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Is “Friends First” Making You Feel Powerless and Played By Her Game?

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A simple game of being played like a Domino or is it just a natural attraction?

Do you ever feel like you’re being played by women?

Not in the traditional sense, I mean it’s not like women are using you to get something but it’s as if you have no choice in whether women or life even likes you!

How you’re just playing along in a game you just can’t seem to win.

No matter what you do or say you feel like you have no control over anything related to dating.

Then some days it’s like you own the world.

Every girl is checking you out up and down and from the side.

You can’t say anything wrong and everything you do just makes her even more attracted to you.

But “those” days don’t come often and since they’re not strung together it’s tough to make anything out of it.

They just pass you by and you get left nothing, at least not an attractive girlfriend to show for it.

Once again you’re stuck in a game where you’re just a pawn and someone else is making the moves for you.

You’re bound to one square at a time and every time you try to think ahead, every time you try to do “something” right, someone comes along and does something “else” (bad or good) and jumps ahead of you.

It’s the classic “nice guy” problem.

You TRY to keep your self-respect but the “game” couldn’t care less.

You TRY to play “nicely” but there always seems to be someone better at being “bad” than you are, at being nice.

You contemplate doing something awful, like playing games or even something more drastic like using some poor woman for sex – just so you can alleviate some of those stressful no-sex days.

But I know that’s just an excuse…

You want to believe “being bad” and “playing games” is the easiest way to get women. How those guys take the low road or the easy way “in.”

Of course if you’re anything like I was you talk yourself out of it or go to sleep thinking,

“Maybe tomorrow the rules of the game will change for me and I’ll meet a woman tomorrow who isn’t interested in playing games. Tomorrow I’ll meet a women who likes me for me! Tomorrow I’ll meet a woman who won’t play hard to get or who isn’t interested in only guys who wind up hurting them!”

Only to wake up reminded once again…

Nothing has changed!

Okay… now I’m not some great philosopher and I don’t claim to be 100% optimistic about life.

After all up until some few years back I wasn’t the “luckiest” guy in the world with women, but every now and then I DO pay attention when I hear something interesting and helpful…it makes me think.

You don’t get what you deserve out of life – you get what you expect. So raise your expectations people!”

Taken from the movie: Middle of Nowhere

It stands to reason when you expect to be played – it will probably happen.

If you feel like you “deserve” more it only lowers your expectations and hope when you don’t get it.

If your mindset set is to “play nice” so if you do get what you feel you deserve (from women) it makes you feel better about yourself, then that’s fine.

But wouldn’t it be easier just to expect something more from yourself, from women, from life… to raise your expectations beyond playing the “waiting” game?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to expect something good is going to happen because you do more than just  “intend” to make it a reality for yourself.

Do what you can today and expect tomorrow when you do run into women who are ONLY into those “bad boys” or who ONLY know how to “play games” to get what they feel they deserve, the higher expectations you have for yourself gives you a very special strength to DENY giving THEM the power to control your life.

To me – expecting life will give you everything you need and then learning exactly how to get it gives you the power to finally control your own “game.”

When you feel like you deserve “her” because you’re a nice guy you’re giving her all the power to control your every move.

You willingly become her pawn left waiting for her to feel like she deserves you.

And you’re going to feel “played” and powerless.

Expect when you create that initial spark of attraction in a woman she’ll feel it through every part of her mind and body…

Whether you’re nice or not.

AND all you have to do is…

Learn how to make that attraction happen each and every first interaction with a woman.

Do me a huge favor right now.

I’d like you to watch this video until the very end – ignore the honey badger – and expect what you’re going to learn is the number one reason why you “playing nice” is giving her all the power to only ever see you as a friend.

Expect to learn how easy it is to create that attraction and how almost every movie (except the one above) may lead you to believe you deserve “her” AFTER ALL you’ve done for her.

Expect to understand why all the “nice” things you’re doing for women are actually destroying any chance of creating something simple and natural as feeling attract to you.

You see I firmly believe those days where you feel like everything is going right and women are coming to you can be made to last as long as you want AND I believe the guy who made this video can show you how to achieve it – naturally.

You can still be nice. You can still be yourself.

But you DO have to start expecting more from yourself by going out and getting the power and the right tools to make it happen.

The “easy way” is not being bad, or learning how to “play the game” – the easier way to any woman’s heart is through the most natural method possible which all of us are born with.

If you watch the entire thing and pay attention to the very specific details in the middle, you’ll never want to chase another woman again and expect to understand exactly what must happen to get women to chase you.

*Learn 8 Powerful Tips – Friends Into Lovers With NO Games.

Start expecting more from yourself, from life, from women – more power – more results – and stop playing the waiting game. You were born to attract women!

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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