If You’re Looking For Her Approval, This Is Why Women Don’t Like You

"You're Way Too Accommodating To Her Needs Before Yours – You’re An Approval Seeker. Women have you whipped and it's exactly why they don't feel much attraction to you and why they will use you too."

Approval seeking comes in many forms and NONE of them are attractive as it relates to attracting a high-quality partner.

This one is about going too far to accommodate her with little or disregard for yourself, BECAUSE you think or believe that's the ONLY way she (or any woman) would or could like you.

It's typically a trade off.

You give her something in return for affection, love, or attraction.

It could be attention, ass-kissing, gifts, status, choices and decisions, time, and sometimes yes, even money.

ANYTHING you do to GET (or try to convince) a woman to like you through gift giving, listening to her problems about other guys, doing favors for her that are absurd, kissing her ass, disregarding your feelings while giving up respect for yourself in the hopes she’ll like you more it means you are an approval seeker.

Mostly - this is not confined to women - an approval seeker normally doesn't discriminate. It's however more prevalent when it's related to ATTRACTING women.

Which means seeking the approval of others IS the problem and it becomes much worse when the opposite sex is involved.

Here’s what it says about you:

“Hi, I want your approval and attention.

I’m willing to let YOU be the one who’s in control… and let YOU call the shots… and do anything to please YOU…

If you’ll give me your attention and approval”

What Women HATE Most About Single Guys


If you’re constantly letting women walk all over you, you’re going to get CRUSHED plus you won't be creating any attraction at all.

I WAS a classic approval seeker when it came to women. The things I would do in the hopes of getting something, anything, in return was not only absurd and ridiculous, was demeaning, disrespectful to myself, and set me up for failure after failure - UNLESS you consider being in every woman's lame-ass non-sexual friend's zone a success.

There's absolutely no need to get into all the sorted details of my past pathetic ways around women. - IF you insist or need to know, hop on my newsletter below as I reveal it all from day to day.

HOW do guys become approval seekers?

A lack of belief in themselves to be capable or good enough for a woman or women in general.

A lack of knowledge or the skills to create attraction and therefore rely on approval tactics as a first and unfortunate last resort.

A faltered belief system on what women want and are attracted to which basically means - you fall for the myth that women are only into looks, wealth, fame, AND their attraction mechanism is just like yours.

A refusal to become proactive and make viable changes in your life because you feel like a victim and non-influential in the world you live you.

A complete and total misunderstanding of the FEMALE mind and her emotions causing you to believe using logic and false cause-effect outcomes will work for you - when it NEVER will.

AND (unfortunately) more!

HOW do you overcome this approval affliction?

The answer is in the reasons listed above and for some, it's a little more work than others.

Form a realistic belief in yourself that you can be liked and attractive to women.

Seriously - if you don't like yourself all that much and feel like you have nothing to offer women, then this needs to be taken care of FIRST.

This is an inner game problem and while I can not possibly cover all that here today, there are ways to fix it - here's where you can get all that taken care of and more - because it will show you the rest too:

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Learn the necessary skills women respond attractively to, so YOU become a leader and not a follower.

Form a NEW belief system based on real-world results and not a guessing game based on your failures. In other words, the cause and effect you see and believe are not what they appear to be.

Become pro-active and MAKE changes in your life which makes you feel influential to your own destiny and takes you out of your victim mentality.

Admit logic doesn't play a role here.

Women (and men too) are not logical problems that can be solved in with a simple plug-in formula with rules. EMOTIONS are what matters and you need to engage her EMOTIONS, hopefully in a fun, positive, and productive way.

To eliminate ALL approval seeking traits, to learn the right skills you need with women, to form an attractive belief system, to become pro-active and make the right changes in your life, and to eliminate your desire to solve an illogical problem logically - THIS has it all:

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I understand if you're not ready to invest in such a large beginning to end-game product BUT I will say this approval seeking problem will not just disappear UNLESS you work on all the parts covered today.

Save yourself some time - save yourself some money - save yourself the rejections AND get it all taken care of in ONE SIMPLE program.

Otherwise you DO have the choice of piecing it altogether, it will just take a lot longer and I guarantee maintaining your course toward success, will prove to be much more difficult and exhausting too.

Below I've listed a few amazing articles you can read to help you not only see this approval-seeking problem for what it is but also how to eliminate SOME of it - not all.

Don’t Agree With Her & Go Against Your Beliefs Hoping She’ll Like You

Become a more attractive man by avoiding the common mistakes which are generally associated with approval seeking and a “weak sense of identity”.

Stop Giving Women What They Say They Want, Make Them Feel Something Instead

Don’t hand over yourself blindly – just make them feel attraction because THAT is what they really want to feel.

What It Means To Live Your Own Life, How to Do it, & Why It Attracts Women

Live your life in the way you want to and don’t go exchanging just for a woman. They NEVER truly feel for a guy who is willing to do that.

Don’t Give Away Your Power To Attract Beautiful Women

The title says it all. When you do this – you’re really just giving away all your power to create attraction.

Do You Suffer From the Nice Guy Syndrome? Damaging Your Self Respect

A great article to help you wit the typical nice guy approval seeking problem with some great tips you can use immediately.

Stop Being Manipulated – High Character and Identifying Others

A HUGE problem with all this ass-kissing or approval seeking is that women will take advantage of you and you will be more susceptible to being manipulated. THAT stops here.

BEYOND all that - I suggest you take the time to go through my two free online books one at a time and take it all seriously:

How Any Nice Guy Can Become A More Attractive Man

That book will hep you to eliminate MANY of the problems associated with approval seeking because it's typically a "nice guy" predominant problem.


Chapter One - The Real Secret to Attracting Women & Getting Laid No One Knows But Me

This will show you a little how attraction works for women so you can take care of the "learning the skills" part which will alleviate some of the pressure you might be feeling as you TRY to get women to like you.

In conclusion...

Being overly accommodating and doing so to seek the approval of women is a very SERIOUS problem and it could be the number one reason why women just don't like you - in that way.

You're basically disqualifying yourself and telling women YOU don't think you're good enough or have anything attractive to offer them, so you barter your time, sometimes money, and certainly your respect for their attention and more.

Whether you know the rules of the supposed game and how attraction works does matter BUT not as much as not LIKING YOURSELF first and this "approval" problem always seems to start there.

Despite the common myths out there women want a man who DOES actually like himself first - enough to not give up his self-respect, valuable time, money, or even opinions JUST because he wants everyone to like him.

I won't make it all nice for you and tell you this is an easy problem to overcome - for some, it can be quite difficult because problems like this are NEVER localized to just women and attraction - normally they cross over to many aspects of one's life.

BUT I will say it IS FIXABLE and it's worth taking the time to becoming pro-active to get the job done once and for all - otherwise you WILL struggle in many areas of your life including women - you'll find yourself always being taken advantage of and so much more.

Take the initiative. Suck it up.

FIND a reasonable to way completely ELIMINATE it from your life and women WILL LIKE you.. for you, without having to kiss their ass, do them favors, give up your time and respect, etc...

Here's the absolute BEST way to achieve from step one to attracting the woman of your dreams:

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Otherwise - look around, follow the advice above and the links associated with it until you stumble on the path you NEED to be on to get it fixed.

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Dave here (…) I never put it use in my social life probably because I was raised to believe only “sluts” want sex and who wants a slut, right? Right now she is looking pretty good. LOL (…)  making me feel better about many things I just wanted to say I am glad I accidentally ran across your site and to say Thank You and keep up the good work. 

Thank You again your awesome and your teachings are also, Dave Allen

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