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Twenty Steps to Change Your Success and Luck with Women Starting Today

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Is life more fair to this guy than to you because you’re just too much of a nice guy.

Changing your luck with women and our success too starts here today!

Have you ever met one of “those” guys?

You know the guy who always has a wad of cash in his pocket but still manages to get a better deal.

He’s the guy who can talk you into lowering your price but he makes you feel he’s doing YOU a favor.

He’s the guy who always has a hot looking girl by his side. A different one each time you see him.

He’s not always nice to them but for all you know it doesn’t matter to them, they all claim to love him anyways.

He’s the guy who always finds the perfect parking spot. The shortest lines. The best seats at a concert. Tickets on the fifty yard line or along first base line.

He’s the guy your friends tell you how much of a jerk he is but he’s never been bad to you.

Sure he’s a little cocky but he’s never been cruel, misleading, or given you any reason to not like him.

What is it with this apparently very lucky guy?

Why do so many women fall for his so-called bullshit and guys tell you how much they hate him but can’t tell you why?

What makes this guy one of the “lucky” ones where most of us can’t catch even the smallest break in our lives?

I was talking with my brother last week and he mentioned a “dude” who fits the exact description above perfectly.

He was telling me a story about how a few friends ended up drunk at McDonald’s one night. The “dude” went inside with only a few dollars and comes out smiling with a bag full of cheeseburgers.

Apparently he knew the girl working.

He continued to tell me how this so-called “friend” always fell into it. Could always talk his way out of trouble.  How he could talk his way into some of the hottest girl’s pants and would send their naked photos along to prove it and obviously to show off.

Wouldn’t it be cool (or lucky) if we could catch some of what this guy accidentally found?

Maybe have some of his magic rub off on us just a little… Minus the womanizing of course.

We’re not looking for a better deal. Just a fair one equal to our honesty.

Something… Anything…  just a little good to come back for being such good guys… right? Sounds fair.

My first thought to explain this lucky guy… He’s a bullshit artist!

Why else would people feel like they’re doing themselves a favor? Maybe their embarrassment kept them from admitting they were conned.

I thought about it some more…

A bullshit artist does con lots of people emotionally and out of their cash too but this does not explain his amazing streaks of luck.

It does NOT explain how he finds the best deals.

From what I’ve been taught the laws of probability are not determined by conversation. You can not tell the dice to roll a six. You’ll only be right one out of six times and rarely does that happen anyways.

Back to the drawing board so to speak to explain “Mister Lucky”.

Thinking about him all I can see is his smiling face, his charming mannerisms, and a quick glimpse of his attitude.

You might be just as surprised at the truth as me.

It was right there in front of us but for some reason we were missing it.

Blinded by our “jealousy” or hatred over someone who gets everything while we’re left with nothing to average.

He smiled at everyone.

He never made you feel like everything wasn’t cool no matter the situation was.

He never acted squeamish, scared, or let anybody or any situation affect his mood negatively.

He talked to everyone about anything at any given time whether he knew the topic or not. He asked lots of questions.

And those people he talked to… they never heard about his poor life.

They never had to listen to him explain how all those perfect parking spots were out of the thousand crappy ones he missed.

He never talked about having bad luck.

You always felt he just knew, no matter what happened, it would turn out for the best in HIS favor.

Sure it’s a safe bet some of those women he had slept were only into his money and his ability to give them what they wanted. They would enjoy a surge of confidence by winning him over another hot girl.

It’s also safe to say when they realized they could never HAVE a guy like him it only made them want him even more.

He always remained her greatest challenge for a monogamous long-term relationship.

But I know for a fact even the nicest women you could ever meet, the kindest one with the biggest hearts, the most laid back great sense of humor woman every guy dreams of getting who just happens to be beautiful on the outside too… wanted him.

They were willing to overlook the bullshit because he could do what most men failed to do along with the ability to create a huge amount of attraction.

The other guys don’t smile at everyone.

They don’t talk to everyone.

They let others “one up” them by believing the famous old saying “Good Guys Finish Last” and if you’re nice, you’re doomed to a life a mediocrity because of it.

They’re not the coolest guys around.

Their emotions are there for everyone to see whether they believe that or not. We all can see it quite clearly.

They’ll tell you without reserve how bad life is going for them hoping somebody will listen to their problems.

It doesn’t surprise me that I was (and probably still) a little guilty of being one of those other guys too. The so-called unlucky ones.

Wouldn’t it be so cool to be like that guy but without all the baggage

Let’s be honest we’re not ALL looking for smoking hot supermodels to pose naked for it… or are we?

We want to feel like we’re always in the right place at the right time.

We want to be the greatest challenge a woman can meet. Who knows maybe there’ a part in all of us who would find it nice for a change to have just a few “hotter” women fighting over us.

We’re not looking for everything.

Just a fair deal out of life as impossible as that might sound.

Maybe this is the problem. We believe…

It’s not fair to THEM to talk to someone we might not like or want to see again.

It’s not fair to HER to smile at a woman we’re not interested in.

It’s not even fair or even of an upstanding morality to want a woman who is willing to let us take naked pictures of her.

So we expect the same from the world around us.

And that’s not fair TO US!

Changing our luck with women without becoming “Mister Manipulation” might mean changing our views about it all.

It might mean coming to conclusions which are a little different than we have in the past.


Success with women does have some probability but we can change the odds to our favor to become that lucky guy.

Here’s what I’m proposing to all of us:

If we really want to be that guy but we’re not willing to BECOME that guy… then why do we question his decisions or his luck as being better than ours?

Why do we question someones morality when the women he has slept with knew exactly what they were getting themselves into?

Why do we question her own so-called irresponsible decisions (sarcasm) because they don’t lead us into her pants?

My point is we need to stop expecting the world to be fair to us just because we’re playing fair in our world.

We could stop questioning another mans accomplishments because we don’t like how he achieves them.

We could stop questioning (her) decisions or how she feels about someone just because she isn’t into us!

The negative assumptions you and I make, those unfair comparisons to others we put ourselves through, those decisions we make because we’re TRYING to be fair to others are the exact opposite of what “that lucky guy” does.

It only stands to reason then why we’re not as lucky as he is.

I believe there is a way to get lucky with women like him without becoming him.

There has to be a way to change our success without lying or manipulating everyone we meet.

My plan’s below… Follow it because it has to work.

Change Your Luck With Women, One Step At A Time:

  1. Smile at more people you see than you did the day before.
  2. Start talking to people you avoid because you think you might not get along.
  3. Start each and every one of your stories positively even if the middle contains terrible news.
  4. Stop telling people how you “just missed” and start telling them about the one you did get.
  5. Understand this fact. 99% of everyone is this world lives a life of mediocrity with short spurts of above average luck. If you fail to miss or enjoy the 1% you’re not being fair to yourself because they are awesome! Start keeping you eyes out for when they happen.
  6. When we must display our emotions, we should always opt for passion over anger.
  7. When our luck changes leave an anonymous rant somewhere and move on quickly.
  8. Understand Murphy’s Law and how to change it by reading this –> How to Succeed With Women – BE Murphy’s Law
  9. We must stop suffering from feeling average and here’s how –> But I’m Average, How Can I Possibly Deserve The Partner Of My Dreams?
  10. Start living life for ourselves and not compare our success to other –> Living Your Own Life
  11. We could stop blaming others for our own failures because it has little to do with them –>Stop Blaming Women for Your Own Failures or Problems.
  12. We can eliminate any and all dating myths from our life starting with these –> 3 Dating Myths About Women
  13. Understand how to beat “social anxiety” so we can start meeting more people –> Is Social Awkwardness Holding You Back?
  14. We can start taking more action and avoid being passive –> Who would you rather be, Bob or Dave? Both are Single, Intelligent, Nice Guys.
  15. We can stop “trying” to challenge women and start expecting more from them –>  5 Steps to Qualifying Her – Attracting Better Women
  16. We can understand the difference between “being nice” and “being Mister Nice Guy” with the help of this –> The Difference Between “Nice” and “Mr Nice Guy”
  17. Admit the past is the past and we can never ever go back –> The Secret to Attracting the RIGHT Women
  18. We can understand the inner jerk inside all of us and het to know him a little better –> Letting Out Your Inner Jerk
  19. We can stop falling for societies double standards which are handed to us at every corner –> Bad Boys, Jerks, and Dating Many Women
  20. We can make ourselves in the ultimate tease to truly amp up the attraction in the women we desire the most –> The Tease to Please Approach – Challenging Women

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    It is very hard for many of us Good Single men out there to have Good Luck with women now that so many of the women of today have their Careers which made them so very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, greedy, picky, and so very money hungry which really speaks for itself. And many women today really want the Best and will Never Settle for Less at all which God Forbid if they ever went with a man that makes Less Money than they do.

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