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Is The Game of Sexual Attraction a Level Playing Field for Both Sexes?

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Sexy Hot Woman Half-Naked Not Playing Fair

Sexual attraction!!! It’s a topic most women “appear” to understand but leaves way too many of us guys scratching their heads.

Is it fair than men are EXPECTED to have an unwavering confidence when it comes to sexually attracting women but all a woman has to do to turn on a guy is, well, show up and flaunt her sexiness a little?

Men are expected to lead the woman right?

They’re the masculine part of the equation.

In other words you’re supposed to do ALL the work to bring her to desire you and if we want sex out of this “unfair” deal there’s no guarantees because in the end you know – just because a woman is turned on does NOT mean she will act on it.

And for those of you who push and push despite her decisions you’ll find a fine line between jail and a great night of sex.

As a man men, you’re left to hope.

You’re even left to find someone else in the meantime to satisfy your sexual desires while the one you’re most sexually attracted to is still deciding whether you’re as quoted from Seinfield, “sponge worthy.

Well, and this is how I see it…

The fairness in this double standard of sexual attraction on a deeper level does serve a purpose.

It separates the truly confident male from the weak and timid.

It separates the risk taker from the scared indecisive guy.

The fearless man who throws aside all conventional and social wisdom to have quite literally the “balls” to step outside conformity and BE the Alpha Male with all the “Sexual Power” that comes along with it.

The alpha male risks persecution from those women who call men pigs.

The alpha male risks his social status and even his Ego due to public rejection.

He risks a “friendly” relationship by constantly moving forward with a woman; whereas the less confident man pulls back at the pivotal moment when her sexual attraction is at the highest.

The fairness of sexual attraction comes full turn when a woman is expected to be physically attractive to turn us on as if the less eye appealing woman is forced to use tactics to steal the unsuspecting man’s physical emotional response from one of those “hot chics” the media advertises.

It comes down to this.

As a woman, if you want to create enough sexual desire in a man to want you and to compete with the other “females” in the crowd, you must use every means possible to one-up your competitive friend or enemy in the natural selection.

As a man, you must take the risks if you want to be competed over by them.

If you offer no challenge or competitive prize it’s highly doubtful you’ll create a high level of sexual attraction towards you.

Sure you might find a girlfriend, settle down and get married.

After all, strong father figures in nature don’t have to necessarily be incredible sex machines.

But as a man, is that what you really want?

Just to be seen as a “Father Figure” and nothing else?

Aside from all the unfair activities wouldn’t it just be easier to stop scratching your head and learn just as much about YOUR sexual attraction as women seem to?

I think it is.

But that’s because I don’t think it’s fair a woman can turn a man on with a look in her eyes, or how she dresses, or how she walks, or the manner in which she has the “goods” naturally given to her to drive us guys crazy.

Beautiful or not, in all honesty women understand fully men are into looks and not any particular look.

Lots of different men are attracted to different parts or looks of a woman and based on my vast experience of watching people interact it seems almost every type of women can find a guy who is attracted to her physically.

“Powerful men don’t have try too hard. They know how to influence a woman by demonstrating their internal strength in certain ways.”

In The Game Of Sexual Power With Women – Are You A Winner Or Loser?

Do you believe there is a way to trigger her sexual attraction almost instantly as she does with you?

I’m talking about leveling the playing field here.

I’m talking about your sexual power and how you can learn to use it correctly.

And trust me it’s much simpler than you would think because it’s literally hard wired into the female mind just as your attraction is too.


You won’t have to spend fifty hours a week working on your pecks or tightening your body up.

If you believe THAT you’re missing my point.

This is not physical attraction in the same sense you feel attracted to a woman.

It’s about sexually attracting women within the first few minutes of meeting her and then taking it as far as YOU want to go.

After all you could make some mistakes along the way which could turn her off quicker than you would be when if you imagined Betty White in a g-string laying naked on your bed…

Yeah I went there.

Consider this quote I stole from myself…

Acting without a specific sexual goal in mind.

Assume this – if she’s that hot – and if she feels and sees you’re a sexual man with sexual options AND you act responsible, maturely within your masculine self – She’s going to assume you DO want sex and probably from her.

The cool part about all of it is – She… doesn’t… even…  care!

Why And How You Might Have To “Go Get Laid” to Get A Girlfriend

Now consider this…

If sex is your ONLY goal, you’re giving her all the power to reject you OR she’s going to make you work REAL hard for it.

And to me that is NOT a level playing field.

I’m willing to bet sex may not be your only goal or otherwise you wouldn’t be on some nice guy’s blog like mine… but it certainly is on your mind enough to want your FAIR share of the action.

You don’t want the easy way in BUT you do want a level playing field where you feel just as sexually powerful as women “seem” to naturally possess because of how our first-sight attraction works.

And if we let it – that thing we’re born with works against us because it can and does make us do some pretty stupid stuff.

At least I know THIS nice guy has done some pretty stupid stuff just trying to get laid and only failed miserably because of the power shift I mentioned above.

You want to begin to level the sexual playing field with women – then make sure you at least read through my article quoted above… Why And How You Might Have To “Go Get Laid” to Get A Girlfriend.

If you want to truly dive in head first and gain all the sexual power you could possibly achieve… choose one or more of these because they will give you all the power you need.

You CAN level the sexual playing field… finally!

Power Sexuality – Transform yourself from a man with no sexual confidence into a man that all women fantasize about.

Sexual Communication – Succeed with women most men only dream about. The fail-proof secret language of sexual communication.

I have no reservations about promoting them because they serve our purpose when it comes to leveling the playing field of sexual attraction.

Aside from what you might buy or not to help you out with this all too common “man” problem of a level sexual playing field…

This is a game I believe we (both women and men) can come out winners.

Because aren’t we really aiming for a tie here?

No sudden death overtime…

A fair match…

Just pure sexual attraction which lasts as long as we play the game of life and passion and the never-ending field which exists within our mind which transcends to both our shaking sometimes sweaty bodies.

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