How to Flirt With Women & Create Sexual Attraction

What is Flirting?

This question may seem simple enough to answer. After all, we’ve all done it (or tried to, at least.) Complimenting women, dressing to impress, and spouting off cheesy pick-up lines are just some of the tactics devised to attract a mate, but how much do we really know about the art of flirting?

In short, flirting is nothing more than a mating ritual, and it is not exclusive to humans alone.

Consider the animal kingdom.

Have you ever wondered about the songs birds sing? Is it just a mere coincidence that peacocks have such stylish feathers?

What’s the science behind apes beating their chests the way they do?

The answer is simple… it’s all a part of their mating ritual.

While flirting techniques are unique to each species, the goal behind them is not. For humans, flirting involves the verbal and nonverbal cues we use to attract a potential mate.

As men, we take specific actions to impress the female of our choice: humor; intelligence; material wealth; social status; confidence.

Like the male ape beating his chest, these are just some of the signals we emit to prove our desire and worthiness to the opposite sex.

This is the essence of flirting!

“Flirting is nothing more than a mating ritual.”

What’s more is that it is mostly done on an unconscious level. Think back to the animal examples mentioned earlier.

Do you think any of these mating rituals are pre-planned?

They are not.

In actuality, they are all nature’s answer to continuing the life cycle, and every creature on the planet is bred specifically for this purpose, including humans.

Like the animal kingdom, humans don’t think about flirting… they just do it. In fact, the only time we’re actually aware of our flirtatious nature is when it backfires on us.

Every guy has been in a situation where a girl appears to be flirting with him, only to act annoyed when he returns the gesture.

She spouts off comments such as, “You’re not my type,” or “I like you as a friend,” and he finds himself confused at the entire interaction. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a guy to misinterpret a girl’s friendly signals for a sexual attraction.

The Right Way to Flirt:

Before we discuss how to successfully flirt, you need to consider one very important fact – women do not like cocky assholes.

Showing off your hot set of wheels, running your mouth about how much money you have, or boasting about how important your job is may seem like a good way to grab a girl’s attention, but it’s not.

Bragging actually portrays weakness, and it will do you more harm than good.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s delve into the topic at hand – flirting.

In essence, flirting is a subtle but fun way to show a girl you’re interested in her.

Just for a moment, imagine yourself talking to a girl for the very first time. She’s cute, she seems interested in the conversation, and even better… she appears to be giving you “the eye.”

This type of sexual tension is, in reality, part of the human mating ritual. From it, we determine if the attraction is mutual, and in turn, whether or not to move forward.

When flirting, try to incorporate all the qualities of masculinity that women find attractive; but for the sake of this discussion, know that women generally respond to men who are confident and in touch with their emotions.

Flirting is a subtle way to show a girl you’re interested in her.

Flirting is your chance to demonstrate that you have these core character traits women find appealing in a guy.

Perhaps the most important element to flirting is the use of your nonverbal cues, also known as your body language.

Did you know that only 10 percent of communication is verbal? That’s right! The remaining 90 percent of communication is expressed through a person’s actions.

With that said, don’t think that simply talking to a girl will make her interested.

Two guys can say exactly the same thing, but deliver completely different messages, so you’re going to have to learn how to use your gestures, voice, and overall body language to make your message more penetrating.

Another important aspect in flirting effectively is to know the difference between a romantic interest and a platonic (non-sexual) interest.

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that women have an almost innate instinct to flirt, regardless of whether or not they’re genuinely interested in a guy. It’s a gray area that creates a sense of confusion for many men, and that’s why it’s important to understand flirting.

Know when it’s for fun and when it’s serious by deciphering between the different types of flirting…

As you can probably imagine, the first is more playful in nature, aimed at nothing more than friendly encounters with the opposite sex.

The latter category is more direct in its approach, singling out one female in particular for the ultimate purpose of seduction.

Two of Types of Flirting:

Flirting generally breaks down into two categories: flirting without intent, and flirting with intent.

Let’s take a more detailed look at these two methods of flirting.

Flirting WITHOUT Intent.

We all know that guy. The ladies seem to flock around him, and for some reason, everything that comes out of his mouth has them giggling, blushing, and the like. This is the guy who playfully banters with everyone he meets.

There is a positive and fun energy that he gives off when talking to women, and in actuality, that is what they’re drawn to his energy.

The most successful flirters out there do so without intent, and the reason is very simple… they appear confident.

Flirting for fun not only shows those around you that you’re unafraid of their opinions, but it also enables them to pick up on your energetic vibe, making you more approachable.

That, and it’s a great way of expanding your social circle.

Guys who develop this attitude tend to have several female friends, simply because they give the girls the they desire.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “I’m not reading this book because I need more girl friends.”

On the flipside, we all know that girls travel in packs, so you never know who you’ll meet as a result of expanding your network.

Flirting With Intent

As explained earlier, flirting with intent is targeted at one specific girl. In actuality, it is the beginning of the human mating ritual involving playful, back-and-forth banter between a man and the target he has set his sights on.

By flirting with intent, you’re sending out specific attraction signals and picking up on the feedback you receive from the woman.

As you can probably imagine, this type of flirting carries much more risk than the former. Flirting with intent puts you in a slightly more vulnerable position, as the woman has the choice of not responding to your advances.

But like the old saying goes, “You never know unless you try!” She may very well be receptive!

As a sexually-healthy man, flirt with anyone you want.

Don’t make the mistake of not pursuing a specific female simply because she appears out of your league. The point is that you never know who will be receptive to your advances, and if she’s not interested, then move on.

On a side note, make sure you’re not flirting without intent around a girl you’ve set your sights on.

One surefire method of sending her mixed signals is to flirt with practically every female in the room. If your aim is to get to know her, then do just that.

Keep your eyes on the target; otherwise, you may come off as being insincere.

Now before we go deeper into basics of flirting, let us pause for a second and figure out what women want from you.

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5 Shocking Myths About Women!

Woman Smiling Sexy While You Flirt

Now before we discuss the specific tactics for flirting, it’s important to dispel some of the more common myths that guys have about what women want.

Myth #1-Compatibility.

It’s no secret that compatibility is necessary for a long-term relationship to work, but you’d be surprised at how many people lie to themselves about whether or not their partners are right for them.

They mistake their investments of time, money, and emotion into the other person for being true compatibility, when in reality, they should’ve listened to their gut and moved on.

Perhaps you’ve made the mistake of maintaining an unsatisfying relationship “until things get better.” In truth, the two of you simply were not compatible.

People stay together for two reasons:

  1. They’re attracted to one another on a deep level
  2. They get comfortable and settled with the other person (or the person doesn’t annoy them into breaking up.)

While it’s been said that “opposites attract,” you really do need to have enough similarities with your mate in order to sustain a healthy and growing relationship.

Know the criteria you want in a partner, and seek out only those women who fit the bill.

One common mistake many guys make is not being selective enough when pursuing a woman. They look no deeper than the woman’s exterior, neglecting to ask whether or not her interests, morals, and goals are in sync with theirs.

In short, they settle.

But it’s important to know what you want.

Putting more care and thought into the women you pursue requires discipline, but it will save you from dating someone who doesn’t match your criteria. It will prevent you from yet another bad relationship.

This idea of knowing in advance what you want in a woman contradicts the popular idea of “soul mates.” While you may be too manly to watch Disney movies and Hallmark commercials (or maybe not), they’ve still had an impact on your psyche by making you believe in one perfect girl just for you.

You may recognize this character by her name, “The One,” but abandon all thoughts that she truly exists.

People are drawn to each other for various reasons, and instead of shooting blindly in the hopes of finding your soul mate, know what you want in a woman, and settle for nothing less.

Your goal is to find good matches for you, and date only those women. Consider the mating ritual to be a screening process for potential mates.

This idea is really not a complicated one. Through flirting, you’re getting to know women and evaluating them based upon your preset criteria. Those who appear compatible with your needs get to know you better; those who don’t, lose out.

Myth #2- Women Want Nice Guys.

It’s true – nice guys really do finish last.

But why do women find themselves drawn to jerks?

The answer is quite simple… jerks are confident.

They put themselves first, aren’t afraid to get rid of women who annoy them, and don’t care what others think about them. Women always complain about this type of guy, due primarily to the frustration they feel in not being able to control him.

In short, jerks are challenges, and we all know how much women like challenges.

The problem with jerks is that they go to extremes, but there is a middle ground to be found. On one hand of the spectrum is the untamed challenge of a jerk, while at the other end can be found the doormat known as the “nice

Your goal is to find good matches for you, and date only those women.

This latter character bends to the will of everyone around him, goes to great lengths to please his woman, and tailors his behavior for fear that he might offend others.

Separate, both jerks and nice guys are ultimately undesirable to females, but if their elements combined, they would be irresistible.

There is no single rule or guideline for every situation with women, but there are some common themes or elements to consider. It’s important to develop a system that’ll work MOST of the time.

Understand the root psychology behind what’s happening, but learn to apply it in your own unique situation.

Myth #3- Women Use Logic to Find Guys.

Allow me to clear this up right now – female attraction is NEVER logical.

It’s like buying something:

Most purchases are made with emotion, and only afterwards are backed up by logic.

When flirting with a girl, she won’t look at your attributes and make a logical choice about what a perfect partner you are. Instead, she’ll look at your behaviors and become wildly attracted to you.

So many men think that if they look good enough or have oodles of money, they can attract any female they desire, but they’re wrong. While the way a female looks may be of primary importance to a guy, women are generally
attracted to men via their emotions.

With that said, you can actually program a woman into being attracted to you simply by knowing how to talk to them.

This one is pretty obvious. As we all know, women have a much deeper range of emotions. For instance, guys can watch a “chick flick” in stony silence while the average girl will have big crocodile tears rolling down her face.

Now I’m not saying that men don’t have emotions; we’ve just been socialized to control our feelings and remain in control of how we express them. Unlike guys, your average girl isn’t afraid to cry if she feels sad. And if she sees a close friend, she’ll squeal, run up, and give her a big hug.

The biggest difference between the sexes can be seen in how we interpret the same situation. If you’ve ever gotten into an argument with a woman, then you know what I’m talking about. Men use facts and figures to describe an event, and we rarely talk about our feelings.

Women, on the other hand, communicate primarily through their emotional interpretation of the event. Most of the time, they could care less about the facts.

Here’s an example…

Right now, I’m writing this section while sitting in a local Starbuck’s coffeehouse. About two tables away from me, there’s a loud group of women discussing the intimate details of their lives. One in particular (a woman in her late 30’s) is describing a nasty argument she recently had with her husband.

During the last 10 minutes, she hasn’t said a specific thing about what he’s done wrong. Instead, she’s focusing on how his “inattention” makes her feel unloved.

You can learn a lot from this observation.

“The biggest difference between the sexes can be seen in how we interpret the same situation.”

When you’re dealing with women, it’s better to communicate on an emotional level.

Don’t describe your life using facts and figures.

Talk about how the events make you feel.

Describe your life in action words.

Discuss the exciting things you like to do.

When you make an emotional connection to a girl, you tap into that part of her mind that controls attraction.

Myth #4- Women Don’t Like Sex.

Yes, you read that correctly. Forget all notions you have about “nice girls.” Women want sex as much as guys. Probably even more!

The difference lies in how each gender views the act of sexual intercourse. Most guys are constantly on the prowl.

We have been taught that a “real man” should bang as many women as possible.

In fact, a guy usually gains a significant level of social status if he has a harem of woman at his beck and call.

Women are the complete opposite.

While a girl can enjoy sex as much as a guy, society has taught her to avoid being “too promiscuous.” If a girl has any sexual partners, the words “slut” or “whore” will be often used to describe her. And once she gets a reputation, her social status will quickly diminish.

You won’t find many girls bragging about all the guys they’ve banged.

They’ve learned that there are negative consequences to having too many sexual partners. In simple terms, they’ve learned that a “quality” girl doesn’t
go around having sex with every man she meets.

Allow me to say it again…

Women enjoy sex!

Guys think that women don’t enjoy it because they’re not always discussing it. However if you listen to a girl when she’s with her friends, you’ll realize how often this topic is discussed. If you look at the cover of magazines like Cosmopolitan, then you’ll see that sex is an important issue to women.

Let’s face it: A major difference between the sexes comes down to an ability to restrain our urges. Whereas men seem to need sex 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, women can restrain their sexual impulses.

The myth that women don’t enjoy sex comes from the way they talk to guys.

Your average girl has learned to “not encourage” men who she finds unattractive.

By displaying cold body language, she knows a guy will usually give up and walk away. That’s why it seems like a lot of women are not interested in sex.

The truth is they do have sexual impulses, but not with guys who don’t excite them.

Now take this same girl and put her in close proximity to a high status guy. When she’s around this man, you’ll see a whole different side of her personality. If the chemistry is right, she’ll suddenly become very sexual.

She’ll laugh, she’ll flirt, and she’ll do her best to attract him.

I want you to understand something about this last principle: Women enjoy sex as much as guys. However, YOU have to know the secrets for sparking this side of their personality. They’re not going to show it unless you know how to connect to their primal urges, so don’t try to logically attract a woman.

Instead look for ways to create sexual tension.

Myth #5- Women are Attract to Guys Based on Looks.

While making an effort to take care of yourself is certainly important, you don’t have to look as though you just stepped off the pages of GQ to attract women.

Don’t believe me?

Well, read on, and you might consider otherwise.

Let’s go back to the example of that guy.

He’s not the most successful, and to be perfectly honest, you don’t see what’s so attractive about him either.

Yet for some reason, he seems to be having more luck with the opposite sex than you’ve ever had. Why is it that he’s so good with women?

Odds are he probably owns at least one of these six attributes that attract women:

  1. Means
  2.  Power
  3. Fame
  4. Looks
  5. Exclusivity
  6. Personality

Most of these qualities are out of your control. While characteristics such as our looks and exclusivity are somewhat within our grasp, very few of us are born into power, fame, or the like.

At the end of the day, personality is really what matters most (and it’s probably “that guy’s” secret to success with women.)

With that said, you have to learn how to make your personality your top quality. By doing so, you can overcome all defects that you might have, and then some.

The following is a list of what women generally like in a guy’s personality. While these qualities may differ among each woman’s preferences, it’s safe to say that this list runs the gamut of what women generally want from men.

Read it over, and clearly evaluate which traits you have and lack.

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What Women Really Want in a Man.

Woman Bowling Ready Flirt Back


I listed this first as it is paramount in overall attractiveness. Remember that confidence does not mean cockiness. You simply respect yourself, know your value, and display that through your actions.


Let her go out with her friends, and you go out with yours too. Holding on too tightly to a girl not only shows a lack of confidence, but it’s a surefire way of losing her in the end.


While it’s important to respect each other’s independence, women like to feel important too. While you should never be possessive, don’t let another guy hit on her, and remind her of how beautiful she is every once in a while.

Sense of Humor:

Can you laugh at her jokes? At yourself? Are you able to convey humor in a way that’s congruent to your high status personality?


You don’t have to be a rocket scientist, but an education and common sense can take you a long way.


Along with intelligence comes expertise.

You don’t have to own a major corporation to display this trait; you simply have to be passionate about something other than women, and hone your skills in that area.


By having other passions in your life besides her, you are (in a sense) a challenge. Women like it when they have to work for your affections.


Find your interests and be able to communicate why they inspire you.

Class and Culture:

Put down the Budweiser and pick up a brandy (or a Heineken, at the very least.) Buy some good art for your home, and visit a museum every once in a while.


Believe it or not, women like to feel subordinate, so don’t be afraid to tell her where you’re taking her for dinner. Just don’t be a jerk about it.


Now might be a good time to put that personal organizer to work. It’ll help you remember her birthday and other tiny details to portray a thoughtful nature.


Don’t confuse this with “dominance.” Being aggressive simply means going after what you want, whether it be a date or a promotion at work.

Good Body Language:

Do you slouch? Stand up straight! Look people in the eyes when addressing them, and pick your head up when walking. Remember that 90 percent of communication is nonverbal, so make the most of what you’re not saying.

Good Sex:

As we’ve already addressed, women love sex, but there is a right and wrong way to turn them on. Never neglect foreplay, learn her “hot spots,” and be courteous by making sure she finishes first.


This is one trait that separates the jerks from the rest of the guys. Open doors for her; pay her way; be courteous of her needs and feelings while remaining a challenge in her eyes.

As you can see, women need a lot of things from men. The confusion comes from the double talk that women do; they say one thing but mean another.

Their emotional side tells them that they want a nice guy, but on that same note, he’s not enough of a challenge to them (hence the reason why “nice guys finish last.”) What they really want is someone they can trust, who will not act like a complete pushover.

Now that we’ve dispelled some of the common myths about women, let’s move on to the main topic of this course… flirting.

It’s no secret that men and women have two different styles of communication. In general, women can talk for hours at end, while men like to solve problems and come to a solution.

What Flirting Communicates:

Men are more tactical in their interactions; they view conversations as a way to prove their intelligence and feed the way they look at the world, but this all comes across as “know it all” behavior to women.

Women communicate emotionally, and conversations with men are usually anything but.

That’s when the arguments arise.

When a woman opens up to you in conversation, she merely wants you to tap into the way she’s feeling about the topic.

Women talk to simply communicate, and nothing more.

Most men overlook this fact by giving her advice, and as a result, they come off as being insensitive. In reality, all they had to do was listen.

So how should you communicate with women?

A more effective method is to ask questions (or make statements), instead of providing solutions. Don’t tell her what to do.

Communicating with women is NOT a time to give advice, nor is it a chance to brag about yourself.

It may seem unnatural at first, but just talk for the sake of talking …Sexual tension is the backbone of flirting…

The main focus of this book is to help you create sexual tension when flirting.

While “tension” in other areas of your life is certainly not appreciated, let me assure you that the opposite is true when dealing with women.

Sexual tension is the backbone of flirting. It is the give-and-take of all interactions with women.

Truth be told, sexual tension is the precursor to sexual chemistry. At some point in your life, you’ve probably heard this term. For a lot of guys, this phrase represents the holy grail of all interactions with a woman.

If you’re able to create sexual chemistry, then you have a virtual lock on getting her into the bedroom.

But how do you create it?

Well, there’s a simple truth about sexual chemistry. A woman’s desire for you starts WAY before you’ve even met her. During her formative years, a woman develops her tastes for what she specifically likes in a guy.

So if she is attracted to somebody who is “tall, dark and handsome,” then you won’t initially create sexual tension if you’re a short, ugly, albino dude.

Every girl has her own particular taste in a guy. You can’t control it and you won’t know what she likes until you approach her.

As a result, it’s important to fix what you can and display a top-notch personal appearance.

Then (once you know you’re “looking your best”) you can work on a REAL way to create sexual chemistry. It all begins with a complete understanding of sexual tension and how to make it work for you.

Attractive women are used to guys acting nice and kissing their asses. In order to trigger her “attraction switches,” you should understand that deep down inside, women want a guy who presents a challenge.

And that’s what you’re doing when you create sexual tension.

A conversation should involve subtle techniques for pushing a woman away, and THEN pulling her in.

One minute you’re touching her and providing a pleasurable experience.

The next minute, you’re pushing her away and teasing her.

The important thing to remember is that a flirtatious conversation NEEDS tension.

In other words, with sexual tension, a woman feels excited and has conflicting feelings. She thinks you might be attracted to her, but isn’t quite sure. Only by taking things to a physical level will she resolve the tension that’s been built.

By giving her mixed signals about your attraction, you’re NOT providing a way to resolve the tension that you’ve built.

Now there is an important reason for creating this tension.

At some point, you want to help a woman understand that the ONLY way to eliminate this tension is to take things to a physical level.

Remember that sexual chemistry is an important ingredient to a conversation. Whenever you meet a woman, you should focus on creating enough tension that’ll increase her levels of attraction.

Then sit back and watch as she works hard for your attention.

Sexual Tension – What is it?

So how do you make sexual tension work for you?

What exactly is it?

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The following is a list of many factors that you can manipulate to create sexual tension, and hence, sexual chemistry with a girl.

Sexual Eye Flirt From Woman

Body language:

Give her your undivided attention through your eyes, gestures, and voice tone, and suddenly take it away.


Don’t pull a Jekyll and Hyde on her, but make her wonder what you’re thinking. Be selective when deciding which of her jokes to laugh at, but always remain mostly friendly.


Don’t overdo the teasing. Just give her enough to feel special and want more.

Increase Attraction:

While personality is paramount, always make sure to look your very best. This will also do wonders for your self-esteem.

Be Challenging:

Don’t pick up the phone every time she calls, and decide for yourself if you want to go somewhere with her. Maybe you have “other plans.”

The secret to creating sexual tension is to create the anticipation of an experience. It’s that emotion where a woman is waiting for the release of the buildup.

At the same time, by creating an environment of sexual tension, you’re coming off as a challenge or mystery to the woman, and ultimately driving her nuts!

Practice by giving-and-taking the above-mentioned factors, and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Why Sexual Tension Makes No Sense:

To best make this information work, you have to “throw out” the rules you’ve learned.

Most of us were raised by our parents to be “good boys” and treat others well (which, overall, is still good advice), but to attract a girl, sometimes you have to be a little mean.

You have to push her away, only to pull her in at your own leisure.

In short, you’re making her chase you, and that’s always a good position to be in.

If every man knew this seduction trick, there would be no more “nice guys” out there.

Is Sexual Tension Related to Friendship?

No. Just because a woman likes you it doesn’t mean she’s attracted to you. There are a lot of high-quality women with several guy friends, but that’s where they draw the line.

In order to cross that line and break the barrier of friendship, you need to create a sensation of sexual tension.

Only then do you stand a chance of her viewing you in a sexual light.

It’s about Building Anticipation.

If you’ve effectively created an air of sexual tension, then you’ve made her feel as though she’s waited a very long time for what you have to offer. You’ve built up her excitement and passion by placing yourself just slightly beyond her reach.

Every opportunity you’ve presented her with suddenly gets taken away, posing a challenge to her.

It’s only human nature to want what you can’t have, and in this situation, she can’t have you… yet.

Strong Body Language.

As mentioned before, the majority of effective communication is accomplished without saying a word through your body language.

Maintaining a strong physical presence is important when flirting, as 90% of communication is accomplished through your actions and demeanor.

In short, what you say and what you do are two totally different concepts.

In this chapter, you’re going to learn how to successfully utilize non-verbal cues to your advantage when dealing with the opposite sex.

Everything from the look in your eyes to your posture will be honed to insure you’re giving off the best impression possible.

To start, let’s cover some of the basics of body language.

Eye Contact.

You can tell a lot about a person simply by the way they look (or don’t look) at you. Your eyes are the most important part of your body language. They never lie.

There is one standard to consider when using your eyes during flirting. When you first make eye contact with a girl, hold it for at least three seconds.

Anything shorter will portray you as unconfident; anything longer will make you look creepy (and we certainly don’t want that!) By holding her gaze for the standard three seconds, you’re showing you’re a dominant male.

This may be hard to do at first, especially if you’re the shy type, but there are exercises you can do to get more comfortable with it.

Try maintaining eye contact with anybody, regardless of whether or not you’re attracted to them. You can also try looking at the bridge of her nose or her eyebrows, instead of directly in her eyes, as she won’t be able to tell the difference.

Danger Zones to Avoid.

A girl friend of mine is constantly complaining about this guy at work. She says he’s always looking at her chest when talking with her (and making zero effort to hide it.)

Most girls are swarmed by guys checking out their asses, breasts, and other “danger zones.”

Remember – you’re aim in the game is to appear different from your male competition.

With that said, be careful not to focus in on anything other than her eyes when interacting with her.

A good rule-of-thumb is to maintain your gaze above the neck, since anything below it is generally off limits (until she gives you the “green light,” of course.)

Her eyes, hair, smile – these should be things you focus on.

Another “danger zone” to avoid when hitting on a specific girl is other women. Think about it: If a girl was chatting with you, only to give her attention to every other guy in the room as well, you’d be kind of confused, right?

If you’re goal is to get her number, you must control your focus.


It has been said that a smile can be interpreted across the world, and this is so true. A smile shows your sincerity, whereas the lack of a smile can turn people off to you.

The bottom line is if you really want flirting success, you’re going to have to show your ‘pearly whites’.

Practice your smile in the mirror, and keep doing it until it looks real. Body language experts have various ways of determining whether or not a smile is genuine.

First off, the person smiling actually shows teeth. Mind boggling, I know; but you’d be surprised at the difference between a closed-mouthed smile, and a big beaming grin.

Another trick used by experts is to examine the eyes of whoever is smiling (didn’t I tell you the eyes were important?) Nine times out of ten, a person who smiles without the corners of their eyes crinkling is faking it, so make sure to crinkle!


Women look for cues as to what you’re really like. Similar to your eyes, your posture tells a lot about how you feel about yourself.

Just for a moment, I want to take you back to your childhood by mentioning the ever-famous Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. For those who weren’t fortunate enough to get to know this character, Eeyore was Winnie’s sad and gloomy donkey pal.

If he didn’t tell you he was sad, at the very least, you could put the pieces together just by looking at his constantly-slouched posture.

Okay, now forget about Eeyore. What woman in her right mind would be drawn to someone like this? If you answered “no woman,” you’d be correct. Life’s hard enough as it is; you don’t want depressed, unconfident people consuming your time too.

You can use your body to attract the opposite sex simply by standing with your feet apart.

It’s no secret that a person whose arms are crossed is very guarded, so make sure to leave your hands by your side (outside of your pockets.) If you’re having difficulty with this, try hooking your thumbs in your belt hoops, pointing your fingers down towards your crotch.

When standing in a group, take up space in a crowded area by maintaining a broad stance. Inferior guys allow others to push them around, so hold your ground by not letting others take up your space.

“Your posture tells a lot about how you feel about yourself.”

Walk tall, keep your shoulders back, and hold your head up high.

Slow down physical movements, and when speaking, add in pauses between your sentences.

When sitting, lounge back, sling your arm around the back of the chair, and expose your crotch.

This shows that you’re at home and completely comfortable in any situation.

It shows you’re an alpha male.


Walking and posture very often go hand-in-hand, but how you move across a room requires a section all to itself.

If you’re walking too fast, you may come off as appearing stressed out, anxious, and the like. On the flip-side, walking with little to no life in you could very well give your date the blues.

You need to find a happy medium between the two extremes.

Walk with purpose, but move a little briskly.

Your walk should command attention. A slower, non-sluggish walk conveys confidence, so try to move in a relaxed, fluid stride.

Your movement should make the girl feel comfortable in your presence.


Your goal when first approaching a woman is to gain her trust and break past her initial barriers towards men.

You also want her to chase you.

But let’s say you already had your initial meet-and-greet with her, and now you’re taking her out on an actual date.

The “red light” on touching has now turned to “yellow,” which (for those of you who failed Driver’s Education) means you should proceed with caution.

Your goal is to express your interest in her, but not in a sexual manner. Don’t touch the stuff that makes you appear too forward. Some good ideas would be to touch her forearm when you’ve thought of an idea, or gently place your hand on the small of her back when holding the door open for her.

Doing so will show her that you’re interested in being more than her friend, but you’re not a pervert eagerly awaiting the chance to get in her pants.


Be careful of your voice when flirting with a woman (or anyone around her, for that matter.) Talk slowly and with deliberation – not like you’re hopped up on crack. Relax, and convey the rich texture of your voice by believing
firmly in what you’re saying.

A good side point to this topic is to know when to shut up.

Only someone truly lacking confidence deems it necessary to speak over everyone else.

Not only that, but people are generally turned off by arrogance.

Your mother was right: It is rude to interrupt.

Final Thoughts on Your Body Language.

You don’t have to have male-model looks to be attractive to women. For that matter, you don’t have to be rich, popular, or any combination of the two either.

If you’re conveying the correct body language, you’ve got all the tools you’ll ever need in both love and life.

Through strong body language, you’re projecting a masculine, confident demeanor.

You’re communicating that you’re interested in a girl, without seeming low status.

Coupled with nice clothing, hair, and other physical features, your body language can give off an aura of sexuality to practically any female.

Reading HER Body Language

Many guys wonder when a girl is flirting with them. The funny thing is it’s not hard to read her mind – just pay attention to her mannerisms!

This skill is very much learned on an intuitive level, but it is possible. Look beyond her smile or words into the whole of her body language to see if she’s really into you or not.

When you first spot a girl who catches your eye, look for signals that she wants you to approach her. It can be something as small as a smile, or as large as a hand wave to come over, but you must learn how to recognize her “green lights.”

Here are a few of the more basic ones:

  • She puts one or more hands on the hips.
  • She points her body towards you.
  • She points her feet towards you.
  • She smoothes or touches her hair.
  • She smoothes out her clothing.
  • She increases the frequency of eye contact.
  • She maintains eye contact.
  • She scans your body.
  • She has flushed or rosy cheeks.
  • Her pupils are dilated (a GREAT indicator, as she has virtually no control over it.)
  • She tosses her head and hair back.
  • She exposes her wrists toward you.
  • She exposes the palms of her hands.
  • She opens her legs slightly (this demonstrates an unfulfilled sexual need.)
  • She sways her hips while walking past you.
  • She places her hands near her crotch or breasts.
  • She gives you a sideways glance.
  • Her lips are wet and slightly open.

So let’s say you spot a girl who seems to be displaying one or more of these qualities towards you.

What’s your next step? If you said approach her, you’re right!

Once you two are talking, your new task is to hear what she’s really saying.

It has been said that “actions speak louder than words.” It’s also been said that “talk is cheap.” With this in mind, switch things up by paying more attention to how a woman acts, as opposed to the words coming out of her
mouth. You can sense when there’s genuine emotion behind what a person is saying.

To get better at this, go somewhere where you can observe people (I’ve always found a local coffee shop to be a good spot.)

Watch people as they interact, and jot down some notes about their:

  • Arms
  • Hips
  • Heads
  • Facial expressions
  • Overall attitude
  • Emotions
  • Eyes

If you’re confused at how to go about doing this, consider this example:

I’m actually sitting at a local coffee shop at this very moment. Across the room are a guy and girl who appear to be on a date of some sort. If they aren’t, then
you could’ve fooled me, because she is all over him.

Her eyes are glued to every move he makes. She’s responding to him by throwing her head back and laughing at every word coming out of his mouth.

Now she’s got her hand on his bicep, and is leaning in very close to convey a certain message to him.

This guy’s gonna get lucky (if he hasn’t already!)

Over time, you’ll get a feel for people’s body language.

Listen to the inflections of their voices. Focus on how she’s saying something, not what she’s saying. I have absolutely no idea what this couple in the coffee shop is talking about, but whatever it is, there’s a lot of attraction behind it.

Observing others is not an OPTIONAL exercise; if you want to get better at reading (and revealing) body language, you must practice. You can learn a lot by observing the actions of others.

Touching is a great way to build attraction and create a seductive atmosphere.

Your goal with touching her is to build attraction by letting her know there is physical commonality you have with her.

Touching is also the best way to tell if she likes you back.

For a playful start, consider thumb-wrestling her (she’ll laugh if you cheat!)

The key is to never direct attention at the touching. It should seem like a natural part of the conversation.

If your moves are jerky and hesitant, then you’ll hurt rather than help your chances of success.

The process should be gradual, without sudden movements or big moves. You want to make it part of your overall game.

In a way, your touching should slowly warm up her emotional oven.

Remember that touching is not defined by a single moment – it’s a non-verbal expression of your mutual desire.

One mistake that guys make is to hesitate when it comes time for touching.

What I’ve discovered is it’s better to start out doing it TOO much rather then TOO little.

Overtime, you’ll learn the subtle art of touching and how it should be used within a social context.

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To help you out, here is a great model which breaks down how you should advance the touching with women you’ve met.

Woman Smiling Flirting Back

#1- Social Touching.

The first step of touching is how you would normally talk to people that you’ve met. In fact, I recommend you do this type of touching with everyone that you meet. The more you do this in a social setting, the more natural it appears.

For instance, some of the social touching you can do includes:

  • Shaking hands
  • Touching the arms to prove a point
  • Using others’ hands to demonstrate a personality test
  • Giving high fives or “the fist tap” to people
  • Brushing arms
  • Standing next to a girl, letting your body contact her

#2- Accidental Touching.

Accidental touching goes beyond social touching. It is not something that would be done with people that you barely know.

When you “accidentally” touch a woman, it should not be obvious. When it happens, she should be left wondering if it was an accident…or something that you did on purpose.

In addition, some of these actions will involve a pretense for touching her.

While you’re not “making a move” on her, this technique still goes beyond the casual way that you would touch a stranger.

Here are some ways you can “accidentally” touch her:

  • Sit next to each other with your body touching hers.
  • Stand in close proximity to each other with your bodies touching.
  • Brush away something from her face (even if there’s nothing to brush off, pretend that there is!)
  • Touch her sides or stomach when you’re playfully telling a story.
  • Touch some part of her body to discuss an accessory she’s wearing (necklace, earring, bracelet, etc.)
  • Talk with your faces close together if you’re in a loud venue.
  • Lightly touch the small of her back when you’re telling a story.
  • Playfully banter and use physical contact to tease her.

#3- Obvious Touching.

Once you’ve grown comfortable with touching her, you’ll reach a moment when you can progress to obvious, overt signs of your intentions. With these signs, you’re revealing that there is a physical connection, and some signs of
sexual attraction.

With that said, “obvious touching” should only be established when you’ve passed the qualification stage, and you’re building comfort.

Some “obvious” touching can include:

  • Walking arm-in-arm with her
  • Holding hands
  • Having her sit on your lap
  • Having your arm around her

#4- Sensual Touching.

The final level of touching is when you’re about to (or already have) kissed the woman. By touching her in a sensual manner, you’re giving an indication that things will be moving towards an intimate encounter. Knowing this, it is crucial that you know her intentions are the same as yours.

This type of touching should be complete with strong and direct eye contact, and it generally works best in a comfortable environment. Sensual touching can include the following:

  • Smelling her hair
  • Nuzzling her neck, shoulders, or similar parts
  • Stroking her face with your hands
  • Holding or caressing her face
  • Pulling her close towards you

This touching progression model should give a great example of how to quickly become more intimate with women that you meet. If you use this with every girl you encounter, you’ll turn a lot of them into incredible encounters.

#5- More on Touching.

There is no standard for how to go about touching a girl.

So much depends on outside factors, such as your environment, comfort level, or the personalities involved.

With that said, you must remain flexible in this situation.

This is important to realize, because some people cringe at the idea of being touched. Ethnicity (and background) really makes a difference in how certain people regard touching.

Americans and British folks, for example, generally require a two-foot buffer between themselves and others in order to be comfortable. If a Hispanic or Italian person (two nationalities that are incredibly comfortable touching) invades this space, they’re likely to feel like their personal space is being invaded.

Going into someone’s personal space is part of touching; the problem is that men touch WAY too soon into an interaction. We tend to grope, and some lack any and all self-control that is necessary for effective physical contact.

The idea is to make her desire more of your touch… not run for her life

The difference between what’s appropriate or not is really subjective. Start by lightly touching her hand or lower back as you move by, or offer your arm as you cross the street.

Build up her anticipation as you touch her. Tease part of her mind, making her wonder what it’s like for you to touch her in other areas.

Besides the thumb-wrestling example given above, a good excuse for you to touch her initially is palm reading. Most people don’t know that (besides the obvious areas), the palms are erogenous zones (in other words, they get “turned on.”)

Not only does this technique allow the chance to touch a sensual part on her body, but it also gives you an opportunity to show her how fun you are.

Another often-overlooked erogenous zone is the hair. This is an excellent place to touch her, as every gentle stroke of your hand is sure to send shivers down her spine.

Slowly move your hand towards her head, and evaluate if she’s open to the touch or not. If she flinches, she’s probably not ready for any further physical action.

But hey – it was worth a try.

Women are very sensitive to touch, and it’s never a neutral thing with them. It either has a positive or negative impact on her. You want her to beg for more.

When the two of you have finally established a comfort level with one another, you want to increase the intensity of your touching… slowly.

Touch her slightly less than what she wants. Stroke her hair or cheek, see the glimmer in her eyes, and then take your hand away leaving her wanting more.

Don’t touch her intimate areas until you receive a clear sign that she’s into it. If you can help it, try holding out on touching her sexually until you know you’ve got it in the bag.

This requires a lot of self control, but if you can do it, you will stand out from the other guys… and she’ll be in your lap in no time.

I shouldn’t have to mention this, but for fair measure, I will.

Don’t do painful touching. A woman’s first concern is if you’re a safe guy. Be aware of this, and show some restraint.

In the full version  I list 9 rules to use when talking to women, but there is one quality that stands out from the rest… humor.

Using Humor:

It’s true… If you can get a woman to laugh, you can get her into bed. Studies have shown that there’s a direct link between humor and sexual attraction.

In essence, you can seduce a woman with humor.

As you already know, women are very emotional creatures.

If you want to tap into the positive side of her psyche, you need to know how to make her laugh. By doing so, you’re already setting yourself apart from 90 percent of the competition out there.

It’s said that “laughter is the best medicine,” and with women, this is certainly true. If you’re able to get her giggling, you’ll inevitably send good feelings flowing through her… and towards you.

Your humor can be your most powerful asset. Even if you don’t have male model looks, you can still quickly build attraction.

But how do you go about being humorous?

After all, not everyone is built with a funny bone intact.

The good news is that you don’t have to be the next Chris Rock to know how to make her laugh. In fact, the idea behind using humor to your advantage is simply to build your character in her eyes.

Jokes are pretty much overrated.

Use Teasing.

You learned in this section to go into an interaction with a woman while maintaining the mindset that she wants you.

Why not vocalize this in a way that makes her laugh? Don’t be arrogant about it; just tease her by stealing some of the lines traditionally used by women.

“You’re trying to take advantage of me,” or “You just want me for my body” are sure to make her laugh. Couple that with playing hard-to-get a little, and she’ll be melting in no time.

Now with teasing, there is one major problem…

90% of men are bad at being funny!

While many guys know that laughter is a key to a woman’s heart, they’re using humor in a completely wrong way.

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The following are three golden rules for using humor and teasing to build attraction.

Read them, know them, and live by them!

Rule #1 – Never use humor to insult yourself.

Have you ever been around a girl who constantly talks about how fat or ugly she is, solely to get attention or guilt someone into strongly disagreeing with her?

That kind of behavior is just as annoying coming from a guy.

Poking fun at your own shortcomings demonstrates a low status to women.

You’re revealing to her just how low your self-esteem really is (when, in reality, it shouldn’t be low at all.)

Your sense of humor should increase your status – not make her run away.

Rule #2 – Use humor to tease and mock.

Direct your humor at the girl. Yeah, I know you’re probably not used to insulting women, but there is a good-natured way to do it that will score you major brownie points.

Allow me to explain something about women:

Most of the time, women are used to guys kissing their butts. Typically, other men will shower women with compliments in the hopes of getting them into the bedroom. The problem is that women grow tired of the same tactics.

In order to stand out from other guys, you need to use your humor to tease a woman.

While you should never be a jerk, you can build attraction by playfully joking about her mistakes or imperfections.

Not only does this show a sense of humor on your part, but it also demonstrates your interest in her.

Don’t comment about the massive zit on her face (or anything that, if said
to you, would be taken as an insult.)

As a rule-of-thumb, never comment on a woman’s physical features.

Instead, try telling her something like, “Damn woman! All that bling you’re wearing is gonna blind me!” and follow it up with a laugh.

Believe me: You’ll have a woman laughing hysterically if you can embrace this technique.

Remember to be playful and warm, not mean. You may want to practice with some friends.

Rule #3 – Let humor be ONE part of your personality.

The final rule is to know when to turn off the funny guy persona. Whenever you’re in a conversation with a woman, there is a time to be funny, and a time to be serious.

If you’ve used humor effectively, she’s bound to eventually open up to you.

With that said, if she starts telling you how her grandmother just died, don’t ask her if she “bit the dust” while riding her Harley.

In fact, the overall look of your face should immediately switch from one of humor, to one of seriousness.

“You can build attraction by playfully joking about her mistakes or imperfections.”

As you’ve probably discovered, women want guys who have more going for them than slapstick comedy. In order for you to be seductive, you have to show other aspects of your personality as well.

The delivery of your comments is as important (of not more so) than the comments themselves. You’re goal is to avoid being a stand-up comedian working the room for attention.

Instead, toss in little things here and there that will throw them off balance.

For instance if a woman mentions something you don’t agree with, say a line like, “That’s it, we’re breaking up.”

Then, when she says something you like, say, “Alright…I guess we can go out again. But you’re on probation. One slip, and it’s over.”

Using humor is an important part of dating and seduction.

By knowing how to properly use humor and make women laugh, you’ll find that it’s easy to increase attraction.

Finding Topics of Conversation.

You want to establish some sort of connection, and learn more about the girl you’re with.

Ask questions about her, and relate the things she’s saying back, lose commonalities!

This is an excellent way to build up sexual tension, as it makes her more comfortable with you.

Conversation Topics.

Conversation should keep the attraction going, and the best way to accomplish this is to talk about exciting topics.

At the same time, try to avoid revealing things that’ll make her doubt her own attraction for you.

Some topics to consider talking about include:

  • Past experiences: I was once on a date with this girl, and a Run DMC song came on the radio. I captivated her by telling her about the time I met Reverend Run in L.A.
  • Favorite vacations: Maybe you just got back from Tahiti, or maybe you’re about to go. Tell her about your favorite place to visit, and ask her what hers is too.
  • Best experiences: Have you ever been scuba diving? What was the greatest concert you’ve ever gone to? Show her you look on the positive side of things sharing these experiences with her (and don’t forget to ask about hers.)
  • Uplifting news or current events: This shows her that you’re up with the times. Just make sure to steer away from religion or politics on this one. People tend to be very passionate about one or both of these topics, and arguments arising from them are seldom friendly.
  • Dreams and aspirations: What’s your dream house? What goals do you want to achieve, and what are hers? Where’s one place you must visit before you die? This shows her you think about the future.
  • “What if” questions: What would you do if you had a million dollars and never had to work again?

Conversation Hooks.

At first, look like you’re NOT trying to attract her attention.

Instead, focus on getting HER to chase you. You can accomplish this through conversation hooks.

The hook is basically a question that raises a multitude of questions in her mind. It makes her wonder what you mean, and attracts her interest. Instead of asking questions, you make a declarative statement, and get HER to ask what you mean.

In response, you need to follow up with quality information.

ALL your conversations should be “chick-centric,” focusing on her personality and lifestyle without being a barrage of questions about her.

Get started by planning out responses to common questions that you get from women. Leave holes where women naturally ask questions, and never come to a conclusion with a story. Instead move on to another conversation thread

The key is to NOT really care about outcomes. Instead, look like you’re simply there to entertain yourself

Moving Between Conversations.

Moving from topic to topic is not as hard as it sounds. Find something in the most RECENT thing she said to start another question. This is part of leading the conversation.

Interject humor into the statement, and use her statements to keep feeding the conversation. At some point, you’ll find that you have PLENTY of hidden
conversations to discuss. Either proceed down these paths, or use them as reserves for later that you can refocus on.

Doing this one thing will give you plenty of topics to discuss.

The art of moving between conversations is to never use transitions. People that are close never feel the need to transition from topic to topic; they just talk naturally. Don’t look for any connection between the last thing you said
and the next.

This is the essence of leadership, where you’re taking control of the conversation.

Remember that when nobody takes control of a conversation, it has no zing to it!

You have to keep the transitions natural.

And if you get stuck with your transitions, you can simple say- “Anyway…” then open up a new line of conversation!

My Favorite Flirting Line.

Here’s a nugget that I use to seed any conversation I have with women. I don’t know why it works, but it’s pretty effective and simple.

All you do is pick up on something she’s said or a physical trait, and say,

“You know what they say about women who [Insert whatever quality you’re emphasizing like height, job, etc.]”

She’ll ask you to elaborate, and you REFUSE to tell her. This is another great “push-pull” technique, as she’ll be dying to know what you’re thinking!

What is Push & Pull?

Before discussing the Push & Pull Technique in greater depth, I first want to refresh your memory about the importance of sexual tension.

It’s no secret that mankind usually wants what it can’t have, and this is certainly true with women. It is for this reason that, when flirting, you want to create sexual tension by showing your interest in the girl, while not showering her with affection either.

Think of it as the give-and-take of any encounter with a woman.

The Push & Pull Technique is a core element to successful flirting, and in actuality, it is sexual tension. The idea behind the technique is to do things that pull women towards you, after which you push them away.

It’s an advanced form of teasing that (if done correctly) will draw practically any woman to you.

Think about it this way:

If you know someone who very rarely compliments others, you would be extremely flattered if he actually did say something nice to you. His words have a certain value tacked onto them, due simply to their scarcity. In fact, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that you’d go to greater lengths to receive similar compliments from them.

It’s the SAME idea when flirting with women!

For instance, consider the “nice guy.” He approaches a woman he’s attracted to, showers her with compliments, agrees with everything coming out of her mouth, and more.

And because his affection is unlimited, she very rarely appreciates it.

On the other hand, with the Push & Pull Technique, you do stuff that sends mixed signals to women. They’re never sure where they stand with you, and in effect, you become a challenge.

You’re an unpredictable mystery that she feels compelled to solve!


The pull element of this technique is just that: You’re pulling (or drawing in) a woman towards you through your flirtatious nature.

All the rules for approaching women (which we previously discussed) still apply here.

For instance, you should never comment on a woman’s physical attributes when first meeting her. Remember – this is what other guys do, and you are one-of-a-kind.

Instead, focus on her personality, intellect, etc.

Another thing to remember is to not lay on the flattery too thick. When pulling a girl in, hint at your attraction to her.

Decide one part of her personality you like, and comment solely on that. You could even joke with her that she can buy you a drink, or some other form of teasing.

No matter what, keep in mind that your pull is NEVER complete acceptance.

You’re simply giving a compliment that shows that you’re sort of interested in her.


First, allow me to stress one thing: Pushing is NEVER an insult (nor does it involve shoving her physically to the ground.)

It’s merely a hint that you might not be all that interested in her after all. If
done correctly, you’ll grab her attention; if done incorrectly, she’ll disqualify you.

And she’ll tell all her friends to do the same thing.

For example, let’s say you’re chatting with a woman at a local bar. You’ve pulled her in through the usual methods of approaching: enthusiastic body language, mild touching, or complimenting her on some non-physical attribute.

Your next tactic should be to push her away, which you could accomplish by turning your body away from her after she’s said something, or even disagreeing (respectfully) with her.

If you’re a “nice guy” by nature, don’t worry – as I just said, you’re not supposed to hurt her feelings with this technique.

The idea is simply to make her wonder if she’s being disqualified for something she said or did.

Pushing is NEVER an insult.

Variations on the Push-Pull Technique.

There are four ways to push and pull during a ‘flirty conversation’.

You’re going to have to know all, as each is equally important to the technique’s success. The better you implement these tips, the more attractive you will appear to the opposite sex.

#1- Describe Yourself.

Another good title for this section would be ‘Build Rapport’.

In this step, your aim is to reveal a hidden quality of yourself that she can relate to. Use a story or opinion to show her that you have a unique way of looking at the world.

Once the conversation gets going, you want to push her away by changing
topics. This generally frustrates women, because they see an interesting side of your personality, and want to know more.

Even if she presses on about the subject, don’t go overboard by revealing too much of yourself at first.

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that (if done correctly), she will start chasing you. Other guys who’ve tried this tip have told me that (in an effort to keep the conversation going) the girls started telling them their own stories.

“Don’t go overboard by revealing too much of yourself at first.”

For example, a buddy of mine met this one girl at a  house party a few months back. She started telling him about her work in social services, to which he shared with her his volunteer work at a local soup kitchen.

Of course, she was sucked in immediately by his generous nature, and no sooner had he begun talking about something else did she resort back to the same topic, eager to learn more about him.

With this method, you’re showing your interest in the girl (pulling), but dismissing her attempts to seek rapport (pushing).

It’s powerful, because you’re showing good qualities, but actively moving AWAY from it.

#2- Creating Sexual Tension.

Girls do this all the time, but guys can be just as good at it.

Almost every guy I know has been subjected to sexual tension by a woman.

Females flirt with guys they aren’t even interested in. They go on dates, accept gifts, and act in other ways that appear as genuine interest. Then, as soon as the guy wants something more, they push him away.

This leaves a lot of guys in the position of pursuer, chasing after a girl who never wanted them in the first place.

Sometimes, they even feeling guilty for desiring her. And who can blame him?

After all, she put up a great act in the beginning.

But the good news is that this technique works both ways, and you can make it work for you too.

Creating sexual tension involves making a woman feel a certain emotion, only to reveal to her that she was wrong.

This may sound cruel, but trust me, it works.

One method to try is to set up a date, or get her to imply that it’s a date. When you’re out with her, joke about how you don’t want to ruin your friendship.

This creates that feeling of dissonance.

Another method is to find those moments when the sexual tension is REALLY high. Pull her towards you (the “about to kiss” move), and then accuse her of trying to kiss you. Tell her that she’s like a little sister, and is acting weird. This
keeps them in suspense.

For example, I used to know this girl who had a reputation for crushing men’s spirits. Don’t get me wrong – she was hot, and like so many other guys, I couldn’t help but be attracted to her. But after hearing the horror stories
about how she treated guys, I knew I had to go in with a
different tactic.

Instead of pouring on the flattery that she was so used to, I casually asked her if she wanted to grab some lunch with me.

While we were eating, I used my body language to hint at my attraction to her, and it wasn’t long before she started flirting back. No sooner had she asked if I had a girlfriend did I tell her that I was only interested in being friends.

This only increased her interest in me, and we went out for five months!

#3 – Creating a Range of Emotions.

As you can probably imagine, this involves tampering with a woman’s feelings.

Don’t get the wrong idea here – your goal is not to verbally abuse her. Instead, consider this emotional Push & Pull.

For instance, flirt heavily with a girl until you know she feels the same way, and then suddenly diminish your affection towards her. Once she’s worked hard enough to regain it, flirt a little more with her.

This may seem cruel, but in actuality, it feeds a woman’s need for drama and suspense. You can even use this with your story telling by focusing on a specific emotion (such as sadness), and then switching the tone over to humor.

This keeps them interested, because they’re never sure where you are going with your stories.

#4 – Role Reversal.

In case you didn’t already know, women love to test men.

More often than not, guys don’t even realize they’re being tested until being notified that they failed… miserably.

But what if I told you that you can reverse this role women love to play, and use it for your own benefit? A role reversal of this sort is really just another form of Push & Pull.

Here’s how it can work for you:

Instead of answering her question, try a little “Social Jujitsu.”

Take her question, ignore it, and then counter it with your own test. It’s not really about what you’re saying; it’s more about communicating that you really don’t care what she thinks.

For example, instead of directly answering any of her “test” questions, respond by asking her why she’s so concerned. Whatever your response is, keep the emphasis on her emotional hang-ups with her line of questioning.

To make this work, you need to disengage your emotions.

Don’t be overly concerned with the outcome of the conversation.

Remember that, deep down, all humans want to work hard for something worth having.

This also holds true for sexual innuendos.

It’s safe to say that most guys go for the sex way too soon.

Remember that women are familiar with the male sex drive, and they know that nine times out of ten, that’s all we’re interested in. With that said, cutting to the chase and trying to get her into bed too soon usually will backfire on

To elaborate, when a woman does start talking sexually to a man, he tends to take it as a green light to get her in the sack. But just because a girl gets kinky in her dialogue with you it doesn’t mean she wants to have sex with you.

You can use this to your advantage in another form of role reversal. At some point, she’ll start to feel attraction for you and say something that “slips.”

As a confident and secure man, how do you handle a suggestive comment of this nature?

In short, go against your instincts by not responding with enthusiasm. Show her that you’re different from the other guys by not going in for the kill right away. In fact, you might even want to hint through your body language that
you don’t necessarily approve of that kind of talk.

This will make her wonder about her own attractiveness, and work even harder to get on your good side.

A reader of mine tried this tactic once, and it worked perfectly for him.

He said there was this girl he had his eye on for weeks, and he finally got her alone. Mid-conversation, she made asexual suggestion, to which he responded with minimal enthusiasm. In fact, he even laughed it off by saying, “I’m not that kind of  guy,” and quickly changed the subject.

The very next day, she called 4 times to “hang out”.

Sending Mixed Signals Is A GOOD Thing!

Throughout the full version of Flirt Mastery, I emphasize the importance of sexual tension. And one of the quickest ways you can create this feeling is by sending mixed signals.

The essence of the Push & Pull Technique is that you’re purposefully sending mixed signals.

You’re feeding into her need for drama by never letting her know what’s going to happen next. And besides, being too consistent and predictable is boring.

Push & Pull is the perfect method for creating sexual tension. It involved being inconsistent, and doing it at the right times.

Good examples of when you should send her mixed signals include:

  • Showing up when you told her you might not be able to make it
  • Kissing or hugging her, then focusing your attention elsewhere
  • Acting aloof at certain points during the date (i.e. be silent and don’t pay too much attention.)
  • Doing things that are outside your character
  • Saying one thing, and saying the exact opposite later on

These personality traits show a level of unpredictability, but don’t go overboard. You want her to think of you as unpredictable… not insane.

As you’ve probably noticed, Push & Pull is in essence doing what women are ALREADY doing to guys. This is important, because you’re trying to turn the tables on the women you’re approaching.

That’s why it’s important to first understand the techniques women use to draw in guys, which we will now cover…

Commitment and Consistency.

(In the full version I cover how to qualify women and using it to create high levels of sexual attraction. To help illustrate what I mean, let me cover the underlying principle of why qualifying is important.)

In Psychology, there is a common theory called the Principle of Commitment and Consistency.

Basically, your goal is to get her to prove herself by saying specific statements. From there, you’ll force her to prove herself.

If people commit (verbally or in writing) to an idea or goal, they are more likely to follow through with it. That is the essence of the Principle of Commitment and Consistency.

Humans will often agree to do something if they’ve already shown evidence that they believe this way. Even if the original incentive or motivation is removed after the agreement, humans will continue to follow through.

In a social environment, we all want others to think we possess a number of good qualities. And whenever another person gets us to agree that we feel a certain way, we’ll often take steps to prove our commitment to this ideal.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

Imagine you open your door one day and come face-to-face with a guy soliciting for a local politician. Most of the time, he’ll give a “foot in the door” question that any person would agree to.

If people commit (verbally or in writing) to an idea or goal, they are more likely to follow through with it

For instance, he could ask you a simple question like “Do you care about the safety of children?” About 99.999% of population would agree to this statement. Anybody who doesn’t, knows he would reveal himself to be a cold-hearted bastard.

By verbally affirming your desire to protect children, you’ve now been caught in the solicitor’s snare. He knows that you’ve committed to this statement, and you will start to act in a manner that is consistent with this ideal.

After agreeing to the initial statement, the solicitor takes you through a series of statements that are all consistent with your desire to “protect the safety of children.”

Eventually, he will try to get you to agree to vote for this politician because he’s the only person who could really care for the safety of our youth.

This is a pretty extreme example of consistency and commitment. What you have to realize is this is a tactic that’s often used to manipulate our opinions.

In a subtle way, you can use this technique to control the behavior of
a woman.

As an example, you could make a declarative statement about her life. Say something like she’s “boring” or “predictable.” Most women will bristle at a statement like this and will rise to your challenge.

By doing this in a playful or teasing manner, you can get a woman to commit to proving the adventurous side of her personality.

At first, she might not even be attracted to you. But by getting her to commit to being a fun girl, she’ll start to act in a more excited manner. Then she’ll transfer these feelings of fun on to the closest person – YOU!

Knowing When She’s Interested.

In truth, there could be several signs a woman will give you to show her interest. The biggest, perhaps, is her friendliness level towards you.

Think about it:

A beautiful girl can have any the attention of anyone she desires, platonically or romantically. With that said, if she’s showering you with attention, questions, teasing, and the like, she’s obviously got you on her mind!

So many guys let this one fly under the radar, completely oblivious to her attempts at keeping the conversation going.

Don’t make the same mistake. If a girl you like is working on progressing, give her a hand. If you’re not progressing, you’re regressing. Trust me – if they’re not comfortable, then you’ll be the first to know.

You never have to ask a woman when she’s attracted. All you have to do is pay attention to her body language signals, and you’ll have all the information that you could possibly need.

The truth is women give off flirting signals all the time which indicate their attraction to a guy. Known as flirt signals, these are signs that women show a guy when she’s actively interested in him.

Now the conventional wisdom states that you should wait until two or three flirt signals to increase an interaction.

Honestly, I believe it’s context specific.

All you have to do is pay attention to her body language signals.

For instance, if you get three “weak” responses that could be interpreted as “flirt signals,” then this might not mean much.

On the other hand, if you literally feel a girl hovering right up against you, then you know you’re receiving a strong indicator that she wants you.

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Flirt signals can really be broken down into two major categories:

Attraction Signals.

When a woman likes you during a conversation, and is sending you signs that you should initiate a deeper connection, and

Sexual Signals.

This one is easy. When you’re in a conversation, and she’s sending you clear indicators that she wants you to physically escalate things

Now I left out the discussion of women flirting until this point for a specific reason. I think guys spend too much time occupying their minds of only looking for specific signs from women that they’re attracted. The problem is
women don’t really show these signs most of the time.

In order to truly improve your success with women, you have to become the guy who can create attraction at the drop of the hat without a girl sending you any signs. So I didn’t want to include any discussion of approach signals
till now.

Another point I want to make that’s tied into the attraction phase is this:

When you get both Attraction and Sexual signals, you’ll be at a point when you can make two decisions: You can either go to ramp up the attraction,
OR go directly into the seduction phase.

Personally, I like to use at least a brief bit of qualification with every interaction I have. The logic is that the more qualification and the more a woman has “earned” my attention, the better value the interaction it is. This helps ease the process once you’ve entered into the seduction phase.

Trust me – you’ll appreciate taking a little time to qualify a girl later on when she offers no resistance to your sexual advances.

For now, let’s delve a bit deeper into these two flirting signals:

Attraction Signals.

The workhorse of flirt signals can be found during the conversation.

The key to any successful interaction is to be able to spot the moment when it’s on!

This is when you realize that the stories, routines, and gimmicks you used have created attraction.

The reason attraction signals are important to spot is that they provide a visual example of her general interest in getting to know you better.

Remember when I discussed before the Bitch Shield?

This is the generally unpleasant vibe that women will send when a guy initially approaches. When you receive attraction signals, you know that you’re broken through her Bitch Shield, and she’s now interested in what you have to say.

I think attraction signals are important for one basic thing… they’re great for feedback about when you should escalate an interaction.

Honestly, I like to look for at least two or three attraction signals, because at this point, I know it’s on, and all I have to do escalate the interaction and turn things more physical.

So simply put, attraction signals are there to remind you that you need to move past the initial introduction phase and focus on isolating, qualifying, and physically escalating.

Here are some of the more common signals:

Signal #1 – Asks About You.

When you approach a woman, you’re a random stranger that wants something. But you know you’ve reached the point of value when she wants to know more about you.

Typically, they’ll do the same “comfort building” techniques that untrained guys do. This means asking questions about your age, background, name, job and hobbies.

Signal #2 – Asks About Your Girlfriend.

This one might as well be a big red arrow on her chest that says “She wants me.” When a girl starts talking about your girlfriend, she’s hoping that you’ll tell her you’re single and available.

This is one of those signals that pretty much means you’re in. I’ll often use only this one as feedback that a woman is into me.

Signal #3 – She teases or challenges you.

Guys get unnerved when women challenge or tease them. Me? I think it’s a great thing!

When a girl is being playful and bantering with me, then I know she has some attraction.

Often I’ll give a nickname to a girl and see how she responds. If she tries coming back with a name of her own, then I know she’s attracted.

Signal #4 – She laughs at your stories or jokes.

I’m a pretty funny guy, but when a woman is laughing at ALL my stupid lines, then I know she’s trying hard to make a connection of her own.

Signal #5 – She’ll maintain or initiate physical contact.

Physical contact is a way to tell if a woman has a physical attraction to you. An easy indicator check is to lead her through the crowd, and hold her hand.

If you squeeze her hands and she squeezes back, you’re in.

When you take the time to look for flirting cues, you’ll discover she’s sending signals which mean she wants to get to know you better and make things more intimate!

Be careful, because sometimes women will show you indicators even if they aren’t interested in you. You have to learn how to tell when a woman is demonstrating real signs of interest.

Signal #6 – She compliments you.

This is another try hard. When you’re telling stories and demonstrating high status, look to see how she reacts.

Often you’ll get compliments about your accomplishments.

These are another way to build a deeper level of rapport.

Signal #7 – She hits or acts mad at what you say.

Attraction is built on emotion – good AND bad.

Even if a woman seems annoyed or playfully hits because of something you’ve said, this means that you’ve connected to one of her emotions.

I personally like this one because you’ve created banter that can help you take things to a physical or sexual level.

Signal #8 – She calls you a player.

When you become good with women and build attraction in two seconds, you’ll start to have women question how come you’re really good at this.

Often, they’ll make the assumption that you’re a player or some sort of pickup

While on the surface this might seem like a test, in actuality it’s a hidden signal that she has some interest in you.

Signal #9 – She asks you to teach (or show) her something.

During the attraction phase, you’re job is to show that you’re a cool, interesting person with lots of fun interests.

A byproduct of this is that women will often ask you to teach (or show) what you know.

This generally means she has an interest in who you are and would like to find out a little more about you.

Signal #10 – She’ll try to get a reaction.

This is a signal that comes up often, but is hard to pick up.

Just like men, women often do or say things to get some sort of reaction out of a guy.

Typically they’ll try to elicit responses like jealousy, desire, or attraction. When a woman mentions stories about her life that would often get emotions out of guy that means she wants you to take notice of her.

Signal #11 – She’ll draw closer to you.

She’ll do this to show a desire to create more intimacy during your conversation. She may even lower her voice so you have to move closer. When you see this, you’re receiving an incredible sign of attraction!

Signal #12 – She agrees with everything you say.

Purposefully disagree with her. If you suddenly realize that she’s changing her opinion to match yours then you know that she is trying to appeal to you. This is a classic indicator of attraction!

Signal #13 – She holds lengthy eye contact.

You can easily tell when a woman is disinterested when she’s looking around a room and doesn’t really care about what you’re telling her. But the opposite is true when she’s holding lengthy contact.

If she’s not breaking from your gaze and seems hanging on your every word, then you know she’s captivated by what you’re saying.

Signal #14 – She fills in the pause.

Conversations often have breaks and lulls. This is usually the moment when a disinterested person will make an excuse to move away.

But if you find her saying things like “So”, “Well” or “Anyway,” this means she’s making an attempt to continue the conversation that she’s been enjoying.

Signal #15 – She tries to build rapport.

This is similar to signal #1. When you find a woman actively trying to deepen your connection and fill in the blanks of your life, she’s subconsciously wondering what it would be like to part of it.

Signal #16 – She stays with you after her friends move away.

In a bar or club environment, groups can be fluid. Most of the time her core group will want to move around to another part of the venue.

When this happens, look for how she reacts. If you find she’s trying to stay near you, then this is an indicator that she wants to be around you.

Signal #17 – She waits for you.

People use excuses like going to a bar, the bathroom, or to meet friends as an excuse to move away from an uninteresting person. If you decided to move away and she’s still there, then this is a strong indicator that she wants to continue where you left off.

Signal #18- She approaches you again.

In a bar or club environment, conversations can be fluid.

One minute you’re talking to one group. Two seconds later, you’re engaged in a conversation with another bunch of people.

Often this means you’ll build attraction with one girl, but for some reason, something happened where she had to move away.

If you find that a girl you’ve previously met tries to engage you in a conversation, then she’s trying to reestablish that connection you’ve made.

For instance, say you met a girl and she comes back to tell you she’s leaving. This is the moment where you go for her number.

Sexual Signals

There are flirt signals that mean she wants to increase the attraction, and there are some which show she wants you to take it to a physical level.

Sexual signals are the type of body-language cues which indicate a heightened level of arousal.

When you receive this type of flirting signal, you’re receiving the signs that she wants to you to progress things to things like physical contact and/or kissing.

A lot of sexual signals are intuitive. Often you won’t even receive a signal that she wants you to physically escalate.

Instead you’ll simply feel a “vibe” that she wants you to take massive action.

In this area, we’re going to cover the more predominant type of cues that you can receive from women.

Simple advice: If you see any of these…make your move!

Signal #1 – She seems jealous.

Jealousy is a powerful emotion. When you first start talking to a woman, she might not even be aware that she’s attracted to you.

But if you start talking to another girl, the green monster of jealousy will rear its ugly head. If you notice a woman displaying jealous emotions, it’s time to make your move.

Grab her and start kissing.

Signal #2- She moves close to you.

As I said before, we gravitate towards the things we like. When a woman feels an emotional bond, she’ll gravitate closer to you.

Spatial differences are a direct link between the people we know and don’t know. While this is largely based on our culture, it’s human nature to be closer to people that we like and trust.

When you see a girl moving close to you during a conversation, this means you’re casting her under your spell.

Signal #3- She’ll touch herself.

When a woman is talking to you, she’ll signal interest by stroking her neck or touching her hair.

Also she might even touch her thigh!

I personally LOVE seeing these signs of flirting! That’s because when a woman touches these sensitive areas, she’s probably thinking about what YOU could do to them.

Signal #4– She’ll touch you.

At first, you’ll will probably be doing all the touching. But after awhile, a woman will start touching you to show that she has heightened levels of sexual attraction.

When you see her progressively increase in her physical interaction, then you know that she ready to increase the sexual chemistry.

Signal #5– Her legs will touch yours.

When you’re sitting down, you’ll have a good chance to observe her body language. This is the golden opportunity to see the proximity to your area.

As you’re sitting down, take some time to see if her legs are touching yours. If she’s making frequent contact and she’s in your personal space, then you know she’s open to increase the intimacy.

Signal #6 – Open Body Language.

Women will show “open” body language when they’re near guys they’re sexually attracted to. Again, these will include actions like playing with her hair, facing you, and exposing her wrists/neck/inner thigh.

The more she seems willing to be near you, the more she’s apt to be kissed and have the interaction physically escalate.

Signal #7– Lingering Pause.

The lingering pause is when a woman will stop in the conversation and stare at your face.

This is one of the three signals that she wants to be kissed.

Signal #8– Her pupils will dilate.

When you’re talking to a woman, you’ll experience some moments when her eyes will reveal high levels of attraction.

The first of them is pupil dilation.

All human beings reflexively dilate their pupils when we’re talking to a person we find attractive.

This is the second of the kissing signals.

Signal #9– She’ll scan your face including your eyes and lips.

This flirting cue demonstrates a desire that she wants to be kissed! When a woman moves her eyes back and forth between your eyes and mouth, she’s thinking about you kissing her.

When you see this flirting sign, act right away…

Start kissing her!

That’s not the only signals you’ll receive. In fact, there are a number of other signals that a woman is attracted to you.

In fact, here are a number of additional signs that she’s interested in you:

  • Her eyes soften: This is another subconscious move on her part. In effect, she’s giving you her “sex eyes.”
  • You catch her staring: If you think you notice her checking you out every so often, odds are that she is!
  • Her arms are uncrossed: Just like crossed arms mean a closed-off personality, maintaining an open upper-body shows she is ‘open’ to what you’re saying.
  • She moistens her lips: This is an oh-so obvious sexual signal that she’s dying to kiss you!
  • She strokes her body: If she does this, she’s subconsciously trying to tell you she’s in need of caressing… by you.
  • She positions herself towards you: When you like something or someone, you give it your full attention. If her body is facing yours, this is a very good sign.
  • She mimics your posture: This is different from facing towards you. If you bend forward, she bends forward; if you sit up straight, so does she. She wants to by “in synch” with you.
  • Her eyes open up: If she’s not giving you “sex eyes,” she’s trying to show that she’s extremely enthusiastic about you and what you say by widening her glance.
  • She touches you a lot: This is NOT a subconscious flirting signal! Trust me – if a woman touches you for various reasons, she’s very aware of it. In other words, she’s trying to tell you she likes you.
  • She fiddles with objects: If you think she has an obsession with salt-and-pepper shakers, you’re mistaken. She’s really just a bit nervous around you, and doesn’t know what to do with herself.
  • She uncrosses her legs: If a woman sits with her legs slightly opened, she’s revealing an unsatisfied sexual need. Crossing and uncrossing her legs is a good sign of this.
  • She maintains her glances: Similar to occasional glances, if she maintains eye contact with you, she obviously sees something she likes. On the other hand, if she’s staring, she might be a little nuts, so watch out.
  • She holds her hands open: Similar to standing with her arms open, this is a sign that she wants you to approach her.
  • She ignores her drink: If you’re going to drink, then drink! On the other hand, if she’s just holding onto the glass, she’s otherwise preoccupied…with you!
  • She leans into you: If she leans towards you while you’re talking, she’s demonstrating that you have her undivided attention, and she wants to get closer to you.
  • She fiddles with her hair or clothes: This is a subconscious habit that basically means she wants to look good around you.

Final Thoughts on Signals:

No signal is perfect. At no point should you wait around for the proper invitation to take action.

Every interaction should be lead by you, and you’re the one that’s in control.

So don’t feel like you have to wait for the right moment to do something.

Use the signals as a guideline – not as a universal truth.

Learn From Your Experiences:

I’ve never liked the word “mistakes.” Instead, I like to refer to them as learning experiences. To improve upon anything in life, you have to evaluate your past
experiences, and figure out what DID or DIDN’T work.

(In fact, ALL the stuff that I’ve included in my Flirt Mastery system comes from the “mistakes” I’ve learned from hundreds of conversations with women)

Don’t feel inadequate about any problem areas in your life, because nobody is perfect.

Even the best fail, but what separates a successful person from everyone else is simply that they try again.

They learn from their mistakes, and fix them.

This advice is no less true when it comes to flirting. If you’ve had an
unsuccessful encounter with a woman, don’t get backtracked by it.

Instead, review what happened to see if you could have changed anything.

What would you do the next time?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Did I qualify her?
  • Was I confident?
  • Why was she different from my other successes?
  • Did I miss any potential roadblocks?
  • Did I come on too strong, or too weak?
  • Did I effectively use touch?
  • Did I show beta male traits?
  • Did I pick up on her cues?
  • Did she feel unique or special?
  • Was 70 percent of the conversation focused on her?
  • Did the conversation build the sexual tension?
  • Did I push too hard for an outcome that wasn’t attainable?
  • How did I handle my mistakes?
  • Did I miss any steps in the seduction?

Go back to the respective chapter in this book to review my tips, and try again.

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Final Thoughts…

Flirting is a fun experience that’s enjoyed by both sexes.

If you follow the advice in this book, you’ll find that it’s easy to create a flirting situation where she is really interested in you.

Successful flirting can be easily achieved when you’re having fun for your own sake.

You want to be the fun, energetic guy who is entertaining and passing along good emotions to women. If a woman is laughing and enjoying herself, she won’t be that concerned if you’ve messed up in a couple of other areas.

The reason we flirt is that we can’t come out and tell women that we’re interested in having sex. The best way to do it is use innuendos (or humor) to talk about the subject in a way that’s not going to make her feel weird.

This makes it easy to introduce the topic without seeming perverted or weird.

Talking about sex in a roundabout way is effective because it creates an environment of sexual tension. You’re breaking down her barriers without being overt.

Furthermore, you’re implanting the relation of SEX to talking to you. This makes it easier to progress to having sex later on

So before I leave you, let me give some parting thoughts about flirting:

Always flirt.

Even if it’s a little old lady, talk to her in a flirtatious manner. This will help you refine your techniques, and become more comfortable with women.

Don’t isolate flirting from your everyday personality.

In order to be truly successful, the two must be joined. This will dramatically skyrocket your success.

Don’t get caught up in the “I only approach women when I’m trying to pick them up” mindset.

Flirting ALL the time will help you see women as more approachable beings.

Of course, you’ll find that the ones you are NOT interested in are easier to talk to than the more attractive ones, but in reality, all women are equal.

Finally (and most importantly), you need to learn to respect yourself. As I’ve said before, hitting on women should come second to taking care of yourself.

Be a challenge by having passions other than women, and don’t settle for girls who don’t meet your qualifications.

Follow the advice you’ve learned today, and soon, she’ll be chasing after you.

This is also ONLY the beginning and how far you’d like to take your ability to flirt and attract women is up to you, but I must say – there’s no limit on how far you can go:

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22 Signs Of Attraction & Interest A Woman Will ALWAYS Give you… IF she’s actually feeling attracted to you!

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♦ What happens when you have fears of being sexually unattractive. Six ways you make it worse & the easy solution to it.

♦ A simple method to avoid ever having to figure out if a woman is interested in you or not. Do this every time and watch the results.

♦ How to interpret a woman’s signals and the order of their importance. She only has 3 which makes learning them easy.

♦ The secrets of escalating from eye contact to physical intimacy. If the thought of escalating with a woman makes you nervous – This is something you won’t want to miss.

♦ Over 22 signs of attraction & interest from a woman you can easily detect.  From her body language, sexual interest, to when she wants a kiss and even further to the bedroom. (39 pages in all!)

♦ The absolute reality behind her every sign and signal of attraction and what it means to you, and why it’s a good thing too.

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“22 Signs Of Attraction & Interest A Woman Will ALWAYS Give You”

Stop wasting time with women who only will EVER want to be your friend!

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