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Is Your Success With Women Based On Your Height?

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He’s slightly taller than her, was that why she was attracted to him?

Is our success with women “really” based on our height?

Ask a woman who plays the lead role inside her mind, in other words their “perfect man” and more than likely she’ll say…

Tall dark and handsome.

That is what women want… right?

So what are we supposed to do as a shorter man, to succeed with women?

Well we could just give up…

We could wear lifts.

We could find a shorter woman but “everyone” knows shorter women only date extremely tall guys, right?

We could build up our muscles and hope women won’t notice we’re short.

I bet if we look hard enough we can find women that have a short-man fetish. 😀

We can become rich and famous, an adorned or troubled rock star, or even a great athlete in the limited sports where height won’t matter of course.

We must admit that every solution proposed above are truly viable options.

Sure they are extremely narrow-minded but there is a logic behind them.

Every one of them are also based on a limited belief you and I may have carried since we first discovered women.

I know I have.

They are perpetuated from day one of our existence and us “shorter” guys are force-fed them constantly.

When the constant bombardment on our confidence and self-esteem are tied into each failure we have to endure we can all too easily find ourselves relating these failures to our height.

If a woman turns us down and the next man we see her kissing is five inches taller… it’s easy to blame it on our height.

It satisfies the logic of what we see AND believe.

That is when we “train” our minds to only notice what satisfies our prediction.

For example.

If we logically deduce women only want men who are slightly taller than them we are far more likely to only notice those couples.

So when we do see a couple that goes against it our brain tries to explain it another way or pass it off to some other reason we often don’t have like…

He must be rich… or it’s his huge muscles…Ehhh he’s probably a jerk.

Here are some more reasons I came up with in this sarcastic but hopefully helpful post for us “shorter” dudes –> 5 Reasons Why Women Will Reject A Shorter Man Based On His Height. You can read it later.

However these beliefs go much deeper and I want to prove it!

When I see or meet an attractive taller women, my mind screams… CHALLENGE!

Now you would think a challenge would be good in this case but it’s unfortunately not. Seeing her as a challenge I’m setting myself to chase her.

You see I’ve already made a clear connection between her height and her unwillingness to feel attracted to a shorter man like me.

These connections are not always easy to see. Like the last one.

They are often so deep and entwined in our everyday life they bombard our confidence and esteem quietly in the background making them much more harmful.

Here’s the reasoning behind it.

Tall women are challenging because taller women want tall men. If I can get a taller women I must be good at getting women. Since shorter women only date much taller men, and shorter women have more choices, why should I bother. That is TOO great of challenge. Tall women struggle finding taller men so I can get them to settle for me.”

Sad as it sounds it’s how I thought.

I believed my success with women was mostly based on my height.

But… I now know…

There IS a way out of this “tiny” dilemma.

We need to objectify it all out and find those connections like I did AND THEN we must notice how our past thinking just doesn’t hold up so well in the “real” world.

From there we can also add some positive spins to our height like Brad P of Instant Attraction has done for us,

…who is now 6’5?, the world is a little place, full of cramped spaces in vehicles and uncomfortable closeness. You’re constantly moving away from people so you just have a bit of room to maneuver and not fall down, because your center of gravity is so high. When you talk to someone, the natural distance to stand away is maybe 3 feet or more.

I’m 5’6?. For me, the world is spacious and easy. A queen bed is a huge space where a girl my size and I can sprawl at will. Car and plane seats are comfortable and relaxing. My personal space is rarely impinged. I can stand six inches away from someone and they don’t feel threatened or weird.

Being Short is an Asset in Pickup Part 1

LA Phil has taken a taller man and showed us the “attractive” advantage of being short.

The world may seem like a huge place to us “shorter” guys and it might seem taller people have all the advantages but just through his one example it becomes clear that is far from the truth.

And with those advantages, a clearer perspective of how we let our height “bring us down” and of course some real examples of how attraction works…

Our success with women is NOT based on our height.

A woman’s success with us may be based on it.

Some women will turn their heads away from us because of our height.

But almost always that is HER self-esteem issue and has nothing to do with us at all… unless we let it affect us negatively.

Height does NOT have to be a SERIOUS issue for us in attraction.

If we think about it, we’re typically more shallow or superficial when it comes to looks than women are. 😀

But if it still is a problem for you, please read through what I’ve shared today, the few linked up articles highlighted above , and get on this list immediately–> Secret to Success Women for Shorter Men – Not Too Short. It was made just for us shorter guys by Scot McKay who just happens to be a short successful man.

Success with women has very little (if anything) to do with our height and I firmly believe being short CAN be an asset so…

Let’s not let a “little” thing like this get in our way ever again.

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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5 comments… add one
  • Guest

    Of course, short men or men about the same height make women, especially those under 5’6″, feel safe, because they’re less aggressive, more gentle, considerate, and humble, which is why women fall for them. Tall men on the other hand are often seen as very aggressive, bossy, domineering, and egotistical. There’s been numerous news reports of tall men creeping out, assaulting, raping, kidnapping, and/or killing women, including the petite ones, which is why women are going for the not-so-tall guys to play it safe because it’s harder for a short guy to creep out and subdue women.

  • Thanks for your opinions guest but I don’t entirely agree with you. Sure taller men can intimidate women. I do know lots of women who do feel safer alone with a smaller guy. Especially when they may not know them too well.

    And Yes there is definitely a connection between being large and being seen as aggressive or scare.


    I personally would never consider generalizing taller men as being more likely to commit illegal acts against women. I typically subscribe the concept of “we see what we want to see.” or “always find the answers we want to find.” I’ve been great friends with lots of taller guys and they have been more than decent kind people. And I’ve known plenty of shorter aggressive men living up to the Napoleon Complex.

    To respond properly to your comment, and due to a recent terrible event in my life, (a woman I know who is taller than six feet was just attacked by a man smaller than me 5’5″) – I have spent the last few hours searching for statistics to correlate height and crimes against women, but unfortunately came up with nothing.

    If you, or anyone has found these stats please share them with us.

  • joeblow

    The idea that women feel safer with short men is based on the idea that a woman could defend herself against a short man, that is absurd.
    There are some women who could but most can’t. A man is 50 percent stronger at the same body weight and well he is a man. Put most women up against a guy the size of a jockey and he could easily beat her severely. It is not unlikely at all for a 5’4 135 pound man to be able to defend himself against a man of average size and he would not need a black belt to do so, although the odds are in the taller, heavier man’s favor. It is basically an insult for a woman to say that she feels safer with a short man.

    • Autumn

      I’m a short woman, 5’2”, who happens to be most attracted to men who are slightly taller than me. (5’10” and under is ideal, in my book). I guess I’ve not thought about feeling “safer” with men who are shorter vs taller. For me, it boils down to things like the following: when I’m with a shorter man, many things are easier and flow more naturally. For example, it’s more comfortable walking while holding hands or with arms around shoulders/waist. It’s physically easier making eye contact, hugging and kissing a man who is shorter. When I was younger and dated taller men, the physical differences were awkward…to me. Also, I don’t judge feeling “safer” with men because of height: it just isn’t a factor for me with safety in terms of how a man may behave toward me or how a man may be able to protect me. A man’s personality, attitude and manners make all of the difference in making a woman feel safe around them….and also making a woman feel protected when out together. I’d never presume that I could defend myself better, or that a man would be more/less able to protect me, simply based upon a his height. My reasons for PREFERRING shorter men may seem kind of trivial to others reading, but it’s one lady’s view point.

      • peter white

        Thank you Autumn for all the reasons why physically, being short (or shorter) has many advantages. How our attitude and personality makes the bigger difference in attraction.

        I don’t believe your reasons are trivial at all.


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