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Nice Guys Can Finish First When It comes To Attracting Women

Welcome To DiaLteG TM – My Nice Guy’s Approach To Attraction – Attracting those we seek the most are within us all.

When a man decides to explore how attraction works and then blends the right skills to create a charming masculine man, he will attract. He effectively can become:

  • The Nice Guy with high self-esteem and strong confidence.
  • The Mature Masculine Man who knows  how to flirt sexually with any woman he desires.
  • The Cool Dude who knows how to handle a woman’s tests. And he does it with poise, control, humor, and an understanding of what really turns them.
  • The rare sought out man who understands a woman’s attraction is never a conscious decision in which she can arbitrarily decide.
  • He knows what to say when approaching a woman, regardless of the situation, because he enters all circumstance without fear of rejection. His confident self and magnetic body language drives his outer game to the point where it no controlled and becomes part of who he is.

Nice guys Finish First when women begin to notice every detail of his appearance and life are within his control. He meticulously refines who he is with persistence regardless of his style, occupation, or social following of the latest trends.

And lastly,

He understands how social dynamics and status are an integral part of what women find attractive …and not his looks or money.

Nice Guys Will Finish Last

Nice Guys Will Finish Last When…

  • He does not have the skills, and/or the drive to acquire them or understand attraction.
  • He makes no effort to change his situation.
  • He applies the wrong effort countless times and then attempts to explain his failures with complaints which only waste his energy.
  • He constantly blames a woman’s choices as his reason for finishing last. Otherwise known as part of his long list of Limited Beliefs

This man feels it is his destiny or curse of being nice, that causes him only develop friendship to those women in which he feels the most attracted to. He will also then settle with any girlfriend because he feels, it is all he can get.

He effectively turns that once feared hunter human animal, into an unfortunate prey to the results of his actions. That nice guy victim mentality he carries around with him only guarantees he will finish last.

Are You A Nice Guy Who Wants to Finish First With Women?

Attracting single, beautiful women is within your grasp as a man. Think about it. You are a man, right? Well then inside you, exists the ability or instinctive traits needed to attract single women or the human species would’ve went the way with the dinosaurs long ago…extinct.


They are in supermarkets, bars, clubs, coffee shops, libraries, your school, malls, they walk down the streets you walk, they live in houses like you, and apartment too. They struggle with life occasionally. Experience bad times, good times, great times, sadness and sometimes despair, just like you.

And guess what?

Most of them are waiting for that one nice guy just who understands them. And I don’t mean understanding in the same sense you are accustomed to. They want you to understand how to attract them and they want you to make them feel a spark which can ignites their passion.

And they want you to learn how.

They have literally told me! It’s true. Women come to DiaLteG™. And do you want to know how they find my site so easily?

Because they are constantly typing NICE, GUY, FRIEND, LIKE ME, into their hopeful search bar!

They have also told me they should not have to teach you how to attract them.

Is that fair? Probably not. But learning this for yourself is far more attractive anyways, and they know it. Maturing into a functional adult alpha man is your responsibility and not theirs.

A man who wants women to lead him by the hand is not attractive.

They are not your mothers.

They are strong emotional sexual people with minds all their own. And they have their problems too.

If you discover these skills and learn how to attract women, study them, and practice them continually you will find women are drawn towards you. They can’t resist. Find your inner strength and develop these skills today, and you will start attracting immediately.

I have learned to be that nice guy who can finish first with women and I was a complete failure for more years than anyone could imagine.

But I did not learn it over night. It took years of practice, effort, work, and yes, I suffered through rejection and loneliness at each step. Sure I enjoyed a few accidental successes along the way. But these accidents I found were only temporary moments of happiness which were soon replaced by depression and a sick feeling in my stomach.

I actually felt and believed I was not meant to enjoy some of the finer things in life.

I’m more than happy to admit I was wrong.

I’m also more than happy to show the world who I was, where I’ve gone, and where I plan to be in this next stage of my life.

(Take the time to read a little more about me here: Peter White)

I will show you just how I have learned to achieve so much in my what I now call my attractive sexy life, and I offer to you my opinions hoping you too, can gain the same successes in your life. Whether this success is getting a girlfriend, finding the mature man inside you,  or living your own attractive sexy life, I feel you can benefit from reading many of my posts and pages dedicated to My Nice Guy Approach To Attraction.

The one fact I must make clear to you… I did not learn what I know through complete trial and error.

I found respectable people whose opinions and advice I felt were highly ethical, motivational, inspirational, and who have gone the journey themselves.

They may have taken a different path but they have learned to teach others what they know. I would not have come so far, so quickly, if I didn’t take the time to invest my time and money and integrate their knowledge into my everyday life.

You don’t have to do what too many men do…learn how to attract through trial and error and constant failure after failure. The men and women I mention on my pages have taught me to be successful with women and I know you’ll find one who can also teach you.

This is my Nice Guys Finish First page. You’ll find many pages here designed to teach you what it takes to attract women here. My main page, DiaLteG™ is designed to be a much broader teaching and growing experience for both men and women. I believe you’ll find it all and my blog beneficial no matter where you are in the dating scene.

Thanks for stopping by I do hope you learn a little by visiting my corner of the Nice Guy’s Finish First world,

Peter White

Choose a topic below to learn more about a great way to become more attractive and still be one of the good guys:

  • Confidence – Gain the confidence ALL women attracted to.
  • Esteem – Build your esteem and manage your life.
  • Body Language – Develop calm and sexy body language.
  • Women Tests – Learn how to pass her feminine tests.
  • Approach – Approach more women, meet more dates.
  • Flirt – Flirt and tease her. Developing sexual chemistry.
  • Strength – Gain the strength to endure and make better choices for yourself.
  • Belief – Eliminate your limited belief structure. Free your mind.
  • Cool – The ultimate calmness and become a man women WANT to know and be around.

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10 comments… add one
  • Paula

    Great idea Peter. I will be checking this out. Much success.

    • Thanks for stopping by Paula. Glad to see you’re on board and one of my newest members. I do appreciate it.

  • Justin

    Hi, just wanted to say I really like the site. Can relate to a lot of What you’ve wrote unlike on the others where they seem to have a bit of a ‘tude. I’ll admit that i’m a hopeless nice guy. Really looking to start from scratch and take the first steps again seeing as i’ve moved to a new city. Looking forward to having a proper read of it all when I get to the PC.


    • Thanks J. I appreciate it. Don’t forget to have fun in the city while creating your new life. Lots of options and opportunities are waiting for you. If you have any questions or more comments feel free to get back to me here or through my letters (now that you’re signed up.) I’m looking forward to hearing about your progress.
      Talk to you soon and thanks again,

  • john

    How to approach a woman who seems not to be interested with you?

    • Hey John, Thanks for asking.

      It took me a while to respond but I wanted to let you know I’ve created at least a beginning to help you solve your problem. I understand what a challenge it is to succeed in this area so I’ve written an entire post dedicated to answering your question, with a few of my own.

      The post is right here –


      Good luck,

  • Adam

    Hi peter,
    I have recently come across ypur website and it has been amazing. I am now using whatvi have read and trying to put it to use. One thing I would like some advice quickly about a girl im seeing….
    We have known each other for 5 years and have seen each other on and off just for sex over that time. But until recently I hadnt seen or spoken to her in almost twonyears becasu she had a bf and refrained herself from talking to me because of her feelings for me… we recently hooked back up and had an amazing few nights together. However last week I messed up and became needy. Which never happens. I have now put a stop to this and taken a step back re gaining control of my life and the situation. We have seen each other twice since Thursday and I stayed at hers over the both nights and still wants to see each other. I am cutting down communication with her to give her space and realise why she likes me. Will this work? Also she has stated to me that she isnt ready for a relationship at the current time as she needs to enjoy her life again after feeling suffocated by her ex.

    I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

    • Hi Adam,

      People get needy, it happens. Unless it is a consistent problem I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

      Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. ( Cutting the contact down. )Space and time only gives the opportunity for someone to see the bigger picture.

      It’s what happens when your together that makes ALL the difference.

      Sounds like she is already okay with a little less communication so go ahead and do what she’s doing… focusing on herself.

      All I have to say is when you do step back, consider how much women see you as “boyfriend material” or not.

      The one thing I realized about lots of women is the definite connection between being happy and being in a relationship. She says she needs time to enjoy her life again but my guess is she doesn’t feel that happy unless she’s in a relationship.

      Those feelings happen to lots of men and women.

      The right “boyfriend” for her doesn’t have to suffocate her.

      So BE that guy for you, and I suppose her too, this might allow her to realize being in a relationship doesn’t have to be a loss of freedom.

      Sorry for taking so long to reply and all the best to you,


  • vicky

    There needs to be a chick website like this. I just got mind fucked by this guy online and now I feel crazy. And you know me, now I’m obsessing about what *I* did wrong. Which is nothing. Fuck men ? in fact!

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