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Nice Guy or Not? The Friend’s Zone and Flawed Thinking

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Alone in the friend zone?

Wow. Lucky me… I was just wondering what was out there on nice guys and the friends zone so I searched for, “nice guy friends zone”, hoping to find the number one related topic to be full of content and helpful advice.

But guess what, I was wrong!

This so-called nice guy, a senior staff writer, spews out overused phrases of how women don’t know what they want, and that they would be better off taking his advice…

By dating the” real” men who supposedly make them happy.

He also suggests that men end up in the friend zone by being nice.

He states,

If you don’t get her drunk and try to take advantage of her, you will end up in the “friend zone.” If you don’t ignore her when your friends are around or call her a bitch when she questions you, you will end up in the “friend zone.” 1

Nice guy, or not?

You see the idea of this site is to be a nice guy AND finish first. It’s not about woman bashing and finishing last.

Who knows, maybe he felt if he said bad things about women, they will read it, and offer their bodies to him as if he held some bad boy rock star status.

Let me set something straight on how I feel about the friends zone and how guys end up there.

Perhaps the next time a genuinely good guy with true intentions, will type in those same words and read this instead and not an article written by a man who obviously does not understand women.

You end up in the friend’s zone because you act like a friend. It’s really that simple.

Women don’t lump you in there because they “feel” like it.

Try this out… the first of over 30 reasons why women put you in the friends zone.

Woman actually DO want a nice guy.

Imagine how disappointing it is to her when she meets that potential man of her dreams but he doesn’t know how to turn her on. He just knows how to be a good friend.

These so-called average nice guys end up in the friend’s zone because they don’t understand how to be a sexual man.

  • They don’t know how flirt.
  • They agree with her every statement.
  • They do everything for her with complete disregard for their own self-respect.

Woman, at least generally speaking, don’t want to find a guy to treat them like shit, but unfortunately those are the ones that bring out their emotions the best.

So she puts up with all the bad boy’s attitude for great sex, exciting times, and a feeling in her she can’t explain beyond the words,

“…but I love him.”

Being angry and blaming it on women won’t help the situation at all. In fact it will make it worse.

It degrades your esteem by allowing an outside source to affect who you are.

I’m not here to tell you there’s an easy way to get out of the friends zone. It’s not easy task at all, but it’s also not impossible.

Yet it’s a hell of a lot more work than just moving on gracefully, learning from the experience, and then going to work on yourself.

The determination to learn from your experiences and to not let it happen again, or at least having it happen less often, is an attractive trait women actually seek out in men.

Being passionate about something and having the drive to make things happen in your life turns on a woman in more ways than you can imagine.

A good  step in the right direction of understanding women is actually inside you.

If you have a deep urge inside you to handle the friend’s zone with masculinity and determination you are taking a big step in a direction far away from the words, “Let’s be friends.”

You’re on a journey to discover your true natural male instincts and there’s not many women in this world that can a resist a man who possesses those qualities.

1 “‘Friend zone’ leaves nice guys dateless” , Jay Langley/Senior Staff Writer.

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