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Do You Have a Love Hate Relationship With Valentine’s Day?

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If you’re love hate relationship with Valentine’s Day is making you bitter – I want you to let it all out so you can finally get past it.

Valentine’s Day, whether you love it or hate it there’s no avoiding it.

When you’re with someone it’s okay at first… that is until the pressure begins to build.

Do you get flowers? A Card? Something more like a ring or a cute cuddly bear with a heart on his stomach.

And then even more questions…

Where do you take your loved one? And will it be enough? Will she like it? Will he even care you took the time?

When you’re alone it can make you feel like you’re the only one in the world who is single. Everyone you know who is “involved” gets all the attention.

They’re so wrapped up in their relationships they don’t even seem to notice what you’re going through. Or how that night no one will be displaying their love for you.

And let’s not even get into the few who are stuck listening to the one they love, secretly complain about their significant other.

Can we all agree most holidays are best left to couples. If you’re single you can easily feel left out, lonely, and depressed.

I know personally I’ve had some terrible Valentines…

I once met a woman a few weeks before Valentines Day and we instantly clicked. The chemistry was there.

The connection was, I won’t deny, incredible.

I was falling for her and to reciprocate how she felt about me – complained to me for the next few weeks about how much she hated the holiday.

And how much it sucked to be alone.

And Blah blah blah blah…where as I was thinking, “You’ve got me, duh!!

I once took out a best friend who I was in “love” with.

It was a “just friends” thing to do so two single people can enjoy the holiday.

We got all dressed up and enjoyed a wonderful platonic evening of close friendship and casual smiles.

If you can not detect the sarcasm there… Yeah like I wanted to spend a non-intimate evening with someone I was in love with.

I know. Pretty lame stories huh?

But that’s because my typical Valentines consisted of making sure I called my Mom to let her know how much I loved her.

My phone rarely rang.

Well that’s not true. Once a telemarketer called to let me how much “he would love” to help me get into his new “offer.”

But he never called me the next day anyways.

You may be asking yourself why am I putting up a post like this on such a beautiful holiday?

After all, if you’re a reader you must know by now I’m not alone this year.

You must also know DiaLteG TM is an inspirational site full of my “mostly positive” thoughts on dating and attraction.

Well, while every other dating site is telling you what to do or what you should buy for that someone special in your life, or how “Every blank begins with blank” – I even saw one commercial to buy Pajamas your Valentine will just love.

I mean really? “Honey. I love you SO much I got you PAJAMAS!

Haha! Hey don’t get me wrong – wrap up a special gift with them, tie a red ribbon around it, throw in a rose and a few of her favorite candies and you’ve got a pretty cool gift she’ll love.

Don’t forget to write something on a card. Too many men forget about writing something personal.

FINE – 😉   for all of you who are in a relationship or looking to romance your dates – you can have this for free.

101 Romantic Ideas (It’s a .pdf file you can download for free)

Nope I’m not going there. I’m going the other direction.

Because I know how so many SINGLE men and woman come to DiaLteG TM to find solutions so their next Valentine’s Day is shared with someone and not spent sitting at home wondering about the what ifs and whys.

And then beating themselves up over not picking up a bottle to numb the pain.

I wanted a post for single men and women to be able to come to and air out their grievances or complaints out about Valentine’s Day.

Whether it was a bad experience they had which ruined the holiday or even how they never seem to be in a relationship on February 14.

I wanted a post to give everyone permission get it out of their system. I don’t care if it’s the 21st of September or the 5th of December…

You see I used to be a constant whiner. A complainer.

I bitched about everyone and everything.

And all it did was make me feel worse.

These immature actions only set to confirm and encourage the terrible feelings I had inside.

Over the years I learned to curtail and slow down this “bitching” process. I’ve learned to allow myself a small fraction of time in which it was okay to let it all out.

But then I learned to get over it quickly and move on. Ready to tackle the next challenge in my life.

I figured since this is primarily a blog for single people I would give you the opportunity to get it all out too. This is your “one chance” to let it out.

Feeling bad about your last relationship and the mistakes you made – get it out below and let’s move on together.

The secret love of your life treats you like a dog – get it out below and let’s move on together.

The bitter feelings you have about Valentine’s Day – get it out below and let’s move on together.

However I insist you use this post as a stepping stone.

Step on it.

Get it out.

Use it as a release of pent-up naturally depressive thoughts about your dating life. And not as an excuse to constantly dwell and feed your bitter feelings about how everyone else has someone and not you.

If you love Valentine’s Day… I wish you the best.

If you hate Valentine’s Day…this is your chance to let us all know.

If you love to hate it…get it out here so you can move past the bitterness.

If you hate that you love it…but never get to fully enjoy it…then you’ve definitely found one of the best places to learn how to never be alone again on Valentine’s day.

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