If A Girl Or Woman Rejects You, Is There Still A Chance?

In the world, there are women and there are girls. Women being older, mature, and more decided in what they want out of their life. Girls being younger and less aware of what they’re looking for and how to go about getting it.

This needs to be said because when it comes to being rejected there’s even more of a notable difference:

If a girl rejects you – based on the circumstances of course – there might be still be chance. Girls are more apt to change and experience a mindset shift. Younger girls change their mind all the time and appear to be a little less set in their ways.

A girl can also reject you accidentally. She could be just unsure of herself and you, inexperienced and not know how to handle certain situations where attraction is involved, and she could react badly to your approach to her.


If a woman rejects you – and you’re around her age – circumstances once again aside – the chance of her changing her mind within a reasonable time goes down to practically ZERO.

Which means it’s probably not going to happen with her… ever.

Unless of course the same holds true – Some women of unsure of themselves, don’t understand men, and also react badly to some men approaching them out of insecurity, anxiety, and fear.

The reality of being rejected by a woman, or the reason why it usually happens she feels little or attraction and if that’s the case, changing her mind is the last thing that could ever happen.

Once she forms an impression of you, no amount of anything is going to change that – theoretically speaking.

But it’s not all bad news… yet.

Now that I’ve separated the “girls” from the “women” let’s talk about this whole “rejection” thing a little deeper so you can easily tell if there’s ever going to be a chance to change her mind.

There are a few relative forms of rejection and knowing which one you’re in can make all the difference in the world as for turning into something more.

First up…

The casual sometimes heartless rejection.

This usually comes up while you’re approaching a woman. Maybe you said “Hello” to her or gave her a compliment and she blew you off. She said “no thanks” or “not interested” – either something rude or not from her – it’s still a rejection.

They suck they really do but fear not – the pain doesn’t last long. You didn’t know her anyways. I’m positive there are plenty of available who’d be happy to chat with you IF you do it right.

Here are my best ideas to limit being rejected in these cases:

Is there still a chance in these circumstances?

Most likely NO and trying to reverse what has already happened is probably a waste of your time.

Your best chance at success is to re-think your game, fix it IF it needs fixing.

Sometimes you’re going to meet (or not meet) women who are either in their own world too deeply, don’t like to be approached by strangers, are actually with someone, OR are just dare I say bitches who “don’t take kindly to folks like you and me.”

The one article above deals specifically with cases like that:

How To Approach Many Types of Women When They Look Inapproachable.

The one tried method to reverse the rejection in this case can prove to help you however it relies heavily on circumstance (where she is – where it happened – when it happened) AND using PERSISTENCE the right way.

Persistence  isn’t simply a matter of bugging the shit out of a woman. It is not – NOT taking no for an answer either.

Persistence can be a very attractive trait but how it’s related to creating attraction is often misunderstood. It’s definitely not trying to convince a woman to feel something for you and give up her contact information…

It’s the most attractive to women when it’s used as an approach to life.

It’s about being relentless in overcoming any challenges or setbacks.

IF you can prove that to a woman will charm and wit in a very indirect way – which is going to be tough than sure – you can certainly reverse the causal rejection as it relates to getting her number or getting her to go out on a date with you.

So… if that cute girl or woman who makes your coffee every morning rejected you with a kind smile – USE some good old fashioned charm, wit, and throw in some cocky/comedy – keep trying nicely and sure – I’m willing to bet you can change her mind more easily than you might believe.

Sometimes – in those circumstances – women just need to see you a few times and to talk with you a bit before they feel comfortable enough to take it to the next step.

Let’s move on to the next form of rejection and see if that one is reversible.

The Dreaded “Friends Zone” Rejection – The Worst Kind!

This rejection is often misunderstood and causes a severe amount of pain and suffering.

Nothing stings more than falling in love with your friend and (finally) revealing your feelings for her when all you get back is the dreaded, “I only see you as a friend.” OR the classic excuse, “I don’t want to ruin our friendship.” which IS an excuse just to spare your feelings.

I’d say the friends zone rejection is the most common reason why a guy will seek out any answer to this problem because he’s looking for a way out of it, he wants to change her mind the most, and he wants someone to tell him that she’s either hiding her feelings for him that there’s still a chance they can be together.

I am an EXPERT on the friends zone.

I know exactly how you get in one, what it feels like to be in many ones with many different women, what it does to your mental state of mind, and how (if possible) you can get out of it or escape its nasty clutches.

Here’s the proof and if you’ve been rejected with the “Let’s just be friends” or if you’re not sure if you’re even in it, make sure you go through each and every article as quickly as you can:

I hope you’re ready for the cold-hard truth about the friends zone rejection.

It’s not impossible to get out but the facts remain:


For women, friendships and romantic relationships are two separate things. They are NOT the same.

One can lead to another, but it’s RARE when it happens.

Remember that.

One CAN lead to another, but it’s RARE.

“Romantic” relationships are very different from “friend” relationships.

While most men would sleep with most of their female “friends” if the woman “came on” to them, most women would NOT sleep with most men that they consider “just friends“.

But why is this?

How do women differentiate between “just friends” and “I’ll be intimate with you”?

And why is it so hard to become “more than friends” with a woman you’ve been “just friends” with for a long time?

I believe that the answer comes down to understanding HOW women “know” when they want to “be intimate” with a man… and, even MORE importantly, understanding how women “know” when they DON’T want to “be intimate” with a man…

The thing that tells a woman whether the guy she’s with is “friend” material or “lover” material is how she FEELS.

It’s a combination of EMOTIONAL feelings and PHYSICAL feelings.

It is NOT logic.

She might USE logic to “rationalize” her decision… or she might USE logic to SOUND like she has a good reason for either “being with” or “not being with” a particular guy.

But don’t let that distract you.

Logic isn’t important AT ALL in this context.”

What Women HATE Most About Single Guys & 7 Reasons She Why Won’t Like You

You end up in the friends zone because you put yourself there or failed to create a deeper attraction in the early stages of your interactions with her.

AND once she’s made her emotionally mind up about you she will barely budge from that perception of you.

She’s rejecting you because she doesn’t feel what is necessary for her to risk the friendship and/or she’s just not attracted to you emotionally or physically.

I’m a positive person and since I’ve been through this many times – I actually DO believe you can reverse the friends zone rejection BUT there’s no “winging” it method.

You have to follow a very specific plan with the understanding there’s no guaranteed you’ll get her.

However there’s some great news here:

I WILL guarantee that if you follow the plan the right way – you will NEVER end up in any woman’s friends zone again UNLESS it’s your choice to be there.

Here are the 3 steps. Follow them exactly:

Stuck In The Friends Zone With A Girl You Love? Here’s How to Get Out!

(In the credits section there are two links to programs you can buy to help you get out.)

Moving on…

Getting Rejected – Is There Really A Chance to Change Her Mind?

When you consider all the possible rejections as to why it happens things can get quite confusing.

Add to that a certain stubbornness or belief there’s still a chance something else is at play here:

Trying to change her mind (which is pointless because attraction does not work that way – you have to change her emotions or reboot her attraction process which I wrote about here: The Real Secret to Attracting Women & Getting Laid No One Knows But Me) … it appears to me this is becoming more of a deflection, avoiding the truth, a reliance on hope to mask your true feelings, or an inability to just let it go in a healthy way.

I understand how hard it is.

The feelings don’t just go away.

It takes a while before that happens and in the meantime you’re stuck dealing with the rejection and trying your hardest to not let it ruin your current life or worse yet – have it spill over into any new interactions you have with women.

I’ve been rejected many times in my life where I refused to give up and I must honestly admit – the better choice was to walk away and to consider “something else” or someone else.

The times I made myself believe there was still a chance only delayed the inevitable and that lost time could’ve been spent in a much more productive way – finding a woman who I did like who would not reject me.

Asking the question, “If a girl rejects me is there still a chance?” doesn’t seem to be the right question to ask on a man’s journey to not only become a more attractive man but to actually succeed in finding the right woman AND attracting her too.

The quicker more beneficial and healthy answer will always  be a resounding “NO. There isn’t a chance.” 

Saving lots of time to figure out if it’s a pattern in your life – which can be easily fixed or if it’s one time thing and all is well – another woman will certainly come along soon enough. After all there are lots of them out there.

Why bother wasting valuable time “trying” to make something happen which SHOULD naturally happens by itself because when it doesn’t – and you try to force it – you’ve just made the healing process take longer than it could.

Attraction is not meant to be forced and you can never coerce someone into feeling no matter how much effort you put into it.

Romancing a woman for months or years hoping she’ll cave in (based on persistence alone) from my experience rarely if ever leads to something better than what a strong natural attraction felt from the very beginning can.

The longer you try to romance her into liking you guarantees you’ll  find out the SHE has been in control of you the whole time – and you’ll never have any personal power in the (maybe) relationship anyways.

When a girl seriously “rejects” you, whether it’s the hard or easy way, whether she’s rude or nice about it, whether she gives you a pack of lies to spare your feelings, whether she unknowingly gives you a real reason to not like her anyways – it’s time to move on to bigger and better things.

Hanging about hoping, thinking you can change her mind never turns out good. (Actually sometimes it becomes more of what a stalker would do and I know that’s not what you want to be seen as.)

Delaying the healing process will have a devastating affect in your confidence and self-esteem. Things that are kind of needed in attracting a great woman.

It’s best to let it go.

Don’t take it any of it personal.

Remain positive.

Learn something valuable from it that you can use for the rest of your life.

Learn to ask more important relevant questions which can help you in the long run of life, relationships, happiness, and becoming a more attractive real man rather than the quick useless answer you get from wondering “if there’s still a chance”.

Move on as quickly as you can.

If you’re struggling to get past the pain, if you can not get it out of your mind and heart, if you can not seem to find a way to let it go…

Then please – read this; I wrote it just for you and from my personal experience of being rejected by lots of girls and women in my life:

Handling Rejection – Never Feel Sorry for Yourself Because You Were Rejected


The Friends Into Lovers System – The old “honey badger promotional video promises to help you reverse the friends zone rejection. Long video that uses my name in it which is pretty cool. I like transparency so when you get to the “add to cart” page READ the fine print please. The added package is quite expensive and may not be what you’re looking to buy.

Friend to Girlfriend Secrets – Promoted on a few of my pages above. Very inexpensive. He does have some clever ideas with great examples to help you turn back this rejection.

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  • Hitch

    Unfortunately once a woman isn’t interested, she’s always not interested. I have heard of woman actually having a change of heart in time. But for the most part it never happens. If anything she becomes even more not interested as she gets to know a man she’s not interested in.

    • peter white

      Very true Hitch and and it’s usually best just to move on.

  • Nova

    Then what’s with all these Eliminate Friend Zone / Friends to Lovers guides? Are these different because “Friend Zone” and outright “Rejection” are different cases?

    • peter white

      Hey Nova, actually there are the same but different. Confused yet? 🙂

      Generally when a woman put’s you in the friends zone, she’s rejecting you in a “nice” way and it usually means you’re already friends.

      However outright rejection is typically reserved for approaches, getting numbers etc.. and is normally with a woman you don’t know.

      So in each case you’re being rejected except with the friends zone, you’re friends with her and makes the situation a little tougher and is handled slightly different. For most guys it takes them longer to move on – hence the Escape The Friends Zone “stuff.

      General rejection from someone you don’t know I’d say is easier to move on and try again with someone else depending on why, who, or who you were rejected.

      Hope that clears it up for you,

      • Cyfa

        I totally agree. I met a girl for the first time the other day, and that day I thought I had seen the most beautiful girl in the world. After lectures I approached her and got her number. But even before then, we kept staring at each other in class. I caught her a lot of times staring right at me. And she caught me too several times. So it wasn’t hard to get her number. Later that evening, I called her and asked what she was doing the next day, hoping that she would go out on a date with me. I am not sure but the way she responded to my questions didn’t sound anything like what I had expected. I had thought that the fact that we had been staring at each other all through the class meant that things were gonna just flow with her. The next day was Sunday and when I asked her if she had chance on sunday, she said no. And then I asked her if she had chance during the week and she still said no. But it wasn’t just the excuses. It was the way she sounded. So…i told her the conversation was not moving like I had expected and that I was just going to let her go back to what she was doing. We said bye bye to each other and as soon as I hung up, I went to my contact and deleted her number. I can’t say I did not feel bad. But the bad feeling just lasted a minute and I totally forgot about it. And that’s totally in line with what you have explained. But on the other hand…Jesus Christ!!! There is a girl in my hostel. I don’t know what that girl gave me to eat that makes me so crazy about her. Honnestly, that girl has rejected me more than I can count. And her excuse is that she isn’t interested in dating. I have fought for 8 months to forget about that girl all to no avail. U have tried to distract myself with other girls, but it’s like any girl I see reminds me of the fact that I am crazy about someone in my hostel. I have prayed for God’s intervention but….no way. IS THIS A CURSE OR WHAT??? I can’t explain. The worst is that she keeps calling me sweet names and sending me sweet imoji’s in her SMSs. She has rejected me so many times I am scared that the next attempt I make, she might slap me. But I just can’t stop trying. I have even tried to hate her. That was the worst idea because during the time I tried to hate her, my love rose to it’s peak. I have tried to get out of that friend zone. No way! I HAVE SUFFERED!!!! Even as I am writing this story, I am planning to approach her again. I think God is trying to tell me that, that girl is the disease I will die of. I will keep trying untilll…..i don’t know what’s going to stop me. I’ll just keep trying.

        • Hey Cyfa, Don’t do it. Find a way to move on and get past her.

          It’s not a curse – You have a definite pattern which keeps happening to you with women and the sooner you see it and fix, the better off you’ll be too. It’s hard for me to tell exactly what that pattern is BUT based on my knowledge and what I’ve read from you – I’d more the positive this is happening:

          You’re smothering them too quickly. You’re coming on too strong and too eager. It’s almost like your life is revolving around them. Something I too was guilty of at your age.
          You have space issues too so maybe you’ll find your answers here:

          What It Means To Live Your Own Life, How to Do it, & Why It Attracts Women

          How & Why You Must Give The Women You Are Attracted To… Space

          Point is: Sure women like to be pursued. Guys like to pursue to. BUT women like a challenge too. It’s a tough balance to achieve at first but you’ll get it. That I promise.

          Try some of the techniques in this post:

          Top Ten Ways to Challenge Women to Feel Attracted to You

          Women fall for guys who have a life outside of them. Think of it this way – women don’t feel attraction for you (so to speak) they feel attracted to what a guy does and says, HOW he lives his life, WHAT his aspirations are, HOW passionately he’s lives his OWN life. They fall for men whose life they want to be a part of – so make it your own life. Give them some room and LET them go through their process of attraction.

          You can’t force it man.

          Make sure you finish it off with my most recent book I highly enjoyed writing which will show you exactly what her attractive process is and how you can not interrupt it:

          The Real Secret to Attracting Women & Getting Laid No One Knows But Me

          Thanks for leaving your story, I appreciate it and all the best to you.

          You’ll figure it out.

  • Doug

    People say that in order to attract a woman, a man must be confident. Many sources say that women often (usually?) initiate contact with men by sending signals to guys they find attractive and would like to approach them. Conversely, women don’t send signals to men who are unattractive. Given this, I’m a realist – since I have never received an approach invitation from any woman, it’s clear that I’m unattractive to women. As such, I never approach any woman, no matter how attracted to her I am. With all the other guys she could choose from – and sends approach invitations to – there is zero chance she would want me.

  • Paul

    I never ask women out because rejection is always guaranteed – there is no chance of any woman ever agreeing to go out with me. Women send signals to men they are attracted to – and not to those they are not. I have never gotten a signal from a woman; in fact women have always completely ignored me. Since there is zero evidence that any woman has the slightest romantic / sexual interest in me, it’s clear that I am simply not attractive to women, and therefore it is not worth approaching in the first place.

  • Allen

    I work out 4x per week and travel extensively to climb mountains and waterfalls as hobbies. I dress well, own three properties mortgage / debt-free and have a great job. I also have zero chance with women so I don’t waste time approaching because I know every one will reject me every time. Some of us have no chance with women no matter what.

    • Thanks for sharing Allen but I still think you’re entirely wrong. I can understand the enormous problems with approaching women most guys have, and how it can feel like a grueling, pressure filled, feel like you can’t win situation. However “attracting” women and “approaching” women are not necessarily connected.

      Meaning – you do NOT have to approach women – especially the hard cold approaches to be successful BUT if you want to learn the skill, if you’ve done what you’ve done, I guarantee you can learn how with some great advice and practice too. All it takes is a little confidence in yourself, some courage, AND the skill of attractive conversations. Seriously, that’s all there is to it.

      On the side – you don’t have to approach women to create attraction. You can meet women lots of ways without ever having to do it. So… both are possible.

      Obviously you’re not going to meet many women on the side or top of a mountain. Maybe one or two IF you’re really lucky.

      Yet the success you have in other areas of your life tells me that all you’re lacking is the confidence you have there which can be brought to women through knowledge and learning the skills that create attraction.

      I’m POSITIVE you can learn those two things. Trust me it’s a LOT easier than dealing with all the legalities of managing properties and it’s certainly less exhausting than climbing a freaking mountain.


      Confidence with women. (Understanding attraction and how women work a little.)

      Attractive conversational skills. (Don’t why you bragging or talking out your ass or saying things women don’t respond to with attraction.)

      Put yourself in more positions so you’ll meet women naturally without having to approach them.


      PLEASE keep reading every post here at DiaLteG TM. Take 20 minutes a day and go through each and every one of them. Sooner or later you’ll find something that clicks, something you can relate to, something that will inspire you to put in the necessary energy and work to make it happen for you. AND you’ll figure out exactly where to begin to solve this problem you’re having.

      Women LOVE guys who travel. Women LOVE guys who dedicate themselves productive hobbies outside of getting laid and looking at naked pictures on the internet. Women LOVE guys who know how to look and dress good. They LOVE guys who have skills and KNOW how to use them to better their lives AND who actually have a passion for what they do.

      Do NOT tell me you don’t have what it takes because I do NOT believe you Allen.

      Believe in yourself and MAKE it happen. Risk it.

      Since you feel you have NO chance, you have NOTHING to lose by trying either, right?

      Let me know what you need and Ill get it for you or push you to where you should go first.

      Thanks again for sharing,


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