How rejection is related to challenging women and why you must start doing it more often.

Both men AND women respond to a real challenge in two ways:

They either give up (while sometimes trying and failing or by not trying at all ) OR they get EXCITED by it and rise up to the challenge.

With that said...

Women do NOT want to be GIVEN their next lover, boyfriend, or casual date without any real challenge.

BE that challenge - become her ultimate prize.

Read the sample page right here: Top Ten Ways to Challenge Women to Feel Attracted to You

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Chapter Eight: Understanding A Woman’s Test and How To Pass Them All

Sexy Smart Woman

You definitely don't want to put all your focus on these tests BUT knowing they happen, why they happen, and how to pass them every single time - is certainly a clear path to attracting lots of women - ALL types.

This chapter digs deep into each one and the simplest way to get past them.

The part point is to set you up so quickly, you don't have to think about passing them anymore.

Done right, it will all happen naturally based on your personality and communication style.

There's barely anything to memorize, there are defined scripted lines - just a few small tweaks which are different than how you've been interacting with women - and it's all done for you.

Major Point:

Passing her tests and creating attraction are non-interchangeable.

Which also means - FAIL HER TESTS and you're done in an instant.

Don't throw away an easy opportunity to handle these tests!

Read the sample page right here: Understanding A Woman’s Test and How To Pass Them

Valued at $9.97

Chapter Nine: 11 Steps On How To Get A Hot Girlfriend

Hot Sexy Girlfriend Smiling

Most members of DiaLteG TM are just like you - sure they want to get laid and have fun with women, but in reality, they're looking for that one special woman to start an amazing relationship together.

This series will not only get you there, it will give you the absolute best opportunity to choose the woman of your dreams and the one you find the most attractive.

The opening rules set everything up for you and boost your mindset positively making the rest easy and simple to follow.

Follow the rules and continue on...

STEP 1 - Refine Your Look, Style – How To Take Care Of The Details Women Notice

This is more than just about refining your look, it's about taking care of the details women DO notice and unfortunately may judge or instantly disqualify you because of it.

This is also about proving your commitment to every step that follows and it's about redefining yourself to the world physically.

Doing this step will not only increase your confidence it will also get you noticed by attractive or "hotter" women where they may have overlooked you in the past.

STEP 2: Control Your Life Effortlessly, Women Will Want To Be In It

The second step may seem a little odd but there is a purpose to controlling your life effortlessly which will make women want to be in it and to help you get a girlfriend much easier.

Time to get your car, apartment, or house in complete order and learn the valuable skill of time management.

This is work worth doing for several reasons and as you read along, you'll completely understand why this step is so valuable to you and your future girlfriend.

STEP 3: Develop a Social Life, Involved, Give Something Women Do Want

The third step is about developing a dynamic social life by branching out your friendships and doing more things you enjoy. A social life is a very important piece of getting a girlfriend.

I've seen and been a guy with little friends and barely any kind of social life and the odds of me finding a girlfriend was always just above zero percent so it's not overly difficult to put the two together and realize they ARE most definitely connected.

Having a real social life and getting a girlfriend are mutual. They go together.

STEP 4: The Benefits Of Becoming Friends With Hotter Women

This is where you'll use the first few steps to branch out socially and become "just friends" with some hotter women.

Learn all the benefits and use these few friendships to your advantage.

There are some real benefits to becoming friends with some "hotter" women especially if you intend on getting a hot sexy girlfriend.

There are also some warnings which you need to be aware of before you go out searching for them and a few rules you must follow for this to work.

You get the benefits, the warnings, the know-how, and a backstage pass to how the more attractive think, behave, and what really turns them on.

STEP 5: She Wants Guy Who Demonstrates People Skills Gets More!

There are definite patterns or common similarities in guys who are great with women which go beyond the "everyday" things we talk about here.

Learn how to get what you want with less effort and women will believe you're a powerful masculine man.

Since you'll be automatically seen as a great relationship type of guy - YOU will be in complete charge of where you want to take things.

Be a leader and women will follow!

Demonstrate special leadership skills by knowing how to get more for less.

STEP 6: Become Sexy Guy Where Your Sexiness Comes From...

There are way too many good and nice men who are afraid of their sexy side.

They hide it from women because they've seen way too many jerks or scumbags use it to screw women over.

This page is AMAZING and filled with every trait a woman finds sexy.

You'll learn them all and also how easy they are to introduce them into your life in a way which women notice - and you don't have to even say word.

Staying out of the friend's zone happens naturally for ALL sexy men - and it doesn't require a special look.

Learn the attitude women find sexy!

Step 6 of "11 Steps on How to Get a Hot Girlfriend" is about becoming a sexy guy, where your sexiness comes from, and how to find it and use it to meet, date, and attract a hot "sexy" girlfriend.

STEP 7: Developing A Mysterious Attitude And Attractive Personality

Your attitude towards life, yourself, and those around you including women is an integral part in landing a girlfriend. You don't need a girlfriend by your side BUT having a personality that ATTRACTS women naturally is the one practically guaranteed way you'll find, meet, and date ANY woman you want.

Making her you girlfriend is obviously and entirely up to you but since this is step 7 of the 11 steps on how to get a hot girlfriend, I'll assume it's a dominant goal you want to achieve.

Your attitude or personality is inherently YOU.

This means you're not replacing yourself. Sure you'll have to rid yourself of the negative behaviors and beliefs which have held you back in the past but who you are, and who you'll become is MORE than who you were.

This means you take your already wonderful traits - add to your life what has been covered so far in this series, and create an amazing attractive personality who knows HOW to communicate to women.

It's a skill.

Your new revamped attitude with its already strong foundation will now feature, for all the lovely women to enjoy and admire along with you - pure Alpha Traits with a hint of real mystery.

These features draw women in and its up to you to lead them in any direction you wish to go.

Step 7 is about developing an attitude which conveys your greatest strengths as a mature masculine man.

STEP 8: Where  Meet Women Re moving Fears Of Approach Naturally

Hot, attractive, and beautiful women are everywhere! You must either admit that now or at least go out and see it for yourself. This is great news when you're looking for the most amazing girlfriend of your life.

Seeing is one thing but meeting them is something entirely different and much more difficult. That I understand from a lifetime of experiences and it doesn't end there either...

You have to approach, or meet them through one of your friends, which is certainly a fear for lots of guys.

You have to exchange information like their phone number or social account.

You have to ask for the date, set up a date, go on the dates, and it still doesn't end there.

Moving towards a relationship it would definitely be a good thing if they actually are attracted to you.

Why don't we see how much pressure and steps we can add to just "seeing hot beautiful women everywhere", right?

In step 8 we're going to cover most of those problems and see if we can find a way to get you to finally meet all those hot women you do see everyday.

STEP 9: Throw Out  Dating Rules Book – Focus On Excitement and Fun

Before you consider or even entertain the idea or goal of making any woman your girlfriend, you must first date her. If that wasn't obvious.

This step will cover many things.

First you'll get my bitch-fest on traditional dates, then how throwing out the dating rule book works better for you and her, how couples actually DO get together, why you must re-define what a date is, how anything goes, and then I'll show you a "better" technique with lots of resources and tips to get your dating life at a point it's never been before.

The problem most guys have in this area (of dating) is they set up boring dates, spend way too much money on they, don't think them through, and they don't plan ahead.

Plus following all the stupid dating rules or lame advice only makes the goal of creating an amazing date impossible.

You want to impress a "hotter" woman without trying and separate you from all the other dates she's suffered through AND create a real emotional bond with her, from now on...

Throw out the dating rule book and focus on dates which naturally lead to great conversations, excitement, and fun.

STEP 10: Why You Might Have To “Go Get Laid” to Get A Girlfriend

The phrases "get laid" and "getting a girlfriend" may not seem to go together because one implies quick casual sex and the other normally means you can get it whenever you want; but there are many benefits to getting laid which can help guys actually find and keep a girlfriend.

Step 10 of getting a hot girlfriend will cover all of them, give you reasonable advice on how to make it happen, plus define the ever bold statement mentioned in the title, why you just might have to get laid before you can make or find a hot girl to be your girlfriend.

Everything from quick seduction to casual sex is fully covered.

STEP 11: The Final Step Getting HOT Girlfriend  Natural Relationships.

There are many parts of forming a relationship with woman and although it's not necessary to know them all - it certainly helps in finding the right girlfriend for you and in creating (starting) something enjoyable which can last either a lifetime or for as long as you're both into giving as much to the partnership as you are receiving from it.

In the final step, number 11 of the 11 Steps to Getting A Girlfriend much of those parts will covered.

As in all the previous steps, getting into the details 100% is impossible in one page but I will try to cover as much as possible while still holding your attention.

Here is a summary:

  • Having her see you as a potential boyfriend.
  • Qualifying the right type of woman.
  • Knowing and acquiring communication skills.
  • Trusting your ability and in yourself so she understands you ARE the best option for her.
  • Allowing the relationship to happen naturally and not forcing any step along the way.
  • Your ex-girlfriend - getting over her FIRST.
  • Making a woman love you - masculinity.
  • Core secrets of connecting with a woman.
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Chapter Ten: Qualifications - How To Find The Right Woman For You & Avoid Rejection

10 Easy Ways You Can Stop Disqualifying Yourself to Women & Attract Her

Man Disqualify Himself

Most men believe they get rejected or are pre-judged and not given any chance at all - but there are many times when actually disqualify themselves before even giving them self a chance.

This page will help you see the little mistakes you're making so you can avoid disqualifying yourself.

A nasty circle happens when you disqualify yourself to a woman before she even has a chance to do it herself; you start (or continue) to take rejection personal - and when that happens it's becomes almost second nature to believe you're not good enough for a woman.

And the circle continues on and on.

You or I may not be the greatest perfect catch in the world but that's not why you're not "getting your fair share" or why you might not feel "good enough" thus disqualifying yourself all too easily.

Women do NOT want a perfect guy. You do not want the perfect woman.

Avoid the mistakes - form a belief in yourself - and allow attraction to happen.

Read the sample page right here: 10 Easy Ways You Can Stop Disqualifying Yourself to Women & Attract Her

Are You Qualifying Her? – Attracting Women & Better Relationships

Learning how to attract more fulfilling relationships with the right woman is in one way about knowing how to qualify her.

When you qualify a woman the right way you do several things:

  • You create attraction in many ways up to and including getting a woman to qualify herself to you.
  • You're showing her you have high standards minus the arrogance.
  • Your assurance to yourself that she is the right type of woman you're looking for.
  • You're looking deeper into who she is in a way that is hard to fake. You're seeing past and beyond her persona, and looking for any real character flaws she may have which can be problematic in the future.

If and when you decide to further a relationship with her, through better qualification techniques...

You're giving BOTH of you the best chance in developing a longer-lasting, happy, healthy, and fulfilling relationship.

Qualifying a person is an integral part of the human mating ritual.

Finding the perfect woman for you requires you to learn how to qualify the best mate for you - or else you could experience failed relationships and more drama in your life - that you don't want or have to suffer through.

This page shows you exactly how to set the women you're now attracting apart from the rest - to find the best available partner and enjoy a long lasting relationship.

DiaLteG TM has not and will never be about using tricks to get laid and this chapter, among many others are designed for men who want to be with the woman of their dreams.

  • Learn the steps of qualification and what they mean.
  • Find the confidence and mindset of deserving a great woman.
  • Women know how to test instinctively - this is how you can test them back minus the nasty game playing.
  • How to talk to women in a way which creates and amplifies attraction but also gets them to reveal their inner character to you - so you're not wasting your time on a woman who is not right for you.
  • How to integrate all of it into your personality so you automatically do it with every woman you interact with - so it all comes natural.
  • How to set yourself up as an individual with high value and upholds certain higher standards with respect to those you allow you in your life.

Don't stand blindly aside and let things happen.

Don't be afraid to expect more and in the same way - expect more from yourself too - it just makes better relationships.

Know what you want in a woman - EVERYTHING - and believe she does exist and that you are fully capable of finding her, qualifying her, and attracting her too.

Give BOTH of you the best chance in developing a longer-lasting, happy, healthy, and fulfilling relationship.

Read the sample page right here: Are You Qualifying Her? – Attracting Women & Better Relationships

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Chapter Eleven: Approaching Women - Eliminating Approach Anxiety & Starting Conversations

Approach Women With No Anxiety & Fears – Four Words Changes Everything

Smiling Woman Waiting Approach

Why didn't you approach her?

Why do you feel failing to just start a conversation with a woman?

This is the first installment of your approaching women and starting conversation chapter.

Assignment one - overcoming your fears and anxiety by exploring your success and failures and eliminating them one by one... for good!

  • Get the four word that changes everything for you in approaching and meeting women.
  • How to stop worrying so much and clear your head so the words flow naturally.
  • One phrase and mindset from a movie that turns everything around.
  • How to teach yourself to stay in the present which is the most attractive place to be and impresses women.

Time to eliminate your fears and anxiety around women to open up opportunity after opportunity for you.

Read the sample page right here: Approach Women With No Anxiety & Fears – Four Words Changes Everything

How To Approach Many Types of Women When They Look Inapproachable

Some women appear unapproachable - it's as if they're putting up this shield to protect themselves but more importantly...

STOP you from something as harmless as starting a conversation.

And it sucks!!!

Because you might not know it - but it doesn't mean all of them do not want to be approached - they're just using a clever trick to stop lame-ass dudes with terrible pick up lines from hitting on them all the time.

In the lesson you get the list all of the types which includes the ones you can approach and the ones you shouldn't even bother with - because it's just not worth your time or effort.

  • Learn how to approach in the most standoffish woman you normally see everyday that you wouldn't even know where to begin.
  • Learn how to handle each type of pre-rejection so it naturally and smoothly leads to having a great conversation.

Finally - you'll be able to go where not many men before you will ever dare to have the balls!

Read the sample page right here: How To Approach Many Types of Women When They Look Inapproachable

The Fearless Approach To Meeting Women With No Pressure To Perform

What if you knew exactly how to start a conversation with any woman, anytime, anywhere?

What if you knew, even if you screwed up a few words, no woman in her right mind would suddenly and publicly reject you - just because you approached her?

What if you could "fearlessly" face the crowds of women you see everyday, use an "idiot-proof" system like I did, and still smile?

This page will get to the bottom of it and give you an easy to program the approach so it comes easily and naturally!

Learn to use the stage to your advantage - to overcome your anxiety and fears - to approach fearlessly any woman you desire.

Read the sample page right here: The Fearless Approach To Meeting Women With No Pressure To Perform

How To Give Any Woman The Perfect Compliment – Steps On How To Create One

Are you tongue tied and you just don't know what to say when approaching a woman?

Wouldn't it be great to leave a lasting impression by giving her the perfect compliment?

All surveys reveal that women love a charming and outgoing man and this is your step by step way you can BE that guy.

  • All the steps you need to create a compliment any would enjoy hearing from you.
  • Get lots of great examples and words to use that impress women and make an attractive opening.
  • Easy step by step method to perfect your compliments from the comfort of your own home with a computer or smart phone.
  • A few pictures with exact examples and how you can use whatever is around you to come up with your complimentary opener at any time, and any place.
  • How to use a thesaurus to increase your vocabulary and come up with clever words she never hears from the typical average guys who approach her.
  • How to put the words together for the best possible impact.
  • What your body language must be to support yours words and how your vocal inflections can make the difference between an ordinary opener to something she'll never forget.

No more guessing.

No more wondering about what to say.

The compliment opener is by far a great way to start a conversation with a woman and you get all the tools, tips, and techniques need to perfect this lost art.

Read the sample page right here: How To Give Any Woman The Perfect Compliment – Steps On How To Create One

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Chapter Twelve: Where To Meet Women, Setting Up Dates - Places to Take Her & Making Great First Impressions

32 Great Date Places Where To Go and Meet Her Plus 7 Tips On Dating

Couple Holding Hands On Date

Attracting women and working on your inner game is enough work to do, right?

Which is why having a quick list to turn to, along with tips you can apply easily is great time-saver and an efficient way to set up many fun dates.

Included in your membership are 32 great places you can, along with some subsets to make the decision making for you.

  • Get tips on each place and what to do and not to do with them.
  • How they fit in and when they should be taken - depending on how long or short you've been dating.
  • The pros and cons of each place.

Sit back, relax, take the tips and use them to create amazing dates and watch women see you as a great leader, a man they've love to continually date or more.

Read the sample page right here: 32 Great Date Places Where To Go and Meet Her Plus 7 Tips On Dating

7 Of The Best and Cheapest Places To Meet Women When You’re Under 21

This is page two from Chapter Twelve: Where To Meet Women - Setting Up Dates - Places to Take Her

Meeting women when you're low on funds and excluded from many opportunities may feel tough - but trust me, compared to being older and having less of a social circle, it's not.

The list here contains lots of easy tips you can use plus some great locations to interact and attract lots of women your age - that don't cost a lot of money.

You also get great tips on approaching women and a quick online course in online dating - which is definitely a great place to add to the list.

Don't forget the added bonus from Scot McKay:

Women Writing You First - Bypass The Scammers And Get The Sexiest Women Approaching You Online

Read the sample page right here: 7 Of The Best and Cheapest Places To Meet Women When You’re Under 21

How To Make a Great First Impression - Taking Care Of The Details Women DO Notice:

Making a great first impression means you must take care of the details women notice.

  • Show her you care about yourself and she'll care more for you.
  • Show her how much value and self-worth you have and she'll value, respect, and become easily attracted to you too.
  • With these simple 12 ways you can take care of ALL women notice with as little work as possible.
  • Get specific advice in all areas including how to shop for clothes that match your style and give her a lasting perfect impression of you.
  • What your shoes really say about you and what women see.
  • The first thing women notice about all men which either drives them away or bring them closer.
  • How should you accessorize in a way that doesn't make you look like a fool and encourages women to approach you.
  • What working out really means and why women love a guy who tries to stay in relatively decent shape.
  • Where body language fits in and everything to assure it attractive, inviting, and relaxes her so she'll open up to you easily.
  • How much your voice really does matter and how and why it's so easy to fix you don't want to skip doing it.

Women have a keen eye and a sense of fashion which typically goes above and beyond what men see.

Learn EXACTLY what it is, what they see, and you'll never blow another opportunity to make an amazing and lasting and attractive first impression.

Who knows - maybe women will start approaching you and feeling nervous starting the first conversation.

Read the sample page right here: How To Make A Great Impression On Her – 12 Things Women Look For In A Guy

How Long Should You Wait Before You Call or Text a Girl?

Have you ever heard of the 3 day no contact dating rule? It states you should wait 3 days before you call a girl after you've gotten her number?

In this sub-chapter you get the REAL solutions and never have to worry about when you should text or call another woman again.

Lots of dating rules are outdated and old. Having a set time to wait before you call, text, or message a woman is one of them.

Women are well-aware of all the rules men have been making to make themselves look better and more desirable but other women.

And just like you - they don't enjoy or care for the games... So why play one that will only hurt your chances with a great high quality woman?

It's time learn the only answer to when, where, and how you should make first contact PLUS how long to wait which works every time.

  • Get great fist text messages to send and when.
  • Conversation starts which work before the first date and long after too.
  • Understand what happens when you wait too long or don't wait long enough - both are equally bad but one is much worse.
  • Get her to understand you're not a needy desperate guy with this perfect method that works on the better women - YOUR perfect woman.

Don't let some old rule dictate your dating life.

Read the sample page right here: How Long Should You Wait Before You Call or Text a Girl?

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Chapter Thirteen: How To Act Like A Man Who Naturally Attracts Women - Without Trying

What NOT To Do When A Woman Flakes Out On You:

Too many guys make the wrong choice for the wrong reasons when a woman flakes out on him.

If you're dating, just getting dates, and you're having a problem with women flaking out, you must read this first before you do anything. Women can and will test you.

Find out what those flake tests are and how to pass them the Alpha way.

Before you go and try to punish a woman for flaking, or to play a game with her thinking that'll solve your Ego or her flaky problem, learn what to do what NOT to do.

  • How less work AND more attraction is by far the BEST choice you can make.
  • Learn what it says to ALL women when you fail this simple test.
  • How using revenge and control tactics will only destroy your success with your perfect woman.
  • How you can start building an attraction which can work with lots of women and last a lifetime... because less work with women means more time to enjoy BEING with them.

Read the sample page right here: What NOT To Do When A Woman Flakes Out On You

The Seven Core Traits of the Naturally Attractive Man:

Women are instinctively attracted to a mixture of all seven traits which you'll learn in more detail.

  • A basic understanding from Carlos Xuma on what makes up your personality.
  • Why character is seductive by definition - from Scot McKay.
  • The attractive meaning of confidence from the master David DeAngelo.
  • What strength really is when it comes to attracting women - hint - they're not looking at your muscles.
  • The real way in which your social skills are attractive to women and how they're connected to everything else.
  • Why sexuality is so important and how it has little or nothing to do with your outward appearances - which is a good thing because your sexuality is a major step in seduction.
  • Why if you're suffering from sexual deprivation - in other words, you're not getting any - how it can be an attraction killer if not channeled properly.
  • How important your physical characteristics really are and what it means to women.

Learn how all these traits are connected to one another by design.

When you finally see the BIG picture you'll be given a secret to attraction most men will NEVER know and the sad part is:

Women WANT you to know this... because they are born with this knowledge.

Read the sample page right here: The Seven Core Traits of the Naturally Attractive Man

How And Why A Set Of Man Rules Can Help You Attract Women

If you do nothing at all with regards to this whole attraction thing BUT still find a way to maintain and grow a set of man rules - you will demonstrate a mature masculinity which you can selfishly and proudly feel good about AND in turn...

WILL make you a naturally more attractive man.

Every man seems to struggle making many decisions when they don't know if they're choice could push a woman away, or draw her closer to attraction.

In this page you'll learn a very basic set of man rules which you can work with on your own and develop more to your style and who you are inside.

You'll have the benefit of knowing whatever you choose, it will never decrease your perfect woman affection and desire to you.

  • Learn how to develop your own rules which are honest, upfront, masculine, and attractive too.
  • Reduce your worries and anxieties when it's decision making time.
  • Become unique and special in her eyes and heart.
  • Know the right way to design them to avoid looking insecure, weak, and ill suited for her.
  • Recover quicker from any failures to help you brush off any and all rejections from women who are not of your high-quality anyways.
  • Finally - you'll be ACTING rather than always REACTING which makes you a true LEADER - and someone ALL women desire to be with.

Read the sample page right here: How And Why A Set Of Man Rules Can Help You Attract Women

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Incredible Bonuses Included With Your Paid Membership:

How To Have Superpowers With Women

Superpowers Women Bonus Cover

As a "Big Four" man, you will draw high quality women unto you like a magnet. And that may feel like the pinnacle of success with women.

But the virtually unheard of secret that only a handful of the most fortunate men on Earth know is that you can take attraction to an almost supernatural level. Now you will have those secrets in the palm of your hand.

  • Be the most amazing man she has ever met...all without NLP, hypnosis, manipulation or trickery.
  • At long last... the most effective and immensely attractive practical ways to amplify your "Big Four" games, no crutches, no disappointments.
  • Magical ways to raise your status in a woman's eyes...all while releasing her feminine sense of adventure and playfulness.
  • How to become unforgettable in two minutes or less...all without getting up from the dinner table.
  • A collection of simple skills that are both amazing and easy to learn, but which few guys ever bother to discover the power of.
  • The absolute most important rule to remember if you want to truly blow a woman away in amazement... ignore this and you're all but certain to seem like a "dancing monkey" or a needy "show off".
  • How to arouse physical passion in a woman in a way that sex-focused men will never, ever understand.
  • The ultimate "superpower" that every man must learn...even as almost every man drastically underestimates its power to create instant attraction.
  • How to identify "forgotten" skills that every man used to know back in the day, and turn them into your unfair advantage with modern high-quality women.

Bonus transcript supplied and graciously given by Scot McKay.

Originally from The Master Plan which is no longer available, but is contained or designed to be used in:

There’s nothing better than rising above the social melee surrounding male/female relations nowadays and getting the women you want ANYWAY…even as they adore you for it:

Don’t Let The Shamers Win!

Click Here To Get The Women You Want… Even In Today’s World – Invincible!

The real, feminine women out there are waiting for you to step up.

Click the link below to read the preview version:

How To Have Superpowers With Women - Preview Only

Full package price valued at $47.

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Igniting Femininity: 14 Ways Women Define Masculinity

Man Approach Bonus Cover

How important is it to know what women consider to be the hallmarks of true masculinity?

Let's just say that without this knowledge it's virtually impossible to cause a female human being to feel sexual attraction toward you.

  • The very real difference between "masculinity" and "machismo"
  • How to be a woman's "knight in shining armor" where other guys repeatedly fail.
  • The truth about why masculinity is inherently a good thing...regardless of what some may have told you in the past.
  • One trait that most men dismiss as "feminine", but which in reality could be the strongest indicator of true masculinity there is.
  • Exactly how to create sexual polarity... in the way women want us to the most.
  • Is it really true that women are the "choosers" and men are the "chasers"... necessarily?
  • Five traits that both men and women use to seal sexual attraction for each other.
  • Proof that masculinity and femininity are an integral part of human design and not just "cultural stereotypes"
  • Once and for all... why everything you've ever heard about masculinity being the cause of all that's evil in the world is flat-out wrong.

Extra bonus provided by Scot McKay from The Man's Approach.

Check out the full package right here:

Meet & Attract Women Like A Boss With No Fear Of Rejection and No Fear Of Bothering Her!

Click on the link below to read the preview version:

Igniting Femininity: 14 Ways Women Define Masculinity - The Preview

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Women Writing You First - Bypass The Scammers And Get The Sexiest Women Approaching You Online

Online Dating Cover

If you think it's high time for women to take some initiative and start messaging you first, then this audio is for you.

Discover practical ways to compel women so profoundly that they simply cannot resist finding out more about you right now -- even if they have 200 messages in their inbox from other guys.

You get a step-by-step plan that will allow you to sit back, relax and watch the messages roll in nonstop from sexy, interested women.

As a special bonus, you'll gain all-new insight into the minds of scammers so that you'll be forever wise to their latest underhanded tactics.

That means you'll know for sure when you're hearing from real women -- even when they're the hottest ones in your entire metro area..

Bonus supplied and extremely appreciated by Scot McKay.

Check out the full package right here:

Online Dating Domination 3.0 - No Ghosts - No Flakes - No Games

Scot McKay delivers the latest in the art and science of online dating, including wildly popular Projection Profile technique. Dating sites, apps and even social media are all covered.

Full cost valued at $97.

How To Make Women Horny On First Dates Without Really Trying

Make Woman Horny First Date Bonus Cover

Yes, it's true. If you're masculine power is tuned up to where it should be, you have the ability to make virtually every woman you go out with physically hot for you on the very first date...

Even as she's sitting across the table from you at a coffee shop or a restaurant.

Better yet, she'll actually start fantasizing about all the horny things she'd love for you to do to her

How can you be so sure that what I'm telling you is true?

That's simple.

Don't take my word for it, take Emily's.

Listen in as my lovely and talented wife spills the beans, gladly letting go of secrets that most women will closely guard for a lifetime.

And you can rest assured that we've backed every bit of what's revealed in this program with practical steps for recreating this powerful phenomenon with the women you meet.

The greatest part of all is that the less you actually try so hard, the more likely she is to get uncontrollably horny. Just wait until you hear why.

Bonus nicely given by Scot McKay - featured and full audio from Female Persuasion.

Not only will women LOVE you, they’ll WANT more of you and shower you with attention. Imagine the possibilities in your dating life…

Click Here To Make ANY Woman WANT To Do Anything For You – Female Persuasion!

Click on the link below to read the preview version:

How To Make Women Horny On First Dates Without Trying - Preview Only

Full package valued and priced at $97.

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Writing History Together - Secrets to Making Life Fun & Interesting In a Relationship

Get Together Stay Together Bonus Package Cover

Even though it should be obvious to most, both partners should lead a more fulfilling life together as a result of having met and connected. Unfortunately, however, most couples simply go through the motions... day in and day out.

  • What are reasonable expectations for co-habiting couples?
  • Creating exciting variety and a life of adventure together
  • How to go way beyond simply "keeping the spark alive"
  • Secrets to staying open-minded, even if you don't have to agree on everything
  • How to make sure complacency and boredom never subtly descend upon your relationship
  • Hot ways to keep dating and spending quality time together...long after you're in a committed relationship
  • Sorting out his interests, her interests and your interests together...all while introducing each other to new, exciting experiences
  • Insider secrets to making life fun and interesting on a daily basis (HINT: It's all about the little things)

Full package kindly supplied by Scot McKay.

A relationship isn’t WORK. It’s supposed to be a life well spent with your best friend.

But she needs you to be all-in.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re married, have a girlfriend or are single at the moment. Unless you plan on being a “playboy” for the rest of your life, this is for you.

Here, once and for all, Get Together, Stay Together is the road map for you, as the MAN in the relationship.

So why not have the relationship you want, be the couple everyone else admires and envies, and get it right the FIRST time.

Check out the full package right here:

Click Here When You Want A Woman Who Gets You & Is Perfect for You so You Can Get Together and STAY together!

Full package valued at $97.

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Mental Foreplay All Day Long

Behind Closed Doors Bonus Cover

In this action-packed classic audio Scot McKay is interviewed by none other than David Shade on how to get a woman thinking about sex LONG before you’re ever in the bedroom with her.

It’s an established fact that the more time you spend warming up a woman’s sexual appetite, the hotter and more rambunctious the sex is going to be once you’re finally behind closed doors with her.

From this day forward you’ll have a treasure chest full of objective strategies for making her writhe in horny anticipation all day long. David and Scot BOTH made sure to over-deliver for you, no doubt.

  • What I personally do to keep my married sex life with Emily HOT and interesting ALWAYS
  • The #1 emotion in women that leads to INSTANT horniness...and it’s NOT what you think
  • How to "test" women you barely know to see if they’re down for sexual flirtation early and often
  • Genius ways to turn conflict with women who apparently DON’T like you into powerful sexual chemistry...right there on the spot
  • Endearing ways that even the "girl next door" will try to engage us in mental foreplay ALL THE TIME...yet most men completely miss the signals
  • How to have naughty, dirty, forbidden and even taboo sex...with your wife
  • The simplest, most effective and almost UNKNOWN way to cheat-proof your relationship

Bonus transcript is provided by Scot Mckay and is part of Behind Closed Doors.

Click Here To Fulfill Her Wildest Fantasies & Yours Too - Behind Closed Doors!

Full package which includes this bonus sells for $97.

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Social Circle and Workplace - Session Six

Social Workplace Big Man Challenge Bonus Cover

The raw, unscripted guide to 7 main areas of life mastery for men, originally produced as a live group coaching program.

The program centers on Scot McKay’s “big four” principles for being irresistible to high-quality women.

  • New, subtle ways to be the coolest guy any of your friends and acquaintances know...and the world's easiest way to make others spontaneously come up and introduce themselves to you. (You won't believe how brain-dead easy this is.)
  • The universal two-step process to making new guy friends. Follow them and you'll increase your social circle AND your level of personal influence OVERNIGHT.
  • Have you been kicking yourself for making the same humiliating social mistakes over and over again? Use this quick but universally effective "head check" to make sure you NEVER mess up from now on.
  • What hotel reviews on sites like TripAdvisor can teach you about how to gain social status beyond your wildest dreams. (Yes...this is flat-out weird, but you'll immediately see what I mean.)
  • The common trait shared by 99% of all human beings, but which dooms nearly everyone to a weak social life. This is actually taught in schools (for real), but I'll show you how to "unwire" what you may have learned in kindergarten and rise to the top of your social circle.
  • Meanwhile, maybe 1% of all people know this one POWERFUL but incredibly EASY skill...making them the most powerful person in their entire social circle (by far).
  • A sneaky and DANGEROUS social pattern that the vast majority of people get ensnared by, thinking they're becoming more popular when in reality they're actually driving people away.
  • The fatal social mistake that simultaneously robs both yourself and others of potentially pleasurable and fulfilling experiences. (Yet some people live their entire lives without ever realizing they did it ALL THE TIME.)
  • How to avoid the trap of becoming defensive, and what to do when others act that way toward you.
  • What to do when others criticize you, and how to evaluate what they're saying with a clear mind.
  • 12 mission-critical steps to successfully confronting another man you have an issue with...all the while earning his respect and perhaps gaining a new ally in the process. (This is PRICELESS.)
  • What to do FIRST if people start avoiding you...and you have no idea why. Handle this emergency social situation quickly and effectively or you might find yourself all alone.
  • The absolute best ways to fast-track yourself to a promotion at work. (I've PERSONALLY field-tested and proven these strategies.)

This bonus package was kindly and graciously supplied by Scot McKay. It's part of one of his premiere products titled The Big 4 Man Challenge. This is just a transcript of the call.

Follow the link below for the full package and audio series.

Serve Notice To Every Woman That A Real Man Has Entered Her World - Take The Big 4 Man Challenge!

Full package which includes this bonus sells for $97.

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The Social Charisma Of A Winner

Invincible Social Charisma Bonus Cover

Ever feel lost in a crowd?

What if you could make a grand entrance to any social venue and be treated like a king?

Better yet... what if you could do it in a completely subtle, under-the-radar kind of way that never appears arrogant or douchey?

All of the important aspects to achieving true social dominance are covered in this practical audio program.

Don't get left standing on the sidelines.

  • A spectacularly effective way to become the focal point of your entire social circle
  • How to handle conversations with women in particular when in a group setting
  • Smooth, calculating ways to deal with painful, awkward social situations
  • How exactly to enter a party or other social venue
  • Where to position yourself relative to other people, and why
  • Psychological "seeds" you can plant that make people instinctively like you
  • Genius ways to make small talk... and then quickly get past it
  • Common questions to avoid asking in conversation (most people never figure this out on their own)
  • Simple conversation tips that make people crave more of you
  • Joining conversation with others, and what to do when you're intentionally distracted or interrupted
  • When to arrive at parties or gatherings, and when to leave
  • The one social situation where you'll own the room without even having to try

This audio transcript is one module from Invincible and was kindly and graciously given by Scot McKay as a bonus.

For the audio version and the full version which includes click on the link below:

How To Get The Women You Want... Even In Today’s World - Invincible!

Full package which includes this bonus sells for $47.

Situational Conversation

Without a doubt, one of the biggest questions ever asked is "What do I say next?"

Knowing how to decode what a woman says is only half the story. Without effective communication on your part it's all but impossible to quarterback relationships as efficiently as you should.

This program reveals all the secrets.

  • What "perception born of desperation" means... and why it could apply to you
  • Nearly four dozen situations covered...presented with the right way to handle conversation for each
  • Two indispensable attitudes that all but guarantee you'll say the right thing in almost any situation
  • Precisely why "canned lines" can only take you so far with women...and what to do about it
  • The utterly fail-safe way to succeed in any conversation with a woman...especially when you're just getting to know her
  • How to naturally arrange first, second and third dates without pressure...and with great success
  • Secrets to "flake proofing" a woman more effectively than you've ever thought possible... this is not what you've heard elsewhere
  • Exactly how to talk about sex with a woman...especially when it comes up for the first time ever
  • Conversation dynamics when things are escalating physically...what you say will make it or break it--literally

This bonus was kindly supplied by Scot McKay.

It was transcribed from program of the The Leading Man which is no longer available for sale as a package.

If you'd like to check out what it became, the closest is: The Man's Approach.

Meet & Attract Women Like A Boss With No Fear Of Rejection and No Fear Of Bothering Her!

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How to Flirt With Women & Create Sexual Attraction

Woman Smile Flirting

Flirting is an essential skill to interact with women which creates instant attraction.

If you're not doing it right from the beginning you're missing opportunities and chances are - women only ever will see you as a friend.

  • Get the 5 shocking myths about women to help you attract and flirt with any woman you desire, AND to assure you end up with your perfect girl.
  • Get the 6 attributes that attract women - see how many you have.
  • Learn the 15 secrets of what women really want from a man and you can cultivate every one of those for yourself.
  • Learn what flirting really communicates to women and why it's such an important skill to have.
  • Know why tension is a good thing, how it affects women, and watch how women respond to you sexually when you know how to make it happen.
  • A list of many factors that you can manipulate to create sexual tension, and hence, sexual chemistry with a girl.
  • Why sexual tension makes no sense... or does it? The answer may surprise you.
  • Learn how to read any woman's body language so you know when and how to escalate sexually with confidence.
  • A great model which breaks down how you should advance the touching with women you’ve met.
  • The three golden rules for using humor and teasing to build attraction.
  • All of the push pull techniques you can use to amplify her attraction towards you and increase her sexual desires for you.
  • The two major categories of flirting.
  • Common signals of sexual attraction all women give.

Flirting is a fun experience that’s enjoyed by both sexes.

If you follow the advice in this book, you’ll find that it’s easy to create a flirting situation where she is really interested in you.

Successful flirting can be easily achieved when you’re having fun for your own sake.

Follow the advice and soon, she’ll be chasing after you.

Read the sample page: How to Flirt With Women & Create Sexual Attraction

In part thanks to Dean Cortez and Steve Scott.

The Tactical Attraction System - The Strategic Guide to Dating Domination.

101 powerful "tricks" and techniques that can give you a major advantage during all your conversations with women.

Cocky/funny lines, routines, approaches, and escalation tactics.

Click here to Watch - Simple Magic Words That Make Any Girl Crave You - Tactical Attraction

Full package price varies.

Alpha Attraction – 33 Rules To Master Your Success with Women

Sexy Women Wait For You

Get ALL the rules to MASTER your success with women - the real ALPHA way.

Forget what your mom told you about women, and definitely don’t listen to what your buddies think.

Attracting the female sex truly is an art form, and these 33 rules to attraction lay the foundation for your success.

Throw out your self doubt, and know your worth.

Fix your sticking points, and don’t let the fear of rejection hold you back.

Everything in life is a learning experience, but you can’t expect to perform better without any practice.

As long as you have the confidence to succeed, nothing can stop you.

Alpha men are naturally attractive because they exhibit all these rules - master them and no woman, especially the perfect one for you, will NEVER be out of your reach!

Read the sample page right here: Alpha Attraction – 33 Rules To Master Your Success with Women

In part thanks to Dean Cortez and Steve Scott.

The Tactical Attraction System - The Strategic Guide to Dating Domination.

101 powerful "tricks" and techniques that can give you a major advantage during all your conversations with women.

Cocky/funny lines, routines, approaches, and escalation tactics.

Click here to Watch - Simple Magic Words That Make Any Girl Crave You - Tactical Attraction

Full package price varies.

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Monogamy or Polyamory? How To Decide This Real Man’s Dating Choice

Monogamy versus Polyamory Cover
The ultimate decision - How many women are you going to date? A great book to help you decide whether it's okay or possible for you to date several girls at once.

"To figure out if monogamy or polyamory is right for you, you must examine your relationship, in the most honest way possible, and ask “Is this woman going to have everything necessary to make me comfortable with being with her for the rest of my life?”

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to marry her – it just means that she has the potential to be the person you choose to monogamously have a relationship with for the rest of your life."

Bonus nicely provided by Joshua Pellicer - He calls himself a Badass but don't let the name fool you - his advice works on women & assures you're a real man with dignity, respect, & makes the world a much better place for all of us.

Click Here & Watch The Tao Of Bad Ass Video Presentation – Sneaky Loophole In Female Psychology

Full package price varies.

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Getting In A Perfect Relationship – How To Never Get Cheated On By Her

Never Get Cheated On Cover

Rules to make sure she never wants to stray from you. A lot of guys, especially when they get their first really hot girlfriend worry about being cheated.

Here's how you can make sure it never happens.

This is not only about keeping an attractive woman but goes for ALL of your RELATIONSHIPS WITH WOMEN.

"Cheating only happens when someone feels that their partner in a relationship isn’t supplying something they need.

The problem is that instead of simply asking for it, they seek it out in someone else because they are afraid to bring it up with their partner.

Using a system of “don’ts” and “why’s” you can keep this from happening to you.

The rest of this chapter will reveal to you all the secrets to the system that will prevent anyone from cheating on you, ever again."

Bonus nicely provided by Joshua Pellicer - He calls himself a Badass but don't let the name fool you - his advice works on women & assures you're a real man with dignity, respect, & makes the world a much better place for all of us.

Click Here & Watch The Tao Of Bad Ass Video Presentation – Sneaky Loophole In Female Psychology

Full package price varies.

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How To Never Just Be Friends With Women – Escaping Her Friends Zone

Friend Zone Cover
Why you're in the friends zone and how you go there. Plus a remarkable strategy to get yourself out and have her looking at you like a potential boyfriend.

Joshua offers his unique perspective on escaping the friends zone.

"Falling into the friend zone is almost always an accident, but unfortunately it’s an accident that’s very difficult to recover from.

A man who is a badass with women has learned how to guide interactions so that he will never just be a friend unless he wants to. In this chapter, I’m going to teach you everything you need to know to keep yourself out of the friend zone, and if you ever find yourself in a situation where you want to force a woman into it – because you’re not attracted to her, perhaps, or because you’re in a relationship – you can do so fairly easily by simply not doing the things you’re going to learn here."

Bonus nicely provided by Joshua Pellicer - He calls himself a Badass but don't let the name fool you - his advice works on women & assures you're a real man with dignity, respect, & makes the world a much better place for all of us.

Click Here & Watch The Tao Of Bad Ass Video Presentation – Sneaky Loophole In Female Psychology

Full package price varies.

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When It’s Time To Call It Quits – How To Break Up With Her Like A Man

Breaking Up Like Man Cover
When you "gotta do the nasty" do it like a man. The "do's" and "dont's" of breaking up.

Ending a relationship sucks and it's never fun.

But you must know when it's time before you do something which is hurtful.

Learn how to break up which leaves her and you in a better state than you were before. Don't keep her around and cheat on her or become passive aggressive. When it's time, break it off.

"We’re in this together – as a species, as men – so we need to do our best to help others out. A woman should be open when she meets the man who is perfect for her, not terrified that she’s going to have her heart broken.

If you keep breaking up with women in a way that is negative and hurtful, you’re making them insecure and angry, and making it difficult for the men of their dreams to connect with them. So stop being a dick, and don’t do that anymore."

Bonus nicely provided by Joshua Pellicer - He calls himself a Badass but don't let the name fool you - his advice works on women & assures you're a real man with dignity, respect, & makes the world a much better place for all of us.

Click Here & Watch The Tao Of Bad Ass Video Presentation – Sneaky Loophole In Female Psychology

Full package price varies.

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