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How To Start Making Your Own Luck With Women

in Experience, Luck and Success
How To Start Making Your Own Luck With Women post image

If you have ever believed meeting women was only for a lucky guys…

Or if “hooking up” with them was all about “being in the right place at the right time” and you’re just not in that place enough or ever…

I have a short story which will help us start making our own luck with women and not having to rely on fate anymore.

Fresh foods are my favorite. I’m not into freezing meat or microwave meals and this means you’ll find me at a market just about everyday.

This creates a habit. There are several entrances to choose from but for me, same door in, same door out.

The same parking spot leads me to walk the same path and if it wasn’t for the pavement below my feet I’m sure I would etched a path by now.

Well wouldn’t you know it – the other day there must been some special event going on because with people everywhere, my parking spots gone, I had to go a different route. Cut quickly and dodge the cars in the no parking zone which took me well off my usual path.

As my eyes and head turned to avoid oncoming traffic, instead of seeing a ton of metal coming my way, I noticed this extremely hot blond with pink sweatpants and white tank top.

She looked incredible. A rare event for this market, that’s for sure.

She was moving with the typical hot girl pace. Faster than the rest to which I assume is to avoid making eye contact with some guy who might approach her.

That, her, this supposed rare sighting happened about 50 yards away and wouldn’t you know it – on the same path I would normally take – that is if I didn’t choose to take a different path for reasons which I thought was unavoidable.

So unless I was into hopping over a few cars and knocking down a few old ladies to meet her, a conversation was NOT going to happen.

She was leaving and I was going in and I let the moment pass with a smile. A sarcastic or ironic laugh to myself about being lucky or unlucky or just typical bullshit.

A few relevant questions popped in my head…

Did my choice of having to take a different route cause me to miss a “what if” moment or was it just plain bad luck?

Did I feel unlucky wondering how this kind of shit could always happens to me?

And this is where it gets kind of interesting.

I used to believe hooking up with women was about being in the right place at the right time and I always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sound familiar?

Like when I met this incredible woman in college and I was the typical horny college student just wanting to get laid.

We hung out all night and fooled around very little but then like some magical force was out to get my sex life she explains how much of a slut she USED to be. How she’s had a change of “heart” and was sticking to her new-found ways.

Great! How unlucky… So unfair! If I had met her earlier that year I would’ve gotten laid for sure.

Does this kind of shit happen to you too?

Aside from the market of being in the wrong place at the wrong time but like there’s some getting laid fairy snickering at your misfortunes.

Like you did something wrong growing up and now she has banned you from having sex, casual sex, or even just finding a girlfriend because the “timings” never right.

Let me tell you a secret I figured out not long ago about men and women and the whole luck thing.

Sure there’s a little fortune involved.

Sure there’s a little to say about being in the right place at the right time.

And of course being lucky doesn’t hurt your chances. That’s for sure.

But the secret I learned is how to make my own luck and I know you can too.

It’s no secret that Casinos, Lotteries, Bazaars, and any gambling venue that controls the odds makes money or else they wouldn’t be in business.

I believe when you and I can use those same smart business tactics. We can controls the odds and us being “the house” can and will come out ahead in all this getting lucky with women.

You may have heard me mention before how tiring this would be,

“Fuck the odds. Screw probability. I don’t want to have to meet hundreds of women as quickly as possible in hopes an overused or failing tactic will work on them.”

I say this because in my mind, I have no doubt, given a small window to display my “Venusian Art”, can seduce any women I desire. No luck involved in that at all.

Why is this?

Because women are not at all like playing Blackjack or spinning some roulette wheel.

They are humans with emotions and inside their instinctual body exists this trigger.

Pull the trigger or engage her attraction mechanism and she will respond favorably.

I’m NOT saying we can get any women to have sex with us. That is different. Completely different and don’t let any quick seduction theory lead you to believe any other thing.

So how do we control the odds with women to always keep them in our favor?

Simply put.

And you might not like the answer but it’s always been there.


  • Learning how to seduce or learning how to attract.
  • Learning how to tell an exciting story about nothing but which leaves her wanting more.
  • Learning more about what women respond emotionally to.
  • Learning how to flirt sexually.
  • Learning how to please a women in bed like no other man before you has.
  • And most importantly, learning how to do it without being a manipulative bastard who treats women no better than some inanimate object.

That was the secret for me.

Education and practice.

If you’re reading this and have a willingness to learn then there is no doubt in my mind you too can succeed in this area.

Whether you’re experiencing a lucky day, or you’ve just went through some bad luck, you’ll find a way to come out ahead.

If you’re feeling a little disappointed that my secret wasn’t just some quick fix to all your problems I can not apologize for that. I never went out looking for a quick lay or even quicker solution to my woman problems but at some point it did occur to me that,

“Shit. It’s work! “

For me it was a ton of work and I still work on certain things everyday.

Yet before, I was never willing to get out there and educate myself and until I realized that by doing the work I can get things done the way I wanted to.

If I put in the time and the effort, eventually my “truths would become self-evident.”

The big switch finally came when I realized there were people out there who have done this kind of transformation.

There were people out there who were willing to teach me.

You’re tired of not experiencing women the way a man was meant to.

You’re tired of not dating who you want.

You’re tired of being nice and getting stepped on for it.

You feel that you just don’t understand women enough to have your choice of them.

Your luck with women has been non-existent and when luck shows up, it’s usually in the form of from bad to worse to terrible.

You’re tired of being thrown in the friend’s zone.

You’re tired of being the second, third, or no choice over the guys ALL women seem to complain about.

I recently watched a program on  “Fuck Dolls“. It was not a typical late night infomercial. It was an in-depth study into men who find themselves only relating to these dolls.

They are so realistically looking that some men can not resist them. They actually marry them, place them around the house and pretend they are in a relationship.

I was listening to one of the men explain why he does this and the scary part was I could relate from my past the exact feelings behind his words, paraphrased of course,

“I just don’t know how to get a woman in bed. I want to learn but it’s like (no one wants to show me.) It’s like I was born to not procreate.”

You see, to me, that is where the bad luck came into play.

No I didn’t go out and buy a Fuck Doll but I did go out and buy products to educate myself.

But for so long it felt exactly like he described.

I believed I was one of the unlucky men that was born live life alone.

It was a curse.

I was so deeply immersed in this curse I recall even thinking it was life long test to determine my strength.

It was a life long test of making me stronger, as I am now, or weaker, like that poor gentlemen and his fuck dolls.

His lack of knowledge, or education, on how to get women in bed became his excuse.

And it was just that – an excuse.

To go this deep into your limited beliefs I feel is usually sign of some other deep emotional misfiring.

Unable to relate to those around you.

He, I’m assuming since I am no doctor,  needs professional help first.

Then someone needs to walk up to him and put it blatantly,

“There are people who want to show you how and no it isn’t the girl you’ve had your eye on. No woman who would sleep with you really wants to tell you how to get her in bed. There are people who are extremely good at doing it and then there are people who are incredible good at teaching you.”

And that is where this whole making your own luck comes into play.

That is where those secrets are hiding from your view. The luck is there. It’s always there. You just have to make it your own. Literally you have to “own that shit”.

Think about something entirely different now. Think about nails. Yes nails. These nails are held firmly in place holding a wall to a two by four. Is it luck that nail got there? Did that nail just appear that out of thin air? Nope. Somebody put it there. Somebody gave a man or a woman a nail and said,

“Secure that wall using that nail.”

Suppose that someone was you and the person who demanded your task, was your instincts.

And now you’re standing there with this impossible task because your instinct has let you down. You feel abandoned and you were not given the right tool or even the skill, to get the job done.

Now imagine this.

You felt, without a doubt that if you didn’t figure out this mystery you would not be allowed to leave. You would forever be stuck there pushing and perhaps getting bloody trying to jam this nail, assuming you even noticed one side was much thinner that the other side, to hold the wall into place.

How unlucky is that?

How much of a waste of time is it to just sit there staring at it.

So you look around and you see a rock and a hammer. You decide the rock would do just fine. It seems like it is heavy enough and it has a relatively flat area to smack the nail in.

After all, no one has showed you how to use a hammer. It’s looks strange to you. You don’t even know which end to use. So you bash the nail with the rock and fuck!!!!

There’s that luck again.

You see the odds of hitting it perfect with a round tool not designed specifically for the job  are against you.

It’s more than likely the nail will buckle and bend from your force. Sure it may go in a little but once it is deformed all your energy is going to be spent removing the nail,  and then straightening it for a another blow.

Worse yet, you grow impatient and  snap with frustration. You angrily swipe at the strange object that is obviously causing the bad luck.

After all why would someone just leave something there and not show you how to use it.

Someone was out to piss you off.

It was a cruel joke, a terrible burden; you’re stuck holding the wall up with your hands and then trying to bash it to stay.

Angrily tossing the rock at the one object in the room you don’t understand but probably not breaking it.

Which just fuels your anger even more.

Suddenly the hammer personifies your luck. Your instincts left you this tool without showing you how to use it.

The world gives you luck but never shows you how you can use it thus it becomes unusable force or skill beyond your means.

Therefore you consider it “bad” luck.

Did you know that since you were so preoccupied with holding up that wall your neck hasn’t been able to turn completely around?

Did you know that your instinct put it there without telling you because it had no choice?

Your conscious mind grew after the blueprints were already in place.

Did you know if you let down that wall and freed up your full ability to turn, you would notice the stack of manuals which have been hidden by your own action of holding up the wall?

What if your arm got real tired and accidentally let the wall fall.

Is it bad luck or would that be good luck?

So get out there and make your own luck.

Make your beliefs and goals “self-evident” as I struggled with, but eventually overcame

I know you’re intelligent enough to do it no matter how far you have to go.

Whether it’s just right around the corner or a year or two ago, educate yourself how attraction works, how that knowledge can be you in right place, at almost any time.

Don’t bash the hammer with the rock out of your frustration.

Let go of some of those walls you are holding up around you and see the big picture.

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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