How The Truths About What Men & Women Say About Attraction Can Kiss My Ass

The truth is not a strange concept to cover as it relates to nice guys and NOT attracting women so let's dig in real deep. I'm going to bring up some topics today that will make some people cringe and/or wildly pissed at me.

It can be upsetting for some while others might want to stand up and applaud. (Okay I won't go as far as a standing ovation. After all, it's not even written yet. This "could" totally suck.)

But before we continue ... THIS MUST BE SAID:

What you're going to read about today is NOT an open invitation to spread undue hate. It's not my intention to allow a list of narrow-minded scumbags to verbally abuse women. I promise that statement will all make sense soon.

No one likes to HEAR the truth and for good reason, it usually hurts.

It can destroy a belief system IF allowed inside the mind and most "brains" will fight it; because in the game of survival, the brain will ALWAYS find a way (especially in thought) to preserve itself by any means necessary.

No one likes to SAY the truth about what's really on their minds. I'm not sure if it's a "white lie" thing or people just trying to be "nice" OR even if it's because since no one wants to hear it - with no one to listen, why bother talking, right?

OR maybe it's because the "people" who are more apt to skip the filter part from brain to mouth tend to rarely say the truth, they're typically just overly vocal with strong opinions who claim something is true when it's a pile of shit and hate spewing from their mouths.

AND not many people out there want to be seen as one of "those" crazy bastards.

(For details on what I'm talking about, go on Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter and start reading just the comments. It will not take long to find the "those"  mentioned above.)

I'm about to risk my status. You may soon see me as one of "them" but it's a calculated risk I'm willing to take.

Keep in mind this IS "nice guy" stuff and when it comes to airing out all the dirty truth shit inside - it's helpful to let it out, it's actually a little fun too BUT it also brings up what I believe are some VERY interesting topics you rarely hear about because of all the truths involved in it.

I'll (finally) begin.

They say outward beauty or looks is only skin deep.

How we're supposed to love what's on the inside. How we're deemed to be superficial if we're only concerned or care about what a woman looks like.

They (women) want us to see them as being more than "just" a body - they have a brain too.

Any cross over to the "Wow, she's freaking HOT! Look at the tits on her!" or "Check out the ass on that one!" world gets us automatically slapped with a label in bold:


You know as well as me - of course beauty is only skin deep as a saying at least. You'd have to be into a pretty strange deep-anatomy fetish to be attracted to guts and veins and bones.

The thing is:

LOOKS aside - tell me how many women "hook up" with guys, date them, or even end up a girlfriend to some dude JUST because he's a NICE person.

She wants YOU to see past her exterior (hot or not - both are applicable here) and like her for the very SAME reasons she turns down or rejects guys.

Weird, isn't it?

Granted - that's reality - the TRUTH is:

It's ALL about attraction.

Nice or not (once again both are applicable here) if a guy does it for her his looks may not matter at all OR as much as it appears to matter to guys. (If that's what you want to believe.)

The PROBLEM is most nice guys just don't know HOW to naturally create attraction and every fiber of their existence often stops it from happening the way it's supposed to. Which is deeply explained in my book, "How You Can Be More Attractive To Women: You’re Not A Nice Guy Anymore!"

The TRUTH is... LOOK around.

What are YOU (as a guy) physically attracted to in a woman?

Put aside your concept of what it means to be a masculine dude for one minute and admit what you would consider to be an attractive guy. (If you can do that because so many men find it impossible to look at another guy and determine if he's actually good-looking or not.)

Now look again - how many men do you see with women YOU think are unattractive?

A lot, right!

How many attractive guys do you see with women who are just okay?

Just as many. A lot!


How many hot, beautiful, whatever you want to call them attractive women do you see hooking up or with guys who are unattractive?

It's a certain rare event that's for sure and it's typically explained away quickly - he probably has lots of money or he's the leader of the supposed "free" world. (Funny I didn't know there was more than one earth. Anyways...)

When I started my REAL education on attracting women I was told something a little different; to take note to how many beautiful women I saw with unattractive guys and to see how common it actually was - now depending on the location (it's ALL about location, location right?) that is NOT what I found at all.

I'm not saying it doesn't happen. This TEST was given to me with good reason, to prove that it IS possible to either pick up hotter women, date, or even have them as a girlfriend despite not having any money or being good-looking or tall. (The tallness is thrown in because I'm a slightly unattractive short guy.)

Point being:

It IS possible for ANY guy to attract a woman he finds extremely physically attractive IF he does three sometimes simple things:

  1. Learn how attraction really works for women.
  2. Learn and develop the RIGHT skills that naturally creates or triggers that attraction.
  3. Live his life in a certain very specific way outside of women sometimes referred to as -  Living with purpose.

ANY nice guy can do those things despite how much money he has or how good-looking he is (or thinks he's not) which will inevitably give him the power to choose a woman based on HER looks or not.

That becomes HIS choice to make and if he's going to take some heat for it - then I'm sure at that point he won't mind at all.

(Yes  - much of that is in my book  but you'll need a few extra things. One being my other short book: "Chapter One - appropriately named: The Real Truth About Attraction" and the rest is explained as being dependent on you personally and the specific skills needed.)

It may appear I've gone off point a little there but as I circle around for a landing - it's coming together... I think.

Today's topic - one of many I'm going to bring up closely related to this one:

Women can, will, and often DO REJECT a "nice" guy for the very same TRAITS or items they feel guys should be into them for, which goes beyond her body.

We're often labeled as TYPICAL if we even dare to take note (verbally or not) of a woman's body.

YET - if we don't tell her or let he know how amazing her body is (through actions and words)  while we're dating,  she begins to feel unattractive to US!

Maybe not to herself but definitely to the guy she is currently dating.

The reality of the world I've encountered and I've been here, there, and lots of places in between:

Woman Showing Ass Bikini

Yes, the picture doesn't match the header BUT I felt since this IS a site for guys, it was only fair to include a woman's butt; considering the main photo is some dude's naked ass.

I see lots of men with women I don't find at all attractive.

AND I see the majority of women I find extremely attractive ONLY with guys who are good-looking themselves or have major issues when it comes to life OR have something tangible to give like money, fame, or a lavish lifestyle.

I'm NOT saying all women are superficial, full of shit, or hypocritical.

It only sounds that way which is why the disclaimer in the beginning begs anyone reading this to not applaud or agree with me just because they hate their station of life, belief life is supposed to fair, and are butt-hurt angry at women because they refuse to do those three things listed above and to jut get... over... it... already!

What I'm "trying" to get at is the TRUTH - whether you want to hear it or not OR if you're afraid to say it because you're worried someone might come along and prove you wrong ( which is always a good thing for learning more cool stuff) OR because you're more concerned about how you look in someone else's eyes - like coming off as some crazy dude who thinks the world is flat and women are all non-humans.

These words you've read so far takes us to a place full of extremes, myths, and realities but when explored to the full extent makes a very CLEAR point.

Which is why we NEED to go here and there as often as possible:

What YOU see around you...

What I see around me...

However we describe it all...

Factual, truth, reality....

It's all perceptions based on experience and what we CHOOSE to see and believe at any given point in our lives.

Physical beauty IS mostly skin deep because guts to most are not attractive BUT what forms the outward physical appearance is actually MADE from the inside anyways.

EVERYONE is mostly TYPICAL (men and women alike to the barking dog down the street) and one would rather BE that way because the opposite tends to be abnormal, not right, or different to the extreme.

Men are certainly not into just looks or else (since I find most of the population I've encountered to be unattractive) there wouldn't be this many people on the planet. (Of course one could argue for that case to be a good thing or how if certain people would just stop breeding, the human race would be further along than it is now.)

Women don't reject guys because they're nice. They just don't care to be with some dude who doesn't make them FEEL attraction - physically or emotionally.

"You need to realize that “nice” and ATTRACTION are two different things And they’re NOT related."

Why Being Too Nice To Women And Not Understanding Attraction Hurts

Not any sane person wants to be loved or liked for their looks alone. They fade. Our bodies literally sag and fall apart as we age. They're imperfectly perfect fickle often unreliable "transports" meant to serve a purpose - keep the genes alive

Some women ARE all about money, looks, fame, and all things considered superficial by some and highly important to others.

The truth or reality about those types of women is that they're RARE. Not just because I believe it or believe in the positive which I do BUT because... look around:

(I'm guessing on the exact numbers below so excuse my lack of wanting to research the real numbers.)

99% of all men and women are not wealthy and a vast majority of them barely get by living day to day - paycheck to helpfully another, if at all paycheck.

If women were only into money or that type of shit:

Why do I see the less well-off having families and procreating?

If women were all about money - we'd we living in a different world.

If women were just into money - how did a "nice" guy like me get laid the most when I was broke and barely surviving.

It certainly wasn't my looks.

Guess it must've been my adoring charm and pleasant demeanor.

Enough of that one - let's continue...

Some men ARE ONLY into how a woman looks. If she doesn't have a huge rack, tight ass, big pouty lips, etc... he's not going for her in any way.

Of course the reality of that type of guy is:

Unless he's really good at attracting women he could like or choose anything on a woman that turns him on and gets him hard and it won't make a difference in the world - he won't be getting any of that!

ALL people want the FULL package (looks & personality) IF and ONLY IF they feel worthy or capable of being the full package themselves.

No one (unless they have limited or low self-esteem) wants the worst possible mate or partner for themselves.

Of course they're going to aim high and hit the spot somewhere between how they feel about themselves, either a little lower or a little higher marking the inevitable perfect SPOT for them. Otherwise the relationship falls apart or carries on way past its expiration date making both suffer needlessly.

Most of what's been brought up today is merely a REAL version of stereotypical bullshit and not the TRUTH.

THAT is the TRUTH I wanted to get out and will too again with some more not-so-facts about these kind of things.

Not many care to hear the truth.

Nobody including me likes to be called stereotypical.

No one ever wants to believe their beliefs are not set and determined by facts but are based on what they choose to see and their very limited EXPERIENCE in the world.

I understand the brain needs to be right. Proving itself wrong might be akin to giving itself (if it's possible) a Turing Test of the human mind causing it to explode.

But it certainly feels that way to most, doesn't it?

Which makes changing our belief system a very dangerous thing to do and we'll fight it - oh we will hold on tightly to anything we feel and believe keeps us from falling apart.

It's a human design flaw with purpose - good or bad.

I've said a lot today - okay a little but with a ton of words and very little real research but it's all good.

You WILL pick something out. You will pick a piece or part that resonates in your mind. A belief for or against. It doesn't matter.

What is it?

Write it below - click the "submit your comment button" - I'll approve it as soon as I can.

Don't forget to read my Ebook and hop on my newsletter IF you're here to learn how to attract women and right away tell me what you think or how it helped you or not and don't delay because you'll probably end up saying nothing - which really sucks for me.

(If you're not here for that then I wouldn't suggest you bother with it unless you like being on newsletters that don't matter to you. It's your choice there.)

My ability to show a nice guy how to be attractive to women starts with a simple concept:

Read it all here: A "Nice Guys" Approach to Attracting Women and on my homepage DiaLteG TM.

I can get you there starting with that above - and what about the rest?

How far I can take you - how much I can help you to learn how to be really attractive to women is (and will always be) centered around truths some of which were covered today.

Looking at things from ALL angles and digging down deep to go to places most fear - because that's where it all happens.

That (looking at things from unusual angles) is the fun part for me because this is how I live my life and how I changed my life for the better to the best. It's what I like or prefer to talk about.

Whatever the fun part for you is - just let me know.

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Dave here (…) I never put it use in my social life probably because I was raised to believe only “sluts” want sex and who wants a slut, right? Right now she is looking pretty good. LOL (…)  making me feel better about many things I just wanted to say I am glad I accidentally ran across your site and to say Thank You and keep up the good work. 

Thank You again your awesome and your teachings are also, Dave Allen

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