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The 3 Keys of Attraction and 4 Tips To Attract The Next Woman You Meet

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How quickly can you learn how to create attraction?

If you’ve ever wondered what the real keys to attracting women are, you’re going to want to read this.

If you’ve ever searched for the quickest way to learn how, then definitely consider my plan.

First, let me say you can go as deep as you want with this material. Find your weaknesses and fears and get them under control. You’ll soon realize they happen naturally and you won’t even have to think about what to do or say eventually.

BUT… in the meantime there’s nothing wrong with some quick advice you can use immediately.

This is where you might want to learn some social help with fun games, or key words and phrases (canned or not), or some help to position your body while it’s learning to relax and be more comfortable with this whole attraction thing.

There are 3 main areas or keys to attracting women:

  1. Your conversation – HOW and WHAT you communicate to women. I feature this guy at DiaLteG TM –> Bobby Rio Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy and you’ll learn a lot from him on conversations quickly so get reading and practicing.
  2. Your body language – How you hold yourself and back up your communication. I have set up a slimmed down beginners course here: 4 Negative, 3 Positive, and 1 Video on Body Language to Increase Attraction.
  3. Your social interaction – Being a real value to others around you. There’s some limited help here. Develop A Social Life, Get Involved, Give Something Back Women Do Want

(Don’t read any of them just yet, make sure you read below first.)

You’ll find within each of those lies your ability to trigger an emotional response.

What you want to do is to make sure it’s attracting her more or building it up and not destroying it.

Here are some examples:

If you only talk about yourself and never ask questions and engage her through your conversations you’ll do more harm than good.

If you talk hunched over and find yourself constantly leaning in, or your eye contact is sketchy and quick, then you’ll probably struggle creating attraction.

If you fear casual touching or being playful, or if your friends are not something you’re proud to have, then you’re more likely to end up with just another friend.

The three keys above MUST be congruent with some “Rules of Being A Man.” (You’ll find some here to get you started.)

Your specific “man rules” might slightly differ from other guys but there’s always some clear “boundaries” in place which are relevant to YOUR life.

Such as – not letting a “hottie” walk all over you – not letting yourself be used – not putting women on a pedestal – not letting her emotional states drive you to constantly react – not putting up with her bad behavior – not putting up with objectifying the female body – and so on…

The three keys above must also have you passing her tests with ease.

The cool part of the “man rules” is if you stick to the “right” ones, you’ll naturally pass more of her tests and then all you need to do is create your attractive “image” through your social interactions and you’ll get the kind of tests which are actually telling you how much she is attracted to you. Here’s MY page and almost everything you need to know on passing her tests. Understanding A Woman’s Test and How To Pass Them.

Okay now I hope you’re wondering how all this can be achieved as quickly as possible.

If you’re like I was when I got into all this, I wanted quick results. Not because I wanted some sex, well okay maybe a little 😉 but because I wanted to know without a doubt it works. You want to make sure you’re on the right path and not wasting valuable time. Oh and you probably want to avoid looking like an ass too.

Here’s some quick results you can which I’ve personally used:


I”m serious about this. It seems like a weird tip to attract but it has a purpose.

Slow it down. Clench all your muscles carefully and slowly let them out while you practice breathing out. Do this before any new interaction with women.

You might want to not let her see you do it though. She might think you’re a little on the weird side. 🙂

This little tip will help you relax. Don’t squeeze your stomach in hoping she don’t notice. Imagine there’s a pocket of air between your shoulders and neck when you walk. Allow your presence to be open but not needy.

Sure I could give you more examples but trust your intuition, WATCH OTHER PEOPLE and you’ll quickly make the connection of what being needy looks like. I’m positive most of you want clear examples in this area and tend to read too much into it BUT I believe, being a human, most “normal” people are already in tune with body language. In other words, you were born with this ability.

BUT all this can and MUST be practiced in private too.

The next thing you want to do is…


If she asks you how old you are tell her, “You first!”  If she asks you anything directly tease her about it.

If you think you have to keep the conversation alive by asking questions tell her something pretty cool about yourself and notice how she has plenty more to say on that subject.

The key word above is “think.”

You don’t get women to feel attraction by appealing to her logic side so it’s just best to quickly gain the skill of engaging her emotional side.

Play with it. Have some fun.

Don’t be afraid to get a playful slap on the arm from her.

You’ll probably screw this up at first but don’t worry about it. When things are at the worst or you feel you’re “losing” then step back and refer to a “Rule of Being A Man.”

Then, go back quickly to discovering how your unique personality can easily avoid giving them what you think she wants and starts giving her exactly what she needs to feel attracted to you.

The now old saying goes, with special thanks to Seinfeld I suppose, “If your every instinct in the past has been wrong, the opposite must be right.”

My point here is:

Lots of guys are always “trying” to give a certain woman or all women what they think she wants “hoping” they will feel something back or believing she’ll rank him ahead of those “other” guys but it NEVER works.

Engage. Talk with her. BE a man and allow her to feel something back. Trust me, who you are will and should give her all she wants.

Next up…


Seriously, this IS your first step to eliminating the touch barrier. This is also a great first step to a rewarding social life and building major rapport with not just the women you want to date – but the people who can enhance your life positively.

Everyone has a unique handshake. That’s why I said learn yours. A few tips is not too hard. Show your masculine role but don’t beat down everyone trying to show how strong you are.

(This short article will give you a simple explanation of what a handshake is – Handshakes From Mind In The Body)

Notice how other people shake and how certain guys, especially the ones who have no problem attracting women have a certain style behind it.

Notice how it immediately sets up a physical presence and how much easier it will become to get her and you accustomed to touching each other.

Okay…I think I hear you. My Handshake? Really. YES! But only if you’re creative and have fun with it. If you intend to just shake everyone’s hand you’re going to look like you’re running for office.

Mix it up and use it to immediately set a tone. A confident tone. A masculine role. You’ll find guys are okay with it but some women are a little hesitant. Well that same “pull-back” you experience with women is why the touch barrier must be broken quickly.

She wants to feel it’s safe and she wants to see you’re comfortable being close to women. (But not too close of course. Use your brain.)

Handshakes tend to leave a more longer-lasting or lingering first impression.

Number four is…


Take a quick glance at guys who are good with women and pay very close attention to their “clean-cut” look.

No matter what their style is, (or even how much hair they have) the maintain soft but edgy lines.

Their pants don’t bulge out in weird spots because their pockets are not filled with “needy” stuff. Their facial hair is trimmed and it accentuates their facial bone structure. Their shoes are in shape, clean, and not something a grandfather would wear.

Forget what you know about style. I’m talking about results to attraction here. You’ll have plenty of time to refurbish yourself and dress more appropriately to your lifestyle. (more advice –  Refine Your Look, Style – How To Take Care Of The Details Women Notice)

Just take an extra few minutes before you leave the house to tend to your breath now and later. Check your nose, ears, and trim all hair so it defines a soft line or is removed completely.

This includes the hair on your head and the back of you neck.

The simplest rule to follow is – defined edges created a defined person (in her eyes.) Make sure what you’re wearing fits your body and you feel comfortable wearing it. This also includes your body, nails, and so on.

If you followed along you will without a doubt have a very defined idea of how to be a more attractive man as quickly as possible.

  • Learning to breath and relaxing everything about you.
  • Not giving women what you “think” she wants by learning how to engage her more important emotional side. How women communicate is key here!
  • Breaking down the touch barrier makes transitions easier and more comfortably and natural for the both of you.
  • Setting up a social image allowing her to notice your attractive side and personality and how you interact with everyone.
  • Creating a defined “outward” appearance which shows confidence and self-worth. Another way of showing how valuable you are.
  • Learning your “Rules of Being A Man” and sticking to them as best you can AND referring back to them during questionable times and/or set backs.

The whole process above does leave room for every key to attraction to be triggered if you wish to go there and personally I would give it a try because it does come in handy that is if you want to avoid being “handy” later on. 😉

They will help you pass her simple sight tests.

They will also help you maintain your masculine role.

In a very short time you WILL notice a shift in how women see you or better yet – responding differently towards you and (mostly) in a good way.

I mentioned above to go as deep as you need in each of the areas. This is the part which takes a little more time and I do intend to get into them more so stick around. Keep in mind they are all connected in one way or another.

So don’t worry if you find your body language needs more because working on that specifically will (believe it or not) make your conversations much easier and your vocal presence more pronounced.

To define yourself as an “attractive man” who can quickly can these areas covered please follow my lead and start using these four tips immediately.

You can be putting all this into practice the next time you leave your house and definitely make sure you sign up to DaiLteG TM below so we can continue.

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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