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John Denver – The Attractive Nerd Teaches Us How To Create Attraction

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John Denver. Was he an attractive nerd?

My girlfriend calls me the old man…maybe this post is the reason.

Or maybe it’s because she still think SHE’S a teenager. 🙂

Way back when, otherwise known as the “80’s” I was an opinionated long-haired 80’s hippie with dreams of making the world a better place through my music. A Place where everyone could get along and live peacefully.

I suppose when one combines a philosophy like that with the terror of the big one being dropped, and a sexually unfilled existentialist you get one messed up dude with an attitude to the world around him.

My passions were clear. My drives and goals were also clear.

But what wasn’t clear was how I managed to be so overly opinionated towards the “out” crowd, the yuppies, the country music loving people. I was literally disgusted and almost hateful to those who saw things differently.

Yes. I realize in my high-school you’re likely to get beat up if you carried a now popular backpack let alone give John Denver a chance.

I realize the pressure to appear better than you “feel” is a huge motivator for a teenager.

And I’m proud to say I’ve overcome that affliction and learned to appreciate life much more and wouldn’t you know it – I’m going to get a little deep with you.

The more you appreciate all of life without judgement, the more others appreciate you and your opinions. The appreciation may not be the single driving force behind attractive urges but I know I would rather wake up next to someone who I appreciate fully as more than just a warm body.

One day I was watching a this nerdy looking guy a.k.a. Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. wield a wooden putter and bang his way through a pro-am at Pebble Beach.

It was February 1996 and I believe it was his last television appearance. ( And the tournament was cut short because of terrible weather.)

He earned my respect that day.

He opened up the world to me just a little more because he represented the definitive end to my youthful “ideology.” This was something I had carried for so long and I know without a doubt, played its hand in me not attracting many women.

John and I had always shared the love of the acoustic guitar but I never gave his music the time of day, because I was too cool apparently for my own good.

When Golf entered my life and I began a new passion. Which I believed pushed women even further from me when I now know better.

And the moment I saw John’s very modest smiling face sink a putt I heard his music in my head clearer than ever. I knew it well because my parents were big fans and I was force-fed his music growing up.

Only a year and a half later, on October 12, 1997. John Denver was killed at the age of 53 while flying solo over the Pacific Ocean.

Flying was also a huge passion for him.

All his children.

His few wives.

His guitar.

His music.

The environment.

The game of golf.

AND Airplanes were just a few of his many passions.

Unfortunately one of which happened to be the end of him.

His song – “Country Roads” appeared today on my music list and I was instantly reminded of the deepest and loneliest part of my life. It was the bottom and I was there for a few years.

I won’t lie to you and tell you he changed my world.

That’s just not the truth.

But what John represented to me before, and what he represents today marks a clear definition of attitude and attractiveness.

He stood for all of which I fought through my lonely days and now all of which I embrace in my new attractive ( and of course ) sexy life.

He was a nerd to me before.

A man my parents liked to listen to. And yes it’s true.

Our climb out of adolescence often requires a revolt or rebellion against our parents and I will admit those of us who experience the same shift mature quicker.

I see him now as a teacher.

Not in the traditional sense but as a lead to follow an attractive lifestyle where our passions are at their fullest.

This modest man, who turned himself from a shy young nerd bouncing around the country, proves the path to attraction lies well beyond physical beauty and outward appearances.


How we look can play its part…

But without passion and modest confidence we’re really just playing a shell game in a cheap side street con game.

John Denver is one attractive nerd who can teach us how to trigger attraction for all the reasons above but also for one more which you might not expect.

Within us lies our deepest desires which when left unfulfilled or not chased after will undoubtedly be projected on to people we are attracted to the most.

Those who follow their dreams are sometimes lived through, in relationship they might even feel pressured while someone else is trying to live through them, and not with them.

People with passion live through themselves and are often seen as showing the most genuine kind of love to the ones who are closest to them.

Think about all I have said today.

Think about your life and how you can allow this same man to drive you to a passionate life.

Think about John Denver for the next few minutes as you hear his passion and take in one of the biggest loves of his life.

Then try to tell me this attractive nerd has not taught you something about attraction today.

Born Henry John Deutschendorf Jr., the tow-headed Air Force brat lived a nomadic life, as his family pulled up stakes every few years when his father was transferred.

In an interview with The Examiner in 1991, Denver said he grew up an introvert who did most of his adventuring in his own imagination.

“I was kinda shy and not really outgoing,” Denver said,

“and I guess I thought about things other kids my age weren’t thinking about. My dream was to have a place in the mountains where people from all over the world, friends of mine, could come to relax and rejuvenate themselves. And to find out that they were not alone in the world, that there were other people who felt like they did.”

Denver overcame his shyness to take on a stage presence that made him internationally recognized.


The photo above came from a very interesting web site I just found. You might want to check it out if you’re into fashion or putting clothes together: http://nerdboyfriend.com/2011/02/john-denver-2/

Here is the home page of the late John Denver: John Denver

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