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You’re Such A Jerk Pete! 7 Reasons to Hate Me?

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Does she really hate Peter White or is she just disagreeing with me and is angrily attracted?

I find it funny that I get and have been called more names by women than I have ever have before.

But you know what guys? I’m still a nice guy!

I was recently asked a question by a guy friend of mine,

“Pete. Is there a way to get a woman in bed quickly?”

I replied with,

“Actually, here is an interesting fact I discovered about myself. I can get a woman to sleep with me quicker if she doesn’t seem to like me. There’s something about her raw energy and passion when she is getting too emotional over nothing. If I can handle her in a mature but teasing way, I can watch her melt before my very eyes.”

I’m sure we have all seen the movies  and television shows where the future couple basically hate each other in the beginning. ( Though more often than not it is the woman hating the man. )

Yet… She eventually falls in love with him otherwise how could they live happily ever after.

When I lived the “nice guy who is every woman friend’s” life I did not understand how attraction worked. I was always just too accommodating. I was always afraid to stir things up.

I also did not understand one important fact:

Hate and emotional disagreement, are two completely different feelings.

When a woman is angry with you it does NOT mean she hates you. That is unless you ARE actually a complete asshole.

You see if a woman is just disagreeing with you AND if she has any feelings for you, she WILL get emotional but it does NOT she hates you.

The playground is a great example.

A young boy pulls the girl’s hair that he likes and then she tells her friends what a jerk he is but then by some strange magical force took over – we see them kissing at the next school dance.

Those actions, although in a more mature example still go on through adulthood.

I’m not telling any nice guy to go out and start pissing women off.

This is a site for nice guys to stay nice.. right?

I’m telling you to continue to be the one of the good guys but never be afraid if a woman is angry at you.

If you handle it properly and the circumstances are not too extreme she will feel more attracted to you.

However if you don’t handle it in a mature way and you bend to her wishes, she will more than likely lose any attraction she may have felt.

So without further talk, let me get on with the post…

Here Are The Seven Reasons Why Women Hate Me or the “names” I’ve been called since I learned how attraction worked.

1. I’m a Jerk

Yes. I’m the jerk.

Sometimes my words take things to levels not always wanted but I just don’t care anymore.

Often I’m the jerk because women are afraid she just fell for “another one” but she’s just confused, she doesn’t seem to know what I’m really all about.

It’s becomes a mystery and like any good mystery, we have a need to solve it.

2. An Asshole

Telling women blatantly how I feel about something makes me the asshole but you know what, I have women all the time ask me something for that very same reason, I will tell them the truth.

They will ask,

“Pete, how do I look?”

And I tell them how I feel they look.

I don’t attempt to hurt their feelings. I tell them how I see it,

“Makes your feet look big.”,
“There’s something about it I just don’t like.” ,
“Where did your ass go?” ,
“Makes your tits look bigger. Nice”


Yes! I am a tease and I have learned to be very good at it.

I will tease a woman about her hair, her shoes, her choice in music (although a little overdone), and anything I see in her that I find amusing.

But more importantly I tease her about how bad she wants me.

On the other end of teasing, I will do it when I am going to kiss her. I tease her during foreplay and I tease her sexually.

4. Man whore

This is my favorite.

I am a man whore because I will have casual sex without dating but I’ve found it’s not required to date or be committed in a relationship to have sex. That’s my choice.

Every time I hear man-whore I can smile because I know I am becoming the man I want to be. A real man, with choices.

I will however admit when I am IN a relationship where there is an agreed commitment, she’s the only one for me.

5. Pig

I am called a pig because I am not afraid of saying what’s on my mind. I am never afraid to step over that line of decency.

6. Womanizer

I must say for some strange reason< only the women I won’t sleep with have called me a womanizer.

This term has also come up because I prefer to date younger women.

7. Player

Some have claimed I’m a player and yes I will admit I DO play games but I don’t play people.

I firmly feeling playing people is wrong but playing games is essential in dating and attraction.

I played a game with a waitress once. She came back to fill my cup of coffee up again. When she began to pour I told I was feeling a little uneasy. I then motioned to my hand as though it was shaking.

I told her I hoped she wasn’t feeding me caffeinated because I wasn’t allowed to drink it. She freaked out with a major apology. She thought I said I did want caffeinated.

I let her off the hook a short time later and the look I got was priceless. She was smiling, slightly angry, and stared back at me with that, you’re such an asshole look.

You may have noticed the list of reasons I give are very similar. It is because,

  • Pig’s give no respect.
  • Man Whores get paid.
  • Jerks treats others if they are subservient.
  • Assholes smell, a lot like ass.
  • Womanizer abuse mentally.
  • And Players play women, with the intended purpose of using them.

…And Since I am not one of those listed, her anger must be just an emotional disagreement.

You may have also noticed a common theme above.

Nice guys that are afraid of getting a woman upset almost always struggle in finding a fun, cool girlfriend. Which I believe is the most sought out type of woman who men seek.

You’re going to hear from any expert on dating and attraction how women test men. What you might not hear enough from them is this,

Learn to test women yourself and learn to do it before you fail hers.

The list above is really just a culmination of my personality on testing women but it is ( mostly ) not a conscious one.

I never think to myself, how can I test this girl to quickly break down her persona. I find that manipulative. The testing is merely a wonderful side effect of being fearless.

I remember being in a bar once when a very casual girlfriend of mine walked through the door. She blasted her usual, “I own the fucking world because I’m hot!”

She had those trendy Ugg style boots on with pom-poms or balls hanging loosely.

She went right up to me, lifted her leg up and rested it against my thigh. She then looked at me with a small smirk on her face and said,

“Do you like my balls?”

I want you to think about how a nice guy would respond. Would your mouth drop to the ground? Would you respond agreeing that yes, her balls were lovely? Or would you rather tell her,

“Nah, mine are better. They’re real.” or

“Hey, I don’t go around resting my balls on your leg and I would appreciate that you follow that rule too.”

The point is, she was testing me and I did not fail and I made sure to give a testing response back to her.

Yes she got a little upset because I did not play into her game.

My testing also brought out her real reasons for doing it and that was, ATTENTION FROM ME.

And when she didn’t get it, she got upset but I managed to find out what she was really all about and by doing so ruled her out as a potential date for me.

Now the woman I would date won’t wait for a response.

She would have walked away quickly before allowing me time to respond and then giving me lots of time to think about her balls.

She would make sure I got stuck watching her ass walk away.

She may have even tried to catch me by peeking back to see if I was staring.

That kind of attitude tells me she’s pretty cool AND that she knows how to have fun.

To that woman it was a prelude to a flirty conversation later on.

She would set up a moment to think back at and how we can link ourselves with a secret.

We could then have a conversation in front of others and when we mentioned anything about balls, look at each other and quietly laugh. Not giving our secret away.

If I don’t wrap this page up soon I may go off on some wild tangent. Here, if anything, I want you take away from the 7 reasons to hate me.

  • Work within Nice Guy Law #8. The link is below.
  • Don’t be afraid to upset a woman over circumstances or words where being angry is not completely justified. Do remember this though, if you walk up to a woman and call her a stupid name to get her angry, I hope she slaps you in the face. You deserve it.
  • If a woman is getting emotional about something you have said, it is usually a good sign she likes you. Women, or people in fact, do not get overly upset about things that don’t care about.
  • Don’t go out trying to get women to hate you by being those I listed.  Be a real man, have your opinions, keep your views, and stand by them. And then who knows, maybe someday soon you will have you own unique list of why women hate you and I want to hear them.
  • Being called these names is a side effect. If you are a real example of one of the reasons to hate me, none of my advice will work consistently. If at all.

This post is loosely based on my Nice Guy Law #8 which is here: NICE GUY LAW #8 – Never agree with everything a woman says if it goes against your beliefs.

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

Please visit all my pages: The Nice Guy Approach | The Approach | Why Do Guys…? | Why Do Chics…? OR Like my Facebook fan pages: Why Do Chics…? | DiaLteG TM OR JOIN the best group on women at Why Do Chics…?. Yes, I’m a very busy guy. 🙂 Oh… I almost forgot Twitter – Peter White.

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  • Isso

    Man i love your site. To start with, i was, if still not, the eternal nice guy. Well, at least with girls i’ve been sexually AND emotionaly attracted with.
    I’ve been reading here a lot for about 3 days and just remembered i should start with dumping my ‘commenting’ shy-ness or reluctancy. Posts by the guy Carlos are also awesome. Thanks

    • You’re welcome man. And thank you. I appreciate it and I do hope you get as much as you can from me and Carlos.

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