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Attractive Women Have Choices – Be Warned About Acting Out Of Urgency

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Out with a fun women for a couple of drinks.

I meet this girl and she’s pretty hot. She’s high energy which can either be a good thing or a bad thing I suppose.

I want to get to know her so I’m willing to overlook her “bad” parts.  In fact I even find it adorable when she acts out. She’s quirky and fun.

I can tell she’s been through a lot lately so I’m hoping it’s temporary.

My “nice guy” instincts are telling me to attract her, I will have to be “the guy that can give her everything.”

Luckily on this so-called bumpy road of attraction I’ve learned to ignore that nice guy instinctual act. It got me nowhere in the past and in all certainty it will lead me nowhere if I follow it blindly.

Now I’ve learned enough about women to figure out how to attract this one quickly. I also know I could destroy any chance of dating her if she happens to stumble on to this page.

I’ll either get a one night stand or nothing.

But I’m reading too far ahead of the whole point of this post…

And that ‘s a warning!!!

All you “newbie” attraction experts must be warned because your own “sense of urgency” will creep up on you and ruin it for you.

Whether it’s laziness, loneliness, or those old insecure feelings that were so comforting, we almost always fall back several times before we leap ahead.

What will happen is… You’ll find you’re attracting women easier and it will feel good. But one day, sooner or later, you’ll meet an incredible women who will make you think that if you don’t try hard enough to keep her to yourself, you’re going to lose her.

Your “sense of urgency” will have you doing things to push her away rather than bring her closer.

The good news is success often follows a few failures.

The bad news it’s going to feel like this stuff doesn’t work for you when it really does – IF you put some real effort and dedication into it.

I did everything right with her at our first meeting.

She gave me the old, “I’m new to this area…” opening  “take me out please” to capture my attention and I did.

Here’s another warning:

A woman with real options is not afraid to let you know about them.

This will jump start those urgent feelings and some of you will become jealous. It’s all part of the process.

At the end of our one private meeting I went in for the kiss but she pulled back and gave me a coy smile and said,

You’re dangerous.

Another jump start but this time it sends testosterone running through your entire body because, excuse me if you didn’t know this,

When a women smiles and tells you you’re dangerous it most likely means there’s some strong sexual chemistry going on.

Which is not bad. Right? Of course not.

Except all that testosterone created is getting you ready for some practically guaranteed sex… later.

All the energy that’s building inside you, if you’re not strong enough to resist, will take over your mind and have you doing some pretty stupid stuff.

Who can argue – quicker to bed with a hot girl – got to get it before someone else does – feeling horny – I’m going to get some …

All those urges will control you and rev up your desires even more.

You’ll start following her around like some sex starved guy waiting for the green light.

You’ll become overly nice so she won’t change her mind.

You’ll begin to wonder what she’s doing without you and if she’s got this sexual chemistry with some other dude too.

And the most absolutely dangerous and destructive thing you can think of will happen…

You’ll find yourself, with your new knowledge on attraction, trying to be the person you believe would attract her more.

Your final warning…

Just because you know how to attract one type of woman does not mean you use a completely different approach on another woman.

You see it’s the whole YOU that will attract HER. It’s not “let’s see what I have to do for this type.” And now that type. Oh she’s different so I must do this to get her.

That may work for you – for a little while. Sure you’ll get  some results.

But if you want longer-lasting practical results never forget …

Inside the shell of her persona and physical body exists the feminine side of humanity. Aside from all social values and differences the core of each and every woman is the same.

Longer lasting results for you means you get to focus on your core system of attraction and not one minute on hers.

It means YOU have complete control over this whole thing.

It means not wasting time trying to change something or someone you don’t even have the right to anyways.

Pretty cool stuff if you ask me.

Now remember this not about relationships this is about gut level attraction.

This is not about becoming a fake person, it’s about being a more attractive person…period.

The key points I want you to take away today are very important to enjoy continued success with women. Write them down.

Whatever you decide – no matter how far you’ve come – when a woman is teasing those urges inside you to act quickly and your body is saying “Yes! Yes! Yes!” stick to what you have learned and…

  • Be more patient than the last guy.
  • Get that energy out of you more productively by doing something else.
  • Step back instead of pushing forward and (acting out of urgency.)
  • If you stop trying to keep her to yourself, she’ll be more likely to come to you.
  • The sex will come IF you allow it to happen easily and naturally.
  • Just because she has choices doesn’t mean she does NOT want or isn’t willing to choose YOU.
  • It’s the whole of a man who stirs attraction in the deeper part of a woman.

Sure attractive women have lots of choices but learn to stick to what works, learn to stay on your time table of success, and NEVER act from those urgent feelings you’re feeling it inside…

And you’ll have much more consistent success.

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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  • anice

    Speaking as a women men need to control themselves sexually it is more to life then sex and sex out of marriage is wrong anyway. Women are not srx objects. Get to know the woman brain her likes and dislikes. Not her private part grow up boys

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