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19 Free How To Ebooks On Attracting Girls, Dating, Friends Zone, & More…

Here’s the deal…  I’m assuming you’re here because you want to learn about women or girls, how to attract them, how to date them, sleep with them, make them your girlfriend, basically get this part of your life handled and under your control.

I’m here because I’ve already been there and done that and have become quite successful.

In fact, as a direct result of my success I sought out to teach guys and make some money doing it.

Sounds like a great job, doesn’t it.

(Don’t get me wrong, making money this way is much harder than attracting women.)

In the course of my many years in this business the people I’m affiliated with gave me some pretty cool things they’ve written and I get to distribute them any way I see fit as long as I don’t break the rules or change them. (You’re not allowed to either!)

My idea is to put in your hand my collection so you can benefit too and it doesn’t cost you anything. (So you know, I do make money when you buy something from the links provided – excluding returns – and it doesn’t cost you anything extra. )

The list of free Ebooks below are all in a handy .pdf file with descriptions written too.

Download them or open them up in a new tab. They are ALL available immediately as long as my server doesn’t crash.

26 Proven Traits Women Find Irresistibly & Sexy

Sexy Woman Man

You’re taking a big step today and becoming a sexy guy. Not just a sexy guy but a REAL MAN and that’s something women find so massively appealing, some of them spend their entire lives looking for that ONE SPECIAL GUY who fits her view of a real man.

Luckily for you and me, their views don’t vary much on this subject AND that, despite your overall attractiveness – becoming a sexy guy – a REAL sexy guy is something you can achieve because it has very little to do with how you look.

First, we must ask and answer a few very important questions and answer them honestly. Then I’m going to show you HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE with a 3 step process EVERY SUCCESSFUL PERSON goes through whether they know it or not. It doesn’t matter what your goals are, do it and you will keep moving forward.

After that I’m going to give you a fairly complete list of what women find sexy which will help you determine your own sexiness.

26 Proven Traits Women Find Irresistibly & Sexy

Written by Peter White – 12 Pages Long.

UPDATE: Full page is listed here in my getting a girlfriend steps: 26 Traits Women Find Sexy – How To Become A Sexual Guy Despite Your Looks.

Nice Guy Attract Women Cover
  • How and why you’re NOT destined to be alone just because you’re a nice guy.
  • What you MUST do so a woman will feel SEXUALLY ATTRACTED to you.
  • When to make the FIRST MOVE and how to do it confidently.
  • How to STOP BEING REJECTED before you even open your mouth.
  • The kind of HUMOR that ATTRACTS WOMEN and doesn’t make you look like a joke.
  • How to turn your words into POWERFUL STATEMENTS that make women WANT TO LISTEN TO YOU.
  • Why you must STOP giving women what you think they want and start giving this instead.
  • Why you get thrown in the FRIENDS ZONE. How you get there and HOW to GET OUT!
  • Over 190 PAGES ALL centered around attracting a woman as a nice guy and yes it’s completely and entirely FREE just for signing up below.
  • Confidence, flirting, teasing, etc… without playing games!
  • It ALL starts with one SIMPLE concept ANY guy can do.

How You Can Be More Attractive To Women: You’re Not A Nice Guy Anymore!

Written by Peter White.

Monogamy Versus Polyamory

Monogamy versus Polyamory Cover
The ultimate decision – How many women are you going to date? A great book to help you decide whether it’s okay or possible for you to date several girls at once.

“To figure out if monogamy or polyamory is right for you, you must examine your relationship, in the most honest way possible, and ask “Is this woman going to have everything necessary to make me comfortable with being with her for the rest of my life?” This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to marry her – it just means that she has the potential to be the person you choose to monogamously have a relationship with for the rest of your life.”

Monogamy Versus Polyamory
Written by Joshua Pellicer – 12 Pages long.

Never Get Cheated On

Never Get Cheated On Cover
Rules to make sure she never wants to stray from you. A lot of guys, especially when they get their first really hot girlfriend worry about being cheated.

Here’s how you can make sure it never happens.

This is not only about keeping an attractive woman but goes for ALL of your RELATIONSHIPS WITH WOMEN.

“Cheating only happens when someone feels that their partner in a relationship isn’t supplying something they need. The problem is that instead of simply asking for it, they seek it out in someone else because they are afraid to bring it up with their partner. Using a system of “don’ts” and “why’s” you can keep this from happening to you. The rest of this chapter will reveal to you all the secrets to the system that will prevent anyone from cheating on you, ever again.”

Never Get Cheated On
Written by Joshua Pellicer – 14 Pages long.

Escaping The Friends Zone

Friend Zone Cover
Why you’re in the friends zone and how you go there. Plus a remarkable strategy to get yourself out and have her looking at you like a potential boyfriend.

Joshua offers his unique perspective on escaping the friends zone.

“Falling into the friend zone is almost always an accident, but unfortunately it’s an accident that’s very difficult to recover from. A man who is a badass with women has learned how to guide interactions so that he will never just be a friend unless he wants to. In this chapter, I’m going to teach you everything you need to know to keep yourself out of the friend zone, and if you ever find yourself in a situation where you want to force a woman into it – because you’re not attracted to her, perhaps, or because you’re in a relationship – you can do so fairly easily by simply not doing the things you’re going to learn here.”

Escaping The Friends Zone
Written by – Joshua Pellicer – 12 Pages Long.

Breaking Up Like A Man

Breaking Up Like Man Cover
When you “gotta do the nasty” do it like a man. The “do’s” and “dont’s” of breaking up.

Ending a relationship sucks and it’s never fun.

But you must know when it’s time before you do something which is hurtful.

Learn how to break up which leaves her and you in a better state than you were before. Don’t keep her around and cheat on her or become passive aggressive. When it’s time, break it off.

“We’re in this together – as a species, as men – so we need to do our best to help others out. A woman should be open when she meets the man who is perfect for her, not terrified that she’s going to have her heart broken. If you keep breaking up with women in a way that is negative and hurtful, you’re making them insecure and angry, and making it difficult for the men of their dreams to connect with them. So stop being a dick, and don’t do that anymore.”

Breaking Up Like A Man
Written by – Joshua Pellicer – 16 Pages Long.

Best Sex Ever: 69 Sensational Ideas That Make Sex HOTTER

Best Sex Ever Cover
Who else better to teach you about love making than a guy with two “L’s” in his first name.

Maybe you just have a few questions or want something to spark your creativity.

It’s here just make sure she enjoys everything with you.

“Everyone loves to have great sex. And contrary to conventional wisdom, women love sex as much as guys do, if not more! But what if you feel that your sex life has turned somewhat dull and dreary and needs a little “oomph”? Don’t sweat it! There is plenty you can do to turn your ordinary sexual experiences into toe-curling erotic adventures in (and out!) of the bedroom. In this report you’re going to discover 69 sensuous tips for making your wife or partner melt in between the sheets and giving her the best sex ever.”

Best Sex Ever: 69 Sensational Ideas That Make Sex HOTTER
Written by – Lloyd Lester 18 Pages long.

The 7 Deadly Texting Mistakes

Texting Mistakes Cover
Girls are constantly complaining about guys not knowing how to text them. It’s either too much or little, too sexual, not sexual enough, and yes, unless you’re in a specific relationship with her – “dick pics” are a huge turn off.

These mistakes do little to create attraction and generally only lead to you being blocked or your messages un-read and never seen.

Avoid these 7 huge mistakes.

“See, a common mistake most guys make when they’re texting a girl is that they mistake responses for attraction. Often when a guy is getting a response from a girl, he believes that he’s getting closer to getting her on a date or to seducing her. The exact opposite is true!”

The 7 Deadly Texting Mistakes
Written by Bobby Rio – 17 Pages long.

“Small Talk Tactics” How to Make Small Talk Sexy Create Attraction

Small Talk Sexy Cover
Communication or your skills in talking to girls is one of the most important elements of creating attraction.

It’s huge area where guys fail and they just don’t know how to fix it.

The book is filled with information to show you how to talk to women the right way which creates attraction and puts you in charge.

How Mastering “Small Talk” Can Transform Your Conversations and Create Serious Attraction When You’re talking to Women.

How you Say It Matters and the most common mistakes.

No more running out of things to talk about, awkward silences, and resorting to boring small talk.

“The biggest problem most men face with “small talk” is that they find themselves continually running out of things to say, or turning towards “boring” conversation topics, especially early on in the conversation before you’ve both become comfortable with each other.”

“Small Talk Tactics” How to Make Small Talk Sexy Create Attraction
Written by Bobby Rio – 23 Pages long.

Conversation Blueprint: Building Sexual Chemistry With Women, Closing

Conversation Blueprint Seduction Cover

Approaching women like a mack? Is he serious?

Honestly it’s a great ebook because you get some cool openers, how to talk to girls while creating attraction, how to avoid common mistakes, and how to build sexual chemistry so you can take her home that night.

A great read for guys who are not clear on what to say in these situations or who don’t know why what they’re doing is not working.

“A sequential process you can follow to build effective conversations with women, cause them to feel attraction towards you, and get the results you want—whether it‟s getting her phone number and seeing her tomorrow, or taking her home for sex tonight. This process is completely different from how most guys attempt to pick up women.”

Conversation Blueprint: Building Sexual Chemistry With Women, Closing
Written by Dean Cortez – Bulletproof Seduction – 22 Pages long.

Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction

Stripclub Seduction Cover Report
There was a little hesitation on my part to put this one on my nice guy approach but then I thought, well I do tell guys who need it to go get laid and dust off the cobwebs.

Also who am I to judge?

If you want to date or sleep with a stripper, that’s your deal man and I want to make sure you have the right tools (besides what’s in your pants) to get the job done.

Learn the common mistakes guys make in strip clubs.

How you should treat strippers so the don’t just see you as a “cock” with a wallet.

AND of course what it’s going to take to get some of those girls to go home with you or date you.

“Most men, this belief is a self-fulfilling prophecy. They willingly play “the game.” They allow the strippers to run their routines on them: some phony chit-chat, the girl pretends to like them, and then the guy shells out cash for lap-dances. The chumps accept this as the price of hanging out in a strip club with beautiful exotic dancers. They go home alone at the end of the night, with a depleted bank account and a desperate need to watch some porn and whack off. In many cases, the stripper did such a good job of manipulating him that he can’t wait to get back to the club to see her—so he can keep blowing money and receive nothing in return.”

Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction
Written by Dean Cortez – 19 Pages long.

Notes From A One Night Stands Underground Seminar

Cortez Files Night Stands Cover
This is exactly what the title says – notes from some one night stands seminar.

It’s like a story told and written on some strange looking old-timy parchment paper.

High-powered pick up, bringing home 10’s, getting with a woman who put him in the friends zone, and the list goes on.

Not much of a teaching tool but if you’re into stories and to get excited about having one night stands, you’ll like it.

Plus it leads you to the actual program teaching you how to get one nights easily.

The Cortez Files – Notes From A One Night Stands Underground Seminar
Written by Dean Cortez – 16 Pages long.

Teasing and Banter Line “Cheat Sheets”

Teasing Banter Cheat Sheet Cover
Teasing and banter lines is about flirting and talking to women in a way which she sees you as a sexual option and not just another boring friend she wouldn’t dream of sleeping with.

It covers topics, delivery, how to set the tone of the interaction, great lines to use, and how to apply it all to text messaging.

“You Need to Immediately Establish Yourself as a Flirt. Here is the thing… the longer you wait to begin flirting with a woman, the more resistance you are going to face and the tougher it is going to be to make the transition from ‘friendly conversation’ to ‘flirtatious conversation.’ In fact, you may never even get a chance to start flirting… because she might have already dismissed you as another boring chump.”

Teasing and Banter Line “Cheat Sheets”
Written by Bobby Rio – 15 Pages long.

How to Be Massively Successful with Women

Massive Success Women Cover
John breaks the myths too many guys have about women which stop them from having… amazing success.

I like John, if that’s his real name. He’s tells it like it is.

Although most guys see him as a hard ass only teaching guys to be severe Alpha Men, that’s far from the truth. Reality is – his material can teach you everything you might ever need to step out of the role you’re living in, and step into a guy who has no problems attracting girls and real women too.

“Just this one behavior and mindset got me a lot more sex than I’d ever had before. Rather than me be captivated by women, it all of a sudden became the other way around! No longer was there any need to be afraid of talking to women or put out a whole lot of effort to get them. All you need to do is label their attention-seeking behavior as “cute” and not fall for it like the other guys. So the 2nd breakthrough to massive success with women is this: Realize that women are just plain, ordinary humans and not worth going crazy about.”

How to Be Massively Successful with Women
Written by John Alexander – 9 Pages long.

Free Preview – How to Become an Alpha Male

Become Alpha Male Preview Cover
This is the actual real deal. You get the first 25 pages of John’s famous book on becoming an Alpha Male.

Remember, Alpha Males are not usually what you think they are AND they have no problems attracting girls. Women are drawn to these types of guys.

Most people think they have to become a jerk or act like and ass, or beat people up, but that is far from what being Alpha is.

You’ll learn the truth and invaluable information to better your success with women in this preview alone.

Imagine what the full product can do for you and your relationships with women. Not just another lame book of tricks.

Hard core reality from your inner game to your outer game.

“If there’s any justice in the world, eventually women will come around to liking the nice guys. Truth be told, sometimes they do, usually when they’re older. By that point, they’ve usually already had kids by some asshole who bailed on them and the kids, and for her the thought of settling down with a weak-willed man who’ll stick around and bring in a steady paycheck is starting to have an appeal. Women just simply don’t like spineless men for more than friends. And when you act like a nice guy and follow the woman’s agenda, and you defer to her to make decisions, she doesn’t respect you. Nice guys want the woman…”

Free Preview – How to Become an Alpha Male

Written by John Alexander – 25 pages long.

101 Romantic Ideas

101 Romantic Ideas Cover
If you’re out of ideas or not sure how to romance your partner or girlfriend, this is the book to read. 101 easy ideas women love and many of them you can put it use immediately.

It doesn’t take long at all to get her sexual desires up and running when your throw some romance her way. Remember though and please never forget, you can’t romance a girl into feeling attracted to you.

Use this information for the purpose it was designed – to increase and build attraction, not create it.
101 Romantic Ideas

Written by Michael Webb – 39 Pages long.

The Million Dollar Friend to Girlfriend Lover Report

Friend Girlfriend Report Cover
A look at the absurdity of the friends zone and the money involved in it. You’re frustrated alone.

If you had a million dollars.

How to stay out of the friends zone based on an interview I did with Carlos Xuma. A great segue and piece written by David DeAngelo and friendships and dating.

Overcoming your wussiness.

How women thought I was putting them in the friends zone. I know, can you believe it.

“Your fantasies about making her your girlfriend guarantees you’re living in the future when you’re around her. Your past experience in causing you to avoid every possible mistake with her because women who are highly competed for more often than not, if ever, have only seen you as a friend. And you’ll do everything you can to avoid that again. The reality of your situation is hard to swallow, at least it was for me, – you’re acting like a woman! And when you act lie a woman or a “wuss” as David calls it, you’re only ever going to be her friend.”

The Million Dollar Friend to Girlfriend Lover Report
Written by Peter White – 26 Pages long.

FB Seduction System

Facebook Fuckbuddy Seduction Covers

Hey man, as they say, it is what is. Yes, it’s called the Facebook Fuck Buddy System.

Use it however you like but please refrain from using women.

That’s something I won’t tolerate.

On the good side – Facebook is filled with opportunities with women

If you know how to use it to your advantage and handy little ebook will get you headed in the right direction.

“Where else do you have immediate access to an unlimited pool of cute, sexy women, from the comfort of your living room? Or from your phone, while you’re standing in line at the supermarket to buy beer? Or while you’re using your iPad? You can CONSTANTLY be connecting with girls on Facebook who are down to fuck.”

FB Seduction System
Written by Dean Cortez – 23 Pages long.

Training and Nutrition Secrets

Training Nutrition Secrets Cover

My vast experience in this field definitely taught me that while looks are not essential in attraction – HOW you take care of yourself and your body does play a huge part.

Here are the reasons I wrote in a recent article; Do It For Yourself & Create Accidental Attraction – Be Healthy – Get Fit.

The ebook is a little old but still holds many truths and facts about exactly what it say – nutrition and diet.

“In the US, experts estimate that approximately 70% of the adult population is currently overweight or obese. That means that if you are a lean and healthy individual, you are a minority! It has literally become the norm for most people to be out of shape, overweight, and ridden with degenerative diseases like type-II diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. That’s pretty sad. With as fast as obesity rates are increasing, if things don’t change soon, we could very likely see 9 out of every 10 people as overweight or obese in another decade or two.”

Training and Nutrition Secrets
Written by Mike Geary – 65 pages long.

Thank you for stopping by and I do hope you enjoy them and get as much from them as you possibly. Always good to hear your success stories and unfortunate failures (which I trust you learned something from) so comment them below. You can even make a suggestion if that’s what you’d like to do.

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