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A Nice Guy New Year! Make Your List, Lose The Excuses, Get Results!

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Happy New Year! Make this a real Nice Guy Year by offering yourself a list to change, piece by piece.

The new year always brings out new ideas, new beginnings, and thoughts of bettering ourselves… hopefully my list of excuses will push you into making this your nice guy new year too.

For those that have found yourself reading my pages you may have noticed that I have been on a break for the last week and a half.

Honestly, part has been due to a small writers block. I also wanted to spend time with my family and friends during the holidays. Some strange busy scheduling at my other job and in the middle of that, I just got out of a relationship with a wonderful woman.

My mind has been a little full lately and I hate producing something which may not have my full attention.

So…. This page is mainly for me and you’re not allowed to read it. 🙂

Seriously. I’m not going to bore you with the typical New Year pep talk.

I’m not going to sit here and write what all our goals should be for the next year. I’m also not going to tell you to finally make the decisions I often ask for.

I want to share with you the “Nice Guy New Year” concept I have rattling around in my brain and how you make big changes in your relationships with women and it all starts with a simple list.

You simply write every excuses or reason why you believe you have failed with women or at least not achieved the results you were looking for.

Here’s my list from long ago and trust me, I spent many years piling them up. If yours is smaller that’s good thing. I suppose the idea is to do something, anything, before your list gets as long as mine.

  • I was a wussy.
  • I put attractive women on a pedestal.
  • I never made the first move.
  • I wanted to become friends first.
  • I didn’t have an exciting lifestyle. I was boring!
  • I had mid social status. In other words I lived in the safe zone.
  • I Didn’t find myself attractive.
  • I was too short to date a taller woman.
  • I Kept trying the same things over and over even though they didn’t work.
  • I Kissed her ass way too much.
  • I did them favors hoping they would like me.
  • I did them favors hoping they would see me as better than their current boyfriends.
  • I Gave up my life for women way too often.
  • I didn’t ask for a date or a number. I let those moments pass me by.
  • I was way too accommodating to her needs.
  • I refused to flirt for fear of being seen as a player.
  • I took rejection personally.
  • I focused on my weaknesses too much and downplayed my strengths.
  • I was unsure of my sexual abilities so I was scared I wouldn’t or couldn’t perform to her expectations.
  • I didn’t understand relationships at all and what it took to have and keep one.
  • I never liked friction with a woman. Sexual tension or any tension was bad so I avoided it entirely.
  • I didn’t know how to live in the moment.
  • I lived inside my head. Self-conscious and worried.
  • I always used the excuse that women just didn’t see me as a sexual option and so that’s the way they saw me too.
  • I used friendship as an excuse to get close to women but never any closer.
  • The longer my dry spell lasted, the worse and the more excuses I’d have.
  • I thrived on the feeling of being lonely. It felt safe and I knew what to expect from it. Loneliness became comforting and another excuse to be sad.
  • I reveled in sad songs about relationships and connected with each and every one of them.
  • I thought romance was a way to get a woman to like me because I didn’t understand how attraction was supposed to work.
  • I didn’t feel like a sexual man. I was a guy without real concept of my own masculinity.
  • I thought I was better than a jerk because I was exceptionally good to women.
  • I cared so much of what they thought of me that I often would give up pieces of me to gain their approval.
  • I worshiped women and every part of them like they were perfect beings and not real humans.
  • I never forced myself to meet new people.
  • I didn’t enjoy meeting new people and talking to them.
  • I surrounded myself and buried myself into projects, hobbies, or anything which would distract me from my pain.
  • I was nice to women on the outside and deeply angry with them inside.
  • I was an angry person who blamed the world for my problems.
  • I was mad at the world for making me suffer the way I did. It felt unfair.
  • I never really understood why certain men could just meet a girl and then end up being with her. To me, it was like a magic trick I could never learn.

WOW! What a list!

Can you relate to any or possibly all of it?

If you can then I want to challenge you to write your own list just for yourself.

It’s THE perfect time to figure out how to change yourself into a man who doesn’t use excuses.

A man who doesn’t allow them to stop you from finding a great relationship. A man who is not afraid to walk up to any woman, at any time, and start a great conversation that leads somewhere.

Okay so this is partly a “pep” talk. Haha! I lied.

Now I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed like I did. I put off changing my ways because it was that way. You must admit that’s quite a list to live with. It was a huge weight on my shoulders.

But in reality, all it takes are several small steps in the right direction to get your ass going and believe me, once you start seeing results you won’t turn back.

You won’t want to.

Sure you’ll have many setbacks. You’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to have days in which you just want to hide away and never leave your house but that’s okay…

Just pick your self back up and the next day, pick up where you left off.

No one’s going give you a failing grade or make you feel bad for it. Most people around you don’t even have to know what you’re doing.

Once you start seeing your first results your mindset will begin to change for the better. It’s an unavoidable thing and it’s something which has to happen for big changes to appear.

Pick something from your list and objectify it. Work through it and move on…

Then move on to the next one.

My first item I chose was I didn’t feel attractive. I didn’t feel sexy. So I went out and changed that as quickly as I could. Once I did that and started noticing results my confidence went up a little.

From there I was able to determine that if just that little boost in confidence could work that well, what would happen if I really went to work on my confidence and the rest of my list.

That’s when big things starting happening. When I could change just a small piece and get amazingly different results.

This I know can happen for you too. If you’re a good guy and make a real effort to dig through it all, find the right people to guide you, it’s not that difficult at all. I guarantee it DOES GET EASIER!

Results can and will happen!

Now as a nice guy you have some issues like I had which you must get past first:

I suggest you start with my list –> 20 Nice Guy Tips To Change Your Relationships With Women but make sure you write your own which are personal to you.

And while you’re at it…

Make sure you have a wonderful new year!

Make sure you have fun with it all.

Do NOT take it all so freaking seriously.

Enjoy every step along the way because your success will depend on how enjoyable it is to make your changes and to achieve some real longer-lasting results!

Jump start your success in the new year and rid yourself of ALL your fears with women. Shrink your “excuse” list quickly and start meeting women anywhere at anytime. Click here and Get The Fearless Code.

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