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Written by John Alexander - Creator of How to Become an Alpha Male.

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The system I'm going to reveal to you absolutely works, and if you apply what you learn, you will get laid.

How This Product is Different

Though I completed this book long ago (with many updates since then), I began writing in 2003 because I'd read every "how to pick up girls" product out there and found that, although many were good (and even superb), often they were too damned difficult for the average shy (and lazy) guy who's never had much success before.

I'm not saying that those systems don't work, because they do.

The problem is that guys should NOT need to memorize laundry lists of "do this" and "do that" in order to get a girl.

The fact is, getting girls is EASY. You just need to know how to do it.

Let me back up for a second...

Basically there are two types of products out there:

1. "How to Seduce" guides.

These focus on using psychological methods to captivate a woman's imagination, often using hypnosis techniques... and in the process lead her to have sex with you.

2. "How to Attract" guides.

These focus on displaying attractive traits to a woman, such as using humor, busting on her, telling stories, giving snappy answers to her questions, having her see that you're a popular guy, etc.

Do you notice an underlying similarity between these two methods?

While both of them work (and are great if you learn them), they both focus on the woman.

Because of that, there's a huge list of stuff that you must do in order to get laid.

It's burdensome.

So that's why I'm introducing a much easier system.

Instead of focusing on the woman, How to Become an Alpha Male focuses on you. That way, you can simply become a guy who women think is hot, and then... merely by being yourself... find easy sex and romance.

Having said that, however, I'm going to also teach you everything you need to know about the psychology of women, what makes you into an attractive guy, and what you should do and say to get non-stop streams of women.

My system is the easiest because it's based on improving yourself rather than worrying about what the girl thinks, memorizing attraction-building routines, hypnotic patterns, and whatnot.

The bottom line is that you can get sex without going through stress or hassle.

This stuff isn't rocket science.

All you need to do is... Become an Alpha Male.


I’ll bet you think that since I’m the successful author of a very popular dating book (namely, the one you’re reading right now), that I’m a born stud who’s never had any trouble getting women.

Yeah, right…

You know that guy you went to high school with who just didn’t have it in the social skills department?

The guy who couldn’t get a date on a bet?

The guy who was awkward to talk to because he couldn’t even hold up his end of a decent conversation?

I was that guy.

Throughout high school and early college I had no friends, didn’t hang out with anyone, and struck out with every woman I dated.

I spent my Friday and Saturday nights alone, sexually frustrated.

My 21st birthday came and went, and I was still a virgin.

I was miserable and I didn’t know how to change that.

To make matters worse, I took my failures personally.

I figured there had to be something fundamentally wrong with me, and because of that, I felt deeply depressed.

I didn’t like feeling like that, and refused to accept that the situation was hopeless.

So I decided to do something about it. Success with women was a skill that I saw other guys having, and I was determined to learn what they knew.

Over the next few years, I went to work.

I went out of my way to make friends with guys who were successful with women and I copied the things they did.

I read psychology and communication literature to the point that I could swear I knew more about some of it than college psych professors knew.

I worked obsessively to improve myself in every way imaginable, from my attitude to my physique.

To learn how to talk to women, I got up my nerve and talked to scores of chicks.

And even when I struck out, I learned from the experience.

And you wanna know what?

It paid off.

I devised the system I’m going to teach you, and ever since I figured it out you would simply not believe the success I’ve had with women.

I’m not a geeky kid anymore—I’m forty years old.

And I can honestly tell you I’ve fulfilled my dreams as far as love and sex are concerned, and I’m happy in every way you could name.

Like I said, I read enough about psychology and communication to make me an expert in some areas, and I’ve hung out with some of the most successful men around when it comes to women.

It took me years and years of hard work.

But you don’t have to go through all that, because I’ve condensed it down for you to just the nuts and bolts.

This book is a distillation of everything I’ve learned and used to become successful.

Not only that, but the information I’m going to share with you is stuff I’ve used to train other men to become successful.

Some of these guys, frankly, were literally some of the biggest losers you could ever imagine.

And if they can succeed, then you can too.

So, as you embark on your own journey toward self-improvement as a man, assume that the advice you read in this book works until proven otherwise.

In other words, ya gotta have faith!

This book lays it on the line for you as to what women find attractive in a man and shows you step-by-step how you can not only act in attractive ways but also actually become an attractive man.

And when you become an attractive man, you’ll achieve your dreams just by being yourself.

A personal note to those of you who might be thinking:

Yeah, sounds great, but I am who I am and that ain’t changing.”


Change is in your mind.

As you imagine, so you shall be.

Ninety percent of being successful is believing you can be successful.

We’re talking mental image here, which is a technique that almost all top athletes use. They visualize themselves being successful long before they step out on the field.

Think about this for a moment: let’s pretend you just won the lottery, and won big.

You’ve got a million bucks.

If you were to walk into a club tonight, do you think you’d walk more confidently?

Project yourself with more authority?

Sure you would!

Chicks always know when a guy’s got something going for him, be it money, power, or whatever, just by the way he handles himself.

And I’m going to show you not just how to handle yourself, but how to truly be more confident, so that your walk and talk practically scream to the world, “Hey, I AM the shit!”

CHAPTER 1: The Truth About Women's Love of Sex - It May Surprise You

“Women are too complicated.”

“Women are too needy.”

“I don’t understand women.”

You hear that crap all the time.

And, honestly, it’s a cop-out. Other men say that because it’s easier to throw up their hands and just relate to women as black boxes that can’t be understood than to try and wrap their minds around understanding women.

Here’s what you need to understand about women, and it’s good news: They are very sexual creatures on a fundamental, biological level.

In fact, they probably enjoy sex even more than we do.

Ever notice how women moan during sex much more than men do?

What All Women Live In Fear Of (and the trick to soothing this anxiety so they'll do whatever you ask!)

Unfortunately, society conditions women to believe, in the logical portion of their minds, (not the emotional portion) that it's "wrong" to enjoy sex.

Because women tend to be social creatures (more so than men, for reasons of evolutionary psychology), labels such as “slut” or “whore” have a strong, negative effect on them.

None of these penalties apply to men who have lots of sex.

So, you see, the supreme tragedy of the misogynistic system set up by religion and society to repress women’s sexuality... is that men everywhere have more of a challenge in getting sex than they would if they were living back in pre-civilization times when women were wild and uninhibited.

So your job as a man in modern society is to get around a woman’s societal conditioning and draw out the natural woman within her.

Sound hard?

Believe me, it’s not!

In a way, women are like padlocks.

They seem impossible if you’re using the wrong keys, but once you find the right key, they open easily.

And yes, you CAN do this. I’m going to show you how.

To draw out the natural woman that lies deep inside every chick, you must always bear in mind that on a subconscious level, women love sex and they want it just as much as (and maybe more than) we do.

And as if the societal conditioning that women are subjected to isn’t bad enough, a much more powerful force lies within them: Their biology.

A perfectly natural consequence that can result from having sex is having babies, and every woman knows it.

And she knows that if she gets pregnant when she isn’t supposed to be pregnant, people will talk.

Therein lies the supreme tragedy of women; despite loving sex, they can’t be free with their sexuality without being labeled a slut.

So while you — as a sexual man — move your encounters with women towards sex, you need to prevent her from feeling like a slut.

(By the way, it’s to your own advantage to be discreet with women. The last thing you should ever do is be like the approval-seeking beta males who brag to their buddies about the women they’ve bedded. You don’t need the approval of your buddies, so skip the locker room talk! Real men don’t need to do that.)

Ever talked with guys who tell you, “We men will never understand women”?

Well, women really aren’t as mysterious or hard to understand as guys think. Nor are they as different from us as some of us might think.

Since we know that women want sex, it’s OK for you to have sex as your agenda when you interact with them. In fact, it’s actually a good idea.

What you should avoid doing at all costs, however, is verbalizing your intentions. You do NOT want to say anything about sex, or your intent to have it, to the woman.

Whenever you reveal your sexual intentions to a woman by saying something about it, you engage the logical portion of her mind, which causes her societal conditioning to kick in.

“Uh oh,” she thinks. “This guy is tacky, gross, and creepy. And I could end up being a slut here.”

So avoid being explicit about sex, and keep in the back of your mind how much women love sex, and work on projecting sexuality without saying anything at all about it. Use your body language, not your mouth.

What Women Like.

Don’t listen to what women say when they talk about the kind of men they like; instead watch their behavior and look at the kinds of men they actually go for.

If a woman were honest, she would say that the type of man she likes is “a sexual man who will create an opportunity for sex and will persist past my barriers.” She doesn’t dare say this, however, because she’s terrified of some calling her a “slut.”

Women like relationships, but that’s not something they need a man for.

After all, women have very close relationships with their female friends. I can’t repeat it enough— women want a man who provides them with good sex.

But here’s another biological bummer:

Women usually assume the passive role when it comes to sex. So that means that you, the man, need to be the one who pushes the encounter steadily towards the lay.

Don’t make her take the lead.

I mean, think about it: she lives in fear of the slut label and you’re expecting her to initiate sex? It’s no wonder so many guys have trouble getting laid. That’s way too much to expect—a woman’s simply not going to go out on a limb that much.

For you to get laid, you’re going to have to create a situation where the woman feels like she can have sex with you without consequences for her.

From her perspective, "That guy swept me off my feet. There was no way I could resist!"

For example, last month I picked up a woman at happy hour. We talked for a couple hours, about the topics I'll reveal later that make women super chatty.

We hit it off well, and then (two hours into our conversation!) she tells me that she has a boyfriend.

At this point, there were a number of ways I could have reacted. Most guys would have either:

  1. Gotten upset and left, feeling bitter about how the woman had "led me on."
  2. Tried to talk themselves up and convince the girl to dump that other guy.

Don't feel bad if you would have opted for either 1 or 2.

Believe me, I used to do that too.

Instead I've learned that the best thing to do is what I call...

"Option C":

React nonchalantly, maintaining my alpha male composure and demonstrating that what she said didn't phase me.

"Good," I said playfully. "He'll be there to buy you nice things when you're away from me."

She laughed, which meant it was fully on between her and me that night.

I don't normally go for chicks with boyfriends, but hey, this girl had been flirting hard with some guy in a bar for two hours... so how good could her relationship with him be?!

(And by the way, if a woman comes onto you who's in a relationship, mark my words... if she doesn't have sex with you, then she'll find some other guy to hook up with to satisfy her carnal desires. Her current boyfriend is unsatisfying to her or else she wouldn't be flirting with other guys.)

As the evening went on we had the perfect excuse for her to swing by my place. She was a big aficionado of the British Royal Family, and I told her about my collection of gossip magazines from the time I vacationed in England.

"Come check them out," I said.

Once we go to my apartment, of course, it was just a matter of me maintaining control of the interaction and allowing her to slowly heat up sexually.

(I reveal how to do this in a later section of this guide.)

Around 2 AM she decided to leave my place, not wanting to spend the night. All she'd wanted from me was sex, with no strings attached.

(She knew that no one would ever find out about what she and I did.)

In other words: sex with no consequences.

That's what women crave.

You’ve probably heard about women on vacation looking for out of town flings.

Ever wonder why they do that?

It’s because there’s no accountability for them; they’re not going to get called a slut. Sex happens spontaneously, because the conditions are right.

A woman thousands of miles from home can fulfill her carnal desires, and no one from her hometown need ever know.

Don't Explicitly Talk About What You're Going To Do.

There's a certain mating ritual that humans do. It's like a dance, which lasts for a number of hours. The mating ritual must follow the proper steps in order for the sex to take place.

We guys have an unfortunate tendency of wanting to always clear the air and find out from the woman straight up what's going on, where everything stands between the two of you, and how she feels about having sex.

This is a huge mistake.

Never verbalize anything about where you are in the mating ritual with a woman.

Don't tell her explicitly what you intentions are.

That's a logical, male thing to do. Logical things kill emotions, and emotions are crucial for a woman to have in order to be sexually receptive to you.

By not talking about your intentions concerning sex, you’ll make it seem like the two of you had sex "spontaneously." You’ll keep the emotional part of her engaged, while the logical portion of her mind stays disengaged.

And that’s good—it’s the logical part of her mind that says, “No!”

If you come across to her as a real gentleman with whom she really hit it off, then she’ll rationalize in her mind that even though she doesn’t normally have sex on a first date, you were an exception.

Just remember: what woman want consists of good sex with a man... and she wants you to take the lead.

CHAPTER 2: The Number One Dating Mistake Men

Make and How to Avoid It, Once and for All.

At the ripe old age of 23, a friend of mine got his first girlfriend. Even though he was just law student, barely getting by, he proceeded to spend over $3,000 on the girl in just one short, whirlwind of a month, blowing through expensive wines at restaurants and other unnecessary gifts.

Though he did get laid several times in that short time span, she left him for another guy. My friend was heartbroken for months afterward, not to mention that he had to get a part-time job to replenish his bank account.

Been there, done that. I’ve bought girls dinners, movies… even a $500 ring that I saved up for back in high school. It used to be that I’d routinely bring a girl a $30 bouquet of flowers on our first date.

All of that money spent, and not much to show for it.

All I’d wanted out of the deal was to get some sex. It seemed a really simple bargain... the chick would get the stuff I bought her, and in exchange all she’d need to do is spread her legs.

Sound familiar?

Are you frustrated when you don’t get laid like you should, after all the money you’ve spent?

Well, here’s the thing:

You’re operating on a false assumption. Money spent doesn’t necessarily equal legs opening.

The problem with lavishing money on a woman who hasn’t earned it is what it communicates.

And what it communicates to her, loud and clear, is that her value is higher than yours, so you need to earn her approval by purchasing it.

It’s like you’re saying,

“OK, I know my value is less than yours, so how’s about I throw in a dozen roses, an expensive dinner, and some really nice diamond earrings?”

Get the picture?

The reality, however, is that if you know that your value is high, then you don’t need to buy her approval.

I know that saying “don’t buy things for girls” goes against what we men logically think, and it damned sure goes against what we’re all taught.

After all, we’re all brought up to believe that if there’s something of value that we want, we need to be willing to shell out what it takes to buy it, right?

Well, in the case of inanimate objects that don’t think for themselves, that’s true. But in the case of women, it’s not true.

Consider the average super-hot woman. Most men regard her as highly valuable and thus they grovel before her and worship the ground she walks on. She walks into a place and her money’s no good.

Yet what kind of dude does a woman like this typically go for?

Usually one with high social status, who sees no need to buy her things in order to win her affections. Oh, sure, he does it later, after he has her, so that she has nice things to show off…but not while he’s getting her.

The bottom line is that there are three unbreakable rules of spending money on women (screw these up, and not only will you go home broke, but with blue balls too).

Always weigh whether to pay with these questions:

  1. What is my value and hers? If you make a special effort to pay, you are communicating to her that you think she has a higher value than you.
  2. Has she earned what I’m going to give her? As an alpha male, you reward good behavior. So make sure the woman has done something to earn your approval!
  3. Am I paying for this in an alpha manner? Make sure to not frame it as you buying a woman into your bed, because that's beta and needy.

(I recently lavished a $100 meal on a woman I'm dating. I did it because she has given me the world's greatest fellatio. Make no mistake about it: the one and only time you should ever take a woman out on an expensive date is when she's done something significant to earn it, like pleasing you sexually.)

I want you to start getting a mental picture of yourself as a man of high value.

Now, as a man of high value, you need to take the mindset that yeah, you’re interested in the woman, but your interest is conditional upon her good behavior.

By the way, never say stuff to a woman things like, “I’m buying you this as a reward.”

Just reward good behavior and avoid encouraging bad behavior, and you’ll find that things will work out better for you.

When you do buy the woman things, never make a big deal out of it. You can even say something like, “I’ll pay for the coffee. It’s no big deal.”

What that says to her is that you’re more interested in the social interaction that the two of you are having and that you’re barely even thinking about the drink you just bought her.

It also means that there are no strings attached. By saying “it’s no big deal,” you make it clear that you’re not putting pressure on her to reciprocate what you’ve done for her.

“Buying-me-things-because-he-wants-something-later” is a behavior that many women consider manipulative and results in the man being denied sex.

And to be quite honest, many men fall right into that trap by making a big production out of buying the woman nice things.

Don’t be that guy.

Unfortunately, the average woman has gone out with so many men who bought her things to try to get into her pants that when you start buying her nice stuff, it triggers an automatic negative reaction within her.

“Eeew, he’s trying to buy sex." she thinks, and then she turns off on you.

The typical woman is not a prostitute and doesn’t want to be treated like one.

Fine, but then what do you do when the check comes?

Well, first off, you shouldn’t take a woman out for a big, fancy date until after the two of you have had sex. Then, take her to an expensive restaurant as a reward for her good behavior.

Your first date should be something informal and inexpensive such as coffee. That way when the check arrives, it’s really no big thing.

A basic rule of thumb is to ask yourself whether you’d pay if you’d invited out a casual male friend instead of that chick sitting across from you. If the answer is yes, then by all means do it.

And don’t feel like you’re being taken just because you picked up the tab for coffee.

You don’t want to lose a lay just because you were too stingy to buy a $3 latte.

The main thing you need to do is to realize why you’re doing things.

Never buy things for a woman or do favors for her because you think you need to earn her approval. Instead, adopt the mindset of the alpha male: anything you do for her is conditional on her having earned it.

CHAPTER 3: The Three Kinds of Men—Alpha Males, Beta Male “Nice Guys,” and Jerks The Beta Male "Nice Guy"

When I was growing up, my mom, aunts, and other older ladies always told me that to get a girlfriend, I would need to be a nice guy. I’d need to constantly buy a girl flowers, give her gifts, and take her out to eat.

“Wow,” I thought, “I’ll need to have a really great job so I can have all that money to spend!”

And unfortunately, I internalized their advice. All through high school and most of college, I tried to be the nice guy, the one girls supposedly wanted.

Girls would always say how much they appreciated what I did. I'd hear shit like "I love you to death!" But the most action I ever got was a kiss on a cheek.

Then in college and beyond, the advice changed.

All of a sudden it was common knowledge that to be successful with women, you needed to act like an asshole rather than a nice guy.

I tried that advice out and found that when I acted like a jerk, some women responded to me more. However, I still didn’t get the success that I wanted.

Though I did get to have my first sexual relationship, it was with a low self-esteem head case.

And I still had problems with so many girls preferring other guys to me.

So I took a good, hard look at the guys who were successful with women, the ones who weren’t, and the ones in between, and I figured out that there are really three classes of men.

And there’s definitely a pecking order as far as the women are concerned.

At the bottom of the list are the nice guys, who make up the majority of the male population. The nice guy is a man who basically pleads for sex. He shows up at a woman’s doorstep with flowers, drives her to a fancy restaurant and buys her filet mignon with fine wine.

Then, after he takes her home, he gets blue balls because she doesn’t even invite him in.

And the hell of it is, he doesn’t learn from this—he’s back using the same tactics on the very next woman.

And you want to know what’s really ironic here? Believe it or not, women consider nice guys to be manipulative.

It’s quite obvious to the woman why the nice guy buys her so many things.

“They’re only after one thing!” is a common mantra that women repeat about nice guys. However, she thinks he might possibly have good relationship potential, so she may keep him on the back-burner and eventually have sex with him.

And boy does she make him wait a long time!

Some women set three dates as the minimum, which is like winning the lottery for the nice guy, since many other women make guys wait months until they “get lucky.”

And when sex does come, it’s a huge event and the woman makes a big production of it.

Hopefully the man doesn’t have a high sex drive, because he won’t be able to get sex whenever he wants. He’s going to have to accept it on her terms when she happens to be "in the mood."

So why don’t nice guys succeed?

The problem with the nice guy is that not only do women consider him manipulative, they also see him as boring.

The nice guy talks about logical things like foreign policy or how a car engine operates. Sometimes he brags about himself and how much money he makes, implying that he can buy things for the woman.

“How lame,” she thinks.

Engaging in logical conversation and trying to impress a woman with your smarts and earning potential is a mistake that 99% of guys make. It kills a woman's attraction for you because it communicates neediness and low value.

If you weren't seeking her approval, you wouldn't be trying to impress her.

If you instead were a man of high value (an alpha male), then she would be the one seeking your approval.

The other problem of course is that women who are engaged in the mating ritual with a guy absolutely loathe logical conversation. It snaps her out of her trance.

So refrain from talking about that article on Chinese trade policies you read in The Economist until you're hanging out with your male buddies.

Don't misunderstand me though.

You should not pretend to be some kind of idiot around girls.

In fact, women find it attractive when a guy is an expert in something. What you do, however, is make sure to talk about interesting things within your area of expertise, not mind-numbing things.

In fact, something you should begin immediately, if you haven't done this already, is to become an expert in something.

It doesn't matter what... real estate, rock music, South Park trivia, religion, history, etc.

A man who's an expert is automatically an alpha male in that area. Just make sure to captivate her with the knowledge you share.

Don't bore her.

(When sharing facts, ask yourself, "Would this information be on 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not' or would it be something a dull college professor would say?”)

Girls just wanna have fun, as the song goes, and the nice, boring guy ain't fun. Go to places where singles congregate and you can perform an interesting people watching exercise by checking out the couples that you see.

If the girl looks bored or is constantly chatting on her cell phone, then she’s with her boyfriend. That’s because her boyfriend is a nice guy who isn’t playful with her and doesn’t excite her.

If, on the other hand, she’s laughing and looks like she’s having a good time, then what you’re seeing is most likely a pick-up attempt by an alpha male.

Notice, too, that the alpha male picking up a woman has an easy rapport with her. The two of them talk as if they’ve known each other for a long time.

The problem with being the nice guy is the mindset that it springs from. A man supplicating to a woman is doing it out of insecurity and desperation for her approval and sexual attention.

Want to lay hot chicks?

Then keep this first and foremost in mind:

The quickest and easiest way to kill any attraction a woman may be starting to feel for you is to feel insecure about yourself, or to be needy, or to seek approval.

When you have the mindset of being desperate to please, you end up coming on too strong, too early. You become clingy.

It’s like you’re begging.

This reminds me of an old saying about banks: they only want to loan you money when you’re loaded already. If you genuinely need the money, then you can forget it.

The Problem With Being Her "Friend"

Have you ever settled for being friends with a girl, orbiting around her as the months go by, hoping she will eventually fall for you? Lots of guys do this, particularly the shyer ones.

These guys end up acting as emotional tampons for women. They listen attentively as their female friends tell them about what jerks the real men in their lives are.

Believe me, I’ve been there. The low point came when a female friend of mine, whom I had a massive crush on, wanted me to come hang out with her at her apartment.

“Awesome!” I thought. This was the moment I’d been waiting for, right?

Not quite…

We sat in her living room and like a nice guy, I followed her agenda, which included spending a good two hours meticulously going over everything that her next-door neighbor (a druggie bartender) said to her at lunch that day.

“He laughed and called me silly. Do you think he likes me?”

I did the best I could—I told her I thought he was a jerk and that she could do better. I gave her all the legitimate, logical reasons why that was true. She told me she agreed with me.

(Girls with the “wrong guy” always agree that he’s wrong. Then, of course, they ignore it and have sex with those “wrong guys.” As she did.)

If there’s any justice in the world, eventually women will come around to liking the nice guys.

Truth be told, sometimes they do, usually when they’re older.

By that point, they’ve usually already had kids by some asshole who bailed on them and the kids, and for her the thought of settling down with a weak-willed man who'll stick around and bring in a steady paycheck is starting to have an appeal.

Women just simply don’t like spineless men for more than friends.

And when you act like a nice guy and follow the woman’s agenda, and you defer to her to make decisions, she doesn’t respect you.

Nice guys want the woman to decide where they go to eat and when they have sex.

They have no clue that that deference automatically drops them down into the permanent “just friends” category.

And that’s why the nice guy doesn’t get laid. Like I said, women don’t like to take responsibility for sex. You, as the man, need to take that responsibility and lead the way.

That’s what women want you to do, and believe me, they love it when you do!

Avoiding the Beta Male Mindset

In addition to being too indecisive, nice guys also tend to be passive-aggressive. Women are often being passive-aggressive themselves, thus they are turned off when that particular trait is exhibited in a man.

What’s passive-aggressive?

It’s being passive until you’ve been pushed too far, then suddenly turning aggressive. Ever had a woman who expected you to read her mind and then got mad when you read it wrong?

That’s passive-aggressive.

Rather than hit the middle ground between passive and aggressive, which is assertive, the nice guy will constantly give in and do whatever the woman wants.

When the woman finds this unattractive and eventually leaves him for a more exciting guy, the nice guy will complain about how he “did everything for her.” And therein lies the problem…

Nice guys also have issues with jealousy, born out of their insecurity. They are too outwardly-dependent; all their happiness comes from the woman. They don’t want her talking to other guys for fear she’ll run off and he’ll lose his source of happiness.

You see, the problem with the feelings of jealousy that so many beta males have about their women is that it comes from a position of neediness.

So whenever you feel that way with a girl, suck it up and let those feeling go.

When a girl detects a guy is jealous, it's as if he's saying to her, "Hey, I feel inferior to those other dudes you're talking to."

And having that lack of confidence in yourself makes the chick not feel so confident in you either.

She begins to wonder whether the grass is greener in other pastures.

I know it's tough to not feel jealous, but look at it this way:

If you knew that you were the shit and that you can attract hot babes and get laid easily, would you care that your girl is going off and talking with some other guys?

Of course not, because that would be her loss (and you could just get laid from some other chick)!

Okay, so here's a new attitude I want you to adopt:

"I am developing into a high value alpha male."

Keep repeating that to yourself throughout the day as an affirmation.

By the way, you're probably still wondering what you should actually do if your girl is talking to other dudes.

Well, the absolute worst thing you can do (ironically) is to try to intervene to stop her from doing it. That makes it so that she has the higher value, not you.

Instead, the best way to counter such behavior is to say, "Have a good time," with a tone of complete indifference when she says she's going to go hang out with some other guy.

Let her see that it doesn't phase you one bit.

Meanwhile, you go talk with other girls.

That turns the tables so that now she's the one worrying about whether you'll leave her for the competition. That sets you up as having the higher value.

Another way to avoid ever becoming upset at a woman's behavior is to not take individual women seriously or put much concern in what they're thinking.

Being overly concerned with a woman's thoughts and feelings is a waste of time because the bottom line is you can't control what a woman thinks or feels. You can only control yourself.

Instead of taking women too seriously (which gives them power over you, making you needy and unattractive), just view them as collective sources of fun and pleasure in your life.

That's it.

In order to have a spine with women instead of being a pushover, I have something for you to try.

Next time you're with a woman, try to say "no" to her at some point. Saying "no" can be powerful with women.

But do it in a soft way, like this:

Her: "Let's go rent a movie."

You: "No, not yet. Let's go in about an hour."

By saying no, you establish your authority and set yourself up as a challenge for the woman.

If she views you as a challenge, then she will be excited by you instead of bored.

If you say YES to everything your woman suggests, then she will soon be saying NO to you, and in the worst place of all... the bedroom.

What you need to know, most of all, is that women resent any sort of neediness.

The alpha male is exciting to women because his happiness comes from within, so he doesn’t burden her with any responsibility for his emotional state.

Let me stress one thing here: your inner state is key with women. For them to see you as lovable, you have to first love yourself. You have to have passion for your life and you’ve got to go for what you want.

There are way too many nice guys out there who are down on themselves and insecure.

That’s why when it comes to love, nice guys really do finish last.

The Jerk

On a middle level, above the nice guy, is the asshole or jerk. For the most part, assholes appeal to women more than nice guys because assholes aren’t boring.

Though the asshole creates an emotional roller coaster of drama with his girlfriend, at least the girl is getting the emotional high points of the ride along with those low points.

In other words, he may make her cry, but he also makes her giggle.

And the uncertainty of which it’s going to be does create some excitement in her life. Plus, from the woman's perspective, at least negative emotions aren't boring.

Here’s what you need to get about women: in order to be sexually turned on, women need to tune into their emotions instead of their logic.

The nice guy makes the fatal mistake of appealing to their logic, whereas the one good thing the jerk does do is to appeal to a woman’s emotions.

Jerks get laid because they get women turned on by being so persistent and then going for the lay.

They are sexually aggressive, unlike the nice guys who are sexually passive.

However, it’s not all good for the jerks.

The types of women who go for jerks are mainly those who have low self-esteem, depression and other emotional issues.

Such women often act weird and insecure when it comes to relationships, so they’re really not the kind of women a well-adjusted man would want to go for in any case.

Though jerks get laid, I’m not suggesting that you be a jerk.

The good news is that there is a higher level of men yet, whom I call the alpha males, who induce positive emotions within women with no real negatives.

The Alpha Male

In society, alpha males are the leaders; people look up to them.

The alpha male is confident, socially powerful, outgoing, fun, a leader, secure in himself, has high self-esteem, and is a guy who has his shit together. He’s able to joke around with women and be playful.

When a woman says something sarcastic, the beta male gets offended, while the alpha male laughs about it because he knows girls are like his silly little sisters.

And when a woman later regrets her sarcasm, and learns it was really no big deal to the alpha male, she gives him big points for that.

Many social interactions that we engage in have sub-currents of dominance and submission.

Studies of social situations have shown that dominant people will mark their territory in various nonverbal ways, such as taking up space with their bodies, using a louder voice, controlling conversations, and giving strong eye contact.

People around the alpha male tend to get sucked into his reality because he’s interesting and makes them feel comfortable.

The alpha male doesn’t feel possessive or jealous over woman because he isn’t needy.

He also doesn’t smother women by putting them up on a pedestal. Because of this, he knows that any woman would be lucky to have him, so if any one particular woman doesn’t go for him, then that’s her loss, not his.

In contrast, the beta male is nervous, has low social status, is typically a follower rather than a leader, usually feels secretly resentful of successful guys, has low self-esteem, and is clingy and desperate with women.

True confession:

I used to be beta. I was depressed and resentful.

I wanted a girlfriend because I thought having one would make my life worth living.

Once I got a girl and was able to have as much sex as I wanted, I thought, my life would become wonderful.

It wasn’t until later that I learned that I had this exactly backwards.

It wasn’t until I developed myself from within and had a life worth living that I starting attracting the awesome girlfriends who I’ve had over the years and the wonderful woman who I'm currently in a relationship with.

In the next chapter I’m going to share with you some of my secrets on how you can affect the behaviors and mindset of an alpha male...

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John Alexander

The Full Version Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • How This Product is Different
  • Introduction
  • The Truth About Women's Love of Sex . . . It May Surprise You
  • What All Women Live In Fear Of (and the trick to soothing this anxiety so they'll do whatever you ask!)
  • What Women Like
  • Don't Explicitly Talk About What You're Going To Do
  • The Number One Dating Mistake Men Make and How to Avoid It, Once and for All
  • The Three Kinds of Men—Alpha Males, Beta Male “Nice Guys,” and Jerk
  • The Beta Male "Nice Guy"
  • The Problem With Being Her "Friend"
  • Avoiding the Beta Male Mindset
  • The Jerk
  • The Alpha Male
  • 24 Nonverbal Cues That Scream “I’m Non-Dominant.” Get Rid of Them and Score!
  • Six Beta Male Behaviors to Avoid
  • How to be an Alpha Male... When You're Taking Orders From Someone Else
  • Be The Boss Somewhere!
  • Project Your Ideal Self By Controlling the Way You are Seen
  • A Basic Principle of Human Psychology That Successful Men Deploy to Get Women to Like Them
  • How to Compliment a Woman Effectively
  • The Secret to Good Listening
  • Two Magic Words That Reinforce a Woman’s Good Behavior
  • Nine Nonverbal Cues That Say, “I’m Likable”
  • Avoid conjuring up pity
  • Avoiding the Big 3 Behaviors That Instantly Convey Low Status
  • 1. Bragging
  • 2. Putting yourself down
  • 3. Putting other people down
  • The Most Important Power Attitude You Can Have
  • Creating Your Own Strong Reality
  • The Simple Secret to Being Dominant
  • How to Look Better Than You Ever Thought Possible
  • Your shoes
  • Your hair
  • Skin
  • Shaving
  • Dressing
  • Matching
  • Accessories
  • Your Style
  • Your Body
  • A Nuts and Bolts Guide to Working Out
  • What it means to look good
  • Important Techniques to Take Control of Your Mindset and Build
  • Your Ideal Personality
  • Your Thoughts
  • Developing a positive mindset
  • Changing the way you talk to yourself through affirmations
  • Self-Hypnosis
  • Severing Your Attachment to Outcomes
  • Getting over your insecurities
  • Handling Your Fears of Rejection
  • How To Eliminate Your Fear
  • Ignore The Dating Advice Books!
  • But What if a Woman Does Reject You, and it Really Hurts.. Bad?
  • Why Improve Yourself?
  • Using the Body Language of an Alpha Male
  • Seven Steps to Create the Conditions That Increase Your Lays — Now!
  • What Women Find Attractive in Men … and Why
  • The Seven Step Seduction System
  • Being Persistent
  • The Approach
  • Where to meet women
  • As they travel throughout the day
  • Online
  • Speed dating
  • Weddings
  • At Work
  • Outside
  • Bars and Nightclubs
  • Happy Hours
  • House Parties
  • Charity events
  • Classes
  • Activities
  • Conventions
  • Your social circle
  • How to Expand Your Social Circle... Even If You're Lonely and Have Zero
  • Friends Right Now
  • How to Instantly Get a Woman's Attention and What to Say When You Talk to Her
  • The Approach, and How to Make it
  • Making the Date
  • Phone Success
  • The Date
  • The only place you should ever take a woman on a first date
  • How to Make Easy and Successful Conversation on a Date
  • Making Emotionally Relevant Conversation
  • The Importance of Laughter
  • A Flirting Skill That Comes Naturally to Women But Most Guys Have
  • Trouble With… Master This, And You'll Separate Yourself Above The Pack
  • Matching Emotions
  • Her Attraction Signals
  • Why You Should Assume Attraction
  • Your Behavior
  • Use The Powerful "Boyfriending Technique"
  • How to Tell When the Time is Right to Seize the Opportunity to Get Her Alone With You
  • How to Make a Woman Comfortable and Horny Enough for Sex
  • The "Rate My Kiss" Technique
  • The Non-Verbal Sign That Screams, "KISS ME!"
  • The Most Important Thing for You to Know About Kissing
  • The Alpha Method of Moving From First-Kiss to Home Plate
  • The Morning After
  • Being Dominant in a Group
  • Some General Relationship Advice
  • Conclusion

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