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Men Prefer A Smart Curvy Woman. Who Is Cool, Confident, and Funny

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How does this woman attract men?

I have found the secret to attracting men.

The “box of rocks” is out and is being traded in… for intelligence!

We would rather lead the relationship and not get stuck giving directions.

Smart women are “smart enough” to find their own way and there’s a great chance guys like me would not mind joining you once in a while.

Men prefer cool, confident, funny, smart curvy women.

You have all the basics covered there.

“Cool girls” don’t pester us with our attitude and get so bent over a little ball busting. They’re “easy” to hang out with too.

Confident women are fun to play with because they can give it back.

They challenge our wit in a way that intelligence and fact learning can never match…

AND We don’t have to constantly reassure them they are everything to us.

Confident women are honestly, a lot less work.

Show me a funny smart ass woman and I’m literally “up” to the challenge of some great sex, I mean joking around.

We can tease her humor without worrying about what she thinks because we both know it’s all in good fun.

The sex part.

Well think about it.


An intelligent smart ass woman who can bring that attitude to the bedroom – she doesn’t run and hide and beg to be chased.

Curvy women.

Maybe it’s the abuse of trans fat but I’ve noticed butts and boobs are getting rounder and I’m not complaining.  I used to prefer tall and skinny but I’m not so sure anymore….except for the tall part of course. I’m a short guy and nothing feels better than having a six-foot tall woman knees quiver and shake. Keep it clean I talking about  sweeping her off her feet with my charm.

The curves are wonderful to curl up to. Not too much. But not too little.

The masculine man in me prefers the middle when it comes to her body and I’m definitely not alone there.

If that’s not enough for you I had some guys choose the traits their perfect woman.

I was glancing over the results the other day and noticed a pattern I feel EVERY woman can benefit from…. That is if you’re interested in attracting lots of men.

Perfect Woman Survey Results

One thing I noticed that stood above all else was Stability.

Apparently men don’t like to be left guessing and they hate it worse when a woman is financially unstable and their family life is a total drama fest.

  • 53% of the men said their perfect woman is financially stable.
  • 78% of the men chose a woman who also had a stable family life.

When it came to a woman’s personality the top three  were:

  • Funny – 24%
  • Cool – 18%
  • Confident – 21%

Flirty was next at 14%.

This tells me 63% of men are looking for those three qualities in their perfect woman.

Add being flirtatious and that makes it 77%.

That’s a whopping three quarters of the men who took the survey.

When asked about her intelligence here are the results:

  • 41% preferred a very smart woman and 28% said smart in her own field.
  • 50% also stated they wanted their woman to have a college degree.

More definitive proof men desire intelligence in one form or another.

When asked about her build this is how the men voted:

  • 36% preferred curvy.
  • 28% are looking for perfect height to weight.
  • Only 23% preferred a woman to be skinny.

Assuming the scale is correct this says a lot about what really attracts men.

Now…have I really discovered a “secret” to attracting men?

Isn’t this like me just telling you – hey act like this or look like this or you’ll have no problem attracting so many men you won’t even have the time to date all of them?

You know I would love to answer yes.

I’m sure lots of women wished it was really that easy but the truth of the matter is…

You are not looking JUST to attract men, you’re looking to attract the RIGHT man for YOU!

You don’t want to have to date a thousand men or play the field for ten freaking years.

You just want ONE guy to make it happen for you.

You do not want to be tossed in a survey or voted yes or no for.  That might be more for us “nice guys” benefit anyways.

It’s also understandable the right man you’re looking for can “appear” to be nothing more than a myth at times.

I don’t blame you if you’ve suffered through one failed relationship after another and the right man winds up being a total ass and the only thing that changes is how long before he proves himself to be totally WRONG for you.

But let’s be completely honest with ourselves here…

If you’re not good at attracting the whole of men there’s little chance the right man is around the corner.

Which is why I’ve revealed this “secret” today hopefully making it easier on you to understand what guys are actually looking for.

You CAN start attracting the RIGHT man for you because I know…

Building your confidence and esteem is within your grasp.

You can learn to take things easy and live more in the moment to become one of the most “coolest chics” in the world. 😀

You must have a sense of humor and I can guarantee there are guys out there who share that same exact humor you do therefore making it something you don’t have to work.

You don’t have to be a genius… just smart enough with some real drive to WANT to get your dating and relationship under YOUR control.

If you do that and take care of yourself and the life you lead, there’s many men who will accept you’re one the most intelligent women they’ve ever met.

My suggestion is to begin to read advice from the people I trust the most to give it to you and either take all their paths or the one which you can relate the best to…

( These links will take you to The Approach which is dialteg.org. Lots of great free advice. )

My Nice Guy’s Approach to Attraction is for men but if you have a question about men yu want answers I’ve developed this just for you…Why Do Guys…? ” If you don’t understand him, you could miss out on who he really is.”

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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