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Launch Yourself Into A Real Alpha Man With Sexual Power And Confidence

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Getting a woman like this into your bedroom requires confidence and alpha sexual power.

I‘m going to a place I’ve never been before.

And no, although the prospect of a dreamy warm tropical vacation sounds perfect here in the winter, I will stick to writing up a previous launch.

It’s a  new (well fairly new) product for men who want to be more sexually confident with women.

I’m excited because this is one of the only programs I’ve seen that will literally teach you how to attract women when you first meet all the way to how to escalate with sexual confidence.

This means how to keep moving forward with women without skipping important steps which can literally shut you out quickly from her bedroom.

Frankly I’m a little concerned because I’m not entirely sure how to do it. Write up a new product that is.

Like how do I show or convince you the solution to many problems you have with women will come down to your sexual confidence?

Then how do I convince you get on his “a-list” and not mine  because you’ll get a free report about escalation and how “now knowing what escalating the right way” is you’re likely to make many mistakes attracting women

Here is where you can pick up your free report from Carlos Xuma -> Lost Your Sexual Confidence? The Five Warning Signs – Shark Fin Soup

And how do I convince you to invest your hard-earned money to gain your sexual confidence Carlos promises to give you.

Well I guess because the little extra you’ll be missing out of your pocket will last you longer than it took you to make it. At least I hope.

And how about because these are skills you can even use after you’ve found a girlfriend. (Yes he’s even brought other experts in to teach you how to be great in bed.)

This is not just about meeting women. There’s a “sexual edge” to it so you won’t have to worry about what to do at any point in your interaction.

I suppose I might not have to convince you – because when you want to go from nowhere with a woman to a sexual relationship you’re going to need to know everything Carlos is going to teach you.

It’s about sexual power.

Alpha Sexual Power.

And I’m not talking about being over dominant or being a control freak in bed. Not at all. Of course if this is where you want to take it, and if, and only if she’s willing – that’s entirely up to you.

Sexual Power is something, only when learned correctly, can be used to help you succeed with women like never before.

It’s about confidence in your abilities in sex, and it’s about being one of those guys woman just know that you get it and therefore want to get you.

And why is this?

Why is sexual power so important?

First of all when you don’t have it, chances are you’re going to end up just a friend way too often.

I’ll explain…

If you have ever been in a position where you would rather wait for her to make a move…Maybe because of your insecurities or you didn’t want to risk losing her….

You failed because you did not know how to keep things moving forward and the opportunity to “get with her” passed you by.

I was talking to an experienced and yes very hot woman the other night who was obviously sexually attracted to me. I caught her saying to me,

“Hpmmpphh – MEN!”

  • Now how do you react when a woman says this to you?
  • Do you know what to do or how to act which keeps her attraction to you moving forward?
  • Do you bust the bubble and defend you manhood?
  • Do you just blow it off hoping she won’t realize you’re clueless about what to do or say next?

Most guys would quickly feel as if they screwed up with her.

As if she was saying they are like every other guy she has ever met and now there’s little chance – she thinks you’re any different.

I know in the past I would instantly begin to back pedal.

My mind would go crazy trying to figure out what I can do to fix the problem.

Or what went wrong.

Or how can I convince her I’m not like every sleazy man she has met before.

Every part of my mind and body would be begging her to please please pretty please  – “Believe me… I’m different!”

The truth of that matter is that I failed more times than I care to admit trying to get myself out of that trouble I thought I got myself into.

And if that’s you…then it really pains me to say:

Thinking like that only makes it worse.

That hard strike you felt from her attempt to lower your status to “just another guy” – is not at all what you think it meant.

And that also means you don’t understand or know how to use your sexual power the right way.

I can tell you from my vast experience with women that she was telling me…

I’m a man who has sexual desires and who is definitely not afraid of my masculinity.

She understands the confidence I have in my abilities to sexually attract women is something a woman actually desires to have.

In a way she’s testing me.

In a way she’s also telling me, “Wow. You ARE a Man!

Thinking about that now I can’t even imagine why I would not want any women to think of me as a man.

If you fail to get this point across to woman (without being an over-confident ass or the guy who pretends he’s an “Adonis” in bed) women will not feel much sexual chemistry with you at all. And you’ll more than likely be banished to the friends zone.

This is just one reason why sexual confidence and knowing how to progress with woman is a major factor to getting women you have only dreamed about, or only believe they will end up with the other guy.

When you pick up your free report and hopefully you do not wait too long because you’ll get a bonus too for getting in early pay close attention to Secret #4.

I left a comment on his page because I felt compelled to throw in my opinion. People say I’m a little opinionated and maybe they’re right – but who cares.

Let’s just say this sexual power thing and what Carlos writes about really hit home with me.

You see I suffered from Secret 4 – I was afraid to risk things with women at the right time. Here is the quote I left on his comment page:

Number 4 nails a huge piece of my past. I was more of what you would call “Flat-Lined.” So far from your “Shark Fin Soup” I even felt one-dimensional.

No ups or downs – metaphorically and physically.

And just like in real life when you’re “flat-lined,” it’s over. (At least as far as escalation is concerned.)

When the risk would rise I was more worried about her seeing me as what?

(sarcasm here) A passionate man with a natural desire to be intimate with a woman. Ha!

I always write to men offering them a choice.

You can waste your energy attempting to climb out of a friendship or risk it all early.

And now thanks to you Carlos and all your hard work I can back it up with proof.

I intend to promote this new product everywhere because I feel it’s just that important to men.

Your sexual confidence means everything with women and I want to personally thank Carlos Xuma for introducing a program that can give guys what they really need to attract women – True and Real Alpha Sexual Power.

Get your sexual confidence and power below by first signing up and reading through his Shark Fin Soup report.

The Five Warning Signs – Shark Fin Soup

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Your friend,
Peter White

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    Vry nice techniques gaining of alpha male power,i really appreciate your goodwork to assist guys who does’t hv the right criteria to approach thr intended purpose of dating in which most probably the core factor is confident.hilirous indeed,carlos i will like to render me some hint about alpha male power.i’m really desperate to access it.plz

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