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A Limited Belief of Men: Being Short

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Can short men attract?


We all make them.

Some more or less than others but in reality, aren’t they just “Limited” Beliefs?

Something we use or do to “limit” ourselves and decrease our options in our world.

My biggest one is no secret… being short!

Let me tell you a quick story…

I was at a bar featuring live bands.  The musician in me would bring me close enough to watch what they were doing. I would check out the equipment and sometimes meet the members.

The bar was also located close to a college where the basketball team was their biggest highlight so the players got their fair share of attention.

There I was standing close to the make-shift stage when two top players came in and stood next to me.

Since I take up some space the only way they could get close to the band was to surround me. One stood to the left, the other on my right.

Wouldn’t you know it here comes one of their “biggest” fans.

She’s looking up at them, gazing in awe, telling them how great she thought the team was this year and how happy she was to see them.

She stared at the right one, staring up and smiling. (After all the were just under seven feet tall.)

I noticed she was “eyeing me” because her head was bobbing up and down. First to the guy on my let, then back to the guy on the right, and then back again several times.

Maybe she got tired and felt a little compassion because after doing this several time her eyes locked on me, gazed up at two of the tallest guys you could ever meet and with a childlike voice and a huge smile said to me,

“Oh Sweetie! You’re cute too”

At which time she unluckily on my part decided to pinch my cheeks.

The two guys looked at me at first like I was going to steal their fame for the evening, but being cool, they eventually laughed with me.

It actually felt great because it was one of the biggest tests I ever had. My height was not only put in the spotlight in a very public place, but more importantly having to deal with a woman who was obviously attracted to their fame and their height would’ve years ago sent me running.

But I handled it with dignity, respect, and laughed about it. I think that was the first time when I realized the limited belief I held for years over my height was finally behind me.

How can we overcome a limited belief like this?

Sometimes it’s just a matter of changing how we think by reversing our beliefs and spinning them in a new, positive way.

It doesn’t take years of professional consultations or digging deep into our childhood. It only requires an objective look at ourselves and the world we live from a realistic but often alternative perspective.

I am by no means a psychiatrist, or even a practicing psychologist. I’m just some guy who managed to go from getting absolutely nowhere with women to a man with a fairly abundant amount of women to actually choose from.

Sure I still have excuses. Sure I still occasionally struggle with a limited belief or a self-esteem issue now and then. But they are few and far between. They are now manageable and my dating life is now under my control.

Based on my experiences, failures, and successes,  positive thinking does work!

Re-framing our beliefs can affect our life in a positive way. It may take some time to develop but it is definitely worth it.

You see I struggled with my height for years…

I’m 5 foot 5 inches. Short by “average” man standards.

Here is some of what I heard in my short life which I felt I had to overcome. If you’re as tall as me I’m sure you’ve heard them all before:

  • I don’t date short guys.
  • I only like taller men.
  • You’re too short for me.
  • Short men always seem like they have something to prove.
  • Tall men get further in life.
  • Tall men make more money.
  • Tall men get laid more.
  • I wouldn’t want to be seen dating a shorter guy.
  • I’m embarrassed kssing a guy shorter than me.
  • I can not dance with a shorter guy.
  • Big strong guys make me feel safe.

When some of them would land in my life I would get defensive. Upset. I firmly believed that my shortness had everything to do with not getting laid to finding a girlfriend to just having women attracted to me more than a taller man.

But that was all bullshit and I know it now.

The only way me being short had anything to do my failures was that I believed it and when I  believe in something enough, I make it come true.

It’s only natural then to assume, when I believed the opposite, that would come true too. I could use my height as an advantage and some some disadvantage.

Here are a few ways to do that:

1. Have a comeback for any common insult or observation that is upfront and demands respect:

  • I don’t date shorter guys. – “I don’t blame you. Everyone wants someone they can look up to. Too bad you’ll never be one of those for me.”
  • I only like taller men. – “Haha! You mean I finally found someone more shallow than me.”
  • You’re too short for me. – “And you’re too narrow-minded for me.”
  • Short men always seem like they have something to prove. – “Proving you wrong on that statement is a waste of my time.”
  • Tall men get laid more. – “I suppose you’re now going to prove it to me by not sleeping with me. How mature.”

Sure I know those comebacks are kind of rude and not always the best way to handle it but think of it this way.

When a very attractive woman is bringing up your height early on, assume she is testing you.

She wants to know how strong you are and how you deal with your height. She wants to know how you’re going to react.

By not getting angry and respectively stating your opinion about HER limited belief demands respect. By disqualifying her quickly says you’re not going to put up with rudeness just because she’s attractive.

Yes, sometimes you’ll piss her off but as long as it’s not over your anger she’ll either get over it, move on to a new subject, or move on to finding a taller guy to date. Saving you time and energy and possibly from getting stuck dating someone with a bad attitude and worse problems over her height.

2. Have a comeback for any common insult or observation that is cocky and funny:

Perhaps this one works a little better depending on the type of woman you’re dealing with and if you don’t get too wrapped up in it, you can change the subject quickly so you’re not stuck talking about our height issues once again.

Simply put, you take a cocky statement and make it funny. It works well in moderation.

3.)  Bring up the topic early and make fun of it to show no insecurity about being short and proving you’re confident and at ease with who you are.

Make sure it is funny and I’ve found it works well with taller women who may have a limited belief of dating a shorter man or being tall themselves.

Often those women get confused when they find themselves attracted to a shorter man and don’t know how to deal with it.

This also works great with shorter women. We all have seen petite women with extremely tall guys.

There are many reasons for this. I always have had my own ideas of why this was and I still feel I’m correct…

But until I bought Secrets To Success With Women For Shorter Men I had only touched the surface.

Whether you want to date a woman your height, or a taller woman…

4. You can also learn to Re Frame your beliefs on being short.

Please visit my page on Limited Beliefs when you get a chance. I have used being short as a great example to get you started.

5. Read these posts for a better understanding of everything contained within this post. They should give you some great insight into overcoming your beliefs.

These two are kind of short but they do have a great message.

Here’s few articles written by Scot McKay. These kick ass. You should really enjoy them.

I do sincerely hope this post has helped you to overcome any fears or beliefs you have about your height.

Your height should never hold you back from getting the women you desire in your life.

And please, one more thing, refrain from using common cliches such as,

“I’m not short. I’m vertically challenged.”

They won’t work and it often screams to a woman you’re covering up your insecurity of being short.

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

Please visit all my pages: The Nice Guy Approach | The Approach | Why Do Guys…? | Why Do Chics…? OR Like my Facebook fan pages: Why Do Chics…? | DiaLteG TM OR JOIN the best group on women at Why Do Chics…?. Yes, I’m a very busy guy. 🙂 Oh… I almost forgot Twitter – Peter White.

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  • Michael

    I’m speaking with Marni for the first time Thursday on Skype. Just wanted to share that with you my friend. I’m looking very much forward to our discussion 🙂

    – Michael

    • Great to hear Michael. I hope she can load you up with a ton of great advice and information. In case everyone is wondering what Michael is talking about, Marni offers Skype sessions with her.
      Here is the tag line she uses to promote it.
      “1 hour skype coaching session with Marni, owner of The Wing Girl Method. Men get one hour of face to face time with Marni. Marni will assess how men are being perceived by women and instruct them on how to improve their behaviors to ensure success with women. Includes direct, insider feedback on: Body language, voice, character, eye contact and wardrobe.”
      And my links if you would like to support my pages is below.
      One Hour Skype Session
      One Half Hour Skype Session

      Thanks Michael for keeping me informed and don’t forget to get out of her as much as you possibly can. She’s definitely worth it. 😀


  • Michael

    Feel free to add your own by commenting below if you’re a shorter guy.

    “Why are you so short? ”

    ^ A very common one, i just thought i’d share Peter.

    A good response would be i guess “Why are you so immature?” or “the same reason you’re so immature, somethings we have no control over.”

    • Haha! You know me. I prefer the bust balls response.

      “Why are you so short?” ~ “My mom’s short. My dad’s short. Long ago they had some hot amazing sex and who better to get out of it than me. A hot sexy short ass man. ”

      If you wish you can add this to the end,

      “Now tell me… Why are you so freakin’ tall? Wait a minute. Let me check those legs I bet you have a little giraffe in your blood. Haha!”

      Thanks for sharing Michael.
      And you heard him short guys,
      Let’s hear you would respond.

  • Michael


    What would be a good comeback for “You’re not my type” ?

    – Michael

    • Good one and one that I’ve heard it many many, (did I say many) times in my life. Of course earlier it broke my heart every time. But now it just doesn’t seem to matter. It’s effect has worn off.

      But it’s definitely situational. In a way.

      Let’s say I’m flirting, she’s flirting back trying to act all stand-offish or hard to get and says that sarcastically. Then I know it’s on,
      “Haha! Really. So you’re into girls huh? That’s cool. So am I.”
      “You know you’re right. But someday I’ll find a man. Ahhh someday……… A guy can dream you know.”
      “Well what’s your type, IB negative? ”
      “Oh you like shorter guys. I understand. They are kind of cool.” (make sure you’re short like me to pull that off.)

      Now if she says it after I’ve just revealed my feelings to her, (which is the least likely to happen with me)
      “Hey. No problem. But I bet your sister would love me.” (mother,aunt,grandma whatever fits) “They were hitting on me last time I saw them. You know I didn’t want to say anything before but now that we’re through, I have to get my self out there.”

      Either way I just can’t help but to be my sarcastic self and not let her think her decisions is a big deal to me. It’s all fun. She’s not the end of the world.

      I’ll see if I can come up with more later.

  • Michael

    “Why are you so short?” ~ “My mom’s short. My dad’s short. Long ago they had some hot amazing sex and who better to get out of it than me. A hot sexy short ass man. ”

    ^ LOL Peter you funny bro. I can’t lie you just seem to take the most hurtful comments and flip it in your favor. That one above was pretty good, i can’t even front.

  • Michael


    Thinking about purchasing the ‘Alpha Masculinity’ program from Carlos Xuma. What’s your opinion of it? Have you tried it?

    • Hey Michael. Great to hear from you.

      Good timing too. I’ve been digging deep into the area of Alpha Males lately and so far Carlos seems to be the guy to go to when you’re learning how to be more masculine, the alpha way. In fact I had just spoken to him recently about getting you guys a survey with a few hints on how to be an Alpha Male, or least how Alpha you really are. Of course he is too busy doing his thing for that much of a commitment but he loved the idea. I believe he was telling me to be more “Alpha” and take care of it myself. Hahaha!

      Seriously though he is my most recommended go to guy when it comes to conversations with women, seduction, and of course becoming an Alpha Male. I learned how to get myself started with David but Carlos has taken me to a whole new level. In fact you have already seen his inspiration and teaching at work when I quoted to you earlier about how to respond to women and my alpha male series which will be more brought out as I rework my newsletter over the next few weeks. (time to separate the men from the ladies.)

      It sucks that I have not fully gone through his Alpha Masculinity program and much of what I know about all his Alpha Series is from countless hours of devouring all the material he lets me have. Which are articles, interviews, my interview with him, free reports to give out, his countless videos, and I’ve subscribed to every newsletter he puts out to see him “in Action” so to speak.

      I hope you’ve been able to flip through my Alpha Male series I’ve been writing because I’m beginning to see how important working on our masculinity really is and writing it down is making me do research and a ton of deep searching inside myself . For you and I, I’ve also noticed this important fact.

      Being a short man and consistently succeeding with women requires more than just a competent Alpha Male attitude. Truth be told I still slip a little and revert to my old non-attractive ways. Luckily I notice it quick and go right back to working on it. Some of the mistakes really didn’t matter too much but the ones that dealt with my masculinity or a lowered Alpha state seemed to hurt the worst. Another reason I’m believing how this all too overlooked area in a man;s life, short or not, is essential to not only enjoying some great relationships with women, but living happier and being more successful in all areas.

      I say give it a try.

      If you have not tried anything by him yet I think you’ll be blown away. He’s just a cool guy to listen to. He makes you laugh. Tells you like it is. Doesn’t hold back and he does what you’ll find most other people in this area don’t do…motivate and excite you into wanting to know more. He just has a way of getting to a state of, “Wow. I can’t wait try this stuff!” Which is is the same feeling I got when I first starting learning. I just couldn’t wait to get out there and practice. Maybe that’s just me. Who knows. I can honestly say he has not let me down in any of his advice he gives. The man just likes to do his homework.

      Good timing again because Carlos has a link to let you try it for free (shipping and handling charges due)


      I hope I haven’t confused or made your decision harder by adding all that stuff. I just feel when you see what you’re going to get from Carlos it will give you a much easier decision to make. Besides just looking above anyone can see how thorough he is and how much he can teach about being an Alpha Male.

      Thanks for asking I and hopefully lots of other guys will too. I’ve been going through my numbers recently and I actually get a little disappointed by not enough men investing in Carlos. Because I know this guy stands out far above the rest and each time I learn something new from him I want to tell every guy who comes here about it and him. And most importantly once again get of my computer and experience. (In fact I think it’s worrying my girlfriend a little 🙂 Right Special K )

      Let me know your decision or if you want more information. I’m always glad to help.

      Again I appreciate you asking my opinion and good luck. We’ll talk again soon,


  • Michael

    Yeah i’ve decided that i’m going to get the program. I’m 22,and i need to stop putting off my inner game development. I wanna go ahead and get it fixed, and rid myself of my “nice” guy once and for all, so I can move on with my life.

    I have purchased the ‘Bad’ Boy formula from Carlos. It was a SOLID program, he definitely puts a lot in his programs.

    • I didn’t know you picked up the Bad Boy Formula. That’s great!! Since you’re getting into the inner game so much I imagine his formula didn’t cover much of being on the Alpha Male for you. That’s unfortunate. But I’m glad you got to experience how much work and effort goes into it his stuff. The man does his homework.

      I’m looking forward to that nice guy getting the boot once and for all. I mean let’s face it, there’s being a good guy and respecting others but being “too nice” has stood in the way for too many of us, for way too long. I was raised by just my mother and sure she’s an incredible women who taught me lots of great things but there’s no way her teaching me to be nice did anything for my sex life. 🙂

      Hmmm Maybe that was her intention!!! That’s it I’m calling her up… Haha! Actually I did tell her a few years ago. But of course in the nicest way I could. The funny thing about it that she acts like a woman and felt attracted to guys who were doing what I teach and have learned myself. But she just could not see it clearly enough to teach me.

      You’re giving my readers some great insight and I appreciate it. Let me know if ever want to write a guest post about your experiences.

      Anything you need, you know what to do and good luck with everything,

      Oh I forgot…I’m taking suggestions to release material myself. It’s about time I started to put more effort into it. I’m just not going to put 1005 into until I have something unique to myself. Which seems to be the toughest part.

      …And…. I’ve bought the host to attraction101.org I want it to center around nothing but looking good, fashion, what to wear, where, and writing online profiles. Basically it will be everything I rarely cover here. More of the aesthetics of dating with some style. What do you think??

      I suppose I should put the Bad Boy Formula link so guys know where they can find it.

      Bad Boy Video and Sales Page

      (just a reminder to everyone that I do make a commission when you use my links, you support me and what DiaLteG stands for. I hate putting ads up but I certainly have no objection sending you to my favorite people in this business. I only hope you benefit from any purchase you make more than just some extra money coming my way.)

  • Michael

    “And…. I’ve bought the host to attraction101.org I want it to center around nothing but looking good, fashion, what to wear, where, and writing online profiles. Basically it will be everything I rarely cover here. More of the aesthetics of dating with some style. What do you think??” – Pete
    ^ That’s great pete. Sounds like a good idea, i’m sure they’re plenty of men who could benefit from the fashion,what to wear, looking good advice. I’m about to get serious on working out, getting older,need to start improving my body,eating better,ect. My dressing i don’t really feel is my problem, just my ‘game’ and putting it all together. Once again,thanks for everything, and i’ll keep you updated.

  • Michael

    “I didn’t know you picked up the Bad Boy Formula. That’s great!! Since you’re getting into the inner game so much I imagine his formula didn’t cover much of being on the Alpha Male for you. That’s unfortunate.”
    ^ The Bad Boy formula mainly covered adding parts of the bad boy to your personality,not really moved away from the ‘nice’ guy. That’s what the Alpha Masculinity program is focused mainly on. Alpha Masculinity & Bad Boy Formula are suppose to compliment each other, so i’m going back to getting that program now. Moving away from the ‘nice’ guy is more of my concern, then adding a little of the edge of the ‘bad’ boy, because the ‘nice’ guy traits are what runs women away and kills attraction the most.

  • Edward

    Damn i’m short… great post i like your style! But sadly that’s true, girls don’t want to date with shorter guys…argh!

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