You’re Not Too Short To Attract Women! How To Get Past This Limited Belief

Excuses! We all make them. If you believe you're too short to attract the women you so desire, then it's an excuse.

A limited belief which is stopping you from reaching your full potential in dating and attraction.

You're limiting yourself, decreasing your options to date lots of great women, and making it harder on yourself to fully succeed in many areas not "limited" to dating and attraction.

Today's lesson is for all you short guys like me.

I'm a tall five foot four and for years have consistently used my height as one of the biggest reason or excuse as to why I wasn't get laid or managing to find a girlfriend.

But first... Let me tell you a quick story...

I was at a bar featuring some live bands.  The venue was close to a college where the basketball team was their biggest payday so the players got their fair share of attention.

AND of course they were all very TALL.

There I was standing close to the make-shift stage when two top players came in and stood next to me. 7 foot guy on my left. 6 foot something big on my right.

Wouldn't you know it along comes one of their biggest fans. Some older lady who never missed one of their games.

She started looking up at them, gazing in awe, telling them how great she thought the team was this year and how happy she was to meet them.

She stared up to the one on my right. Then across to the one on my left.

I noticed she was "eyeing me" because her head was bobbing up and down. First to the guy on my left, then back to the guy on the right, and then back again several times. It was actually kind of amusing.

Maybe she got tired or felt some due compassion because after doing this several time her eyes locked on me, gazed up at the basketball players and in a childlike voice (more like patronizing) gave me a HUGE SMILE and said,

"Oh Sweetie! You're cute too!!!"

At which time she decided to pinch my cheeks as if I was some man-child who needed some encouragement.

The two guys looked at me at first as if I was "stealing their day of glory" but realized quickly who I was and we all started laughing. It was a lot of fun.

This was my first big test since I reinvented myself and got down the "attract women" part of my life under my control.

My height was not only put in the spotlight in a very public place, but had to deal with a woman who was obviously attracted to fame AND HEIGHT.

Something that would've sent me running before - embarrassed and pissed.

It was the first time I fully realized the limited belief I held on to for so long based on my size and height was finally behind me. No longer would my height be an issue, an excuse, or something blame when I failed to get a girl attracted to me.

End of story. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

Seriously now...

You can also overcome your limited belief of being short.

You  CAN stop yourself from using it as an excuse of your past failures with women.

You too can finally learn to get past your height issues and ATTRACT lots of women, tall and short.

Sometimes it's just a matter of changing how you think by reversing your beliefs and spinning them in a new, positive way.

It doesn't take years of professional consultations or digging deep into our childhood.

It only requires a real objective look at yourself and the world you live to start seeing things from a more attractive alternative but totally realistic perspective.

Positive thinking works and re-framing your limited belief system will also work for you IF you get to doing it right away.

The last thing you need is to start using excuses to avoid re-framing your beliefs because you'll create a very hard circle of negativity to overcome.

Here is how you can overcome your short issues and re-frame the belief of your shortness being a problem for you.

Excuse Short Book Limited Beliefs

First start with the easy stuff...

#1: Learn all the advantages you have with women by being short or shorter guy.

Let's be realistic there are not a ton of advantages being short or shorter BUT the list is just as long as if you were tall too. So don't let that get you down.

You fit everywhere in comfort.

Car seats are spacious. Airplane seats offer just enough room.

An average bed leaves plenty of feet room for a relaxing night of sleep in any position you choose.

You don't intimidate people especially women. When those around you are not scared of your height, then it makes connecting with them so much easier.

You can stand closer to others without creeping them out.

You can talk to women at a close comfortable distance while a tall guy needs to stand much farther away.

You make any woman "feel" like a supermodel when she's with you.

When you're with a girl, you and her are not accused of superficiality AND often people assume you MUST have real confidence.

You're actually considered more ambitious because the "assumers" think you have a Napoleon Complex. Whether you do doesn't make a difference.

When women think you must be ambitious and confident they'll more likely to feel attracted to you.

The woman you're with or dating are not so caught up in the height thing and tend to be a little less superficial then a woman who chooses men who are only of a certain height.

When you show a woman you can protect her, emotionally and physically, it once again shows how much confidence and real strength you do have and it's less likely to be seen as obnoxious or fake.

You can approach women with less fear because being a shorter guy - you're actually less threatening.

The point is you DO have lots of great things happening by being short.

Don't get caught up in trying to figure out all the advantages because then all you're really doing is comparing yourself to others and trying to make yourself out better than them - whether it's height, looks, or money doesn't make a difference.

Just understand HEIGHT is not an issue unless you believe it is and use it as an excuse to avoid getting what you want out of life - and this includes dating any woman you desire.

There's a ton more probably missed here and if you need them - go out and find them - leave them in a comment below.

"Being short can allow you to gain rapport much easier with girls than taller guys can.

Tall guys have a psychological communication barrier a lot of the time because they’re literally speaking to a lot of girls (who tend on average to be shorter than guys) from a different level.

So remember, it’s not your flaws that get in your way. It’s your limiting beliefs that do."

Too Ugly? Too Short? How To Turn Your Flaws Into Strengths & Attract Women

Let's move on to "bigger" and better things...

#2: Be realistic and objective on the issues (some) women have in dating a a guy that is shorter than them.

Get over it now. Face it.

Some women will never date a guy who is shorter than them.

But you know what - that's their issues and shouldn't concern you at all.

You too have standards and have a few types of women you would never date either.

It works both ways and who are you to judge another choice in life whether you believe they're right or wrong.

You can handle this in two ways:

One - feel rejected and dejected and focus on the negative parts and continually feel pity on yourself. You will certainly find others who will join you BUT really, you have nothing to prove here.

Whining or bitching about something you have absolutely no control of is not only a waste of time - it makes you LESS ATTRACTIVE no matter how short you are.

Having a negative "poor poor me" attitude about life and your position in life will ALWAYS make you less attractive than any short dude who is positive and uplifting.

Two - Move on.

So what, you're short. So what, "some" women won't date you. So what, you have to look up every now and then. So what - there are certain things you can not reach and need to stand on something to get it down.

Really - it's not a big deal at all UNLESS YOU MAKE IT A BIG DEAL.

"Next thing to do long term is to GIVE UP any approval-seeking.

Who cares what women think of you?

Go through life doing what you want and being who you are."

How to Attract Girls Even if You’re Short

As stated above but a little different...

A happy, productive, man of character,  respected, confident, has "women" skills, a positive attitude and a clever way of dealing with life, and a fun way of looking at life and all its hardship will ALWAYS be more attractive than some miserable short guy who feels the world is against him.

The choice is really yours and nobody can take that away from you.

#3: Learn how to handle the insults or negativity when it's appropriate.

This is not about starting fights and don't make it like you always feel you have to defend yourself and your height.

Do it with a "matter of fact" voice. Consider it a debatable thing and not a heated argument.

Do it ONLY when respect is due and when it just feels like the right thing.

Do it ONLY when you can turn it around on her and get her thinking about what she just said.

Do it ONLY when you know and are confident enough to attract her despite her negative attitude about dating or sleeping with a shorter guy.

Do it ONLY when you can laugh it off.

Again you're not out to PROVE ANYTHING or defend yourself.

Have a comeback for any common insult or observation that is upfront, honest, and sometimes demands respect:

You'll run into women who will give you their "excuse" right away.

They'll say things like,

"I don't date shorter guys."

Your response - "I don't blame you. Everyone wants someone they can look up to."

"I only like taller men."

Your response  - "Haha! You mean I finally found someone more shallow than me."

"You're too short for me."

Your response - "...And you're too narrow-minded for me."

"Short men always seem like they have something to prove."

Your response - "Tell me about it. I once knew this guy - even shorter than me - what an annoying pain in the ass. Always try to prove he was better than me at everything."

"Tall men just get laid more."

Your response - "I suppose you're now going to prove it to me by not sleeping with me. How mature."

"Wow... you're much shorter than I expected."

Your response - "It's cool, I'm still growing. just waiting for my next growth spurt."

The point is:

Have some really funny responses to lessen the affect of their negative attitude. Play it down. Smooth it over with humor and confidence.

They'll either feel bad for what they said OR more attracted to you.

If you go out always trying to prove something or defend yourself, it will backfire.

AND once again - you WILL run into women who are totally against dating a shorter guy and TRYING to convince them otherwise is a waste of your time.

When a  woman is bringing up your height early on, assume she is testing you.

She wants to know how strong you are and how you deal with your height.

She wants to know how you're going to react.

By not getting angry and respectively stating your opinion about HER limited belief demands respect.

By disqualifying her quickly says you're not going to put up with her rudeness.

Yes, sometimes you'll piss her off but as long as it's not over your anger she'll either get over it, move on to a new subject, or move on to finding a taller guy to date.

Saving you time and energy and possibly from getting stuck dating someone with a bad attitude and worse problems over her height.

Remember it's HER beliefs stopping her and NOT yours.

Having CONFIDENCE and MAKING A WOMAN LAUGH  creates enormous amounts of attraction.

You'll find lots of women will forget all about how tall or short you are when they begin to feel attracted to you.

Use this correctly and you'll be amazed by how well it works.

You can learn about the "secret formula" in this post:

Cocky Comedy – The Difference Between Being Confident & Acting Like a Jerk

#4.  Bring up the topic early and move on quickly.

If it's a serious issue for you, feel free to bring up your height in a funny secure way and be done with it.

If it's something which always seems to be on your mind (especially when you're on a date or meeting a girl for the first time) then just go ahead and get it off your chest...


Move on to something else quickly.

The point is to indirectly (with a touch of sensibility) show her you ARE SECURE in your height and it's not something which upsets you.

This is tough but it can be done.

Call a tall girl, "Shorty".

Tell her you're worried she may be a little too short for you.

Bust on yourself (lightly) after to show her you're not just some rude asshole.

If this is a serious hang up for you then "tear off the band aid" quickly and just get it out of the way.

Be secure enough in your height.

NEVER try to prove yourself. NEVER try to make her feel like you're just doing it because you're worried she won't like you for it.

Secure confident men ATTRACT women regardless of their stature.

Insecure, petty, weak-minded, low self-esteem, approval seeking guy do NOT ATTRACT women regardless of how tall or short they are.

And that's been proven over and over again.

So believe it!

#5 Re-frame your limited beliefs centered around attracting women and being a short guy.

Take a good look around you - notice lots of guys are attracting women and some of those guys ARE shorter than you.

How are they doing it?

Maybe they're muscle bound and all shredded out. Maybe their better-looking than you. Maybe they have lots of money. Maybe they're more socially proofed.

What every "reason" you give or try to come up with to explain how it happened or is happening you must admit - they have something which is attracting women.

BUT you're missing something much more important here and it has NOTHING to do with them having something you might not have.

YOUR FOCUS is on someone else and not YOU.

When you're more concerned with them, when you are looking to explain it all away - you WILL find and believe any answer your brain will accept as the truth.

The more you do it, the more you believe it, the more you'll see it, the more those beliefs become a part of you - and the more they will LIMIT yourself from achieving your goals with women or anything in life you want.

Now you must retrain your brain - rid yourself of those limited beliefs so you can begin to think and see more clearly and to finally get over any height issues you may be experiencing in dating.

Here's the technique with the answers given based on my personal trials of re-framing my own limited beliefs of being a short guy.

How the world sees you or the External State of that belief.

(This is where you insert your belief. It must be something external or outside yourself.)

YOUR BELIEF: You're too short so women are not attracted to you.

How it makes you feel or the Internal State.

(This is where you write how it makes you feel internally.)

YOUR BELIEF: You don't feel attractive or good-looking because women only like taller men.

Those two beliefs are connected but they do represent are a false view. They don't represent  the whole picture and relating them to each other is considered a "limited belief".

Now ask  few simple questions about those two statements or beliefs.

Is it true that all women, everywhere, at any given time, are not attracted to a shorter man?

Of course not! There are some incredibly successful and sexy, attractive shorter men everywhere you look.

That statement above can not possibly be true or nature would have weeded out short men long ago. But shorter guys are still here and they do accomplish wonderful feats despite of what some would view as a shortcoming.

Here's a cool picture from Dr. Nerdlove and the article: 5 Dating Tips For Short Men

Hollywood Haight Chart

And here's a really cool list of successful short guys:

"Throughout history there have been several men who became famous for being short or whose fame was affected by their height. A classic example is Józef Boruwłaski who toured Europe in part because of his dwarfism. He is not listed here as measurement systems were different in his era leading to some confusion on the height of men of his era."

List Of Famous Short Men

Next up...

If you were a taller man, how would that change your existence, or who would you be if you were born a tall man?

YOUR BELIEF: You would've been born more attractive and not suffered through so much not being able to date or attract women.

The truth or non-limited belief.


Flawed thinking again.

How could you ever know what your life would've been like if you were a taller guy?

Speculate all you want but knowing something like this is an impossibility.

Also - there are lots of tall guys who unfortunately suck attracting women. You could've just easily been one of them. And some of those guys are actually quite good-looking too.

Imagine that.

Imagine you are born a tall handsome man and yet you still find yourself struggling to understand women and attracting them seems impossible.

So you see - height is not a guarantee at all.


How will your life be if you continue to think this way?

Thinking this way will certain compound the issues and deeply nest the connections in your brain like they already have, but only worse.

They will link up to other limited beliefs and the problem will get worse and worse until something is done about it.

Your brain knows it can not change it's height so it finds ways to rationalize your belief system.

Intertwining the false thinking of not feeling attracted to being lonely, not having a girlfriend, not getting a job or promotion, and strangely enough having shorter offspring which in turn will doom their existence to suffer the way you are or did.

You see how all that works and how changing one limited belief in your life can affect so many areas of who you are and how you perceive the world around you.

Your mind will come up with excuses for many different ideas based on ONE belief alone.

It finds a way to explain itself so well that it created a terrible web of  deception or blind spots.

Those blind spots were linked to feeling lonely, not being able to get a girlfriend, losing a job or missing a promotion, shorter offspring, and the list goes on and on and on.

This is (if any) a big reason to get control and change your limited belief system about being short.

Next up...

Can you think of a time in which you did feel attractive despite your height?

Of course you can. I'm sure you've had plenty of women come on to you but you didn't want them, did you?

BUT they were certainly attracted to your despite your height. They saw something in you that they wanted.

You also have NO way of determining just how many women DO find you ATTRACTIVE.

Some of the could even be extremely tall but their own height issues kept them from meeting YOU.

The point is, despite what it feels like, or what you claim to see - there are LOTS of women who WILL and CAN and probably ARE attracted to you right now.

Just because they're not stripping down naked and banging on your door doesn't mean they don't exist.

Be real - you have absolutely no way to prove or disprove something like this making the idea or concept not worth exploring.

On to the next one...

This is where you get in her mind and PRETEND you're a woman using your height as an excuse to not date you.

From a women's perspective, "I could never be attracted to a short man because..."

Is she stating that she completely understands her attraction mechanism AND has complete CONTROL over it?

She knows without a doubt, that she will never be attracted to a man of your size because that is the way it has always been for her.

It's amazing how re-framing quickly reveals another person's limited belief system too about how they perceive the world around them.

From her perspective and putting yourself in her shoes you can begin to see how faulty her thinking is and no matter how she tries to rationalize it or explain it away - she can NEVER fully conclude that it's the absolute truth.

Because it's not.

Her mind would attempt to rationalize it and it would eventually come up with its own explanation for its beliefs.

Re-framing your beliefs on being a shorter guy who feels your height is stopping or blocking you from attracting a woman is a great tool to help you see things DIFFERENTLY.

Rid yourself of the beliefs which are stopping you from achieving success in this area because once again, it's not your height that's the real issue - it's YOUR BELIEF that is holding you back.

You have been shown a ton of material today. Take in all slowly.


Please... for at least one moment today...

Entertain the idea that you CAN attract women despite what you might believe is a shortcoming.

You are NOT vertically challenged!

That statement is total bullshit.

One more GREAT article to help you overcome this "short" thing:

"I recently got asked a question by one of my students: "What if you're short and she prefers tall guys?"

The way I see it, confidence is one of those things that women often don't THINK ABOUT being attracted to. Ask a woman what she finds most desirable in a guy, and she might bring up things like height, humor, and a good career ... but she'll almost NEVER say anything about wanting a man with CONFIDENCE."

What If You're Short & She Prefers Tall Guys?

If you're having problems with limited beliefs and eliminating them, make sure you download this template I made. Just substitute your short issues:

Overcoming Shyness & Social Anxiety


I believe much of your social anxiety and shyness can be overcome by eliminating many of your limited beliefs that are holding you back.

In this chapter ONLY available to members of DiaLteG TM you're given a template on how to do it with an example related to public fears and anxieties.

You will be shown how to re-frame your beliefs, how to do the exercises by yourself so you can keep pushing forward, what limited beliefs are, how they connect your emotional states to your external experiences, and the exact definition of a limited belief.

Check out the preview below:

How To Get Rid of Your Public Fears – No More Social Anxiety or Being Shy

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Dave here I like the way you communicate, it makes me think. I am what I call a thinker, meaning I am always consciously thinking about something, usually a project or a future project how to proceed about things. But for some reason I never put it use in my social life probably because I was raised to believe only “sluts” want sex and who wants a slut, right? Right now she is looking pretty good. LOL anyway You make me think in ways I haven’t before and it is making me feel better about many things I just wanted to say I am glad I accidentally ran across your site and to say Thank You and keep up the good work. If you want to feel free to use this letter.
Thank You again your awesome and your teachings are also, Dave Allen

Talk about women – JOIN the Facebook group Why Do Chics…? or Visit the Facebook DiaLteG TM page and leave comments – never miss a thing and tips too.

About the author: Peter White – Blatantly honest with an awesome ability to see the reality of attraction, dating, & relationships for men and women. DiaLteG TM started as a way to help you become better with women and more attractive. All you need is here. It’s transformed into something more: A place to discuss our man problems that women just don’t seem to get or understand.

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31 comments… add one
  • Michael

    How can you be at 94 % BUT women see you at 90 % ?

    • What I meant by the 94% 90% was I believe where women would test me. I feel like I am there but to a woman with incredible attributes will in a way make me earn that extra percent. She may give me the benefit of the doubt at first, the 90%, but will still find a way to get me to prove myself to her the other four.

      On the other hand a woman who has lower self-esteem might even put me higher up to perhaps a 96%. She will put it high enough to make me unattainable in her mind. Then perhaps live her self-fulfilled prophecy.

      To clarify exactly – Women will test based on their own abilities to try and get you to prove you are who you say you are. To make sure you are the confident man you portray. And what better way to do this by increasing the level of testing.

  • Michael

    Well thats encouraging news. The largest hurdles are always the hardest. I look forward to getting more of your emails in the future. Peter, would you say that if i can get inner game( confidence, self esteem, beliefs ect) fixed that attracting women will take care of its self, and outer game will basically become irrelevant? Is inner game basically what makes “naturals” successful, because they don’t use pickup lines,techniques,cocky & funny or anything else. Their “game” is often just “being themselves”……

    • The inner game is such a huge part but I don’t think the outer game will just take care of itself or become irrelevant. There are factors such as status, conversations, teasing, meeting, sex, etc..

      However the outer game does get easier when you have a great inner game.

      Don’t let naturals fool you. Often they have a natural outer game but that is it. Once a woman gets involved with them a strong inner game is essential for a great long lasting relationship or just another date. I once read that younger naturals often grow up and lose their game because they had no clue where it came from, a strong inner game and maturity. Yes often these guys are very good looking but I’ve met a few who were not.

      I think if we look at this from the perspective of totality we can put it like this,

      Is it true that a man can meet someone just because he is confident?
      Can a man meet someone just because he has high self-esteem?
      Can a man with little limited beliefs suddenly find women at his door step?

      No way. Getting out and experiencing the full brunt of approaching, meeting, having conversations, teasing, and enjoying sex which opens up more options and choices with a strong inner game is a must.

  • Michael

    How long did it take you to get your inner game fixed?

    • It took over a couple years. The learning curve is unpredictable and I’m almost twice your age. That’s a lot of shit to get through. Haha!

      You’re young though so it shouldn’t take too long. Really depends on where you’re at.

      The great news is at first, when you leap over those large hurdles without falling on your face too badly, you feel like you’ve made a huge difference. And with each time you smack one those wooden barriers it hurts less and you recover more quickly…. just itching to get to the next one.

      As you progress the leaps become smaller so it’s a never ending process. Like this: 5% – 15% 35% – 65% – 85% – 90% – 92 % 92.5% 93% and so on…

      If I were to give you the most honest answer I could think of right now, I would be at that 94.312444566453534% level in my head. Women would see me at that 90.2% level depending on their own self-esteem.

  • Michael

    Thanks Peter for all the advice i appreciate it. Honestly i’ve decided that once i can afford it that i’m going to purchase the wing girl method. There’s something about Marni that makes me feel she can really help me become successful. Her talking about “being direct” is something i’ve NEVER read ANYWHERE else and its make a lot of sense to me. Honestly i hear you on adding other programs to the mix for a full understanding or education about women, but i’m the type that information overload will overwhelm me. Also i think maybe i need a different perspective because some of the men whom i’ve purchased books from in the past just didn’t seem to help me or in my opinion really share anything with me that really was of benefit. I purchased these 3 books in my lifetime as follow….

    David DeAngelo – Double your dating ( It was a good book, but the cocky & funny technique just didn’t seem natural to me. I also felt like i was bordering on being too cocky, so it didn’t work for me. I understood where he was coming from,and i’ve been funny with a little cockiness before with women, but it just seemed like i was trying to hard to be ‘cocky & funny” and therefore it become like a JOB)

    Scott Mckay – Not too short ( Honestly i was disappointed with his book, especially seeing that his book is the first of its kind. I really didn’t feel he shared anything that really could help me with attracting women. He spoke on fashion, how to carry yourself, the napoleon complex which was all interesting. But as far as attracting women i felt he was basically saying date shorter women in essence. He spoke on that you can create attraction with women 4 inches shorter than you, because women are typically attracted to men 3-4 inches taller than them by hugging them(or something along that lines). Being 5’4.5(5.5 in shoes) i don’t wanna be just limited to women in the 5’0- 5’3 range, and for those women 5’6 or taller the taller women e- book didn’t really share anything really insightful, at least not for me.

    Joseph Mathews – Art of Approaching ( This book was okay because approaching has always been a issue for me, but a lot of the approaches didn’t seem natural)

    So honestly i feel i’m a little burnt out on reading about attracting women from men. I feel that Marni being a women will be able to help me better being that she is a WOMAN and she UNLIKE most women understands why she and women are attracted to certain men and things. Most women don’t have a clue in hell why they like certain men & traits so their advice is always very generic. Her’s isn’t(at least from what i’ve read). So i’m going with her book as soon as i can afford it, i’m a college student and short on money so honestly i can’t afford the girlfriend training program but i will be able to afford marni’s program soon.

    Thanks for everything and all the advice. I’m putting my faith in Marni, and i’m going to start applying what she teaches.


    • You’re welcome Michael. Now that you are a member here I hope I can help you out a little more for free. I have a cool report coming soon and as of right now you should get at least 18 straight emails talking about my life and some of what I’ve overcome. I hope you enjoy them. It’s a little rough writing but lots of my females members have personally written to me with their thoughts on it. Most of them just to say,

      “I wish more men would learn what you teach so I can finally find myself a real man.”

      Also be sure to read through some of and let me know if you have problems using the password you get. I realize the site is a little lame but some of my older newsletters I wrote are unique and intuitive.

      Two out of three of those books you listed I above I too have gone through. They all do center around the outer game. Which is great for meeting or approaching. I believe you mentioned you have struggled with that part of it. If you haven’t used one yet get yourself a wingman. When you find the right one you’ll be amazed how you can play off each other. When you really click with a cool friend he can even be in a relationship and still help you out. Just don’t get caught up in all the approaching tactics. Go out and have a good time and find a way to involve the women around you. My first wingman and I did exactly that and it worked incredibly well.

      In fact me and my best friend, who’s the perfect wingman because he’s gay and women rarely ever realize it, will have conversations that emotionally charges any woman in ear shot. Because we just don’t pay too much attention to keeping our topics always politically correct. Then since we are both fun we can get them laughing and enjoying hanging out with us.

      But again all that is just the outer game. That was never my focus in the beginning. Sure I had to get off my ass and meet more people, yes people, I never focused on meeting women. I didn’t go out picking up guys but I went out to meet people.

      What really has propelled me was my inner game.

      I built an attractive personality around my core beliefs and rid myself of many of my limited beliefs. That took some time I won’t lie about it. I eliminated reacting to her emotions and began acting on them instead. Which was a huge shift. Once I learned to do that and a little more I found I can literally say anything, do anything, and still attract her. I no longer had to conform to the ideas of what and what not to say, so to speak.

      For example…

      One woman I met a few years ago during a conversation began pleading with me, “I don’t know if you like me. I’m just not sure if I can have you.” without me asking her if she liked me. She was just so frustrated and turned on she began leaking her secret affection out. But I didn’t do anything different. I didn’t coax it out of her. We had fun flirty conversations and when we began dating told me, “You were and still are so damn charming and I couldn’t beat that charm. You were always one step ahead of me.” This woman, who is still a little in my life, has and will listen to me talk for hours.

      A woman more recent I have been more upfront with. I have said things like, “I’ll find out how good you are in bed soon enough.” And that goes against what most would teach. Never reveal your true feelings. Don’t get me wrong I would never get all I love you and shit with a woman I barely know, but I wasn’t afraid to let her know she turns me on. But I also indirectly let her know I understand that is just sex. And just because I “wouldn’t mind” it doesn’t mean she’s going to get it from me.

      She knows how high my self-esteem is. I have a genuine confidence. I’m a strong man who when she begins freaking out I don’t let it get to me. I can make her smile with a look and blush with a word. And she knows I can turn up the sexual heat as much as I want. She understands because of where she is in her life right now I may never advance more. In fact I may pull away even more till she settles down. And sure nothing more may ever become of it but I just don’t care. I’m acting as a mature man and not reacting to her emotionally confused state. In the past I would’ve done just the opposite— I see I can turn her on I must do it. I must keep pushing till she gives— which is just not the way to attract more women. It repels them. It proves to them I can not delay gratification and will always react.

      I sincerely hope Marni can help you with that inner game. She’s definitely smart enough and in touch with women enough to do so.

      You should now have my email so please feel free to write any questions and I’ll see what I can do about getting you some inexpensive or free information I feel you can really benefit your particular case. In other words I will give you limited coaching of my knowledge no charge at all. Write me personally and I will explain more.

  • Michael

    LOL never that. I love women my man, as i know you do too. Well anyway i just want to inform you that i’ve decided to stop wearing my lifts . This is probably the hardest and scariest decisions i’ve made. I hope i don’t regret it, but i’m taking a step out on faith. I realize that in order to be a better man, i must build a foundation, and that must be built on confidence and high self esteem. A foundation cant be built on something non permanent. Shoe lifts aren’t permanent.

    in your honest opinion, why do you think some short men suffer miserably with women while SOME manage to be successful. I read so many horror stories(they sound like them) of men of short stature never having girlfriends, never dating, being rejected constantly ect. The stories are sometimes so depressive that it makes you question whether it’s really just a limited belief or our some short men just lucky or the exception, or what? What mistakes or wisdom can you pass on to me as a man who was once in my shoes on how to be successful with women. Lastly i’m considering purchasing the winggirl method? Would it be worth it? I’ve bought dating programs before and they felt more overated than helpful in most cases.

    • Cool man! I’m glad you’re ditching the lifts (Haha! And sticking to loving just women.) I’m sure it’s going to be tough at first. The world’s going to look huge. But in the end you and I both know it needs to be done.

      The most common numbers I’ve heard from lots of experts, and seen in my life too, only 5 to 8 percent of men will ever learn what we teach. And considering shorter men are not the average it only stands to reason very few of them will succeed in the way they want. Mostly because they refuse to learn or don’t believe this stuff works.

      But those are just numbers. What I’ve found is that we see what we want to see. If I want to notice shorter men failing, I’m going to see more of just that. If I wake up believing the world is mostly good, I’m going to notice more of the good in the world. It is often our perception changing the world around us even though in reality we have no control over things outside us. Try an experiment and only focus on tall average looking guys and I’m sure you’ll see 95 percent of them just are not getting what they want from their relationships either. As you get older you’ll also notice one important thing about this whole attraction thing, and that is men who have women wanting them because they are tall, can get lucky, but in the end you’ll be surprised who they end up with. Because unless they learn this stuff by accident, or fall into it, they almost always lose their so called advantage of being tall to men who knows what women really want.

      And guess what…that lucky short guy…goes through the same thing. I’m sure if you study any man without knowing his height you’ll see it will always come down to who makes her feel more, and can keep her feeling it. Remember most guys settle for what they believe is the only thing they can get. They get complacent and then you never hear from them. So you never hear their horror stories.

      My words of wisdom from once being in your shoes, I hope you’re a size 9 you’ll fit much better in mine that way.

      Seriously though #1 rule… FOCUS ON YOURSELF AND ALWAYS HAVE FUN! Be specific on what you want but have a flexible plan. Always keep in mind you must strive for balance. Too much inner game and not getting out enough you never meet anyone. Go out and meet too many women without getting the inner game down, and you end up failing way too much.

      Always strive for a balance of the learning process and if you’re not having fun, change your direction quickly. In other words… enjoy the hell out of the learning process each step of the way. Enjoy the process more than the result the results will sort of, just appear.

      The Winggirl Method…you know I do like her material and Marni has some great advice and a few programs that can work for anyone willing to succeed. However I feel knowing what I know of you, add her material to a full learning experience. You want this stuff to really work be willing to do the work, and get three different approaches or coaches for a more rounded education. Some will even have others as part of their program because financially its more sound, but also because they know this material must be learned from several different sources to accelerate your success.

      You can comment back if you want the links you should seriously consider. You can also consider this because until Tuesday, as of writing this now, (I will update this soon) Carlos has these bonuses added to his new Girlfriend Training Program. “Escaping the Friend’s Zone” with Wing Girl Method – Karen Brody – Seduction Secrets 101 – Up Your Attraction – Josh R. and one more… You can check it out here:

      Sorry the program is now closed for a while. Stop back soon for it’s re-release or become a member here to find out the next time it is being launched.

      I’m pushing it because it was just released, so it’s up to date but also because Carlos over the last year and a half has become without a doubt, not only the coolest guy to learn from, but you know he doesn’t screw around or load you with a lot of bullshit. He also works extremely hard on making sure his material is heavily researched and proven to succeed. The rest is up to you how far you want to go.

      Good luck man and again please keep informed and my readers too. I’m sure there is plenty of guys just likes us keeping a watchful eye on both of us now. If you want me to comment the best of what is out there, just ask. Oh and choose the one who you feel you can learn the easiest from. Signup for each of their newsletter and listen to what they tell you. You’ll find one of them will stand out.

      Below are the people I’ve learned from, bought something from, put into practice and feel the strongest about through my personal and business affiliation with them:

      They ARE in order of the greatest influence they’ve had on me and my success.

  • Michael

    How old are you Peter? If you don’t mind me asking……..

  • Michael

    thanks for responding back to my comment. I feel you on the shoes comment and wearing shoes that make you feel comfortable and look good. That has always been the problem with wearing ‘lifts’ as i’m sure you can relate to as well as those other guys. Lifts are ONLY designed for boots and high tops(sneakers), and they aren’t comfortable at all. I had to wear two pair of socks on both my feet just to wear them in my boots and be able to walk around. Now imagine having to do that walking on a college campus in the snow. lol not easy. I miss wearing comfortable shoes even though i cant lie the 2-3 inch height increase is addicting. I’m going to take everything you say to heart though, thanks.

    lastly quick question. You said ” I still feel height can be such a major hurdle for some women to get over. And if you can show them early on you’re strong enough for the both of you, she will feel safer than if you just avoid it altogether and leave her wondering.”

    I always read it’s better not to mention your height regardless because, it will make you look insecure and bring it to a girl who otherwise wasn’t even thinking about it, when she was (a) hanging out with you, or (b) talking to you. Then i read some girls say (on internet discussion forums) that they never even thought about height until the guy BROUGHT it up or mentioned a desire for her not to wear heels when going out. So basically you’re saying i should do the OPPOSITE
    and bring it up in that light you mentioned to display confidence and comfort in my own skin? Would i be correct?

    thanks again, and i’ll keep you updated.

    • Well I can guarantee if you mention to a woman you don’t like her wearing heels early on, she’s going to get a little skeptical about who you are.

      You have to use your best judgement on who she is or what her persona is displaying. You’re going to meet women and sense within a few minutes that she is uncomfortable with her height. Those are the ones I feel it’s best just to get it out there.

      The women who mentioned they were not even thinking about it obviously found men who were very uncomfortable about their own height. Their insecurity caused them to bring it up and it set a red flag up her spine that screamed, “Wow. This guy has height issues.”

      If you have trouble deciding when she may need to feel more comfortable dating a shorter man by all means don’t bring it up until you’re entirely sure. As you get better at all this you’ll recognize quickly which ones do.

      When women are attracted to me it rarely ever takes them long to bring up their insecurities in one way or another. When women feel intense attraction they often get nervous and this is when they can not help themselves. (Stronger women just turn up the heat so enjoy the ride.) But if she does have height issues it will come up early. The same also applies to men. When they feel intense attraction and their self-esteem is not very high, they get nervous and find a way to seek her approval. They bring up the height hoping she will tell him it’s okay and by doing so destroy a little of what she felt for him.

      So you need to not only consider where she is, but also where you are coming from when you mention the height.

      Seeking approval is bad.
      Making her feel comfortable is good.

      However some men have such deep issues in this area it may be best just to do this:

      Walk up to ten different women in a day and confidently opening with a soft smile,
      “Hey. My name’s Pete and I have height issues. “ I’m sure soon enough he’ll begin to realize how most women just don’t care and find it amusing. Just a thought there I’m not sure if I would seriously recommend it. Maybe I’ll try it someday as a goof. Haha! (But this is a way of facing your fears.)

      Summing this all up where you are coming from and who you are make a huge difference. Believe me you can get away with saying just about anything when she knows it’s not coming from an approval seeker. Take notice of certain clues she’s giving that she has her own height issues get it out of the way early on so you can get quickly to having fun.

      I don’t mind you asking my age… and as long as I know you’re not hitting on me, I will tell you. Haha! Just turned the big 4 , 0. 😀

  • Thanks Michael. I enjoy reading everyone’s opinions, especially when they can relate to something. I’m glad you took away something from it.

    #3 is tough, that I understand. But you see for real men it’s not a matter of self-deprecation or even convincing. However it is a matter of attractive people, short or tall, always have a way of making others feel better and more comfortable just being around them, it’s a side effect of being so comfortable in their own skin. It’s not really a matter of proving yourself.

    #3 for me is about showing a woman you are extremely comfortable with who you are and this kind of stuff doesn’t bother you. I still feel height can be such a major hurdle for some women to get over. And if you can show them early on you’re strong enough for the both of you, she will feel safer than if you just avoid it altogether and leave her wondering.

    First let me get this out about the more examples.

    Rarely ever do I use the #1’s and I only do it when it’s apparent she is being rude AND testing me heavily AND her persona is flying high for everyone. I prefer laid back sarcastic humor almost in every case. Or when I run across a man who may be trying to use his insecurity to cock block me.

    But that is for you to decide in your own life.

    Just be careful because overuse (of #1) can be quickly interpreted as being overly-confident which is the opposite of what you want. Modest confidence and high self-esteem from a guy who is fun to be around will intrigue most women. The rest is up to her own level of comfort when dating a shorter man and that is where #3 comes along. She just wants to feel safe around you in a way most men miss. This is not protection. And shorter men automatically make women feel safer already because of your size so adding humor and comfort with some sexual energy is a great mix to attract lots of women.

    “I wouldn’t want to be seen dating a shorter guy.” – Does this mean you’re going to try to lock me in your closet… Only let me out for sexual favors! Hey now, just because I’m short doesn’t mean I’m some beef jerky you can grab when you get hungry.

    “I’m embarrassed kssing a guy shorter than me.” – You must be the shy type. Awwww that’s so sweet. You know I usually wait to the second date before I even thinking about kissing. I’m flattered you can not wait that long.

    “I can not dance with a shorter guy.” – Well you can dance on your knees if you want but I think people will be expecting to see a show. And this place is pg-rated dear.

    “Big strong guys make me feel safe.” – I know how you feel. My best friend is like 6’5″ 250 lbs. He can scare anyone. Hard to believe you would feel safer around a man with that much power compared to little old me. 😉 But if you insist I could hook you up, he’s single. I will warn you though he is gay. I imagine you may have your work cut out for you there.

    I use these often:

    Teasing women much taller by nicknaming them “shorty”.

    “How rude! If I had brought my step ladder I would have half a mind to slap you on the arm for that one.”

    “Yeah, but I’m really tall for my age.” 😉

    “I know. But I’m really six foot. It’s these jeans, they make me look short. If you want I can give the name of the store you get can some from.”

    “Hey now. Being short has its advantages.” Motion and take out a tissue or reach for a napkin, “I see the bats in the hangar before anyone else. Ahem Ahem”

    “Oh… burn. Haha! Would you mind lifting me up so I can pat you on the head for that one?”

    I hope those help Michael. I’ll add some more when I think of them and try to remember more the next time I’m in one of these situations.

    One last note, I know this guy who is always asking me about wearing shoes to give him a few inches. I also know another guy who has good luck with women and still tries to give himself a little lift, they both are good friends. I tell them both to stop heightening. I hope you can do the same.

    When I first began all this I ran out and got myself shoes that gave me an inch and a half. And I had minor success with women because I felt a little better meeting them.

    Now I wear shoes because they look good on me and I feel comfortable in them. The more comfortable I feel, especially through my feet, the more relaxed I am and the more my natural attractive personality comes out. It also allows me to walk in a way that is so much more sexier. And that was a huge difference. Taller shoes did not give my gait any kind of sexy vibe.

    Also when I learned to overcome this limited belief I realized the connections I was making with women were so much more rewarding and lasting. This is because of the mature masculine man in me had nothing to do with my appearance, which is fleeting, and everything to do with my presence. Believe it or not without the extra height more people assumed I was actually taller because of my strong presence and natural erect posture. (Tall guys always seem to have to hunch over all the time or else people feel way too intimidated by them. )

    Keep me up on your progress Michael, I look forward to hearing about it and thanks again for leaving your comment. I appreciate it,


  • Michael

    Could you give more examples for comebacks for any common insult or observation?

  • Michael

    Nice article. it’s really very much appreciated. I’m 5’5 and understand and can relate with the height belief. I think personally think that number 1 “Have a comeback for any common insult or observation that is upfront and demands respect” is the best route out of all four. I think route 3 ” Bring up the topic early and make fun of it to show no insecurity about being short and proving you’re confident and at ease with who you are.” does work(comedians do it all the time) but to me i never feel that a REAL MAN should have to self depreciate himself just to make other people feel comfortable in his presence or to convince them they don’t have a “complex”. However i’m going to take your advice and do my best to get over this limiting belief of mine, and strive to be a better man and find me a girlfriend in 2011. I’m still debating on whether i’m going to continue with wearing my lifts or ditch them. I’ve been wearing them since 19,i’m 21 now.