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How And Why A Set Of Man Rules Can Help You Attract Women

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Women follow a true leader and find themselves more naturally attracted to guy who follow their own rules.

If you do nothing at all with regards to this whole attraction thing BUT still find a way to maintain and grow a set of man rules – you will demonstrate a mature masculinity which you can selfishly and proudly feel good about AND in turn…

WILL make you a naturally more attractive man.


I’m suggesting you can become more attractive without trying to attract women or by triggering women in am emotional way which does work – but it’s NOT the only way to do it.

As guys – we are given an option to either learn those triggers – work on our social and conversational skills, follow the girlfriend steps laid out here OR we can refer to a set of MAN RULES to help us our OR we can do both.

Doing both works best because as we develop our attractive self these “man rules” will help us to always know what to do or say and it also means never having to question our ability to attract.

If we refer to our specific set of rules we make then every time we begin to question what to do or how to do it then the answers will ( mostly ) come.

“It means that you understand the basic primal reasons a woman is attracted to a man, and you’re not afraid to BE a man. What The Alpha Male Is And Why It Helps You Attract Women

These “Man Rules” are not about our “Ego”.

They are not about watching Football and drinking beer.

They are not about who is the quickest to point out some hot girl.

They are not about how long you can last and how many women you can or have slept with.

They are about Maturity and Masculinity.

Imagine you have a template or guide to refer to which can always help you and all your relationships.

This guide is unique to you and your life.

Mine is not exactly the same as yours but there are many similarities which most will agree on.

Following these certain rules allows us to build a template unique to us so we don’t have to be like every other guy who is doing the same thing.

For example…

I have a certain “Man Rule” which you can adopt of you want and it states:

Never TRY to get someone to like or love me.

What this means is, all things considered, I will avoid or stop myself from doing something for someone hoping they will like me more for it.

This is different from favors and in a weird distorted way can be done under your own set of rules.

I just finished watching “House of Cards“. It’s about how one politician will use every means possible to advance his career.

Now don’t get me wrong, he IS evil but ethics asides he maintains the rules he’s created for a purpose and that is it keep himself on a path.

When he does a favor for someone, it’s not to get them to like him, he could care less.

He does it as a mutual “arrangement”.

In his mind he feels both can benefit from the favor but overall it’s because he knows he can pull his card out at anytime when he requires the favor to be called in.

He’s being totally manipulative according to his own set of rules and not mine but because he’s following his own guidelines he’s assured himself when it comes time to make a decision…

He can act quickly, assertive, and maintain the path he’s created for himself.

Back to me above.

I’m not against being selfish – in a way. I fully admit when I do a favor for someone, or give a little extra in the tip jar, or hand a homeless a cigarette, that it makes me feel good.

Sure I do “care” I’m helping someone but I’m not against admitting it probably makes me feel better knowing I’m a giving sort of guy.

Thus the favor becomes mutually beneficial and some may even question the difference between “Frank Underwood” and myself in that sense and they have every right to do so.

But I’m not “trying” to get the recipient to like me…

I’m actually assuring I like myself enough to feel good about waking up everyday and if someone else can benefit from that, then so be it.

So how DO we relate this all to women and how does it become a template for success in attraction?

How does this become a “rule” to turn to when we’re relating to women?

First of all:

If you can always maintain that you like yourself just a little more than any woman could you’ll find “indifference” becomes a highly attractive trait. One which women will almost always seek out.

Second of all:

Let’s say you’re not sure what to do with a particular girl. She seems to like you and you want to show it back but you’re concerned anything you do will push her away.

After all we all understand the more we do to “try” to get her to like us the less likely she will feel attracted.

What you want to do then is be completely honest with yourself.

Which I’ve found can be harder than imagined due to the complexity of out minds.

However with practice and a solid set of your own guidelines to follow, the honest approach to yourself becomes clearer and easier to maintain.

Let’s say on the second date you want to give her a flower because you know she likes them and you know she’d appreciate them.

But you also know in the back of your mind it’s cliche and will immediately tell her how much you care about her and it’s only a second date. The last thing you want is to be like every other guy she’s met before.

Be honest – Are you doing it to be selfish?

Are you doing it hoping she’ll like you more?

Are you doing it because you want to see her eyes light up?

Are you doing it because you want to create that cute smile you’ve grown so quickly fond of?

Why are you really doing it?

Most guys would say I’m doing it to show her I am interested in making her happy and how I can be that romantic guy women fall in love with.

However the reality is you’re doing it because you’re being selfish and in a way, manipulative. You’re doing it to get her to like you.

You’re doing it to try to show her who you can be.

Which is why the plan under normal circumstance backfires.

What you want to do is refer to a set of “Man Rules” which are honest, upfront, and purely masculine.

Be utterly and completely honest with yourself and even more selfish because that is what you were doing anyways.

In our minds we start with these thoughts,

“Since I feel like giving you a flower or showing you I care means I’m hoping or trying to get you to like me more… Since I’m really just trying to make myself feel better by perhaps finding a girlfriend… since I’m a dude and really I do intend to touch you in places so I can get myself off sexually… I’m going to go the extra mile and fully engage my own selfishness which in the end can be mutually beneficial anyways…”

Under these NEW rules this becomes:

“If you want me to do “romantic” things for you – prove to me how good you can make me feel beyond any shadow of doubt.”

This means you don’t show up with a flower on the second date – you show up at her door and ask her why she didn’t invest in a flower for you.

How you’re so romantic and if she doesn’t wine and dine you, she going to lose.

Now I know it’s sounds like a jerk thing to do. I know it sounds cocky.

But the truth of it all is that statement above, referring to your man rule, actually shows her you are interested, because you showed up, and second because you do NOT ask women to do something special for you that you don’t care about getting something from.

“What he IS about is being a HIGH-QUALITY human being, who happens to exude sheer masculine presence all the while. How To Make Women Love You – Six Ways To Be Masculine

Think of it this way.

I highly doubt any guy would ever ask a woman he felt no attraction for – to step up her game if she wants you. Never!

What you do with her is “act” like a friend. You avoid leading her on. You avoid giving her any clue that you might be interested – because you’re not.

I do hope you can see the difference.

You see by formulating a set of rules for yourself you can literally step back – be honestly selfish – and still give back even more to those around you in turn making it easier for people (especially women) to like you back even more.

Also notice how these rules can literally stop you from ever having to question what to do when a situation arises which makes you question on how to act or what to do.

Here is quite possibly the best rules a man can refer to when he’s questioning an action with any woman.  I picked it up from Steve Pavlina…

  1. Make real decisions.
  2. Put your relationships second. (noted above)
  3. Be willing to fail.
  4. Be confident.
  5. Express love actively.
  6. Re-channel sex energy.
  7. Face your fears.
  8. Honor the masculinity of other men.
  9. Accept responsibility for your relationships.
  10. Die well.

How To Be A Man

Read the entire article when you get a chance and just consider them before you act but…

Slowly yet with determination begin to develop your own unique set of rules to follow based on your belief system because that’s how they’re going to work best for you and you WILL become a more attractive man.

Add to it those triggers or skills I mentioned in the beginning and you’re going to have two things – a blueprint to attraction and answer to lots of questions as you experience more relationships with women.

Be warned though this is NOT as easy as it sounds – sorry, it can be work but it’s worth it.

There are also pitfalls or bad paths you can set yourself on so keep your eye out for them.

Here’s one which got me…

I once set a rule for myself which stated:

“If she does not like me for who I am then that is her problem.”

After several real life experiences I quickly found it was MY problem and not hers if she didn’t like me for who I was.

First because my “old” rules guarded against showing my “real” self when I first met a woman, for fear she would not like me.

Secondly because I was not being honest with myself. I would have accepted any woman to like a part of me which was fake – IF she was hot enough.

Third because that seemingly selfish statement, “Like for who I am!” is not really selfish at all.

Changing yourself so you like yourself first and foremost above most others is a selfish act which makes us more attractive.

Not changing yourself is really just avoiding a fear that you won’t like your new self.

Fourth, because my intentions were to “pretend” to be better than some other guy who would do anything to get “her” pants.

I was so determined to NOT be that guy I turned myself into an ass-kissing needy approval seeker who was in fact just doing “that” to get in her pants.

While his tactics worked and mine didn’t so who was really right in that situation?

Warnings aside….

Refer to rule 2. Be Willing to fail even when you fail to make rules for yourself that work.

That simply means we’re allowed to make rules which are not right – just as long as we admit they’re not working and that we are willing and able to change them.

Just as I have done with the “like me for who I am” rule once I realized it was a “wussy” rule and not a “man” rule.

Whenever you wondering or thinking about how to respond to a certain woman’s actions, not matter what they are, I firmly believe you can ALWAYS find the right answer contained within your rules of being a man which will deem you as more attractive.

We just need to refer to them BEFORE we boldly or blindly react to a woman’s actions.

There’s no guarantee a relationship will always be formed but these rules are such a huge part of attracting women, success, your values, and a happier more productive life, they must never be taken too lightly.

As stated in the beginning – even if you do nothing with regards to triggering a woman’s attraction these man rules will make you a more attractive man.

Feel free to list yours below,


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