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How Your Instincts and Intuitions Can Equal Dating Success or Failure

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How Your Instincts and Intuitions Can Equal Dating Success or Failure post image

You must know I’ve studied social dynamics for some time now.

Very little from books though. Mostly from observing actions and reactions from others and a strange ability to pay close attention to me and my surroundings.

Sure, sometimes I’m wrong. I know that. But each time I learn a little more about what is really going on between men and women.

The dynamics between two or more people dating can have everything to do with attraction BUT we’re social creatures.

And attraction is useless without social interaction.

You won’t get laid, find a girlfriend, or expect to attract many women without it.

Your social interactions are a key element in dating women.

These “dynamics” can and will ultimately lead to dating success or failure.

Your intuition will fight your instinct and how you handle that fight often guides your social success.

I’ll explain.

Your intuition is great in reading social situations.

Trust your gut with women and you’ll make fewer mistakes.

Your instinct is NOT very good at assessing anything.

It reacts out of fear for instant protection ( flee or fight ) and it sends strong instant chemicals through your body. The pathways it uses are hard-wired or fixed.

Your body language ( which can be instinctual ) or how you move is what can trigger a woman’s instinctual attraction.

It’s looking for the perfect mate.

The best genes.

The one who can provide her offspring the best possible chance at survival.

Your intuition is something you acquire over time.

It’s your judgement of events based on the past and what can happen in the future.

It can keep you safe in the long run and can keep you out of trouble. (And it can even get you more dates.)

Take a close look around any bar and you’ll see this proven. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and leaves your intuition knocked out and laying on the floor.

You’ll find under the influence you’ll go against what your intuition is telling you but it also numbs your acquired bad body language.

When you first meet a beautiful woman you’re meeting her persona. So what you’re meeting is usually her confident barrier.

She has learned this after years of guys giving her high social status and she knows how to use it.

Inside though she struggles with her appearance. She feels she has to maintain her “look” or conform to the ones she loves the most but her appearance gives her power and she may “destined” to always prove to everyone she is more than just a hot body.

Your instinct will lead your dick to her and there’s nothing you can do about it. As you get to know her your intuition will help you to decide whether a relationship might be something worth while.

Your instinct will have you do anything and everything ( based on its flee or fight ) to attract her.

Your instinct has a short time span and is only concerned with immediate “safe” results.

Your intuition will determine what the future might be like with her.

It’s there to predict the future based on the knowledge and experiences in your past and other people’s too.

This is where things get interested and more than confusing.

To attract a very hot woman you have to allow your instinctual body movement to work its “magic” but you can not allow your attractive instinct to “do whatever it wants” to gain short-term results. Because it won’t work.

This is all followed with being counter-intuitive with her.

And so the confusion begins…

Your instincts will have you looking for quick sex but your intuition will have you acting like a friend.

Your instincts can get you laid but your intuition can help you have better longer lasting relationships.

I hear your confusion now and I bet you’re wondering how the hell you can use all this to actually attract more women.

What does it take to be counter intuitive, not follow your “nice guy” instincts, but follow your natural ability to attract more women?

After all, isn’t that the real question.

Well of course but for now you were shown some key elements in attraction and how they work to either make it worse or better.

You were shown how the dynamics between people separate the ones who are “getting some” and who’s not.

If you ignore or forget about how all this works you’re going to miss a big piece of the puzzle.

For now never forget what I said earlier.

To attract a very hot woman you have to allow your instinctual body movement to work its “magic” BUT you can NOT allow your attractive instinct to “do whatever it wants” to gain short-term results.

Because that doesn’t work.

After all you still must be counter-intuitive to avoid getting stuck as a friend.

You must avoid what didn’t work in the past.

Your intuition is looking long-term and will help you enter relationships with better women but if you allow it to completely guide you, the friends zone is sure to be right around the corner.

It’s a balance that must be maintained which sounds easy but if it was that easy, you probably wouldn’t be having much trouble attract women and better relationships anyways.

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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