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A Man With Choices Knows Who His Perfect Woman Is – Do You Know Yours?

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Does she look or act like your perfect woman?

When you’re beginning to have your choice from lots of different women, how do you choose which one? Do you know who YOUR perfect woman is or would be?

Do you know who you will want a relationship with?

Do you know what the woman of your dreams looks like or how she acts?

Do you know exactly what you are looking for down to the last detail?

Here are some things to think about…

If you’re not clear about what you want, you will most likely fail in choosing the right girl.

If you can not decide within a reasonable amount of time if she is worth your time, you will most likely make the wrong decision.

You may not be able to control the attraction you feel, but you can control what you are looking for and you CAN definitely control your choice in selecting her.

You may not make the right decision every time.  You might end up in some bad relationships but it happens! You’ll recover quickly because you know, without a doubt, she was not your perfect woman and now you can set new standards for your next woman.

I came up with twenty questions to help you better see and imagine who she is.

Answer them for yourself because how are you supposed to find what you’re looking for, if you don’t even know what that is.

Click here for the Perfect Woman Survey Results.

Below you’ll find a more detailed explanation AND why each one is so important for you to know:

Hair Color. Eye Color. Skin Tone. Breast Size. Height. Weight. Body Type.

These are her looks based on your preferences of what turns you on.

Everyone wants their partner to turn them on physically and I feel without a healthy sex life between two capable people, the relationship is not all it can be and sooner later one of you might cheat.

The first thing you notice about her. Where you Meet.

This is where you find her. The first thing you notice about her that makes you think, “Wow THAT is a woman I have to get to know.”

Where you meet is important too because if you’re not clear about where your perfect woman might be, you will most likely not put yourself there to meet her.

Her overall Personality. Her Social Skills.

Is she nice? Kind. Humorous. Cool.

Is she an introvert, a shy person, or outgoing and fun?

How do you two interact in that first meeting?

Did she flirt a lot. does she have lots of girlfriends and guy friends, or just a small few?

Does she get along with women better or men better?

Her Age or How Old or Young.

Age may not matter at first to most guys but really think about this one. Think about where you two will be in ten or twenty years.

How much do you have in common?

Can you meet her parents without wondering if you are their same age or not?

How She Dresses.

How a woman dresses says so much about who she is. How competitive she is with other woman. How shy she is. How open she is.

How much care does she put into herself says a ton about how she feels about herself.

For example I know a woman who does not know how to dress. She’s always changing her hair color. She cakes on makeup to hide her face. What does this really say about her to me?

She does not know who she is and she is trying to please others. Which is not for me.

It’s not that she does not know how to dress herself well, it’s because she is hiding from the world or she has not found herself yet.

To me that is a sign of immaturity.

Education. Intelligence.

Are you turned off by a woman smarter than you?

Or does a smart woman do it for you?

Having a higher education says she had or has goals and managed to achieve them.

Having intelligence may not mean she will always make the right decisions but it does mean great conversations, perhaps a great career, and the ability to pass on her intelligence to your children.

And so much more!


Couch potato or get off your ass and do shit together?

Will she be lazy in helping you with your home?

Will she push you to constantly get off your butt and do things with her?

Will she watch sports with you and constantly be upset because you’re always on the couch watching football on Sunday?

Think about this one seriously because it can make a huge difference in who you choose.


How does she feel about her family?

Does she get along with them?

Are they stable?

How big is her family?

Does she do things with them or avoid them altogether?

These are so important because they give you great insight into how she will be with your family. How much time you two will spend dealing with her family’s problems.

It will also tell you little secrets about her personality.

For example…I turned down a woman once because she constantly argued with her mother. Fine for a teenager but for a twenty something year old, not a good sign of maturity.

It also showed me she had a quick temper and was only willing to show it to the people she cared for the most.

And in the end that would end up being me.


I know a cute woman full of energy and spunk. Sounds great right?

She owns her own home. Has expensive things. Even has the ability to pay for us, but she has no social life whatsoever because all her time is spent earning money.

It’s not how much money she has, it’s what she goes through to get her money. Working 60+ hours a week tells me so much about her and it’s not for me, it screams, avoidance, and fear.

I don’t see anything wrong with an individual trying to get a head in life but in this case she avoids having to keep up a healthy personal life and has a fear of losing things.

I know it sounds rude to say but it’s my truth about my perfect woman.

I believe someone who is willing to work so hard to keep her stuff, her car, her couch, her new bed, her fancy rugs, and her solitude or a place to escape to which she rules, does say independence; but it also says fear when it goes beyond a healthy drive to succeed and live more comfortably.


Haha! You have to love this one. I added it because just like women, I read into everything about a woman.

If her bathroom is spotless, but the bedroom is always a mess, I’m okay with her. If her bathroom is always clean, and her living room is clean, but her bedroom is filled with dirty clothes and hardened used towels, that may be a sign she cares way too much about how others see her.

I bet by now you’re beginning to see how important it is for you, as a complete man, to figure out who your perfect woman is that will enhance your life.

I’m not saying be so strict and never date until you meet that perfect woman, that would be absurd.

I highly doubt there is a woman that will fit every preference you seek.

The point of this is to first realize that you as a man, are choosing women based on many factors BEYOND her looks.

It’s about discovering all the traits you prefer.

It’s about becoming more intuitive about the person you choose to have a relationship with.

Woman will read into the details and subtleties of who you are based on the little things.

And you should too.

I don’t want you to get too caught up in your head over all this but when you know exactly what you’re looking for  women will notice you do understand the details.

She’ll see on top of her “looks” you want something more from her and she’ll like you that much more for it.

Trust me on that.

Remember women are drawn to men with choices in dating but they feel attracted to men who know what they want and who know how to get it.

Most men overlook that important detail when it comes to choosing a perfect woman.

So before you go blowing this off I want you to consider this…

When a woman realizes you don’t “settle” for average or looks and you expect more from the women you date she will get this,

“I must be one hell of a woman if this guy’s after me.”

If you have yet to see a woman’s eyes light up when this hits her you’re missing one hell of an amazing thing.

Now let’s wrap this up so you can spend more time finding your perfect woman:

  • If you don’t know exactly what you are looking for how are you supposed to find it.
  • Discovering your perfect woman in detail can helps you make better and more enjoyable choices.
  • Listing the traits of the woman you desire to be with  will give you a better understanding and clearer insight into ruling out potentially bad relationships.
  • Your perfect woman may not exist entirely but don’t let that stop you from settling far below your expectations. (Be reasonable and honest with yourself.)

Cool. We’re done. Now go find her! 🙂

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

Please visit all my pages: The Nice Guy Approach | The Approach | Why Do Guys…? | Why Do Chics…? OR Like my Facebook fan pages: Why Do Chics…? | DiaLteG TM OR JOIN the best group on women at Why Do Chics…?. Yes, I’m a very busy guy. 🙂 Oh… I almost forgot Twitter – Peter White.

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2 comments… add one
  • Sasha

    I have to disagree about the thing with money. No offense but, who are you to judge a woman’s economical status like that? You don’t know whether or not she HAS to maintain those things like a car, a house, etc. People, especially women, become overwhelmed and subconsciously not bother to maintain their social status. I mean, what if you were in a situation like that? You would want the woman to understand. Granted, you would make the right decision to not get yourself in debt, but many women and people in general are usually not trained in stuff like maintaining finances. So you would just turn down a woman off the bat because of something like that? Sounds very selfish and somewhat superficial to me. In times like that, women need someone that can help them sort out through stuff like that and give them advice on what to do so that they don’t have to work hours like that. You seem to be like one of these men who want a person with LITERALLY perfect traits without having some understanding that NOONE is PERFECT. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Another thing when it comes to family. You don’t know what family history has gone on in that woman’s family. Everyone has arguments and disagreements. Even mothers and daughters. So to turn down a woman b/c she had an argument with her mom is just stupid, in my opinion.

  • First of all Sasha I am Me. And when I write a post about The Perfect Woman I will dictate my perfect woman. If you see it as judging, then that is fine with me.

    (I also did mention I know the woman, therefore I do know without her stuff, she is lost. Debt is just debt and though I feel it is my moral obligation to repay any debt, I refuse to give up my health, family, or social status in the process. I aim to live a happy fulfilling complete life whether I owe a million or ten dollars. I will learn to deal with it responsibly and do my best to not let that stress ruin me completely.)

    And yes, I do not prefer dating a woman that spends way too much time working. I look for woman who at least attempts to maintain a balance in their lives. You can call it superficial if you want but my standards should not be judged by anyone but me.

    Perhaps you should read my perfect man survey. There is a reason for both surveys. It is not to find a perfect woman or man but to merely conceptualize strict requirements for dating. It is to begin experiencing choices and to release the scarcity attitude we may hold. Of course no one is perfect.

    And honestly Sasha I do not enter relationships to advise. I’m not her accountant or lawyer. I can be supportive and yes, offer my opinions, but that is just what they are, my opinions. I prefer a woman to be able to make her own decisions and stand by them. Whether she fails of succeeds I will still be there with her.

    I understand some people have deeper family issues that what is on the surface but you must keep in mind the woman I spoke of showed no signs of restraint with her family members. She lacked patience and maturity in dealing with the closest people in her life. And that is why I never kept in touch with her.

    I do appreciate your opinions are yours, just as mine are mine. I thank you for spending the time to comment here.

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