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Never Let Her Looks Affect Your Actions & Stop Giving Away Your Respect

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Her Attractive Affect Making You Do Things

Never let her looks affect your actions.

Great rule yes and it might be directed on some of the more beautiful women but since beauty is up to the person doing the looking, it belongs here.

I know it’s hard.

She’s attractive.

She turns you on.

You’ve always wanted someone who looks as good as she does…

And it’s kind of a proven fact in society that better looking people are treated differently.

Sometimes it’s bad but mostly they get certain advantages over the average or worse.


If you want to attract women you find very attractive, you can NOT let her looks affects your actions despite all of it.

So what does this mean in your everyday “DiaLteG” life? 🙂

Well when she looks at you seductively and asks for a favor – you might want to consider NOT doing it.

Don’t let her looks use you as a tool.

“Just because she’s attractive does NOT automatically make HER the chooser and YOU the chaser.” So What! She’s Attractive, Does That Mean She’s Better Than You?

Lots of attractive women are very good as using that to their advantage especially if they’ve been that way their entire lives.

The reasons at this point are not important and believe me I don’t plan on judging them one way or another… today at least.

One way of getting around the “favor” without sounding like an ass is to get something in return FIRST.

Make her work for it.

Play a little nice but try not to smile or laugh it off.

Make it a bet if you have to…

“If you can pull this off, I’ll consider it.”

You can also respond with a “really?” tone in your voice to let her know immediately she’s not going to get away with that stuff with you.

She can save it for all of her “love starved fans” just begging to get in her pants.

You’re better than that, right? This will engage or awaken a part of her which becomes intrigued by you even if she gets a little upset.

Remember as far as testing goes, fake anger is a big one.

Just in case you’re wondering, am I giving you the okay to be mean?

Maybe a little. Bwahahaha!

It depends on who she is and how far she goes with it or how good she is at testing men.

Nevertheless, if she at any point knows she can get you to do anything she wants for her, the key being “just because you find her attractive” then you’ll be much better off by being direct and upfront about it all.

Now I’ve found myself giving things away, like my respect for one, with excuses that seem harmless but trust me they’re not. It’s best to consider them now.

For example – “Well I really like her and I want to make her happy.”

Of course you do but keep her attracted and wanting more and you WILL make her happy and possibly happy to do things for you FIRST.

Happy to be around a guy whose willpower is strong enough for her.

Happy to be around a guy who does NOT let her looks dictate his actions.

And probably the most important thing – when she gets it – when she understands at this stage her body is not affecting the deal…

She’ll have to admit to herself with little doubt that you’re NOT in it just for a quick poke.

You’ll be the one in a thousand guys she meets that sure, finds her attractive, but is looking for something a little more from a woman than just a warm body to sleep with.

What would you rather do?

“Powerful men don’t have try too hard. They know how to influence a woman by demonstrating their internal strength in certain ways.” In The Game Of Sexual Power With Women – Are You A Winner Or Loser?

Walk away with some real respect and give her a clear signal you believe she’s better than her outward appearance OR fail her tests by giving in to her demands and come off like some guy whose willing to do anything to get laid?

Are there any exceptions to this “rule of attraction?”

Very few but of course.

Nothing is hard-coded in our social world and interactions with women.

Like when you’re in bed together.

When you’re being intimate and you WANT her to feel good because she’s making YOU feel good too.

Sexual intimacy is not taken lightly by a woman and even the hottest woman in the world will have “hang ups” when they’re laying naked next to you.

You have to keep it all in perspective and you have to distinguish between feeling attracted to a woman and wanting to get to know her better and feeling attracted to her and doing things to get her to like you more.

That’s the key difference here.

IF you’re doing it because you want her to like you more… don’t.

IF you’re doing it because you’re worried she might become upset…. don’t do it.

IF you’re doing her favors every time she asks because you can not handle her negative emotions…. don’t do it.

“You mean that doing nice things for women, and trying to show how you feel can actually HURT your chances with a woman?” What Women HATE Most About Single Guys

I believe if you can do that successfully you’ll know exactly how to react, and you’ll know how to handle it like a man with some dignity and respect.

Something not many women will turn down a guy who has those two and defends them respectfully of course.


Ask yourself why – Are you doing it to get her to like you more or give something back?

Is she testing your limits by seeing how far you’ll go for her?

If you’re not sure make sure you read through Understanding A Woman’s Test and How To Pass Them which is here at DiaLteG TM.

With a little practice and “pause conditioning”, (the ability to think before reacting in real-time, something I believe most very attractive “cool” guys can do), you’ll begin to notice what is really going on and the reasons why AND you’ll have no problem avoiding this unattractive trait of giving away your status and respect.

Once more…

Never let her looks affect your actions when and if she using her attractiveness to get something from you, to test you, to be lazy :p or because she’s used to getting what she wants from guys who will do anything for a pretty face.

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